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Chapter 2: The Young Tailor Girl

Sasori couldn't help but feel the slight irony to the situation. Here he was, someone that had always sought to protect others and keep justice, in a Maximum Security Prison. Another piece of irony for you? The person he loved most in his dimension hated his guts in this one.

This was going to be a long day.

He looked down at the food (if it could be considered food) that the prison had for the inmates. He swore he heard it growl at him. "It's a good thing I don't actually need to eat to survive…" he muttered to himself.

A shadow moved to his left and he turned to see a woman with long pink hair. Her green eyes were staring straight at him, and she had a sly smile on her face. Before he could look away, "Hello there. You're new as well aren't you?" she asked. "Uh…I'd rather not say." Replied the redhead. The woman moved a little closer, her face right in front of Sasori's, "Ah, yes. I understand. I have to say though, you are quite handsome."

Before Sasori could reply, he was pulled away from the woman and dragged to the other side of the room. "Oi!" he got back on his feet and saw Deidara. "Dei?" "You sure aren't that smart are you? Stay away from Senbo un. She gets obsessed with men easily. Any little positive comment her way and she'll consider you her lover." And the blonde left once more…

~Meanwhile in Sasori's Home Universe~

Lucifer watched as Deidara looked through various spell books. "Anything my boy?" he asked, knowing how worried young warlock was. "Not yet…I need to track him down first…" Placing a hand on the young blonde's shoulder, Lucifer sighed, "I really do apologize for this Deidara."

With a chuckle, Deidara replied, "Don't worry about it Luci. You made a mistake. Not even you are perfect un." Closing the spell book in his hands, Deidara sighed. "Guess I'm going to need some help…" Raising a brow, Lucifer watched as Deidara pulled out his phone. "Five four three…six eight one…forty two fifty seven." Muttered the Arms Dealer as he dialed.

"Who are you calling my boy?" asked Lucifer. Deidara looked up as he held the phone to his ear. "My grandmother."…

~Back with our poor Redhead~

Sasori sat in the cafeteria. He had been trying to think of a way back home for a good hour, and had just given up. Deidara had surely noticed his absence by now anyway, so he'd be trying to find him already. As he looked around the room, a certain pink haired woman sat next to him. "Hello. I never got to ask you your name before that boy so rudely pulled you away." She said. Sasori blinked at her before sighing in annoyance. "Scipio." He said, using the alias he had told this universe's Deidara. The girl smiled, "I'm Senbo. It's a pleasure to meet you Scipio." "Yeah yeah."

For a good ten minutes, the woman started asking Sasori questions. None of them were actually answered, but she didn't seem to notice. After a while, Sasori grew impatient and got to his feet. "Ah, where are you headed?" asked Senbo. Sasori didn't answer and merely continued walking…Senbo following. Before the crimson haired man could turn and coldly glare at her, Deidara's voice reached his ear. "There you are Scipio-kun!"

Turning to the blonde, Sasori was surprised to see him cling to his arm with a smile, "I've been looking all over for you un!" "Uh…huh?" Sasori asked in confusion. Senbo seemed to be trying to glare a hole into Deidara's head now, "What are you doing?" she asked coldly. Deidara just smiled sweetly, "So sorry, he's taken. Got it? Take your psycho hands somewhere else before you make the mistake of crossing me."

Senbo glared at Deidara for another few seconds before storming off. Sasori turned to Deidara in question, "What was that about?" Deidara shrugged and released Sasori's arm, "Hey, it was either that or she would stick to you like a leech. She's delusional. You didn't hear of the Tailor of Enbizaka case from last year un?" Sasori shook his head. Deidara laughed, "It was all over the news!

"On the corner of Enbizaka street is a young woman that owns a tailor shop. With virtue and a reliable appearance, she is a very popular girl in the neighborhood."

Sasori blinked. "Ok?" Deidara chuckled and continued. "The kind of thing that causes her to worry is the constant cheating of the one she loves. Although a person like me is waiting at home, he seems to have chosen to never return. But I must continue with my honest living. I tightly grip the pair of scissors in my hand. These scissors given to me by my late mother the more you sharpen them the better they will cut."

Sasori felt a chill at the last statement. "All right…what does that have to do with Senbo?" he asked. Deidara chuckled.

"Today the town is as calm as always. It is indeed very a great place to live. I saw my beloved down at the main street. Wait, who is that strange woman that he is with? That red kimono suits her very well and he seemed quite happy with that lovely woman. I couldn't bear seeing him in this manner and ran right back to my lonely shop."

Sasori saw a faint image of Senbo appearing behind Deidara. It seemed that the collar couldn't contain Deidara's magical abilities completely.

"But I must continue with my honest living. I tightly grip the pair of scissors in my hand. As the flow of tears seems to be never-ending, I work on repairing the red kimono here."

The image turned to one of a small town.

"The town seems quite uneasy today. It seems someone has committed a horrible crime. I saw my beloved in front of the bridge."

An image of a bridge with two people on it. One was a man with messy blue hair, the other, a girl with long teal hair wearing a kimono with a green sash.

"Wait, who is that strange woman that he is with? My beloved seems to be quite depressed as he leans on the woman with the beautiful hair. The green sash around her waist suits her well. So, that's the kind of woman that you like?"

The woman fades into a red mist and the image switches to a tailor shop where Senbo is sitting.

"But I must continue with my honest living. I tightly grip the pair of scissors in my hand. My eyes are red with tears as I work on repairing the green sash that I have here."

