Chapter 2 of the story. Yay!

Millicent awoke to bright lights surrounding her. She got up and looked around; She seemed to be in a glass tube full of green liquid suspended in a large metal room. Surprisingly she could still breathe.

She looked out of the tube and saw a window with people looking through it. They all had the same black R uniforms. She suddenly felt really scared. What would they do to her?

Suddenly she heard a buzzing noise coming from a speaker in the top of the tube and a person with a lab coat started talking into the speaker.

"Hello, You can call me doctor. I hope you feel comfortable in there."

"Why am I here?" Millicent whispered.

"You will see soon enough. The doctor replied and the speaker shut off.

Millicent saw the doctor say something to one of the scientists who pulled a lever. Suddenly a pink liquid started to fill the tube, mixing with the green. As soon as the green and pink mixture touched her skin she felt extreme pain in those places.

Millicent curled up in a vain attempt to reduce the pain but it kept coming.

"Owwww!" Millicent felt another wave of pain and she looked at her arms, they started turning pink. The colour spread up her arms.

"What is happening to me?" She yelled. Then she saw the pink colour spreading through the rest of her body looking like fur. She was painfully aware of her spine lengthening and she looked behind her and saw a pink tail . She pulled it and realised it was attached to her.

"STOP IT!" She yelled but the changes kept coming. She felt two pink ears sprouting from her head and all her hair seemed to fall out and dissolve.

She then looked back at her arms. Her hands became smaller and almost disappeared entirely. Her fingers looked then looked like they were part of her arms. Her legs were rapidly becoming smaller and her feet started to look like paws. Her screams became louder and louder and she closed her eyes She felt her mouth and her nose blend together into a small snout and her green eyes expanded behind her eyelids, they turned blue and she felt herself becoming smaller. She look at herself and finally realised.

"I'm a mew!"


The scientist looked at the tube. The test actually worked this time. I really thought that she would die like all the others. The mew was banging against the sides of the tube.

"What do we do now doctor?" The scientist asked.

"Administer the sleeping powder." We cant have her hurt herself now, can we?"

"Yes sir."


Millicent was banging against the sides of the tube in a vain attempt to get out. The pain hadn't stopped and she felt so small and vulnerable.

She looked up and saw some grey powder fall from vents on the roof of the tube. She started to feel sleepy and fell to the bottom of the tube, breathing quietly.


"You there." The doctor pointed to a scientist sitting at a computer screen which showed bits of DNA. "Go bring the mew to the ward so we can check if it's brain is still functioning properly."

He looked out the window again to the tube and saw the mew twitch in it's sleep. He opened the hatch on the tube and the scientist that he addressed earlier reach into the tube and pick up the mew to bring her away.


Millicent woke up in another room, she looked around and was not surprised that she still looked like a mew. She was lying on a hard metal table with straps around her arms and legs to prevent her from moving. She saw that there were little black rings around her arms too.

Beside her was a computer screen that she guessed was showing her brain waves, it was beeping every few seconds.

A person with a white lab coat on walked into the room and started typing on the computer. He pressed a button and the table started moving until she was facing upright. Millicent wanted to ask what he was doing but she only heard the word 'mew'.

She then saw the doctor walk in and he smiled evilly to her.

"You're wondering why you're here aren't you?" He asked

"Mew." Was the only answer.

He turned to the wall with his hands behind his back.

"5 years ago I was assigned the task of capturing a mew for Team Rocket. We needed one for our leader's dream which I am not going to tell you about until I am completely sure that you will do as I say."

"Mew." I said.

"I didn't want to go through the trouble of catching a real mew because very few people have actually seen a mew so I decided that I would create one." the doctor turned around. "You're probably wondering why I chose you."

I was wondering why too but I decided that there was no point in saying anything for he wouldn't understand.

"I chose you to be our mew because you're the only person who has the right genes to be a mew and survive."

I tried getting out of the straps that tied me to the table.

The doctor saw and he tightened the straps further . "There's no chance of you getting out now so don't even bother."

Suddenly Millicent could feel herself being electrocuted. She saw that the black rings were sending out electricity.

"That is what we do to bad Pokemon." The professor said.

The shocks stopped and the doctor and scientist left the room. She heard the doctor say to a person in the hallway.

"Don't forget to bring her to the arena at noon"

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