Warnings: swearing; drunk behaviour; male/male sex; Sasuke being a bad boy and escaping the author's control; Kyuubi being herself; Disney characters called into sexual discussion/exemplification.

About the lemon: I want to clarify something before you start to read the chapter. There is a reason why in the first chapter I rated this fic as a NaruSasuNaru. In my view, they change positions in their sexual life. There is no seme and uke, both do both positions. For this reason, I didn't decide if the lemon was going to be NaruSasu or SasuNaru until I was actually writing it. I don't care about who's the uke in a lemon with Naruto and Sasuke and, honestly, I don't think that's really important. That's why I never say which way was the final lemon.

Now, I know that not every people is ok with both ways, and I apologise if you're reading this fic expecting it to be one way and it ends up another. But the truth is I don't care about seme/uke and this is my fiction and the plot ended up like this. So, I really dismiss nasty reviews saying that "How could you do this?" or "Are you insane? He would never be the uke!" and similar stuff. I respect the fact that you read my entire fiction without reviewing it once. I respect the fact that you like one way of this shipper better than the other. I also respect that you might don't give a damn about the plot and are reading this just because of the sex. So please respect the fact that I'm the author and I wanted it this way. Any nasty review will simply be ignored.

Epilogue: What starts in a fight ends up in a marriage.

Three weeks had passed since the explosion-slash-hospital thing. Three weeks in were my parents were zombie-like every single day because "Oh Minato, what have we done?" or "Why did they do this to us?" or "She's only twenty four... she just a kid, she can't have one! Oh god, I'm about to be a grandpa..." or even "U-uchiha-Namikaze? For real? Why not Namikaze-Uchiha?". After a long, long, looooong discussion - that, thank the Lord, I was not there to hear - my parents and Kyu-nee finally made peace - or it looked like it. Kyu-nee was the new owner of Hiraishin, but she wasn't intending to change anything in there - with the exception that Hiraishin and Sharingan Corps were about to merge - so dad calmed down a little. The first week there was still some awkwardness between Kyu-nee and dad every time they talked about business, but it eventually passed.

What hadn't stop was the fact that dad was not prepared to have his "little baby" married and pregnant. Mom, on the other hand, was freaking out because "you're not prepared to be a mother, you have no idea what you need to do! Have you been taking vitamins? Did you make the exams? Have you talked to Tsunade-san about this? You're sure the baby is healthy, right? Have you started preparing the room? Oh my god, how are you gonna survive with so much work and a baby?!" I seriously don't know how my sister hadn't killed her yet. However, according to Sasuke, Itachi has been through some similar stuff too.

Talking about Sasuke, he was recovering very well from surgery. He took off the stitches a week ago and he was starting to have an ordinary daily routine, without the probation of the after surgery. It was obvious that his probation was messing up with our making out sessions, but we survived! Even if we still hadn't had sex yet, in the three weeks we've been dating. We survived! Horny as Hell and having to break the mood every time things are heating up, but- WE SURVIVED! Sasuke's health comes first!

And this is exactly where I was, in an Armani tux, with a glass of - coughvodkacough - orange juice in front of me, at Kyu-nee and Itachi's wedding reception. Even if they were already married, who says anyone could stop Kyuubi from having a ceremony where she is dressed like a bride and there are family and friends everywhere and she could exchanged vows with Itachi in front of everyone? Not even Itachi was able to take that idea from her head.

Our parents yard was full with round tables and people and food for the party. The lunch had already passed but, well, you know wedding receptions, they last all day long. So there I was, sitting at my table, watching my sister with her big and amazing smile, dancing with Kakashi while Itachi was talking to Anko at the main table. They might not be dating each other, but they sure are amazing friends. At the table next to the main one, it was my parents and the Uchiha couple. And, guess what? They were drunk! The four of them! Okay, so the Uchiha couple was very discreet about that, but the blush on Fugaku-san's and Mikoto-san's cheeks was telling something. Mom was cursing something about being old and dad was muttering in a low tone about being a grandfather, I was sure of it. Kyu-nee's pregnancy had hit him hard.

I got up, tired of waiting for Sasuke to return from the bathroom and started to walk around. My friends were all there and, with the mess of the ceremony and then the lunch, I hadn't spoke properly to any of them. At the nearest table, was Hinata and Kiba. Kiba was saying something to her, while trying to take her glass away.

"Hey!" I said, approaching them. "How's everything?"

"Awful(!" Hinata snarled and my eyes widened. I turned to look at Kiba, who just sighed and shook his head. "Terribly awfully bad!"

"Ah... what's wrong, Hinata?" I asked, not sure if I should have. (Incorrect grammar)

"Man, don't ask tha-" Kiba tried, but it was too late.

"What's wrong? What's wrong!? This all is fucking wrong!" she cried out and I swear my eyes were even wider than before. Did Ino possessed Hinata's body? "Fuck this! I could compete with Anko-san for him! I could steal him from her, I was sure of it! But Kyu-san? Really? Kyu-san? I'm just screwed!"

