I know I shouldn't doing another fanfic without finishing the others, but I can't help, and then yesterday I was watching August Rush, and this idea came to my mind. Although I have already a story where Zero and Kaname are parents, unfortunately I have not written in English, then decided to write this story for you readers ^^ where both Kaname and Zero are parents. My beautiful Zero is the sweet and innocent uke and Kaname hmm ¬¬ well he is the father and a hentai vampire.

This is an AU fic

Zero and Kaname are vampires. Kaname has 21 while Zero is 17 when they first met, though Zero is a vampire he doesn't know because his vampire side was sealed. And he lives as a human unaware of the existence of the vampires.

Kaname is the arrogant pureblood who falls for the shy and lonely Zero. Some OOCness and NO YUKI ON THIS FIC [:[:[:

This is a Yaoi fic, if you do not like do not read it!

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*¨*I will find you*¨*

And all I can taste is this moment
And all I can breathe is your life
Cause sooner or later it's over
I just don't want to miss you tonight

Chapter One


I'm still hoping to find you, closing my eyes trying to imagine your voice, your little laughter, your cries. Repeatedly asking for a sign telling me where are you, a sign to continue feeding my hope to find you…

Since I found of your arrival happiness showed on my face. My eyes were always bright and I could not stop myself from smiling. A life was growing inside me, filling my feelings immense meaningless that I would never have imagined. Since I learned of your existence a great happiness invaded my being. I couldn't stop my tears and the infinite happiness that filled my heart. A life was growing inside me a little being. An angel conceived by the power of the love… our love. Your father… I wonder what he would done if he would have been aware of your existence. I may not know, our ways separated, just before your supposed "death". I guess for him it was just a game. I never saw him again or try contacting him. I think he's fine wherever he is.

My father I will never forgive what he did. He was able to take you away, to abandon his own grandson at the hands of… I do not know with whom nor want to think about that place where he took you. You were so small and fragile, my beautiful angel…

Can you hear my voice?


"You know I love you," The brunette whispered in the ear of the silver beauty. The brunette saw the pink of shade adorning the angel's soft white cheek.

"…"The angel said nothing just leaned over to kiss tenderly to his reason to live, the boy with chocolate enigmatic eyes that had stolen his heart from the beginning.

"I love you…" The brunette repeated again, while delivering soft and delicious kisses on that cute cheek and lustful lips. Their hands intertwined with each other, his eyes closed while the kiss went from being slow and delicate a passionate one. Soft moans came out from the lips of an angel. The only thing that Kuran Kaname wanted at that time was his beautiful angel to feel loved, he wanted to own him, mark him as his own, merging with him, to become one. He wanted to complete their union under the moonlight. He wanted that beautiful being belonged only to him, to Kaname Kuran.

"You are so beautiful," The pureblood vampire's voice sounded increasingly hoarse because of the pleasure he was feeling. Very slowly he began to remove the clothing from the younger. Admiring his porcelain skin: so soft at his touch. He was kissing and nibbling, leaving marks of love in every part of his back. Slowly returned to those swallowed red lips for such wild and erotic kisses as the angel with a little fear stirred the pureblood clothes. His shy glance only encouraged Kaname to possess him. "If you feel insecure I…" The silver beauty shook his head as his cheeks turned a tint of pink. Lilac eyes stared at the old vampire with love and innocence. The angel was more than willing to surrender to his beloved prince, make love with Kaname. His body belonged to him as well as his heart and soul. "I belong to you" His soft voice so sweet and innocent, his cheeks blushing deeply red as those lips invited him to sin.

With care and love Kaname undressed the angel, admiring all the beautiful piece of art, virgin and untouched just for him. "You're so beautiful" Kaname said hoarsely, caressing every inch of skin, rubbing the angel's member making him moan with pleasure. The pleasure that only Kaname could provide. "Ahhh" The boy sang with that lovely voice, beautiful moans escaping his lips.

He was so beautiful. He was a unique piece, so pure and innocent. He was a beautiful angel. "All mine," Kaname whispered while introducing his erect member in Zero's little entrance. Zero closed his eyes feeling his being ripped apart, it hurt, hurt too much but Kaname kissed him tenderly, wiping the tears that dared to tarnish that beautiful face. "Shh, quiet love," Kaname said tenderly and stroked the angel's cheek. Minutes later Zero was lost in passion. Every thrust that Kaname did make him scream with pleasure, his body tensed with parted lips he whispered "I love you" said the angel with devotion while Kaname smiled and kissed his lips again.

