Absolute shameless fluff for you now, starting with Sweden and Finland. The series will continue with some of my favorite pairings as other chapters!

Sweden was laying awake (as he often did) watching Finland sleep. Of all of Tino's expressions his sleeping face might be Berwald's favorite. It was wonderful when he smiled, but it still could not compare to the beguiling calm his face adopted in sleep. The smaller nation shifted slightly causing tousled hair to fall into his eyes. Berwald brushed the locks back from his face and pulled him closer, Tino sighed. On nights like this Berwald could not help but remember the first night they spent together.

He had just had another fight with Denmark. It was a real knock-down-drag-out affair that scattered most of their housemates. Iceland stormed into his room just after the fight started, Norway seemed to vanish into thin air (he would have sided with Denmark anyway), but poor Finland seemed stuck to the couch in the thick of it all. The shouting match went on and on and it eventually drove Sweden out of the house.

He hastily packed bag and escaped into the night. He paused at the end of the property hit with a wave of regret, but it passed as he heard footsteps behind him. Finland had followed him out. Sweden watched him approach, the little Nordic nation with pack on his back stopped a few feet from him and looked him in the eyes. Sweden nodded, Finland nodded back, and they were on their way.

He felt a surge of relief, which coupled with joy then both were chased by panic. He was once again with the only thing he would have turned back for, but they were on their own and Sweden could not let him down.

When at last they were too tired to walk any further Sweden was going to have to admit he hadn't packed anything to sleep on. He was ready to volunteer his coat when Finland sheepishly pulled sleeping materials out of his bag.

"I thought..." He trailed off as Sweden nodded his appreciation. The two got comfortable as best they could and even attempted small talk. He could tell Finland was trying hard to not appear intimidated, it made him nervous too. What if Finland thought he was going to take him over or try to seize his vital regions? What if he got so scared he bolted? What could he do to assure Finland he wasn't going to hurt him?

Putting his arm around the shivering nation seemed like a good place to start, especially after he said he was cold. After he stopped shivering, relaxed, and fell asleep it was the best idea Sweden ever had. Finland was warm and protected, and he got to be even closer to Finland. He was so very small, and so very cute Sweden just couldn't help himself.

Rubbing small circles in his sleeping partner's back Berwald thanked his lucky stars his gambles paid off. In retrospect he realized cuddling the other nation somewhat against his will was maybe not the best way to start a friendship. Calling him "wife" was certainly not the best way to start a family, and when the first time they were naked together he maybe shouldn't have blurted "oh so all o' yuh is tha' cute." Even after all of that Tino stayed with him, that was just the way he was.

There was something angelic about the little nation that drew him in leaving him helpless. Maybe it was his big violet eyes, or his soft white-blond hair, the way he laughed, or when he accepted Peter without so much as flinching when he was brought home unexpectedly.

He loved to watch the two smaller nations together. Tino would give Peter piggyback rides around the house or play football with him in the garden when the weather was nice. When the two of them came home with a dog he knew he wasn't going to be able to say no. That and the dog completed the family fantasy he had carried with him since as long as he could remember.

So here we are, my little found family...Berwald mused as he felt the first tug of sleep... aren't we cute?

Finland will be next to tell us what he thinks is so cute about Sweden…

(The Peter mentioned is Sealand)