*¨*I will find you*¨*

Summary: They're one step away from achieving happiness. Will they meet again and end the pain of their separation?


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Chapter Four

x- –X Angels

"Kou-chan come on it's time to wake up" Zero spoke softly as he kissed the top of his son's forehead tenderly.

"Hmm" The young boy muttered something and turned to the other side of the bed. He wanted to sleep some more time. Zero sighed and stroked the child's silver hair. "Kouichi you have already slept enough" He spoke softly and patted the boy's shoulder.

"But…" Kou whined "Daddy, today is Saturday I can sleep some more time" The child whispered softly, his lilac eyes opening slowly while letting out a soft yawn.

"There, there" Zero smiled and patted the boy's head once again and then he smiled when his son sat on the bed and rubbed on his left eye. "You need to get ready" Zero spoke softly and went to the boy's closet. He opened the drawers and took a small blue t-shirt, then he opened another drawer and pull out a pair of white socks. The same happened with the boxers and the jeans. He turned at his son and frowned slightly when he saw the slight attempt of his soon to go to sleep again.

"Kouichi that's enough" He said in a soft tone with a hid warning. The boy sighed and nodded he did not want his daddy to get upset with him. The boy pulled out the covers and went to the bathroom. He opened the door slowly as he fists his eyes cutely.

"AHH!" Both young man and child cried while Ichiru closed the door and Kou-chan ran to the kitchen where his dad was making breakfast.

"What was that cry?" Zero asked while preparing some orange juice and cutting the fruit.

"Uncle Ichiru was in the bathroom" Kou murmured shyly with a slight blush. At the sight of his little one embarrassment, Zero approached him and stroked his cheek.

"Well then eat your breakfast" Zero said "Wash your hands first" said as the kid nodded and wash his hands in the kitchen sink. Then he sat on his favorite chair as Zero placed a bowl of fruit on the table and a glass of orange juice. "There drink your juice and the fruit"

Kou nodded "Can I turn on the TV?" He asked as he took a sip of his juice and looked toward the small TV they had in the kitchen.

Zero looked at him quickly as he began to prepare some eggs and pancakes "Okay but I do not want you to get distracted and leave the food" the older warned "I'm making pancakes" he said

"Yippie!" Kou sang excitedly and quickly went and turn on the television "Will you make chocolate milkshake?" the small boy asked tenderly.

"Sure" Zero smiled as he saw his son eat happily while watching some cartoons.

As Zero was making breakfast and Kou eats and watch some cartoons, Ichiru was taking a shower. He had an appointment with Sara Shirabuki they beautiful blonde woman he met with Kaito. He was going to start his modeling work, so he had to be at 12 pm at Shirabuki Company. He was glad with the job but not quite convinced about modeling. Thus he could help with the household expenses. He felt bad when Zero had to pay for everything and for that reason he had decided to seek for a job. He would have expected other type of work nevertheless work was work besides Kaito would be with him so he would not feel so odd posing for the cameras and that stuff.

He left the bathroom neat and changed and went to the kitchen where he found a plate of fruit and a glass of juice served. Zero was already eating and Kou-chan was eating while watching one of those programs for children.

"So you start working today" commented Zero while wearing a piece of fruit to the mouth.

"Yup" Ichiru nodded as he savored of his pancakes

"That's good though I can't believe you'll be modeling" Zero said softly as he frowned "Please take care I've heard these jobs are demanding and many of these people is often superficial" Ichiru stopped eating and looked up at his twin and gave him a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry I'll be okay besides Kaito will be with me" Zero grinned and a nodded. He could not imagine Kaito as a model. I mean Kaito was handsome and had this wild look but he as model seriously? Well he just had to wait and see.

"Uncle Ichi" Kou-chan interrupted the conversation as the two looked at him "Are you going to be famous?" He asked

"Umm…" Ichiru frowned slightly while Zero let out a chuckle "Well that depends" He glared at Zero and then turned his attention at his nephew "But yeah maybe" He said not quite sure.

"Okay" The boy smiled and turned his attention at the TV

Ichiru finished his food and rose from his seat, he was about to start washing the dishes but Zero stopped him "Do not worry I will wash them" his twin said "I do not want you to mess your clothes" Ichiru nodded "Instead of why do not you take Kou-chan to wash his teeth" Zero asked as the little boy tuned his head so fast and pouted.

"But daddy" Kou-chan frowned "I was watching SpongeBob" Zero looked at his son and the boy understood. He turned off the TV and went with his uncle Ichiru to brush his teeth.

