It was when they first moved in together, they both just sat at the table nervously, they were alone without adults in their every day life. Living together made it a bit better, and when they went to their separate bedrooms for the night he wasn't surprised that she came to his room half an hour later with her ratty pink stuffed bunny with gold stars all over it.

She tripped over his wheel chair once before finally making it to his bed and crawling in. Curling up against him with her head on his chest.

"I miss everyone." She stated, looking up at him through the darkness. "I really do, and I know that this is going to be difficult, I've never been by myself, but it's lonely."

"I know." He stroked her hair, shifting slightly as her breath drifted across his bare chest in little warm puffs. Tickling him as he felt the wetness of her tears hitting him. "But we have each other, and we can go back in a few months for thanksgiving, and Christmas, or Hanukah in your case." His lips brushed across the top of her head.

"Thanks Artie." They woke up with her on top of him, she gulped as she felt his hardness, and he almost groaned as she rolled her hips into him. God for a virgin she was amazing at this.