"Are you drunk...?" I muttered, not wanting her to start yelling again.

"YES!" and she drunk the rest of her alcohol.

"You're doing good work, Kiba" I said, turning away and leaving. Like, wow! Hinata was being scary. I knew about her crush on Itachi, I just didn't know about that drunk side of her. Shaking my head, I kept walking around, trying to find Sasuke - who was still missing. I hadn't found him, but I found Ino, sitting right next to a drunk Genma, who was cursing about "that fucker stole my woman!". I waved my hand at Ino, who was doing some seducing, and she winked at me before turning to Genma again.

And then... I found Sakura. Three weeks had passed and I wasn't able to talk to her about Sasuke. And I needed to. So, sighing and gathering all my courage, I walked to the table where she was sitting and sat right next to her.

"I'm sorry" I murmured, looking at her.

"You knew what I feel for him" she said, her eyes never meeting mine. "You know I'm in love with him! And you- you kissed him! Right in front of me!"

"That was not right and I talked to Sasuke about that! And so I apologise" I touched her arm slightly and I gulped. "But... I was not playing you when I told you he was gay, Sakura."

"You're lying!" she hissed at me, finally turning to face me. "I don't know why you are doing this but-"

"He dated Neji before, he came out to his parents, he's gay, Sakura. You're the only one that doesn't accept that" I stated, my fingers playing with a stroke of her pink hair. "I'm really sorry that you didn't believe me and I'm really sorry that you had to see us kissing to know, but... please open your eyes and stop hurting yourself."

"What's going on between the two of you?" her voice was low and I was sure she was about to cry. Crap! "What was that kiss you shared in the coffee shop?"

"That was... That was a good morning kiss" I answered, truthfully, biting my lip. "An 'I missed you since yesterday, how are you, good morning' kiss."


"We're together, Sakura... we have been dating for the last three weeks" I breathed and watched while her eyes widened.

"What...? And, what the fuck, Naruto? Since when are you gay?" she interrogated, her face contorting into a disbelievingly expression.

"Since Kyu-nee suggested that I was, maybe, attracted to Sasuke and my body decided to agree with her," I confessed, sighing. "And then we shared a room at the swim camp and... well, it just happened."

"You two had sex!" she shouted and I had to cover her mouth, blushing.

"Shh! No... not yet," I pouted, looking away. "He had surgery three weeks ago, it's not like we can have sex after something like that."

"But you're thinking about doing it!" why wasn't she speaking in a lower tone. I really don't need everyone present at my sister's wedding reception to know I'm dating Sasuke.

"Of course! That's what couples do" I said and she looked at me like I was some weird, scary creature. "Please don't go homophobe on me!"

"I- I'm not- I'm just... Let's put it this way: you know Disney's Little Mermaid story, right?" she asked and I cracked an eyebrow. What the fuck...? I nodded. "I'm Ariel! And I'm deeply, deeply in love with Prince Eric - that's Sasuke - and I want him so much that I gave my voice away to Ursula for her to give me legs so I can run to my perfect Prince Eric, okay?"

"Ahh... You gave your voice away...?"

"Focus, Naruto!" she yelled at me and I blinked, nodding again. "So here I am, happy as I could ever be in the world because now I have legs and I can run to Prince Eric's castle and through the corridors and slammed his room's door open to jump at him and declare myself to him and be happily ever after!"

"Okay..." she was scaring me.

"And when I finally do that, when I finally opened his door and I'm preparing to jump to him and declaring my love..." she made this amazing hopeful expression and bright eyes and so awesome smile that I was almost believing that she was insane "perfect Prince Eric is being fucked hard and raw up his ass by John Smith himself!"

"That's disturbing and you're fucking crazy" I declared in a murmur, amazed by the sudden change in her facial expression, from utter happiness to dark misery. "Wait, am I John Smith? That hot, hun?"

"Naruto!" she hissed and I raised my hands in apology. "So... you get an idea of what I feel now? I was seriously not expecting John Smith to jump inside my fairy tale."

"I'm sorry..." I muttered once again, sighing. "If it means anything... I was looking for my Pocahontas and I was not expecting Prince Eric to jump me."

"Just, get out of here and go to your guy already" she growled and looked away. "I'll call you when I'm okay with Prince Eric being gay!"

I nodded and got up, my hand on her shoulder for a little longer than necessary. I left her table and walked around looking for Sasuke. Was it possible that the bastard was nowhere to be seen? What the fuck was he doing? I was about to leave the yard and go inside the house to check on him when a hand grabbed my wrist and, in a whirl of white silk and blood-red hair, I was dancing with a grinning Kyuubi.

"I swear I haven't done anything!" I stated, dancing around with her.

"I didn't say you did" she giggled and I notice that she was so incredibly happy that she was, actually, glowing. "Where's your boyfriend?"

"I lost him. No idea where he is" I confessed, rolling my eyes. "He said bathroom and disappeared."

"Maybe he was kidnapped by aliens?" she suggested, her expression suddenly serious. "Should I be worried about Itachi? Maybe they want Uchiha sexy-gorgeous-hot men."