"Aww Kou-chan don't pout, look I'll buy you one of those SpongeBob backpacks for you to carry your school tools" The boy's eyes the boy's eyes lit up and a huge smile spread across his face. Ichiru chuckled and shook his head lit up and a huge smile spread across his face. Ichiru chuckled and shook his head.

Meanwhile in the kitchen Zero was washing the dishes. He was happy that Kouichi was legally his son. Nevertheless the sadness was there and he was still trying to hide it. He knew since he first saw Kouichi that he had to adopt him. Let's be honest, the child had stolen his heart with such tenderness. Although Zero knew the kid may or may not be his biological son. He was willing to take the risks and did not regret his choice, yet the sadness and longing were still present in his heart.


"Zero-kun Oh we meet again" The cheerful Kaien Cross, director of the orphanage smiled happily. "Please have a seat" said the joyful man while Zero nodded and sat.

"I guess the papers are ready" Zero said fearfully. He could not help thinking that they might not let him to adopt little Kouichi.

"Of course everything is in order and well" His expression became more serious and he placed a white envelope on the table "There is also the DNA testing results" Zero nodded and swallowed. He was terrified and did know what to expect of the test. Nevertheless as he had said before he loved Kouichi even if the results said he was not his biological son he would accept him.

"I'll leave you alone for a moment" said the man as he stood up and walked to the door. "I have to take care of something" he said with a somewhat bittersweet smile.

"I'm so sorry Zero but I'm doing this for your own good" The man thought as he closed the door.

The first thing he felt when taking the envelope in his hands was a tremor ran through his whole body. Slowly he opened it and pulled the sheet where the results came.

He closed his eyes for a moment. His hands were shaking so he took a deep breath and opened the sheet. Not daring to look at the results yet. He was nervous however he began to read the results.

Sometimes we asked why bad things happen to us, why can things be as we wish. Sometimes we just think it's bad luck or that we are destined to live unhappy. Sometimes people have so much luck that it hurts and things went as they wanted. Sometimes we can not understand or do not want to understand that things happen for one thing. Nevertheless we can not deny that sometimes is luck or fate have prepared us very interesting things.

Nevertheless at that point Zero did not care about those things. He just felt his heart squeezed so hard that it had hurt so much. He did not know whether to smile or mourn. He did not know whether to be happy or sad. All he felt were tears, hot tears leaving freely down his cheeks. He did not bother to clean them because his body was still in shock. He just sat there with a blank stare. He did not notice the door being opened neither the hand on his shoulder.

Not until the same cheerful voice spoke again "So you've seen the results" The man said but he got no response, apparently the silver-haired young man was still speechless.

"Whe… when can I take Kouichi?" Zero asked with a trembling voice

"Well the papers are in order and have you have received visits from the social workers. So I can say that today Kouichi will be with you at home" said Kaien.

"At home…" Zero repeated

"Let me bring him" Kaien said as he made a motion with his hand to the woman who was in the room "He already packed his things" Zero nodded "I must say that I will miss Kou-chan, he is such a wonderful child"

"I know" Zero replied with new tears running down his cheek

"He'll be so lucky and happy" Kaien smiled

"I'll go get him" The man said as the woman has already left to get the boy's belongings

"Can I…" Zero whispered "Could I go with you?" he asked

"Well why don't you wait here I'll be back soon" Kaien said and Zero nodded hesitantly.



"Sayori please can get Kou-chan for me. I need to meet with someone then I'll with you and Mr. Kiryuu" She nodded as she climbed the stairs.

Kaien walked to the other side of the hall and opened the door where someone was expecting him. It was brown-haired man and a little boy who Kaien Cross knew so well.

"Well then Kuran-san, what's what you wanted to talk?"

Flashback Ends

"Daddy?" Kouichi called was again. He and his uncle Ichiru were intrigued. They had been calling for Zero but the silver angel was lost in thought.

"I'm sorry" Zero said as he heard the call of his son "Did you brush your teeth?" He asked gently

"Yes" He said with a big smile showing his small teeth "Now can I go and watch SpongeBob please" The little one asked softly

Ichiru on the other hand stared at his twin but Zero shook his head. It was a way saying that everything was okay that he was lost in thoughts. Nevertheless Ichiru did not buy that so he decided to talk with Zero when Kou-chan was not present. The last thing he wanted was to worry his young and favorite nephew.

"No you need to take a shower" Zero said gently

"Ow okay" The boy said and pouted once again.

