Chapter 19 Losing Control

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Sarah was back from the break. Her life could be considered normal. She was a first year geology student, attending classes, holding part-time job at the university pool, and hanging out with friends. This was Sarah Williams. In addition to her regular life, Sarah had another one. This life included Underground, there she was Goblin King's apprentice. She was not Sarah Williams but Countess Sarah, most of the time she was referred to as "your highness". Jareth taught her magic lessons. They were both getting ready for war that Sara's aunt started. Sarah was always worried for her mother, who was a double agent. She provided Goblin King with information while pretending to help her sister. And in the midst all of this, Sarah and Jareth had time for each other.

"I cannot believe, but I am still able to do this", Sarah told Jareth while they were studying Geography.

"I knew it, since the first time we met", he responded flipping the page of a textbook.

"Jareth, do you think that we can win this war?" She asked him pausing the reading.

"We would win, but Sarah", he paused to make sure that she was listening, "the cost of a victory might be too high", he warned her.

"I don't want you to die", she said hiding her face behind the book.

"Sarah, it is very hard to kill a magic being—almost impossible. When it is time for us to die we move into another realm through portal. We come to our original world once in a while though." Jareth looked at Sara's reaction. He saw a very big relief.

"Those who are killed—their soul is still alive. They move into the same realm as others where they will obtain body, but they can visit only in a spirit form. However there is a way to utterly destroy the soul. The worst thing is to enslave someone's soul. That person will be entirely obedient to their master. That what your aunt is going to do to us." Goblin King informed her.

"I'd rather die", Sara's opinion was final.

"So would I precious, so would I" Jareth said wistfully.

They were both aware of the great danger lying ahead and they both knew that they could be dead by the time when the war would be over. Nevertheless, both of them were happy. Sarah got a boyfriend whom she trusted completely. Jareth because he knew that he would do anything for Sarah.

"Hey guys, can I join you?" Zelda's question brought them back. "Sure, come sit down", they replied in unison.

"Have you seen Nikki and Isabelle?" they asked Dragon Princess.

"Nikki is in a gym and Isabelle is with Andy", Zelda replied.

"Someone might get into trouble", Jareth laughed. Both Sarah and Zelda looked puzzled.

"Well, majority of elves like to descend with someone. Some of them are heart-breakers." Jareth tried to sound casual, while both girls tried not to laugh.

"Hey did you hear about the Bikini Ball?" Sarah asked the Dragon Princess. Zelda had no idea what it was.

"It is a charity even, university beauty pageant, but participants wearing only bikini. They just put sign-up sheets around, and they are having auditions today and tomorrow", Sarah informed her friend. They both decided to sign-up.

Few hours later Zelda and Sarah were sitting in their room. They both entered the pageant, hence everybody was pleased with their bodies during auditions.

"What are we going to do tonight?" Zelda asked.

"Well, I guess it is Friday so probably watch a movie with our floor or...", Sarah could not finish—someone knocked on the door.

"Jareth, what's going on?" Sarah asked opening the door.

"Andy-the elf", he replied, "can I stay in you room until he finishes?". Both girls nodded.

"Tell us, what's the matter?" Zelda was curious.

"Well Andy and Isabelle are having some fun", he answered sitting down next to Sarah.

"You are telling me, that a giggling couple sitting on a bed can kick out the Goblin King from his chamber?" Sarah tried to sequester her laugh.

"My precious how would you feel if there were two people without any clothes in the room shaken themselves on a bed, doing you know what, and making noises?", he retorted.

All of them knew what those two were up to. "And you feel bad because you did not get any?" his cousin asked sarcastically.

"No, because he did not warn me! Is it true that you are going to be pretty much naked in front of the entire university?" Jareth looked angry. Both girls explained Goblin King details about pageant. Jareth became a bit more calm.

Suddenly they heard chimes. Jareth pulled an orb out of his pocket.

"Andy is finished. I can go back to my room. I am going to work on some edicts, if you want to come and keep me a company you are more than welcome." Goblin King suggested.

"Jareth is there anything I can do to help?" Sarah asked grabbing his hand.

"No my lady, I shall work on those all by myself", Jareth kissed her hand as he left the room.

Goblin King understood that Sarah was steel a teenager she needed her own space. It was his mistake few years ago; he was too persistent at the Labyrinth. Poor girl was too stressed looking for her brother and exploring her feelings. Now he'll get her space when she'll need it. She had to learn and through her experience not someone's. He returned to his room. It was a relief that the elf was gone. Jareth opened his folder and started to work on edicts.

Goblin King did not notice how fast time had passed by. He flicked on the light and continued with edicts casting a soundproof spell around the room. He did not tell anybody that he got position of a pageant host. Sarah would not be left along and he also contacted Zelda's boyfriend who will be there next week.

Meanwhile few doors down, Sarah was trying to convince Zelda to go downstairs.

"Zizzy, come one it just few drinks, we are not going to get in trouble", she tried to coax her.

"No, Sarah, you are underage", so if I am going out with someone who is over millennium older then I, it is not a problem.

