Hale's POV

Chapter dedicated to: WatchTheMemoriesFade and raisa864. Enjoy!

In your heart in your head in your
arms in your bed under your skin

Til there's no way to know where

you end and where I begin

~Fade Into You, Nashville Cast (song)

There was a time when you would walk into the room and all eyes would automatically gravitate towards you. You, with your poised body, sinful smirk, and sad eyes that held galaxies and constellations in the color of your irises. You were detrimental to my health right from the beginning.

I was a lost cause the minute I laid my eyes on you.

I don't even know what I was doing that night when I followed you into the shadows of your world. Perhaps I was a bit too tipsy; a bit too sleepy; a bit too scattered like miniscule iron fillings. Darling, you were my magnet.

I followed you despite the risks. Despite everything.

And instead of brushing me off, you allowed me to stroll into your life. You taught me how to con my way through it all, and I taught you how to trust people. I think you were a little lonely like me, and maybe that's why we got along so well.

Somewhere along the way I fell into your heart and you in mine. You rented out a space in between the atriums of my heart. At some point you became a permanent resident there.

And once I realized that, you became even more treacherous to me.

But I was addicted to you in every sense of the word. The touch of your pale shivering skin had me shaking from delirium. Kissing you was my own ecstasy. I couldn't stay away from you even if I wanted to.

You had me in a cast iron grip and didn't even know it.

And even now my head is filled with hummingbirds whenever I'm around you. Sometimes I feel like I swallowed grenades that are programmed to burst whenever you look at me with that sly grin.

Where you even aware of my slow descent into hysteria?

Because that's what this is: insanity.

Dear, I care more about your health than my own. My body is so attuned to yours that when you enter a room I know instinctively. And at night I peek into your room just to make sure your there and haven't left me.

Is this just an elaborate con, love?

Were you stringing me on like a kite during a blustery autumn day? Were you aware that I couldn't take my eyes off of you on that December night?

If it is a con then you fooled me well.

I can't help it...

Kat, I love you.

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