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Summary: When a failed romance takes life on a spiral downwards, a surprise encounter may lift a person back up. -LenneYuna- Other couples include: Mentioned TidusYuna, ShuyinLenne, BaralaiPaine, GippalRikku, unrequited PaineRikku.

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"Talk, now."

How did Yuna not see this coming? Rikku, with her chocobo squeaky slippers – and still, Yuna did not hear her cousin. She hasn't even climbed off of Lenne, both girls' limbs frozen in shock. Rikku is tapping her foot impatiently.

"Well, you see…"

"I see my cousin making out with a stranger!" the blonde yells frantically, flailing her arms in the air. "Not only a stranger, but a woman stranger! It's a big wake-up call when the 'you-thought-was-straight-but-really-isn't-cousin' is now 'your-actual-gay cousin'! Why didn't you tell me?"

Really, Yuna should have seen this coming. Now it looks like Rikku is going to break down at any moment, wanting to cry because she feels Yuna doesn't trust her enough to tell her about her sexual preferences. Yuna knew this wouldn't be easy – that's why she tried to keep it a secret as long as possible. It's not that she doesn't trust her friends…it's just really difficult to talk about something like that.

Wait – is Rikku calling her gay?

"I'm not really gay," Yuna says. "I'm only attracted to Lenne."

"I'm sure she would have told us at some point," Paine remarks, placing her hand on the baffled blonde's shoulder. "She was probably scared."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Rikku says. Despite her understanding, she still looks a little shaky upon viewing her cousin almost sucking this other brunette's face off. Rikku's eyebrows draw together, curiosity sparkling in her eyes.

"How long have you two been talking?"

"We met a month ago," Lenne replies, sitting up on the couch. Yuna slides off of her lap to sit next to Lenne, maintaining a close distance. "After some talking, we ended up revealing our true feelings. I was not aware of Yuna's affections until minutes ago."

"Well I still don't know you," Rikku says, suspicion in her tone. "How old are you? Where do you work? Where do you live? Did you go to jail? Are you an alcoholic? Do you have any sexually transmitted-"

"Rikku, cut it out," Paine hisses, slapping the blonde upside the head. Rikku groans in protest.


"I'm twenty-two years old, I am a waitress and singer at a downtown karaoke bar, I was born and raised in Zanarkand, I've never been in jail, I am not an alcoholic and I do not have any sexually transmitted infections or diseases."

"That's all I needed," Rikku comments, smirking triumphantly with her arms crossed on her chest. Yuna is rather lost; one moment it looks like her cousin might hyperventilate, and the next Rikku seems perfectly fine with the recent events. Lenne is taking in Rikku's bombastic personality with ease, something that Yuna is rather relieved to see. It probably helps that Lenne already has an idea of what the blonde may be like, if the stories Yuna told are anything to go by.

"Well, we're completely fine with your preferences Yuna," Paine says, a small smile on her lips. "As long as you're happy."

"…But how are you guys gonna do it? Do you like, scissor or something?" Rikku asks bluntly. Yuna buries her face in her hands, the topic of sex not exactly something she wants to discuss with her cousin. Lenne takes the question in stride.

"We'll figure it out. It's something new for the both of us. If the kissing is anything to go by, we will be just fine." Lenne's last words come out slyly, causing Yuna to blush harder and Rikku to giggle excitedly. It seems like the two will get along perfectly.

"So how did you two meet?" Paine questions with curiosity. Lenne opens her mouth to answer; oh, just what Yuna needs.

"I ran into some trouble one night on the way home, and Yuna helped me out. She offered to let me stay in her apartment for the night-"

"Wait, wait, wait…" Rikku interjects. "Did you two know one another?"

Lenne looks confused. "No."

"So Yunie let a stranger stay in her place the first night?


"What the FUCK YUNIE?"

Oh, it is going to be a long night.