"Kyu-nee!" I pouted and she laughed.

"You thought you were the only one with a sex god by your side? Tsk, you underestimated me!" she declared and I laughed with her. "On the other hand, I totally believe that Uchiha guys are weak against the amazingly power of Namikaze hotness."

"Tell me you didn't put me and Sasuke together only to prove that weird theory of yours?" I asked and she grinned. "Okay, you did it..."

"Well, it worked! And it was not like I forced anything!" she stated and I raised an eyebrow. "You were drooling over him for a while, even if you hadn't realized it by yourself. And he was crushing on you sinc-"

"He what?!" I cut her off, my eyes widening.

"Was crushing on you?" she said, rolling her eyes. "Why do you think I did this? It was mutual, Naruto. It wasn't only you that was feeling something. It was difficult to rip it from him, but after a few vodkas and a lot's of persuasion, I got this brilliant information."

"Is... is that why he broke up with Neji?" I asked, looking at her and her mischievous smile.

"Yes" she nodded and grinned again. "Obviously he was pissed off with me when I almost forced him to dump Neji so he could be free for you, but it was mainly your fault."

"You really are an insane person" I affirmed. "I'm serious worried about the mental health of my future nephew or niece."

"Nephew!" Kyu-nee corrected me and I blinked. "Yes, it's still a little earlier and Tsunade-baabaa didn't confirm it yet, but I know... I know it's a boy."

"You two want a boy?" I questioned and she gave me a cute smile.

"Yeah... We would be okay with a girl, obviously, but a boy would be perfect" she sighed and looked over her shoulder toward her husband. "Can you imagine Itachi raising a girl with my temperament? He would go crazy as soon as she hit puberty. Imagine him sending a hitman to every guy that dared to look at his little girl?"

"So it's a boy. Gosh, Sasuke and I are gonna loveee to spoil him!" I confessed and she laughed again. "Do you know what you're gonna name him?"

"After you know about my and Itachi's past... I think it's not very difficult for you to figure that out, is it?" she whispered, her eyes still upon Itachi. "He suggested it and I was thinking exactly the same. Shisui would be happy..."

"I'm sure he would" I smiled at her and pulled her closer to me. "He knew about the two of you, didn't he?"

"Of course he did. Shisui and Kakashi always knew about us. Anko only found out when she caught us having sex in my office" she recalled, happily. "But anyone that is able to read Itachi's tattoo would know about us. I mean... why would he tattooed kitsune if it was not because of me?"

"So that's the meaning of his tattoo! Wait! He has a tattoo that is related to you and you have nothing related to him?" I questioned and she tsk-ed.

"He drew and made my tattoo" she said and I blinked again. He what? "The tattoo artist that we went is his friend, so he allowed Itachi to do my tattoo. It was utterly sexy."

"Did I tell you, in the last five minutes, that you're crazy?" I asked and she laughed again. "Because, really, you are crazy!"

"I know, but you love me still!" Kyu-nee hugged me strongly and turned me around suddenly. "Now, about your boyfriend being missing: isn't he in there? Being stopped from coming here by his ex?"

"Oh, fucking Neji!" I growled and walked to the lateral of the house, leaving my sister free for her to go grab Lee to dance with her.

So that was why Sasuke hadn't return yet. He was being harassed by Neji. And, if Sasuke was having an ordinary day he would had banged Neji's brains against the wall and returned to the party, but an I-can't-really-move-very-well-yet Sasuke wouldn't be able to do that. Fuck all this, John Smit- GAH! Namikaze Naruto to rescue!

"Seriously, Neji! For the hundredth time, it's my brother's wedding!" Sasuke hissed, rolling his eyes. "Can you let me go? Kyu will be very pissed."

"I want an explanation! You left me without one and I demand an explanation!" Neji barked, pissed. "You've been avoiding me and I want to know why you left me!"

"Because I was crushing on another guy!" Sasuke yelled and I smirked. Yeah, I liked him pissed off. "Now can you please let me go? If I was already okay from surgery you would be getting kicked."

"Well, I can do that for you" I volunteered, calling their attention to me. "Really, Neji? You're still after Sasuke?"

"What took you so long, you idiot? Do you think I'm a woman to be fifteen minutes in a bathroom?" and Sasuke was being the ass he usually is.

"I was talking to Sakura and dancing with Kyu-nee. In case you haven't noticed, it's my sister's wedding, I can't be all worried about you" I answered him back, crossing my arms. "And only you can be stalked by your ex because you failed to tell him that you're with someone else."

"It's not like he has anything to do with my life!" Sasuke hissed, looking pissed. "And it's my brother's wedding too and I wanted to be in the fucking party, but, oh look, I'm still recovering from surgery and I-"

"SHUT UP!" Neji yelled to both of us, looking from one to another. "What the fuck is going on?!"

"Gah! You shut up and let go of my boyfriend!" I demanded, pointing to him, and Neji's mouth dropped open. He was not expecting that for sure. "This piece of Uchiha ass is mine, Neji, go away!"

