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When was she going to get back home? She hadn't taken anyone with her. Not even Nick. The thought made me feel more comfortable, but the fact that he was an option...

That annoyed me greatly.

Finally after what seemed like hours she walked through the front door and into the dining room. She stopped short when she saw me sitting at the head of the table. Her deep, sea blue eyes widened a fraction.

"Hi Hale," she said all too casually. "Hot date?"

Her tone invited me to joke with her, to pretend that everything wasn't dangerous. She wanted to pretend that she hadn't gone to seen Taccone.

But she wasn't going to be let off the hook that easily.

"Are you gonna get mad if I say I don't like you going to see him alone?" I asked carefully watching her expression.

"Jealous?" she said, trying to tease me. But I wasn't smiling. Nothing about the situation was funny.

"Take Angus and Hamish. Take Simon." Her eyebrows rose. "Okay, so don't take Simon. Take...Nick, if that's what you want." I stumbled over Nick's name because it was a lie. I didn't want her to take Nick. I wanted her to take me. Truthfully, I would go anywhere with her. But she always seemed to not need me. "Just don't trust Taccone, Kat."

"I took Gabrielle," she replied pointing to her cousin.

"I was the muscle," called Gabrielle. Her voice sounded distant and far away.

"You're right. Taccone is a whole different kind of bad," she continued.

I refrained from rolling my eyes. Of course he was different, how was she only coming to this conclusion now? It seemed that nothing ever truly scared Kat. At times I admired her for it, but now I just thought she was being ignorant.


"Why are you doing this Hale?"

"Why do you think?" I was truly interested in her answer. Did she know it was all because of her?

She broke eye contact with me and looked at the elaborate room. "Hale this life..." she said slowly, practically speechless. "This...what we do—what my family does—it looks a lot more glamorous when you choose it."

"So choose it." I said as stood up and handed her another envelope that was smaller and thinner.

"What's this?" she asked.

"That, darling, is my full confession. Dates. Times. I thought the crane rental receipt was a particularly nice touch." Kat looked at me speechless. "It's your ticket back into Colgan. If you want it." But similarly with Nick, I didn't want her to choose it. I wanted her to be with me, and only me. I had a desperate hope that she would take that envelope and burn it in the fireplace that was next door.

"Hale, I..." I moved in closer hoping that for once she would too.

"And I didn't choose it, Kat. I chose you." I whispered. I wanted to kiss her and say that everything would be fine. I wanted to say so much more, but instead I said, "The delivery is set?"

"Yeah." she said staring at the manila envelope. "No turning back now."

"No guts."

"No glory." she replied, finally meeting my eyes.

"We're in way over our heads." And then I smiled for the first time that night.

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