Sasori started to understand the story a bit. The scenery changed to a shop with the man and a young blonde haired girl.

"The town seems to be in a state of chaos. Apparently, there has been another crime. I saw my beloved at the hairpin shop. Wait, who is that strange woman that he is with? For this girl that seems to be way too young, he buys a beautiful yellow hairpin. What on Earth does he think that he's doing? Does he really have no kind of boundaries?"

Sasori wondered how Deidara knew all of this really. It was one thing to know that she had murdered someone, but to know how and why?

"But I must continue with my honest living. I tightly grip the pair of scissors in my hand. I don't remember my scissors being of this color. I will do better at my work today. I have finally finished all of my hard work. If you don't come over to see me, then I'll just go over to you."

Sasori saw Senbo in the red kimono, a green sash around her waist, and the yellow hairpin in her hair.

"The red kimono. The nice green sash. The yellow hairpin which I put in my hair. I've finally become the woman of your dreams. Well? What do you think? Aren't I beautiful?

"The town is completely chaotic today. This time it was a man that seems to have been killed. An entire family of four people, murdered by someone that still is unknown."

Sasori saw Senbo in front of the man this time. She was smiling and showing him her outfit.

"Anyway my love was acting very strange Hello. It's a pleasure to meet you. Wait what? As if he had never spoken to me before. It was as if we had never met before."

Sasori saw her pull out the scissors and stab the man before the image vanished.

"But I must continue with my honest living. I tightly grip the pair of scissors in my hand. The scissors that I see are stained blood red. The more you sharpen them the better they will cut."

Sasori ran a hand through his hair, a habit that he had when he was stressed. "So Senbo is a psychotic, possessive bitch?" he asked. The statement caused the blonde to laugh. "Pretty much un. So seriously, I'd stay away from her." Sasori nodded. He wasn't in the mood to deal with an obsessive bitch.

"Thanks for the warning then Dei." He said. Deidara nodded and seemed to scan the room. "She doesn't seem to be around, but you can never be sure with Senbo. It's like she melts into the shadows un." Sasori chuckled. Whatever type of universe he had ended up in, it was extremely similar to his own. Nothing like Aradied's universe at all. Speaking of other universes…

"Hey Dei?" The blonde turned to the red head, "These collars are what cut off our powers right?" Deidara nodded, "Some warlock in the IFBI developed them last year un. So of course, Raito decided to use them straight away."

It suddenly hit Sasori. This was the fact that separated the two universes.

Back home, no one had made such a thing. That was probably why Deidara was never captured.

But here…someone made the discovery.

Now, it was a pretty good idea. With the collars, the convicts can't escape; thus, all the people can live a bit safer.

Of course…then…people like Deidara, who weren't technically at fault, would suffer as well.

On top of that, because of the discovery, Akasuna wasn't able to meet up with the Deidara of this universe. Without meeting him, Deidara didn't have the opportunity to get rid of the worst thing in the world: Raito.

By not being able to get rid of his father, Deidara ran out of time, and was captured. Because of the obsession that he had had in this case, Akasuna was the one that put the collar around Deidara's neck, cutting of the magical ability.

All of this made sense…but there was still one thing that Sasori didn't understand.

If, in this universe, Deidara and Akasuna weren't together, then how had Deidara reclaimed his emotions? The event that led to that fact was when Sasori had almost been killed by Orochimaru. If Sasori had never actually realized what had happened to Deidara then he would've never wanted to go against the IFBI. He would've done anything to capture the Arms Dealer.

Thus, Akasuna did so. And that led to the circumstance that Deidara was in now.

"Oi, you ok Scipio?" Sasori blinked and looked at the blonde. Deidara had an expectant look on his face, as if wondering what the hell Sasori were thinking about. Sasori sighed. Deidara had said Scipio in such an obvious way…he knew that Sasori was lying. Of course, it seemed as if he was just going to let him do what he wanted. "I'm fine Deidara. Just thinking of whether or not these collars were such a good idea."

"The IFBI sure seems to think so. Once Raito saw that they would work, he gave them out to any agent of the IFBI. They were ordered to use them on any supernatural criminal they found. Of course Raito made it seem as if it was for security reasons though. As if Raito would let anyone know his true intentions?" explained the blonde. Sasori nodded, "Yes…that does sound like something Raito would do…" "It's exactly something he would do…Sasori." Sasori's eyes widened and he looked into the blonde's blue eyes, "W-what?" he asked.

With a smirk, Deidara said, "I knew it. You're from an alternate reality aren't you un?" Sasori sighed. He expected Deidara to realize…so why was he so shocked? "Yes. That's exactly right. How'd you find out? Just curios, I already knew you would." He told. Deidara hummed and said, "Well, I had my suspicions just from your appearance, though it was really the fact that you call me Dei. That on top of the fact that you seem so comfortable with me. Then there was the way you spoke about Raito. As if you knew exactly how extremely heartless he can be un. It made sense to think that you were from another universe un."

Sasori nodded. Everything Deidara had just said made perfect sense. Leave it to the blonde to think that way. "Well, Sasori, I guess we'll just have to keep calling you Scipio un. But still…how different is that universe, for you to be so friendly with me? The Akasuna I know is the biggest asshole…" Sasori sighed, "Well, it's very different in some ways. No collars, Raito's dead, and the IFBI is under different command. Don't know who the man is, nor do I care, but he does have a fair sense of justice so I see no threat from him."

Deidara seemed to think, "Sounds great…and what about the two of us?" Sasori smirked, "I'll let you figure that out yourself." He said as he walked off…

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