"Excuse me?!" Sasuke hissed, glaring at me.

"Oh, what the Hell, Neji?" Shikamaru's voice sounded behind me and I turned to see him walking in our direction. "I took a twenty minutes nap and you go and stalk Sasuke like that?"

"I... I... I..." Neji tried, but he was still way too shocked by my previous declaration.

"You told him you're together with Sasuke just like that, didn't you?" Shikamaru asked me and I nodded. He sighed. "Troublesome. You broke him. Come on, Neji, let's go. I told you Sasuke wasn't single anymore, you should have been prepared."

"But... but... but..." Neji was still in the same state when Shikamaru stepped forward and, after grabbing the Hyuuga's arm, kissed him slightly on the lips and dragged him away from us. Neji looked fully recovered. "You hear what he told me? They are together! He left me for a straight guy! Can you believe it?!"

"What did I miss?" I asked, eyes widened, turning to face Sasuke. "Shikamaru and Neji?"

"Neji always had a small crush on Shikamaru and Shikamaru was... interested in Neji as well" the bastard explained, walking to brush his shoulder against mine. "But it was obvious that Shikamaru thought it was too troublesome to make a move on Neji. So, when I suggested the threesome, I was actually hopin-"

"YOU HAD A THREESOME WITH SHIKAMARU AND NEJI?!" remember my problem about my mouth and brain not being connected? Yeah, this was one of those moments.

"Will you keep your voice down?!" Sasuke growled at me, glaring again. I sent him an embarrassed smile. "Anyway, after the threesome, Shikamaru was more interested in Neji and I told him to make a move. But you know Shikamaru, he would never make a big move. Baby steps always."

"I didn't know Shika was into guys" I commented, walking by Sasuke's side to the reception area again.

"He's into people, not only guys" the bastard said, looking around. "Hinata's still drinking?"

"Yeah... she was pissed off" I chuckled, never in my life had I imagined that side of her. "I'm gonna sit down, you're coming?"

"I'm going to check on her, I'll meet you in five" he turned towards Hinata's table, making sure that the girl was okay. For some weird reason, my parents and Mikoto-san were sitting at my table. Fugaku-san was in an apathetic mode still at the parents table, but the other three were right there, next to me. I raised an eyebrow to my mom and she shrugged.

"No more alcohol at our table," she declared and I had to force myself not to laugh. However, dad took notice of me.

"Listen to me, young boy!" he stated, his arm around my shoulders. "No getting married any time soon, okay? And please make sure to introduce me to your girl before you marry her and don't get pregnant either!... get her pregnant either!"

"Kyu-nee traumatized you good, hun?" I asked, chuckling. "Don't worry, dad, I have no intention of getting married before finishing college."

"Good boy!" dad said, smiling. "I raised you well! I failed raising your sister, but I raised you well."

"Oh look, Kyu-chan is trowing the bouquet!" Mikoto-san announced and the four of us looked to the front of the main table, where my sister was standing on top of it - Itachi right next to her, like a mad bodyguard, just to make sure she wouldn't fall - waving her bouquet and yelling to the single ladies in the reception. I watched, amused, while Sasuke was pulled by a drunk Hinata to the middle of the crowd. Kiba was nowhere to be seen.

"Anko, get out of there!" Kyu-nee yelled to her best friend. "You're married already!"

"I can get married again!" she shouted and I saw Kakashi's head flashed to her direction. "I can have two husbands!"

"That's against the law, you know?" Itachi asked, simply, like he was ignoring all the crazy, squirming and screeching women in front of him. "Plus, I'm not sure Kakashi-san would be very happy with that."

"Just shut the fuck up and let your wife throw the fucking bouquet!" Anko cried out and a lot of other women agreed. Itachi shook his head and Kyu-nee only smiled at him, turning her back to the crazy women and preparing to throw her bouquet. I noticed, weirdly, that Nekobaa was in the middle of that female mess. And so was Lee.

"Should I be in there too?" I hear my mom ask and I really had to control myself not to burst out laughing with the horrified expression my dad made.

"Kushina, honey... Am I not being a good husband to you, love?" dad muttered, his chin trembling and I so wanted my sister in there to watch that.

"You idiot! If I was going there it was to marry you again!" mom declared and waved her hand. "But never mind, I don't want a drunk husband!"

"Kushina!" dad exclaimed, and I was about to comment that when Mikoto-san gasped and I looked at her.

"Sasuke caught the bouquet!" she said, plain simple, and my stomach jumped.

"WHAT?!" I turned my head so fast to the crowd side that I felt my neck cracking. But there it was: an insane Hinata yelling at Sasuke while he was looking at his hands, surprised by the bouquet in there.

"Congratulations, Miko-chan!" mom said in a cheerily voice. "Looks like you're gonna have both your kids married really soon."

"But he's gay..." I heard Mikoto-san sighing, my eyes never leaving a slightly blushing Sasuke. "Wait, does that mean he's gonna be the bride?"

