Now for a little America/Canada… don't worry if ya don't ship it, this is more brotherly than romantic, although if you'd like to think it's romantic go right on ahead!

Alfred F. Jones had but one serious weakness. Sure he liked junk food and video games and action movies, but none of those things were sure-fire kryptonite. The one thing that could weaken him every time happened to be his own brother.

Mattie was the only nation to get him to drop his hero face; he was also the only nation that has ever made him cry. Even so somewhere inside him he secretly enjoyed the fact that Matthew was next to invisible to the other nations, he really didn't want to have to share.

He didn't care if Mattie was weird or spacey sometimes, or even that he couldn't remember his own polar bear's name, he absolutely adored him. He was gentle and sweet and incredibly patient. He couldn't count how many times he had "just been in the neighborhood" and decided to visit his brother... and spend the weekend. Matthew would sigh, shake his head, and let him in anyway. Then no matter what else Matt said he had to do, they always wound up on the couch watching movies. Al would stretch out resting his head in Mattie's lap and he would absent mindedly run his fingers through Al's hair until he was too close to sleep for either of them to move. In the morning both of them would be sore from sleeping in funny positions and more often than not Matt would have a patch of drool on his pants. All of that and Al would still get pancakes for breakfast.

In exchange Al would take him to the zoo (usually San Diego) so he could act like a 5 year old again. He'd lean over railings or press his nose to the glass and coo to whatever animal was inside. No trip to the zoo was complete without a stop at the petting zoo. There were times Al thought his brother was part Disney Princess due to his way with animals. Even if it was just rabbits and chicks Matt still absolutely HAD to go see.

Al also had a personal tradition of pretending to be disinterested in cotton candy or popcorn, wax animal figures and pressed pennies just so Matt would pout. He would stick out his bottom lip and give his brother doe eyes until Al "gave in" and indulged him. It was always anything for Mattie.

Other times they'd go to hockey games and Al would get him just drunk enough to trash talk the opposing fans. Mattie was just too damn cute when he was feisty. He would spend the whole game watching his brother shout obscenities that would sometimes make even him blush. Then on the way home, weather they won or not Mattie would ask him to turn the radio way up and he would sing along to whatever came on. If he got the words right was another thing entirely, but Al didn't care.

Just like Al didn't care if Mattie sang Michael Buble and Celine Dion in the shower, or that he talked in his sleep in French. He doesn't even mind sharing Niagara Falls, because not every nation had a blood brother like he did and even if they did they certainly weren't as cute.

I might take a small break from this one after writing Canada's to write another fic, but I won't abandon it for long. Also after this pair things are gonna get complicated and a little naughty!