"…and then you know what? He says 'what if I got you pregnant'? What kind of pillow talk is that? Who says that after mind-blowing, juicy-"

"Why does Yunalesca spite us so much?" Paine remarks dryly, sipping at the iced tea in her hand and trying to block out Rikku's description of the night before. Yuna and Lenne try to hold in their chuckles, but to no avail; Paine and Rikku are a comical pair to watch. Yuna couldn't ask for better friends – and with a beautiful woman by her side, she couldn't ask for a better girlfriend either.

A week after revealing the relationship, the four decide to spend their time in a fast food restaurant close to the blitzball stadium and Lenne's former apartment. All four girls need a break, spending the majority of their morning moving Lenne's things from her place into Paine's large car. Lenne doesn't have a huge amount of things, but the number is enough to pack up the trunk and more than half of the back seat. There is no point for Lenne to stay in that apartment anymore; yesterday, she informed Shuyin of the end of their relationship. He did not react well, his temper encouraging Lenne that her decision is for best. She cannot love someone who she is afraid of.

Yuna understands that it is hard. While there are no more romantic feelings on Lenne's behalf for Shuyin, it doesn't mean she doesn't care about him. They are friends before lovers – at least that's what Lenne described it as. Shuyin is respectful enough to let Lenne make her own decisions, but the brunette does not feel safe enough in revealing Yuna's identity yet. She will not feel comfortable until Shuyin quits the drugs and earns Lenne's trust again.

The girls took the time to remove Lenne's possessions while Shuyin was at work. Yuna couldn't be more excited with the prospect of a roommate, especially one who is her lover. She doesn't know why, but Yuna has an inkling the early move is okay for the both of them. She refused moving in with Tidus, not feeling comfortable with staying in her boyfriend's house. It doesn't help that when she became official with Tidus, there was no 'friend' stage – he was interested, she was flattered and they supposed it made sense to become a couple. There was no rush with Lenne, allowing time to build a relationship. Besides, considering Lenne's circumstances, Yuna would be more than happy to allow her girlfriend to stay.

She can't wait to spend her life anew.

"He's such an asshole. Yunie, I told him you got with another woman; I've never seen him so excited over something. He's such a perverted bigot!" Rikku slaps her hand on the table, clearly somewhat agitated. "You think he's the one for me?"

"You never know, Rikku," Lenne replies. "If his perversion bugs you so much, I doubt it will change. You will be able to tell eventually."

"Geez…maybe I'll jump on the bandwagon with you and Yuna," Rikku says to Lenne, scooting over in the booth to sit close to Paine. "Maybe Paine can show me some tips in lovemaking in the bedroom."

"I'll probably be better than Gippal," Paine responds, causing Rikku's jaw to drop and Yuna's eyes to widen. Paine can't possibly still be trying to win her cousin's affections, can she? Maybe Yuna will never understand the relationship Paine and Rikku share.

"You wanna test that?" the blonde instigates. Paine shrugs.

"You know where I live. Take the bus and pay me a visit."

"Ugh, Dr. P.! You're not supposed to agree!"

"Are you sure they aren't attracted to one another?" Lenne leans over and whispers to Yuna, watching the two banter back and forth. Yuna resists letting out a giggle; are her friends that obvious? Maybe they do act like a married couple, but Yuna supposes that's just the kind of friends Rikku and Paine are.

"Who knows-"

A commotion distracts the occupants at the table, all girls turning their heads to glance at the entrance of the restaurant. Men begin to pour in through the doors, all wearing the same uniform with familiar Zanarkand colors. Yuna knows these people; consequently, her heart drops and only one thing races across her mind:

Tidus. It looks like her former lover's Zanarkand Abes blitzball team has a craving for fast food.

Yuna wants to look away, but it's useless; she's waiting to see him, hoping he decides to occupy himself as far away from her as possible. When he walks in the door, blue eyes sparkling with happiness and sunny hair still wet from a game, Yuna's chest twists in displeasure. They haven't exactly found good terms to end on and knowing Tidus, he'd attempt to settle everything here. Yuna would rather not resolve such an issue in a public establishment.