"But few drinks could be?" Sarah was starting to get angry. "You have no power over me!", she exclaimed dashing out of the room.

Sarah ran downstairs.

"Don't be shy, have as much as you want!" one of the RA encouraged her. Sarah looked around; most of the first years were already buzzed. She started to drink. Few glasses later she was shouting out songs while dancing on the table. Sarah looked around her everyone was laughing.

Suddenly she saw Zelda-dragon princess was talking to Andy and sipping out a drink.

"Wheah is Jareah?" Sara's speech became slur.

"In his room, doing work.", explained Zelda.

"I am going upstairs", Sarah told her. Dragon princess felt a relief, Sarah was going to their room. That girl still had common sense.

Upstairs Sarah decided to visit her boyfriend. She knocked on the door, but nobody answered. She tried the knob, door was not locked.

"Ja-reth", Sarah called him out while putting her hands around him.

"Sweet Merlin girl you are drunk!", goblin King became shocked.

"I know what you want", Sarah said mysteriously. Jareth got off his chair and brought Sarah to her room.

"You need to sleep it off precious", he said closing the door.

"Well, I guess you are too tired", she said as he was locking the door.

"Sarah, we cannot do this yet, I should have told you that. I'll tell you tomorrow and remember, I love you a lot!" Goblin King said returning to his room.

Sarah paused for a second, then took off her clothes and put on bath robe, unlocked the door, and slowly walked to Jareth's room. She opened the door without knocking.

"You are lazy your majesty, too tired to unpack your present, well I have nothing on!" Sarah glared at him as she started to untie sash on her bath robe.

"Everyone into their rooms this is campus patrol." They heard voice in an overhead floor speaker. Jareth knew that it was not enough time for Sarah to get into her room. Something needed to be done fast.

He jumped toward Sarah, threw her on bed. "Oh, you are a cad", Sarah lost control. He Threw a blanket on top of her and jumped on bed grabbing another blanket and throwing on top of himself. Few seconds later Andy apparated into his bad he snapped his fingers and changed into pajamas.

"Oh, I see somebody is not going to sleep alone", the elf sneered.

"Shut up!"', Goblin King snapped "Now, if you say one word to campus patrol about Sarah, you are going to be thrown into bog of internal stretch. She is not here got it", Jareth growled. Andy nodded. Meanwhile Jareth took off his shirt and covered himself up to the waist. As soon as he finished, patrol members opened the door. They ordered Andy to get up and checked his sheets, nothing was found.

"I do apologize for the absence of my clothes", Jareth said as he started to get up .

"It's OK. We don't need to check you Kingston" they said leaving the room.

"I see you always get around your way", Andy sneered.

"Sarah! Stop it," Jareth jumped out of his bed.

"I don't like that you tried to get into my pants", Goblin King said seriously.

"I know you want it so do I, I am just a coward. C'omon take me", she said seductively.

"Where did you learn all of this?" Jareth asked in amazement.

"TV and magazines, now I know all about your intentions toward me when I was fifteen. Those tights, boots and shirt that left most of your chest uncovered and...", she fell down on the bed.

"Sorry precious, I had to use the sleeping spell." Goblin King sighed.

"It was your chance, why did you blow it?", the elf became angry.

"Because, she is not ready yet. The intercourse between two magic beings results in a very large energy emission, Sarah is not ready to handle this amount of energy yet"

"Fair enough, but what are you going to do with it now?", the elf motioned towards Sarah.

"I'll solve this problem", Zelda appeared in the middle of the room.

"How did you manage to take care of campus patrol?", they both asked her.

"Quite easy, I sprayed our room with garlic potion, put bunch of pillows under the blanket, and when they came, they saw someone lying on a bed. So they did not check. Did she get you in trouble?" Zelda asked her cousin. Goblin King smiled and told her everything that has happened.

"We shall go now", Dragon Princess told both of them picking up her best friend and disappearing.

Sarah woke up next morning having a hangover. "Zelda, I had the strangest dream last night. I went downstairs to party, then I got drunk and tried to sleep with Jareth", she confessed being perplexed.

"It was not a dream it happened for real." Zelda told her.

For Sarah it was shock. She tried to avoid Jareth. Whenever he tried to talk to her, she would excuse herself from him. Zelda and Andy tried to get them to talk to each other. Sarah was so embarrassed that she went to the library. Suddenly she saw her mother.

"Sarah, come with me, I have to talk to you.", Ursula told her daughter.

Seconds later they were at the Goblin King castle.

"I have to summon you here. Now everyone leave this instance hence me and my apprentice have to talk", Jareth snapped his fingers.

"Sarah, are you embarrassed about last night?", he asked piercing her with the glare. She nodded. Sarah was afraid to say anything. She felt the distance growing between them.

"Come"-she obeyed the order. Jareth took his hand and started to kiss her. Lowly, their kissing session turned into heavy make-out. Sarah felt the weakness taking over her, yet she did not want to let it go.

"See, how weak you are after a real kissing or you call it make-out.", Jareth said to her after they stopped.

She knew that his kissed told her all she needed to know. "So, if I tis all settled let's start our magic lesson", Goblin King smiled.