"What?!" and this second what was totally for Mikoto-san, who was looking really thoughtful. Drunk parents equals problems.

"Uhh, Sasu-chan caught my bouquet!" I hear my sister saying, giggling. "I wonder to whom he's gonna marry. Wanna take a guess, Itachi?" she looked at Itachi, who growled to her. "No? Anko-chan?"

"I bet he's gonna screw some sweet and hard tanned a-"

"ANKO!" Itachi yelled at her and everyone was dead silent for a moment. The tension of Itachi's bad mood floating in the space. Until...

"Gosh, you're so hot and sexy when you lose control!" Kyuubi strikes back! "Do that again and lets go inside so we can have some dirty and naughty sex!"

"Why did I marry you, again?" Itachi asked, quietly, and he only had time to stretched his arms before my sister dropped onto him, arms around his neck.

"Because you love me more than anything in the world!" she smiled, giving him a little kiss. "And you knocked me up, so, deal with the consequences."

I was laughing from those two then I felt Sasuke sitting right next to me. My parents and his mom were still engulfed in some weird discussion about brides that they didn't noticed him at the table. He sighed and I let my leg brush his, before looking at him.

"You caught the bouquet?" he glared at me, obviously.

"Hinata dragged me with her and it just hit my chest," he said, turning to look away. "It was not like I wanted to catch it."

"This is because of the bouquet itself or you don't want to get married?" I questioned a low tone of voice, since our parents were near. I felt his leg contract for a moment before he turned to face me.

"I'm gay, remember?" he muttered, his eyes blank. "Same-sex marriage is not legal in Japan."

"Fine, Las Vegas, then" I answered him, not really sure about what my mouth was saying, again. "You get the paper and it's done. Ok, it's not legal here, but there are several places in the world that allows it."

"Naruto, you..." he started and it was like his voice was failing him in the middle. He took a big breath and I saw some sparkle in his eyes for a brief moment. And he smiled "Then do it. Not now, obviously, but in two or three years, after graduating from college."

Silence fell over us. There was still a lot of people talking and the background music, but it was like I couldn't hear any of those. I was fixed on Sasuke, my heart beating fast and my mouth drying. He was... wasn't he? And this was the precise moment that my mouth decided to vocalize what was going on on my brain. And the result was certainly not amusing.

"OH MY GOD, ARE YOU PROPOSING?!" yes, I know, I'm an ass. I'm a mood ruiner and a heart breaker. And Sasuke hates me now.

"WHO'S PROPOSING?!" / "SASUKE'S WHAT?" / "MARRING WHO?" parents' reaction: Not good.

"What did I tell you about keeping your voice down?!" he hissed, getting up and leaving. Sasuke's reaction: even worse.

And there I was, stuck between following Sasuke and trying to deal with the parents, when I felt a hand grabbing my arm and pulling me away. The parents voices were loud and I noticed Itachi was talking to them. Older siblings to rescue, once again.

"You really know how to ruin a moment, you big loud mouth!" Kyu-nee hissed and we stopped out of sight of our parents. "He's mad at you!"

"I was shocked! I am shocked! I didn't know he would do that!" I shouted, grabbing my hair tightly. "What am I suppose to do now?"

"Go after him would be a very nice start!" she stated, her hands on her hips. "Catch him, say yes and have hardcore, nasty, hot, engagement sex!"

"The world is not ruled by sex, you know?!" I growled at her, crossing my arms and pouting.

"Blasphème!" she exclaimed, like I just said a huge outrage. "Whatever, go after him, now! I'll deal with the parents. Go after him!"

"But-" I tried while she was pushing me in the house direction.

"No buts! Go inside, get Sasuke, take him to your room and talk!" she ordered and I sensed a smirk in her voice. "And, if the things go really well... the music is loud enough for no one to hear you and I put a brand new bottle of lube in your bedside table, first drawer."


"Just go!" she yelled, turning around to go handle the freaking out parents. I sighed. Damn, why did I always screw things up? But, it was not exactly my fault! He was proposing to me! Uchiha Sasuke was asking me to marry him, what the Hell was I supposed to think? I was fucking straight five weeks ago and now... Now I do want to spend the rest of my life with him... After all, he is my soulmate. And since when am I a romantic and think like a girl? Gah! He ruined me!

"Sasuke!" I yelled when I saw him walking to his car. Why was he such a drama queen? "Can you wait, bastard?"

He obviously didn't.

"SASUKE!" I grabbed his arm, making him stop and pulling him to me. "Listen to me!"

"You didn't have to yell like that!" he hissed, pulling his arm from my grip. "You were the one talking about Las Vegas and gay marriage! Why in the fucking Hell did you yell like I was saying some disgusting thing?!"

"I was shocked! You know my brain doesn't work really well! I didn't think about us under that subject!" I explained, pouting again. "And it was not a disgusting thing, for the fuck's sake, Sasuke! I'm dating you, why would I be disgusted in marrying you?"

"The Hell I know! I don't understand your damaged brain!" he hissed, looking away. And I notice the darkness in his eyes was a little softer. I was winning the bastard.