Both came to their delicious climax, screaming together, Kaname inside the angel. He was enjoying the tightness of his love and Zero between their bellies, his breath agitated. Kaname smiled and kissed him gently. "I love you" he whispered once again while Zero blushed.

Then Kaname laid Zero on bed and he rested beside him. They were hugging each other, whispering loving words continuing with the soft and tender kisses, their love was consummated. Zero sighed tenderly. He had surrendered, he had given his virginity to the man he loved. And now he was happy, he was beloved.

Flashback Ends

Zero's POV

I will never forget that night. The night I submit my being the day I conceived.

"Zero" I heard the voice of Ichiru, my twin brother.

"What?" I asked him as he looked at me seriously and sigh "I'm worried about you" said my half while hugging me tenderly.

"I'm fine" I replied, trying to sound sure. I was trying to sound hat I had managed to overcome all that happened years ago. But my heart was very hurt. And I'm still living in the past. My brother knew that I was lying, that I was not okay.

"How long will you keep lying?" He asked annoyed by my reply and I just shrugged "Ichiru, we have talked about that and I'm fine" I repeated showing a slight smile, a faked one.

"No, you're not; you think I'm a fool that I can't see?" My brother said, annoyed, I think he was tired, tired of seeing me in this way, depressed and devastated, "I can hear you at night," he whispered and looked at me sadly "Crying" he came up and hugged me "I hate to see you like that, to hear you crying and felling useless because I'm not able to help you "

I close my eyes "Ichiru I ..." I did not know answer. What would I say? He was my blood and my brother. So he knew me perfectly well, every secret, every feeling. We were connected. And that was the reason I could not lie to him. Yet I did not want to worry him.

"I worry more when you don't say anything," he said in a fatherly tone, "Why do not you let me help you," he said in a serious voice and I just sighed letting my hand run through my silver locks.

Ichiru how could you help me. How could you when you think that my son… that he is already dead. "I am not!" He stands and looks at me. I can bet he is really mad "You know it's not true, I… it just we have no idea where he could be" he said slowly "And you haven't told Kaname about.." I don't let him finish, I don't want to remember him… Kaname it causes me so much pain when I think about him. I know it's been 7 seven years and yet I still love him. I never stopped. I love him and it hurts too much. It pains to remember every moment we shared together.

"I guess you're going to continue hiding the truth to him" He said to me. I could see his violet eyes full of disappointment.

"I'm not ready" I answered honestly. But my brother explodes "And then when?" He asked and looked at me. His face was full of anger. "When past 100 years or better when you can't do anything to find…" Ichiru shouted angry I just looked down. I felt my eyes watering, but I refused to mourn. Ichiru never yell or said something to hurt me but this time I thing he got tired. Still I refused to tell him, I don't know how to tell Kaname the truth.

"Ichiru you have to understand" I spoke as I kept my eyes on the floor trying to suppress my tears and my broken voice.

"No you have to understand, you're being a coward" I look at him his gaze softening and he smiled sadly, "You have to tell him"

Why are you afraid?

I heard a voice in my head and sigh as tears slowly come out of my eyes. I'm scared…fear to see him, it has been so long since we last met. Long time had passed that I have fear. I fear that he ... has forgotten me.

Zero's POV ends

In another place

"Kaname, are you there? " asked an emerald-eyed blonde knocking on the door of his friend. They were supposed to go for a drink at Akatsuki's a bar. It was finally Friday and the week had been very busy. All they wanted to do was to release the stress.

"Yes, I go right away" said the brunette as he put on his black jacket and left the office.

It has been seven years and Kaname remained the same. Physically he stills young and handsome with that messy dark chocolate locks and deep wine eyes and that's thanks to his vampire heritage. During this time he had matured. He had time to think and meditate about the past. Now he was a solid businessman. He learnt to never let anyone make fun or play with his feelings. He learnt and promised not to fall in love again. Yet he hadn't forgotten his angel, his Zero. Each time he closed his eyes; there it was the image of the silver beauty, with his beautiful blushing face. Zero was so sweet and innocent. Every time Kaname closed his eyes came to his mind the lovely images, their kisses and loving words, their memories together.. There were all lies, just a cruel lie.