"Okay call me when you are ready" He said as he turned to his twin

"So will you tell me what why the sad face?" Ichiru asked as he crossed his arms over his chest

Zero rolled his eyes and frowned "I don't know what you are talking about" Ichiru snorted

"Zero" He called "You can't lie to me, I'm your twin you know" He said and sighed and Zero stared at him and rolled his eyes

"I was just thinking about something" Zero replied a little too angry

"About Kaname?" Ichiru said and Zero glared at him

"No I mean look I need to check on Kouichi we'll talk later" Zero said as he headed at the bathroom

Ichiru sighed as he frowned. He hated seeing Zero like that, though it was not often as before. Yet there were times he perceived sadness emanating from his brother's eyes. He was not sure if this had to do with Kaname Kuran or not but he did not like it especially when Kouichi was present.

This time around he let it go but he would talk to his brother and Zero would explain the reason for his sadness once and for all. Nodding to himself he pulled out his cell and dialed at Kaito.

"Kaito" The voice spoke on the other side of the phone

"Well I'm ready. Do you want us to meet close to the park?" Ichiru asked

"Do not worry sweetie I'll pick you up" Kaito said in a seductive voice

"Kaito I'm serious" Ichiru said with an annoyed voice as Zero entered the living room and stared at his twin with a mischievous smile

"Me too babe me too" The young man chuckled

"Aghh you know what I'll see you at the Shirabuki Building" Ichiru said as he hung up without leaving Kaito to reply. Zero just chuckled

"So Kaito keeps flirting with you?" Zero asked with a slight smile

"Yeah and it is getting annoying" Ichiru replied at the same time he was rolling his eyes. "I though Kou-chan had finished his bath"

"Yeah but he's changing his clothes" Ichiru nodded and smiled

Zero took a deep breath and sat down on the sofa his arm resting on the pillow "Well since you rejected Kaito's offer, we can accompany you. Kou-chan wanted to go to the park" Zero said and then looked at his twin "He's been nervous about his new school and I want him to calm and have some fun before he enters the school" Ichiru nodded. He knew very well that his beloved nephew was nervous. The kid had secretly told him he was afraid that children teased in the new school. The kid was afraid that children teased him because of his appearance. Zero had told him about what the child of the orphanage did to Kou and Ichiru was angry. Those kids were so cruel with his nephew.

He remembered when he was in school there were some boys who laughed of him and Zero however Zero was very intimidating. He always had that look that could scare anyone it was the Kiryuu glare he remembered. He did not understand how much his twin had changed from being a person who would not let anyone to look down on him and always saying the things he did not like. He had changed almost drastically. Zero was a little more gentle and shy. Perhaps it was because of what their father had done. Lying to him and stealing his bay son telling him that the boy had died at birth. That was something that changed someone's life and their way of seeing things in life. Nevertheless there were still rebellious but Zero was able to control them especially when Kou was with them.

Ichiru knew it was good for the little one to clear his mind and if any of the children at the school bothered or hurt his nephew he would put those little bullies in place. "Yeah I think I like this idea better" Ichiru replied

"I better go check on Kou since he's taking too long I bet he's watching the TV" Zero said and sighed


"Kaname-sama Hiro-chan it's a pleasure to see you" Aidou said with a big smile. He was surprised seeing Kaname Kuran at the entrance of the small apartment he shared with Akatsuki. He still could not believe Kaname was there, they were good friends but usually it was him who always went to Kaname's flat.

Hiroki just rolled his eyes and hide behind his daddy. He did not like the blonde guy. Though it was funny when his daddy scolded and punished the blonde. Nevertheless the other man that always accompanied the blonde was intimidating. But it seemed that he had respect for his dad.

"I need to go to a meeting" he said as he looked at the blonde's baby blue eyes "Seiren cannot take care of Hiroki and Takuma will also be at the meeting" He explained though Aidou interrupted him

"Of course Kaname-sama you don't have to worry I'll take care of little Hiro-chin" He said with a slight blush. Hiro-chan rolled his eyes and pouted he did not want to stay here he wanted to play outside not being in the blonde's boring apparent.

Sensing his son discomfort Kaname kneeled and looked at his son's lilac eyes "Look I know you wanted to go to the park but I promise we'll go tomorrow" He said softly. He could not say no to Hiroki especially when the kid stared at him with those big lilac eyes. However this time he could not fulfill his son's whim.

"Hmm okay" Hiroki replied a little too angry but nodded. Maybe he could threaten the blonde and then go to the park he saw before.

"Don't worry Kaname-sama I'll assure you Hiro-chin will be in good hands" The blonde grinned.