She isn't the only one familiar with the group. Rikku and Paine are not foreign to the icons of the blitzball world, namely their star player.

"This is a joke, right?" Paine asks, eyeing Tidus sit with his team at a large table by the entrance. Yuna will not be able to pass by unnoticed.

"Don't hold me back," Rikku commands sternly, attempting to step over Paine in the booth and show Yuna's former boyfriend a piece of her mind. The blonde never had the chance to express to Tidus her feelings regarding his betrayal – and apparently, Rikku holds grudges. One would assume by Rikku's reaction that she is the ex; she's taking his presence harder than Yuna is.

Paine urges the blonde to sit down and ignore Tidus, to which Rikku responds by starting to climb the table in an attempt to evade Paine's hands from pulling her back. Naturally, this causes everyone to look, including the man Rikku intends to hurt.

"Damnit Rikku, what is your problem?" Paine hisses, pulling the blonde by her denim miniskirt. "Can you consider Yuna's feelings? She hasn't seen him for a long time, and causing a scene isn't a way to help things."

"Well I wanna put this crap to rest!" Rikku says back, jumping off the table. "Yunie's got a good person now, and I have yet to show him how I handle someone messing with my cousin."

This can't be happening right now. Tidus knows Rikku; if Rikku is around, that must mean Yuna is too. His approach is inevitable at this point.

"What's going on?" Lenne asks with confusion, watching as the blonde stomps off towards the large group in the front of the restaurant. "Why is Rikku so mad?"

Yuna can't believe this. She buries her face in her hands, moaning pathetically. She feels Lenne's hand on her back, giving her some comfort – but it's not enough.

"My ex boyfriend…" Yuna begins, taking in a large breath. "Remember the first time we met and you stayed over my house? You asked me if I had a boyfriend. At the time, he and I didn't break up that long ago. It so happens to be that my ex is in this restaurant right now, and Rikku isn't too happy with him. Our relationship ended because he cheated on me."

"Oh Yuna…" Lenne murmurs, her hand rubbing circles through the white material of Yuna's tank top. "I never knew it ended that way. Are you scared?"

"No," Yuna replies, turning to face Lenne. Her lover's concerned expression reassures Yuna; no matter what, Lenne will be there by her side. Her girlfriend couldn't look any more beautiful right now. "I just don't look forward to that particular conversation."

"I remember you once telling me to not let Shuyin haunt me," Lenne says, running her forefinger down Yuna's cheek. "Don't let your previous relationships haunt you, either. I understand whatever decision you choose."

"Don't say it like that," Paine intervenes, eyes staring at Lenne. "Don't imply Yuna still loves him and take that in stride. Have faith in your lover; she won't leave you for something she knows will never exist again."

Is that what Lenne meant? Yuna feels slightly disappointed – even so, she supposes Lenne isn't wrong in thinking Yuna may still harbor feelings for Tidus. The relationship ended with Yuna still loving him; love like that doesn't fade easily.

However, Yuna does know she cannot hold onto that love when someone is willing to treat and respect her more than Tidus ever did. She and Lenne share feelings and understanding Tidus never had, and Yuna wouldn't leave that for the world.

"Paine's right," Yuna agrees. She places a kiss on Lenne's cheek. "I appreciate your understanding, but don't think that I'll leave you for something that will never be."

Lenne opens her mouth to respond when Rikku's yelling echoes across the building, signaling the three remaining females to intervene. Yuna isn't looking forward to the confrontation, but Lenne is right; Yuna cannot let Tidus haunt her. She may as well take her own advice.

As they leave the table, Yuna spots Rikku pointing a finger at Tidus, her shoulders shaking in rage.

"Who the heck do you think you are?" Rikku screams. "I'm going to show you a thing or two about messing with the wrong girl. Yunie can take your crap, but I'm another story!"

"Whoa, slow down missy," an unfamiliar player on the team says, trying to hold back his laughter. "You're not very threatening in a little skirt and flip-flops, now are you?"