"Sasuke" I called, stepping forward and caressing his face. "I do want to marry you in two or three years. I do want to be forever with you, here or in Las Vegas or wherever you want. I was just... not expecting you to propose like that..."

"Is that a yes, then?" he asked, his hand upon mine, his nose brushing mine and I shivered when his hot breath ghosted against my mouth.

"No. It's not a yes... it's my own proposal!" I declared and he stepped back, eyes widened. "I don't have a fucking ring, but, I guess this might work," the good thing about this new generation of cell-phones is that you can access internet with them. So, I was in google images for a moment, searching for a engagement ring that didn't look girly and, when I found it, I turned my cell phone to him. "After college, will you marry me?"

"Dobe..." he muttered, eyes turning from the cell phone to me. "You idiot!"

"Hey-" I was about to yell at him for insulting me when I was proposing, but his lips on mine prevented me of doing that. He kissed me, hard and breath jarring, his hand in my hair, grabbing it and pulling it strongly and I could only kiss him back. And, again, it felt awesomely perfect.

"I was the one proposing, you shouldn't cover my proposal with a better one!" he declared against my lips, nibbling on the lower one. "But, yeah... I will marry you."

"Can we... you know, go to my room and celebrate our engagement?" I asked, hands around his waist, lust taking over my eyes. So, okay we couldn't really have sex yet, but we could enjoy ourselves, right?

"What are we still doing here?" he smirked, turning away and pulling me inside my own house. We crossed the living room and went upstairs in less than a minute, entering my room and shutting the door close before I was pinned against the wall, Sasuke already all over me. His body was pressed hard into mine and his tongue was licking my pulse, making my stomach explode in fireworks. I pulled him closer, moaning when his thigh slid against my arousal. The heat was beginning to pool in that exact place and I wasn't shocked to feel the room suddenly hotter than usual. He licked and sucked his way into my mouth again, kissing me strongly, forcing me to part my lips so he could taste my mouth fully. My hands were in his hair and on the hem of his pants, removing the white shirt from inside of it, allowing me access to his skin.

"Did I mention you look fucking good in Armani?" I asked, after breaking the kiss, rocking my hips against his and getting a low groan from his throat that made my erection twitch.

"I look even better naked, so shut up and take this off!" he demand, sliding my jacket from my shoulders and nibbling my jaw. I was finally able to take his shirt out of his pants and it never felt so good to have my hands on his skin, roaming over his chest and hard abs, brushing a nipple just to hear him gasp into my neck. I smirked and, without removing his body from mine, I pushed him slightly, getting myself off the wall. I sucked on his neck, nibbling his pulse and working my thumb over his rigid nipple, distracting him enough to approach my bed. I obviously didn't pushed him into it - even if I really wanted to - and I wasn't surprised when he sat on the bed, pulling me with him, forcing me to sit on his lap.

I claimed his lips again, in another heated kiss, making sure our erections rubbed together, and I almost came when a sweet and fucking hot purr escaped Sasuke's mouth. My hands were on his shirt, unbuttoning it, my fingertips brushing his skin and I was really enjoying the feeling. His hands were on my back, lifting my shirt, giving me goosebumps. We broke the kiss only to remove the unpleasant piece of clothing from my torso and I couldn't control a loud moan when Sasuke's lips closed around one of my nipples, sucking and licking on it slightly. My hand entangled in his hair, while I brushed my fingertips over his spine, making him shiver.

He gave a hard suck on my sensitive nub in response for that and I moaned again, arching my back. I yanked his head back so I could kiss him once more, eagerly. I was so hard it was painful and I needed my release fast. Always carefully not to hurt him or reopen his wound, I pushed back against his shoulders, forcing him to lay back on the bed. Our hips rubbed together once more and another wave of arousing groans echoed in the room. My hands sauntered over his collar bone, lowering to his chest, brushing his nipples, tracing his toned stomach, outlining his reddish scar and letting a finger play around his navel, before I started to work on his belt. We were still kissing when I removed it and opened his expensive pants' button and zipped it down.

The moan I got into my mouth when I curled my fingers around his throbbing erection and freed it from the piece of clothing made all my blood rush into my own heated member. I had my lips parted, only brushing his and panting hard into his mouth. My eyes were semi-opened and looking into his dark ones.

"Enough!" he gasped, sealing my lips with his again, pushing on my chest and turning us around, standing on top of me and pulling my hand away from his erection. He bit his lip hard when he sat on my lap, a hand on my chest, keeping me in place, the other undoing my pants. "I don't wanna cum like this."

"Okay, so what do you want me to do?" I asked, huskily, raising to my elbows and smirking, watching him taking his shirt off after freeing my painful erection. "Just say it. I'll do anything."

"Anything?" he purred, his right hand stroking my length slowly while the left one was playing with his own tip.

"Anything!" I breathed loudly, pushing myself into my hands, my hips thrusting slightly on their own.

