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People had slowly been trickling out of the little Inn. It was much less crowded now, the Doctor and River had been sitting in their secluded little spot for most of the night, and the thought of leaving hadn't even crossed their minds. It was around 11 o'clock and after many songs with the locals and drinks of tea - free of charge, thanks to the local bar women who had found the Doctor particularly charming, yet slightly strange at denying the numerous alcoholic drinks offered and stating 'Sorry, horrid stuff alcohol.' – The Doctor found himself rather enjoying this particular adventure, despite his earlier complaints about venturing in from the snow. He turned to River,

"Well River, this has been wonderful! I do enjoy a bit of human celebration, you're all so fascinating. I do love the human race and all your celebration-y things! Ah. And snow. Snow's good. Snow is wonderful, beautiful stuff. Well, actual snow is, but when you accidentally cause rifts in the troposphere which causes it to snow, it isn't very, well, actual is it? It's just a big blob of 'un-actual' snow, which isn't very magical and exciting. So it's no fun at all. But actual snow –aha- well that's a whole other story!"

"Doctor, you're rambling again. Don't make me have to shut you up." She said flirtatiously, giving the Doctor a quick wink.
"And how would you be planning on doing that, Dr Song?" he grinned back.
"Oh, possibly like this." She pulled him close and kissed him softly. It didn't shock the Doctor this time. Quite the opposite in fact, he kissed her back, just as softly, just as sweetly. River put her hands on his cheeks; she could feel him blushing slightly. She laughed inside; he was so cute when he did that. She pulled him tighter, deepening the kiss. He pulled away, obviously uncomfortable.
"Sorry River. . . It's just . . . Too . . . Soon. It was, nice though. As nice as a kiss could get, I mean. You know. Can kisses be nice? Well, if they can, which I'm not saying they can't be, then that was. . Nice?" He straightened his bowtie a little and looked away, a little embarrassed.
"It's okay, sweetie. We've got plenty of time to work on your kisses and so much more."