A slap on the table startles the player, his eyes drifting up to his side. There stands Paine, crimson eyes baring a glare that can intimidate the strongest. Her mouth is twisted into a frown, her form standing protectively in front of Rikku's.

"Let me tell you something," she whispers dangerously, her face moving closer. "While you may not think she is threatening, I certainly am. Try to take her; I'm sure she will have you screaming in pain before I get my turn."

"Come on, man. Leave them be," Tidus' voice interjects to his teammate. The blond stands from his position in his chair, eyeing Rikku and Paine carefully. "I guess I was bound to come across you guys sometime."

"Yeah, unfortunately," Rikku replies, disgust on her tongue. "You happy with what you've done?"

"No," Tidus replies truthfully. He shoves his hands in his pockets, a somber look overcoming his features. "I would do anything to erase what happened that night. I know Yuna doesn't want me back, but I'm telling the truth when I say I still care for her. I haven't seen anyone since we broke up."

"Can't say she's done the same," Rikku comments smugly. Tidus immediately appears shocked.

"With who?"

"You aren't familiar with them," Yuna's voice answers, approaching the table with Lenne. Every player at the table immediately begins whispering, recognizing their star player's former girlfriend upon first sight. Everyone's sudden gaze on her makes Yuna uncomfortable; this should be done in private, not in some random public place. This is completely embarrassing and Yuna will not let it get out of hand.

Tidus' shock does not waver. His gaze turns to Lenne, analyzing the newcomer with interest. Yuna doesn't like Tidus' eyes on her girlfriend; he isn't obvious about it, but Yuna can tell he's appreciatively eyeing Lenne's figure up and down, even when she is clad in casual jeans and a loose shirt. It infuriates the blue and green-eyed brunette, enough for her arm to snake around Lenne's waist and pull her close.

The effect is immediate; the touch explains to everyone the nature of Yuna and Lenne's relationship. The table goes into an uproar, while Tidus becomes frozen.

"I'd rather not discuss our relationship here," Yuna explains. "It will be better to talk at my place; I still have the same address. Are you available tonight?"

It takes a moment for Tidus to compose himself before he answers. "Y-Yeah. Around what time?"

"About seven. We'll talk later." Yuna turns to Rikku and Paine, the blonde still looking ready for a fight. "Come on, let's go. We have to move Lenne's stuff in."

To Yuna's surprise, Rikku doesn't protest. All girls exit the restaurant, leaving a bewildered Tidus behind.


"That's the last of it," pants out an exhausted Lenne, her form collapsing on Yuna's couch. Boxes of Lenne's possessions clutter the living room, leaving the once spacious room somewhat crowded. While Yuna would like to just unpack everything and throw the cardboard in the garbage, it's already about six thirty and both girls can barely move. Besides, Kimahri seems to be enjoying the new additions; the cat has already made a home on top of one of the boxes.

"Finally," Yuna says, plopping next to Lenne. Yuna, Rikku, Paine and Lenne moved the boxes upstairs, but once finished, Rikku and Paine decided to head out. Paine insisted on allowing the two brunettes their time together without Rikku's blabbering mouth.


"You bet," Yuna responds. Lenne gives her lover a quick kiss on the cheek, taking out her cell phone. It seems like it is pizza night, a decision Yuna will not argue with. She doesn't feel up for cooking and Lenne probably doesn't either. When Lenne hangs up after ordering their food, like a cat on its prey, Lenne pounces on Yuna's unsuspecting figure. She sits on Yuna's lap, arms wrapping around Yuna's neck to bring the brunette closer.

"I'm usually more reserved than this," Lenne comments, pressing a quick kiss on Yuna's lips. "But I'm very excited. I cannot thank you enough for giving me a place to stay."

"I wasn't going to let you live in a cardboard box," Yuna replies, smiling. "Besides, I like the idea anyway. Kimahri and I like the company."

"You'll start to hate it when the food bills go up and I hog the bed," Lenne remarks jokingly. Yuna rolls her eyes.