The brief sparkle in his eyes made me shudder and the extreme erotic expression on his face when he smirked at me almost made me cum. I bit my lip and he leant forward, allowing his throbbing erection to brush directly against mine, forcing both of us to moan. He licked my lower lip, kissing the corner of my mouth, roaming his sinful lips through my jaw line, sucking my earlobe and making me shiver once more. And then, in his damned, husky, hot and low voice, he purred:

"Then fuck me" my breath was frozen in my throat and my heart missed a beat. He licked my earlobe in a teasing way that should be forbidden. "Fuck me hard and good."

"God, Sasuke!" I exclaimed, rolling my eyes to the back of my head and taking a deep breath so I could allow my brain to work. "I- I can't! The doctor said-"

"The doctor said I shouldn't do extreme physical activity" he purred again, his hips thrusting against mine and making me groan once more, dropping my head back. "He said nothing about being on my back while my hot and gorgeous fiance pounds strongly into me, making me cum so hard that I'll lose my conscious after."

"S-sasuke..." I muttered, my nose brushing his, my breathing mixing with his and intense arousal controlling my body.

"You said you would do anything" he reminded me, raising a little from my lap only to push his pants slowly down. "Don't make me start teasing you. Come on and fuck me, Naruto."

I slammed our lips together when he purred my name, my hand grabbing his ass, squeezing it, pulling him into me, and falling back onto the bed. I forced my tongue pass his parted lips, tasting him and his perfect sent once more, while lifting my hips to rub our heated lengths together. I rolled us over, pinning him into the mattress and staring at him. I knew lust was all over my face and I really liked the desirous expression that he made when our eyes met.

"You really know how to push the right buttons" I yanked his pants down, discarding it somewhere on the floor along with his socks. Eyes never leaving his, I reached for the bedside table and opened the first drawer, taking the bottle of lube Kyu-nee had mentioned. "You tease and play and make me hornier than I ever been. But I assure you" I had my fingers already coated in lube when I leant forward to brush my lips against his, two digits playing around his entrance "I'm gonna make you beg for more and scream my name when you cum."

He moaned in response when I pushed the first finger in. He grabbed my hair and pulled me for another kiss while I was moving inside of him. The second finger didn't take long to join the first and the thrusting against my hand that his hips made only worked to tease me even more. Groaning, I moved my head to suck on his neck and I gave him a particularly strong bite on his shoulder when his hand suddenly curled around my erection.

"Trying to make me cum earlier?" I questioned, not controlling my hips that were starting to move against his hand.

"Trying to make you move fast!" he hissed, his tongue roaming over my pulse. "I'm not a virgin there, so I'm already prepared."

"You sure?" I breathed into his ear, the third finger joining the other two, and I started to rock them harshly inside of him. He nodded against the curve of my neck and I grinned. "So say it again. Tell me, ask me, beg me."

"Will you just shut the fuck up and fuck me!" he hissed, eyes meeting mine and the hand, that was not on my cock, nailing my upper arm. "Or do I need to turn you over and do it myself?"

"Gosh, you're seriously hot when you're horny like this" I took the fingers out, grabbing the hem of my pants to take them off when one of his hands stopped me. "What?"

"Forget the fucking pants and fuck me now!" he ordered and I widened my eyes, stopping my movement when my pants had just uncovered my ass. "Naruto!"

"You cocky bastard" I cursed, reaching for the lube bottle again and pouring some against my throbbing erection, gasping with the sudden cold feeling. "You want me to fuck you in Armani!"

"Just do- ooow!" I entered him in a sudden and fast movement and I was forced to stop right away or I would of cum in the next thrust. Sasuke was hot, tight, and extremely erotic. I rested my head on his neck, my hands on his thighs, spreading them further apart, fingers biting into the white and silky skin. And, oh god!, this was what heaven would feel like. "Just- fucking- move!"

"My f-fucking pleasure!" I groan and started a slow and torturous pace. Sliding out very slowly and pushing all way back in in the same rhythm. I was sucking on his pulse, his moans driving me crazy, and raising the pace in each new thrust. I knew we wouldn't last long if I started to pound into him like I really wanted to do, so I grabbed onto him tightly - a hand on his hip, the other on his shoulder - and moved fast enough to make our orgasms approach but not enough to actually cum.

"Ah! F-fuck! Faster!" he hissed, eyes closed and head pushed back against the mattress. "And h-harder! Damn it, fuck m-me harder!"

One of his hands grabbed his neglected erection and I slapped it away, curling my fingers around it instead, and pumping it very slowly, getting a grunt in protest from him. I was near my own release that I wasn't able to tease him much longer. So, kissing him one last time, I finally fastened the rhythm, pounding him into the bed, thrusting inside of him like my life depended on that and jerking my hand on his cock as fast and as hard as I could.

"Oh Fuck!" he moaned loudly when I finally hit that special spot, fingers digging in my lower back, his hips meeting my thrusts and his voice echoing in my ears. So fucking hot, so fucking good. "Fuck, more!"