"Kaname" Called the blonde guy known as Ichijou Takuma. Kaname's best friend and vice-president of Kuran Empires. Kaname's father was the famous composer Haruka Kuran while his mother, Juri was the daughter of a tycoon who had domination completely over the Asian market. Kaname was the son and heir to the Kuran Empire. For the same reason he had many responsibilities as the main company is now on his charge. "Let's go" The blonde said with a smile.

Ichijou Takuma was the son of the Ichijou noble family. They were very close to the Kuran family as not only the Kuran family was important for all businesses. They were the vampire royalty in Japan, and the kings of that world the vampire world.

That made both Takuma and Kaname vampires. The human world had no idea of the existence of vampires and the creatures of the night planned to leave in this way, missing, hidden in the shadows. If humans were to find out the existence of vampires it could start a war. It was already enough with the problems they had every day in vampire society.

Takuma was an orphan. His parents had died long ago and when Takuma was younger he lived with his grandfather Asato an old nobleman who only sought power and put the name of his clan in a high status. It was a cold and calculating man, well you could say it was a cruel no matter if vampires were cruel by nature, he exceeded the limits of cruelty. Thank goodness his grandson Takuma was not like him. The boy was not even interested in the affairs of his grandfather. He simply wanted to explore the world. He wanted to become a famous photographer and of course he had to hide this from his grandfather.

Kaname and Takuma had met in school at the age of 13 and since then they become best friends. Takuma knew some secrets of his friend and Kaname knew some of him.
For that reason Takuma was always worried about his almost brother since Kaname was a person who kept his feelings. He told himself it was better, but the blonde said otherwise because that way Kaname was only hurting himself.


They arrived at Akatsuki's bar called Silver Bullet. The owner of the place was Akatsuki Kain and he was Takuma's and Kaname's friend. They met in college and Aidou, Akatsuki's lover was their friend. Before Aidou and Kain were a couple, the young one had a slight crush on Kaname but he didn't confessed his feelings, firstly because at that time the brunette was dating that silver beauty and secondly because Kain was a jealous and possessive cousin. However that didn't matter because they already become lovers and Aidou loved his cousin deeply. The young blonde understood that he only have admiration for the brunette but not love. He realized his feelings for Kain were strong and deep and now they were happy together.

"Look Kaname-sama has come!" Aidou's childish voice was heard. The young blonde with turquoise eyes smiled. He was about to run to greet his friends when a strong hand grabbed him by the waist and whispered "I don't want you near of Kaname" The tall man said softly and carefully nibbles into the younger neck. "I want you to look at me and only me," He said while licking and kissing Aidou's neck, as the blonde just blushed and nodded. You can bet that Akatsuki was a jealous and possessive man, but he loved his cousin with such passion and he didn't want to lose the boy. Although he already knew his boyfriend admired Kaname, he was still jealous, but who could blame him if Kaname was such a handsome man and he was single.

"Aka..tsuki" The blonde whispered softly "I love you and only you" Said the young vampire and the older just smiled and kissed his lover's cheek.


Principio del formulario

After Kain stop showing his jealousy. He and his beloved walked where their friends. Then the four moved to a cabin to be more comfortable and have a few drinks.
Takuma was smiling as his friend followed him. Nevertheless Kaname was still disturbed about his memories of a certain silver beauty.

"It's a pleasure to have you here Kaname-sama" Aidou said while smiling happily as Akatsuki embraced his lover and looked at Kaname.

"I had to force him to come with us" Takuma said smiling. He knew Akatsuki was somehow jealous so he wanted to keep the tall vampire calm.

"Very well then let's enjoy the night" Aidou said while turning his head and kissed Akatsuki's lips gently and softly.

Takuma on the other hand was happy drinking his vodka and talking with some girls. But Kaname on the other hand remained silent without speaking and holding a glass of wine mixed with blood in his hand. The brunette sighed, it was pointless and pathetic. He was supposed to come to the bar to try to clear his mind and at some point to meet someone. But he could not. He could not stop thinking about that boy, about Zero his Zero. The boy had made him weak and had broken his hopes in love. He sighed while took a few sips at his drink.

The hours passed and Akatsuki and Aidou were kissing and drinking. Takuma was dancing with some guy and Kaname was starting to get bored. He was about to leave the place when a woman called him.

"Kaname is that you?" A blonde girl with beautiful features walked towards their table and smiled, she sit next to him "It's been a while" The girl said and looked at those wine eyes she loved the most.