"Well, with a combined income I'm not too worried about that. As for the bed, looks like I'll be sleeping on you."

"Just don't suffocate me!" Lenne exclaims. Yuna taps Lenne's hip in warning.

"Are you calling me big?"

"I'm calling you voluptuous."

"I suppose I can deal with that," Yuna replies with a smile, kissing Lenne's nose. The other brunette responds with a nip to Yuna's earlobe, sending a pleasant shiver down Yuna's body. Lenne's lips travel to her lover's neck, placing soft kisses along the expanse of Yuna's skin. Things are quickly taking an intimate turn, but Yuna doesn't find herself caring. It doesn't even matter that they're on the couch; Yuna will take Lenne's intimate affection anywhere in her apartment. After all, the couch is where it all began.

"I can't go too far," Lenne murmurs before trailing her tongue along the shell of Yuna's ear. "We'll be expecting the food soon."

"What if I wanted to touch you more?" Yuna replies, her hands sliding down her lover's back. Her hand stills over Lenne's bottom and she begins to massage her lover through her pants, bringing her closer. Yuna smiles as a breathy moan escapes Lenne's lips, echoing right into her ear and sending a rush of desire through her body.

"Don't tempt me."

As Yuna's lips softly bite at the junction of Lenne's neck and shoulder, a strong knock thumps on Yuna's door. Lenne whimpers, sliding off of her lover's lap to slump on the couch.

"I know the pizza place is down the street, but I doubt it's that quick."

"It must be Tidus," Yuna states, smoothing down her shirt. She completely forgot about her ex-lover until she heard the pounding on the door. In the midst of being busy with her lover and her two best friends, she hadn't given Tidus a thought. She must have lost track of time, all thanks to her seductive girlfriend. The impending conversation dampens Yuna's mood; while she did ask him to stop by, couldn't he have been a little late? She isn't too keen on having her intimate moment interrupted.

Oh, who is she kidding? Even if Tidus was late, they would still be interrupted.

"I can stay in the bedroom and leave you two to your privacy."

"If you don't mind, that would be appreciated. If I need you, I'll call for you, okay?"

"Of course," Lenne says, kissing Yuna's cheek a last time. As Yuna starts unlocking her door, Lenne retreats to the back of the apartment, making sure to crack open the bedroom door in case she is needed. When the brunette opens the door, her guess on the visitor is affirmed; Tidus stands outside, changed from his uniform to more comfortable shirt and jeans. Yuna doesn't say a word as she allows the blond inside of her home, closing the door behind him.

Tidus stands awkwardly in the center of the room, shuffling his feet.

"So, uh…I turned you into a lesbian?"

"No. I wasn't looking for another relationship; it just happened. She's the only female I'm attracted to."

"It seems like you made a good choice," Tidus comments, eyeing all of the boxes in the room. "She gave off a really positive image and she's very attractive. I take it she's moving in with you?"

"Yeah. It's for the best."

"Look, Yuna…" The blond sighs, running a hand through his locks. With this action, Yuna notices how tired Tidus suddenly looks. His pensive eyes reveal guilt; thoughts must be running through his head on what to say to his ex-girlfriend.

"I asked you to move in during the years we've been together and you always said no. You haven't been with your…girlfriend long…" The word 'girlfriend' sounds foreign on his tongue. "And she's already becoming a big part of your life. What I did was a mistake, but looking all these boxes and seeing you happy…maybe my mistake will give you a life that I can't compete with. You wouldn't have taken me back, no matter how much I begged. You're too strong to be held down."

"I loved you," Yuna states, her throat suddenly dry. It touches her heart to hear the sincerity in his voice, and suddenly it's very difficult to remain mad at him. "In ways, I still do, but not in the romantic sense anymore. I can't forget the relationship we had, but I do know it's part of the past. I couldn't go back to you because if I can't trust you, then there can't be a romantic relationship. I would be miserable."

"Yeah, I know," Tidus replies somberly. "Despite everything, I still love you. You're a really amazing girl who doesn't deserve the crap I've given you. It was hard to admit you were gone at first; I placed all the blame on the alcohol and not myself. Auron literally smacked some sense into my head."