"Almost," I whispered against his neck, giving him a particularly hard pump that sent him over the hedge making him spill over our stomachs. And the bliss of hearing him scream my name with all his lungs, while his inside clenched around me, made me cum as hard as I had ever came before. I kept thrusting into him, riding my orgasm, feeling the extreme high of my powerful release before I let myself collapse at his side, my head still feeling dizzy. "So... so fucking perfect."

"Hn" I heard him say between hard pants and I rested a arm around his waist, my nose sinking into his neck.

"I think I may be in love with you" I muttered, watching him turn his head toward me and a ghost of a smile showing up on his lips. "Aren't we doing this in the wrong order? First we get engaged and then we say 'I love you'? Shouldn't it be the other way around?"

"Do you always have to talk that much?" Sasuke asked, turning fully to me and passing a hand through my hair. "We're not like the others, so why should we do it in the ordinary way?"

"Point there" I chuckled, brushing my lips over his. "Are you okay?"

"Of course, I'm not a porcelain doll. My scar is perfectly fine, I'm okay" he grabbed my hand and put it on his torso, on the scar so I could feel he was telling me the truth. I smiled. "We can actually do it again in a few minutes."

"Well, that would be-" I started, and the only reason I didn't finished it was because my room's door was slammed opened. I yelled and reached for the blanket that was on the end of the bed, covering Sasuke and I as fast as I could. "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU! DID YOU EVER HEAR OF PRIVACY?!"

"Oh shut up, it's not like I never saw the two of you naked before" Kyu-nee grinned, her big and white dress all over my door. She looked at us and her face illuminated suddenly. "Ah! YOU FUCKED HIM!"

"Gah! Of course we had sex! Wasn't that what you told me to do?" I interrogated and... she was doing some weird dancing. What the Hell?

"No, no, no, no!" she laughed, still dancing. "You fucked him! You still have your pants on! You topped! It means I won! BORA-BORA!"

"What?" Sasuke asked, lifting his head so he could look decently at my sister.

"No fucking way!" I heard Itachi's voice hiss from the corridor and, in two seconds, he was at the door too, behind my sister. His piercing eyes on Sasuke and I swear I blushed. "Every time I bet something on you, I get screwed! Every fucking time, Sasuke!"

"You bet on me?" he questioned and Itachi rolled his eyes.

"Yes, or did you want me to bet against you?" he hissed once more, his deathly glare now upon my sister - that was still dancing and singing 'Bora-bora, Bora-bora'. "Guess that's what's going to happen next time this crazy fox decides to bet on something."

"Ah! I soooo told you Naru-chan would top!" she declared, pointing a finger to a pissed off Itachi. "Just admit: the Namikaze are natural semes!"

"You're not a seme, kitsune!" he growled, rolling his eyes again. By that time, Sasuke and I were speechless and eye widened staring at them. "Do you even know what seme really means?"

"I so am!" she protested, crossing her arms and pouting. "Just because I don't have a cock it doesn't mean I don't rule this relationship!"

"I'm not having his argument with you again!" he hissed and turned to look at Sasuke again. "And you just ruined my honeymoon, you foolish little brother! Shame on you!"

"WHAT?!" Sasuke yelled at the same time Itachi left. Kyu-nee stepped out of the room right after him. She looked like she was high on caffeine.

"Our honeymoon is gonna rock! First Bora-bora and then Paris. I'm gonna be too fat and I'll need new cloths, so we can go buy them there!" she stated, the amazing smile on her face telling me how happy she was. Kyu-nee looked at us one last time. "Thanks, boys. I love you. Bye!" she looked forward again and started to run down the corridor. "Oh Itachiiiiii, come here, honey, don't run away from me! I love you! Come back! We have a kid to raise together!"

"What in the Hell... just happened?" Sasuke asked and I blinked twice.

"We have fucking crazy siblings that bet their honeymoon destination on us" I muttered, rolling to face Sasuke. "Am I the only one that thinks they are not sane?"

"I have to agree with you on this" he said, simply. "Let's just hope we're not gonna become like them in the near future."

"Well, I guess we just have to wait an see, right?" I chuckled and leant my forehead against his. "Because we're gonna be together in the future, even if we had to bet our honeymoon destination."

"Well, that will not be needed" Sasuke smirked and I bit my lip. "It's obvious that we're going to London."

"What? London? No way, I want Hawaii!" I declared.

"There's nothing to do in Hawaii except taking sun baths and sleep! London is much better!"

"London is rainy and doesn't have a beach! Come on, Sasuke, honeymoons need a beach!"

"There's no way I'm going to Hawaii!"

"Wanna bet on it?"



N.A.: It's finally done. Damn, it took me longer than I thought, but I'm really happy. Finishing a long-fic is always a nice feeling. This epilogue became longer than I imagined, it's almost as long as an ordinary chapter. I'm not really sure about the lemon, it wasn't supposed to be like this, but Sasuke got horny and decided that he had to escape my control and take over the situation the way he likes it. If he's ooc on that, it's 100% his own fault!

Nothing more to add, I hope you have enjoyed this as much as I did writing it. See you in another SN/NS fiction.