Hey, everybody. More Rachel/Harvey family love.

"Hey! Come back here, twerp!" Five-year-old, Harvey McKenzie, was currently running down a city street for dear life as the vicious bullies, led by Ernest, chased him. As he continued running, he turned a corner and ran down an alleyway. "You! Go down that way!" Ernie ordered to his cronies as they ran in the opposite direction while he chased Harvey.

As Harvey was coming to the end of the alleyway, Ernie's henchmen jumped from behind and ambushed him. Harvey tried running back the way he came, but Ernie was right there. "You're DEAD, twerp!" As the bullies approached, Harvey shielded his eyes, waiting for the worst to come. Just before the beatings came, Harvey heard a scream, then opened his eyes to see his sister, Rachel, land on one of the henchman, then started beating away at them.

Rachel then went over to her brother, who hid behind her legs. "BACK OFF!" Rachel shouted.

"Make me, Blondie!" Ernie retorted as he ran in to try to punch Rachel, but the soon-to-be-leader grabbed his fist, then threw him toward the other bullies, knocking them down.

"Mess with my brother again, and you'll be BEGGING for mercy!" Terrified, Ernie and the bullies ran off, and Harvey ran in and embraced Rachel in a hug (her legs, anyway), tears in his eyes. "You okay, Bro?"

He sniffled. "That was so s-scary!"

"Harvey, it's okay. They're gone now." Rachel said, patting her brother on the head.

"What if they come back, Sis?"

"Listen, Harvey." She said, bending down to face her brother. "As long as I'm around, they'll think twice before coming near you." At this, Harvey smiled and hugged his sister again. "Now, come on, Bro. Let's go home." With that, Rachel held his hand as they walked home. On the way, Rachel asked, "Hey, Bro, what were you doing out here anyway?"

"I dunno."

Well, there you go. More family love for those two. As for what Harvey did to upset them…let's just go with he called him 'Ernie'. Well, see you later.