"It's hard to believe you love me after you sleep with another woman," Yuna states. "There are still some things you need to figure out."

"Yeah, I guess. Don't let what I've done screw things up with my stepdad."

"Auron is like a father to me. I wouldn't disappear on him."

"Good," Tidus says.

"I don't have to disappear from your life either, Tidus," Yuna states reassuringly. "Maybe we can start over and become friends. However, please understand – I will never be a girlfriend for you again."

Tidus is silent, but Yuna knows he is becoming resigned to the idea of losing her romantically. He doesn't say anything for a few moments until he gives Yuna a forced smile.

"Yeah. I suppose I should meet your girlfriend, shouldn't I?"

"You don't have to if you're not ready."

"I need to understand and move on, Yuna. I want to properly meet the woman who is making you happy."

The brunette smiles. Instead of leaving here and now, choosing to dwell over what has been lost, Tidus is choosing to meet Yuna's lover and accept Yuna's decisions. It is not necessary for him to meet Lenne, but because he wants to become friends, knowing Yuna's new lover signifies that he is willing to moving on. While it will be difficult for him, he is trying – and Yuna won't hold that against him. It seems like ever since Yuna broke it off, he has become a more mature person. The end of their relationship may do him some good.

"Alright." Yuna shouts for Lenne and in no time the other brunette is in the living room, concern etched on her fine features. She eyes Tidus apprehensively, not entirely sure on what to say to the man who betrayed her lover.

"I'm sure you figured out that I'm Tidus. I suppose you really haven't heard good things about me," Tidus says. "Well, those things were said for a good reason. I don't want things to end horribly, and I guess I must give credit to Yuna for getting such a pretty girl."

"I hope you two have found peace," Lenne comments. "Although I must say I'm skeptical about you. In time, we will see where things go."

"Pretty much." At this point, it is visible Tidus is feeling rather out of place in the two girls' presence. It must be unreal to see Yuna and Lenne next to one another, knowing they aren't just friends. He did as he said; he wanted to properly meet Lenne. Now, there is probably no reason for him to stay. Yuna doesn't want to kick him out, but tension is rapidly building in the air. Tidus is trying to grasp the new relationship – he really is – but he needs more time.

Luckily, Yuna does not need to voice her thoughts. Tidus lets out a sigh.

"Well, don't let me hold you two up. Looks like it'll be busy around here for a couple days with all the unpacking. Maybe I'll see you later?"

Yuna nods affirmatively. Tidus looks at Lenne one last time before excusing himself, giving the two his best wishes and then leaving the apartment. The small click which signals his departure cuts the tension in the air, leaving Yuna exhausted.

"Would you like to call it a night?" Lenne asks, rubbing a hand on her lover's shoulder.

"I'd like to lie down. It's been a long day."

"Go ahead. I'll take care of the food and as soon as it's here, I'll join you. I'm going to try and get some clothes out of these boxes."

Yuna doesn't need to be told twice. She deserves the relaxation after her day.



A dozing Yuna's eyes slowly drift open, at first seeing nothing but a blur. When she blinks, her vision becomes clear and she sees Lenne sitting on the bed beside her. She must have fallen asleep, although it doesn't even feel like she slept in the first place.

When she becomes more aware of her surroundings, Yuna realizes two things. One, her sense of smell tells her the pizza is here – and it smells delicious. However, this is not what primarily catches Yuna's attention; what encourages Yuna to arise from her slumber is her girlfriend wearing something that she definitely wasn't wearing before Yuna went to bed.

A pale lavender nightgown barely reaches Lenne's thighs, the material slightly see-through. The lingerie's edges and straps are embroidered with a thin, pink lace. The silk looks beautiful against Lenne's skin and it shows off everything her lover has to offer. Yuna licks her dry lips.

Lenne does not miss Yuna's action. Her lips form into a smile, this grin promising nothing innocent. The long-haired brunette bites her lip, the gesture almost sending Yuna over the edge.