"Sara, it's been a while indeed" He replied with a bored expression.

"But you don't have to put that face" The woman pouted "Why don't we dance?" The woman asked and was about to take Kaname's hand but the brunette stood up abruptly and with a bow left the place. The woman called Sara just frowned a bit upset because the vampire behavior. He was supposed to accept her hand and dance with her. He was supposed to be hers, and only hers. But it seemed that Kaname was still in love with that stupid human. Sara smiled and took Kaname's glass, she drink the last of the wine and smiled "You'll be mine Kaname"


It was almost midnight and Kaname was tired, so tired, he knew he behaved rude to his friends to leave the place so suddenly. But he could not stay any longer in that place, besides that woman had called him. Sara a pureblood like himself, who was obsessed with becoming his mistress. Kaname sighed and smiled recalling the woman's face when he got up and left her with her hand extended, waiting to take her to the dance floor. How pathetic, he would never accept dancing or being with someone else, if it is not Zero, then no one.

The brunette kept walking through the streets. He wanted to take the last train. Although he could call Seiren to pick him up he wanted to walk, it didn't hurt him if once in a while he take the train. With his hands in his pockets he kept walking down to the train station and prepared to buy a ticket, as he was paying for the ticket someone came and quickly took his wallet. Kaname saw a boy about seven years running away from the station with his wallet in hand. "Hey you wait, kid!"

Kaname shouted and he began to run after the kid. The boy ran as fast as he could until he felt his heart beating fast. Kaname didn't have to run that fast. He used his vampire speed and senses to find the little boy. When he found him he took the kid by the shoulders and turned his body to look at the kid who dared to steal his wallet.

"You!" Kaname said angry, well he wasn't angry because the boy stole his wallet but was angry because the boy was so young to live in the streets and steal, that boy was a little thief. Where were his parents, it was so wrong, this little boy he "I.." The boy was scared and how not if he was caught. He lift his face to look at the man slowly lilac eyes stared at dark chocolate ones.

Those eyes lilac eyes were like him, like Zero's eyes. "What's your name?" Kaname asked still shocked because that little kid had the same color of eyes as Zero, his Zero.

"Please don't hurt me" The little boy said his huge lilac eyes watering and he looked at Kaname scared "They'll kill me" The boy said softly and he began to sob still scared. If he didn't bring money to them they would kill him

"Look, I won't hurt you" Kaname said as he kneeled looking at the lilac eyed boy, patting his brown head gently "Just tell me your name and who are they" He asked still amazed of the boys eyes. He could swear that kid looked like Zero, well the eyes of that child's because his hair was brown.

"I-c-ca-n't" The little boy sobbed with crystal tears running down his chubby cheeks "I-m-so-r-ry" Kaname sighed and gently took the boy in his arms letting him cry "Shh it's okay I'll protect you" The pureblood said softly and then he pulled out his cellphone and dialed Seiren number, he told her where he was. Within minutes Seiren appeared in a black limo. Kaname kept holding the little boy who stopped crying and was looking at him with fear.

Kaname smiled and gently said "It's okay, no one will kill you, I'll swear" He said softly and the boy nodded looking at the man who saved him. Somehow he felt safe in the man arms "Hiroki…" mumbled and closed his eyes falling asleep immediately.


Somewhere you're watching over me
mother, father where are you?

In a small building known as Cross Orphanage was a little boy with silver hair and lilac eyes, he did not want to sleep yet. Even if it was late and he should be sleeping, the little boy was sitting near the window facing the moon, still hoping to find his parents. The other orphan children teased him because he still believed that their parents would come to pick him up. The boy closed his eyes for a moment his little hand touching the window.

"Kouichi?" A tall man with honey blonde hair and glasses approached at the boy and smiled gently "What are you doing here" The man said softly "You're supposed to sleep" He said in a fatherly tone.

"But Mr. Cross I can't…" The silver boy said and looked down

"Daddy call me daddy!" The man said in a childish voice.

"Where are they?" The little boy said and hugged the man while crying. He wanted his parents to found him, to love him and he wanted them back.

"Kou, they'll come if you believe in yourself they'll come" The man said softly and he carried the boy and took him at the bed where the other kids sleep.

"Good night Kou" The man said gently placing the kid on his bed and leaving a kiss on his forehead, then he walked away watching the boy sleep peacefully.

Forgive me Zero…

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