Kaname did not have to worry. He knew Aidou would never lay a hand on Hiroki, even if the boy pissed him off. Hanabusa preferred endure Hiroki's tantrums than Kaname's punishment.

"Okay then I'm going" He said as once more kneeled and kissed the top of Hiro's head "Bye bye" He waved at his son.

Once the door was closed Hiroki turned back and crossed his little arms then he glared at the blonde. He hated when he had to stay with him, he rather be with Seiren though she scared him a little but she was cool.

"Okay Hiro-chin what would you like to do?" Aidou asked gently. It was obvious that the noble wanted to win the affection of the child that way Kaname would take him more seriously.

However little Hiroki rolled his eyes and went to the living room, he sat on the chair and took the TV remote control. He turned on the television and clicked on the channels. He was pouting slightly. Aidou sighed and sat next to Hiro with a defeat look.

He watched curiously as the child still with that adorable pout while changing from one channel to another. Aidou chuckled and then his brow furrowed slightly. Wondering why Kaname-sama had decided to adopt the child. He just knew that the kid's eyes resembled that of the boy which Kaname had fallen in love and that had disappeared leaving the pureblood lost and hearted broken. Aidou did not know the boy but he had resentment for what he did to Kaname-sama.

Still the blonde wondered why Kaname decided such thing as adopt a child and become his father. Kuran Kaname was known for his status of single man. No one had ever won his heart. Well someone actually did but just to disappear. Aidou growled he was beginning to hate that person.

Exasperated at not finding anything interesting on the TV Hiroki sighed and turned off the thing then he turned his head to the left and stared at the foolish blonde man "I want to go to the park" he said though it was rather an order.

"Hiro-chin I'm sorry but we can't go now" The blonde say softly

"Why?" Hiroki asked

"Well Akatsuki will arrive soon and…. when we arrive we can go" He was not going to tell the child that they had to feed and that he was going to take his boyfriend's blood. Hiroki had no idea that he and Akatsuki were vampires. Neither his dad was one of them and one with authority: a pureblood.

"But I want to go right now!" The boy whined and glared at the blonde man "If you don't take me to the park I'll tell my dad you locked me in the room and did not let me leave" He said and stared at the blue eyes of the noble.

"You would not" Aidou growled

"Yes I will!" The boy said stubbornly "And my dad will believe me" He said with a grin. It was well known that Kaname cared for the child and did not like when Hiro was mistreating or hurting.

Aidou snorted and almost pulled of his blond hair. This child was beginning to exasperate him "Okay I will call Kain and tell him that we can meet in the park but once we get there I want you to obey me and do not disappear from my sight" The blond vampire warned "The city is very dangerous especially for a little boy like you" Aidou said softly and looked at the lilac eyes "There's evil people who wants to harm" And especially creatures that will not hesitate to make you their meal the young man thought.

"Okay" Hiroki accepted after all he keep winning he was going to the park.


"I was not aware of the cold" Zero said as he buttoned the jacket of his son. Ichiru just nodded and walked beside them, the day was getting cold and he did not bring jacket.

They had to travel by subway since they did not own a car. They were hoping to buy one the next month. Although it would still be difficult for both cause Zero would needed it to take Kou-chan at the school and Ichiru to arrive at his job. It might not have been so bad to accept Kaito's offer.

"Well I guess I leave you guys here" Ichiru said as he petted his nephew's head "And do not worry Kou-chan I have not forgot about your SpongeBob backpack" He said before the child reminded him. Then he saw at his twin and smiled "Well wish me luck" He said and little Kou-chan tugged on the sleeve of his shirt "Good luck uncle Ichi" The kid said softly.

Ichiru smiled and ruffled the silver locks "Thanks Kou" then he looked at his brother and smiled

Both father and son stay still as Ichiru was walking down the street and then lost the crowed. Zero took his son's hand and started walking in the opposite side of where Ichiru was gone.

Kouichi cheeks were slightly flushed by the cold and the tip of his nose was also beginning to redden. Zero noticed that and chuckled.

They walked through several streets as though they were into the nearest station to the park still they had to walk two blocks at least.


"Are we there yet?" Hiroki asked for the third time

"Now I told you already there's a little traffic" Aidou said as the boy rolled his eyes

"Then why did not just walk" said the boy angrily. They were taking so much time and also he did not understand why they had to travel by car if the park was two blocks from the bond's home. "The park is near to your house anyway..." The boy pouted again.