Was Yuna drugged? She has to be; she's never been so turned on before. Maybe it is because she doesn't know what's coming – however, what she does know is that Lenne's look of desire is solely reserved for Yuna. Yuna never would have expected a wake-up call like this.

"I found this lingerie in my things," Lenne states lowly, her voice sending shivers down Yuna's arms. "I haven't gotten to wear it yet."

"It's…uh, really pretty," Yuna comments, her eyes wandering over the fabric. She can make out Lenne's skin underneath the lingerie, including her breasts – and oh dear Yunalesca…she's not wearing underwear…

"I didn't know how far we were going to go earlier," Lenne says, joining Yuna on the bed. She lies next to the other brunette, drawing her body close. "I know that I want to make love. I don't want to rush you, but I'll take whatever you're willing to give."

Make love? Yuna really enjoys the sound of that; yet, she can't help but feel somewhat unsure of the proposal. She doesn't know the first thing about pleasuring another woman.

"Don't worry," Lenne reassures soothingly. "I'm asking for this really fast, aren't I?"

"No, I understand. It's just that I've never done…stuff like this with another girl."

"Neither have I," Lenne murmurs, her gentle fingers sliding their way along Yuna's cheek. The unsure brunette leans into the comfort, willing her body to relax under her lover's touch. There is nothing for her to worry about; Lenne will not force her to do anything she does not wish for…

"We can do it," Yuna whispers into the other brunette's ear. She shows off her newfound confidence with a quick flick of her tongue on Lenne's earlobe. "I trust you."

"Then just feel me, Yuna."

Following her words, Lenne climbs atop of her lover, leaving Yuna on her back and Lenne's legs on either side of her lover's form. Never in a million years would Yuna imagine a female turning her on, but here, with Lenne's hands rubbing sensually down her sides, her lover has broken that rule.

Lenne's attire leaves nothing to the imagination; her breasts are full and her brown nipples are hard against the skimpy fabric. Her half-lidded eyes promise pleasure and desire for her partner, something that makes Yuna bite her lip. Slowly, Yuna's hands travel to Lenne's chest, each hand surrounding a breast and giving a gentle squeeze.


Lenne's groan is beautiful to Yuna's ears. The short-haired brunette rubs Lenne's flesh in circles, her thumbs flicking lightly over sensitive nipples. She watches Lenne throw her head back and jut out her chest, silently begging for more. Yuna squeezes harder and sits up from her position, latching her teeth onto Lenne's neck and sucking.

"For not being with a woman…" Lenne moans out, loving a wandering hand scratching her thigh, "you are doing a wonderful job."

"I just want to touch you," Yuna replies breathily. She leans in for a sloppy kiss, licking Lenne's tongue and lips with sexual fervor.

"Then touch me…don't feel scared…touch me where I need it…"

The hand on Lenne's thigh stills for a brief moment, before continuing a slow trail upwards. Yuna lifts the thin fabric of Lenne's lingerie, exposing her core and the glistening of wetness on Lenne's inner thighs. Two fingers travel along her lover's lips, parting them to rub the enlarged clitoris lightly.


Yuna turns her gaze upwards, watching her lover's obvious enjoyment. Nothing is sexier than Lenne humping her fingers, hips moving in circular motions for a desperate touch. Yuna is not modest about her inexperience anymore; Lenne's deep hold on her arms encourages Yuna to continue. Yuna's thumb replaces her fingers, moving faster and allowing her fingers to move along Lenne's lining to her entrance. She easily slips a finger inside, delighted by the wet warmth that begins to coat her digit.

"Are you trying to make me come?" Lenne questions huskily. "I haven't even touched you yet."