"Because is safer" Hanabusa replied though the truth was that he did not want to go walking.

Once they got to the park and found a place to park the car the little boy ran. "Catch me if you can" He said as he ran as fast as he could, he wanted to explore such place and play.

"Of course I'll catch you" Aidou said angrily, he just needed to sniff in the air and capture the scent of the child, so he would find him quickly.

- x

After the long walking they managed to the park. Kouichi was more than happy. He wanted to visit the lake, watch the ducks and also feed them. Zero on the other hand wanted to lie on the grass and take a nap apparently the weather was improving.

Kou-chan had brought a ball to play with his dad. But Zero wanted Kou to socialize and play with other children of his age. Still Kouichi was not too sure to do that, he was scared of the children. He did not want them to laugh.

Any bad thoughts vanished completely at the sight of another boy running towards his direction. Kouichi eyes opened wide, he recognized the boy. And as soon as he saw him running the silver haired kid decided to follow him. He did not heart his daddy about what he was talking he just dropped of his hand and began to run after the boy.

"What… hey Kouichi wait!" Zero yelled as he noticed his son was running away. He did not waste no time and began to run after his son.

Nevertheless his son was faster and in briefly moment he stopped seeing the sight of his son. Panic was the first thing he felt, what if something bad happened to Kou. He would never forgive. Distraught Zero started running towards a direction without realizing that he had chosen the wrong option.


"Hiroki!" Kou screamed he knew the boy was Hiro-chan. "Wait…" He ran as fast as he could but Hiroki was faster than him.

The little brunette heard someone calling his name, at first he thought it was that stupid blonde but then he noticed the tone of the cry was the one of a child. He stopped running and turned his head back, there was his long lost friend. Kou-chan was running towards him. Hiroki smiled he thought the young boy had been adopted or worst that he had had the same fate as him before his daddy found him.

"Kou-chan!" Hiroki cry and ran at his friend, he smiled as he hugged his little angel as soon as the boy reached him.

They had been friends since they were little. Hiroki at first did not like Kou-chan because the boy was always crying and some of the caretakers were kinder to him than the other kids at the orphanage. However one day he noticed how other boys that were older than Kou and Hiroki were bullying the boy and also hitting him so Hiroki found the courage and fought with these bullies. Then he helped Kou. The boy seemed so fragile and Hiroki promised to take care of him. Kou was like an angel and he did not deserve to be bullied by those idiots. He promised Kou that they would stick together forever and that he would protect him from everything and everyone. Nevertheless Hiro could not keep his promise cause he was taken from the orphanage.


"Hey do not cry" Hiroki said while the other child sniffed and shook a little.

"You should have given them your candies" Hiroki said as he wiped the tears away.

"I gave them" the other boy said hoarsely "Bu... but they kept hitting me because I'm a monster" He said as more tears fell from her eyes.

The boy's eyes were lilac eyes like Hiro's eyes.

"Why do you say that?" Hiroki asked as he took off his jacket and gave it to the other child.

The little one accepted it as he sniffed "My eyes are weird and my hair too" said with a sad and fearful tone.

Hiroki frown deepened. The child's eyes were the same color as his eyes. Hiroki did not have a weird eye color.

"Do not mind them" He said with a pout "They are just jealous because his eyes are just the same of all people and only special people have different eye color" Hiro said with a smile

"Special like…" Kouichi looked at the brunette tearfully "Monsters?"

Hiroki shook his head and took the hand of the little one in his "Angels" he replied softly

Flashback ends

"Hanabusa" A soft voice spoke behind the young blonde

"Oh Akatsuki you scared me" Aidou whined and pouted.

"Where is Kaname's son?" Akatsuki asked when he noticed the boy was nowhere to be seen.

"Oh well he's just playing but I have all under control" The blond replied with a huge grinned and Kain nodded.

The blonde had called to meet him at the park, so the orange haired man change his destination and instead of go to his apparent he headed to the park. "If you say so" He replied and Aidou pouted.


"Well, well well it seems that instead the one little brat we found three" A male with dark brown hair and a scar on his lower lip said.

"What do you mean?" Another voice was heard but this time it was the voice of a woman.

"Well it appears that two puppies were lost and the other one is trying to find one of the puppies" The male chuckled and lick his lips.

"So it is him" The female said with hatred in her voice.

"Easy, we need to get the puppies first…"


"It can't be…" Aidou whispered softly

"Hey Hanabusa what's wrong?" His boyfriend asked with worried in his voice

"Ak.. Akatsuki I can feel Hiro-chan's aura"

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