"Maybe I want to see you bounce a little more," Yuna replies dirtily, slipping in another finger. Lenne tightly closes her eyes, letting out a guttural moan from the penetration. As Yuna desires, Lenne continues to ride her lover's fingers. Yuna doesn't even have to move them; Lenne is doing the work, lifting her body up and down along the two slim appendages. As the long-haired brunette moves downwards, Yuna takes the opportunity to slip a third finger inside. It's a tight fit but Lenne doesn't seem to mind – her legs spread wider on the bed and she slams down faster.

"Let me pleasure you," Lenne begs, fondling her own breast. "You must want what you're giving me…"

"And how will that work?"

"Mhm…Yuna…I know…"

Lenne slides herself off her lover's fingers and turns herself around, her head by Yuna's thighs and her bottom in her lover's face. Yuna hears the unbuttoning of her shorts, but that is not at the forefront of her mind; in front of her face, her partner lies before her. The pink entrance is moist and dripping, and Yuna refuses leave it alone; she returns her fingers to where they belong, swiftly sliding in and out.

She halts her actions as a tongue suckles at her sensitive clit, slipping between gentle teeth and sending an amazing pleasure up her spine. So far, sex with another woman – with Lenne – is unbelievably fantastic and it makes her toes curl.

Lenne's tongue slides between her legs, licking everywhere; the velvet touch dips in her hole, on her thighs, up and down her vagina's entirety…Yuna feels so wet and can't wait for her orgasm…

"Oh-oh-oh – Yuna, go faster…I'm getting close!"

Obeying as requested, the short-haired brunette is rewarded with loud and melodic pleads of 'more' and Yuna's name. Several moments of borderline brutal fingering, Lenne's thighs tighten and she falls to her elbows on the bed. She eagerly rides out her impending orgasm, a steady stream of clear liquid escaping onto Yuna's fingers and knuckles. The delicious sight leaves Yuna breathless.

"Yuna, love…"

Yuna licks the tip of her finger, curious of the unique taste. Her lover's juice doesn't hold that bitter flavor Tidus possesses; Lenne is sweet and tangy, hinted with a muskiness that urges Yuna to have more.

"Your turn."

Lenne slides off of her lover to push Yuna onto her stomach, startling her. If that isn't enough, Lenne surprises her again by grabbing hold of her shorts and quickly pulling them down. With only Yuna's undergarments left in the way, Lenne easily removes them to join the discarded shorts.

"Lenne, what-"

"Your knees. It will feel good in that position, I promise."

She could try something new – so obediently, Yuna follows Lenne's orders. That talented tongue returns to give Yuna attention, probing deep enough so that Lenne's nose is pressed tight against Yuna's backside. The scent of sex and the long-haired brunette's smooth tongue penetrating are making Yuna feel absolutely dirty – but she can't help but love the sensation. She could lie like this all day, with Lenne's tongue buried in her warmth and her hands gripping tight on her thighs.

"I'm going to try something new," Lenne says, her hot breath on the brunette's clitoris making Yuna's body shake. "I will stop if you find it too uncomfortable."

Right after Lenne's warning, Yuna feels her partner spread her buttocks. There's a slippery pressure against her backside, sliding down her crack to reach –

"Holy - ! Lenne, I've never done this," Yuna reveals shakily, battling between nervousness and the pleasure of Lenne's current touches on her core.

"I won't do it if you don't want it, Yuna. From personal experience, it feels very good – I want to show you."

How can Yuna say no to Lenne's words? She makes it sound so, so…normal to play with a person's anus. Yuna can't say she will perform the same on Lenne any time soon, but she supposes she can take it one step farther.


Lenne's finger, lubricated with her own saliva, presses forward into Yuna's backside. The initial penetration is, to say the least, very uncomfortable. Yuna's walls constrict around the tip of Lenne's finger, trying to push the invading digit out of the passage.

Instead of pushing in further, Lenne takes her time to move her forefinger in small circles. Yuna isn't used to the strange sensation at all; she supposes Lenne is not moving her finger deeper inside because she wants Yuna to become used to the sudden invasion of her backside. After a few moments of preparation, the finger does not feel uncomfortable anymore, although Yuna has yet to see the pleasure in anal play.

"Here's the first finger."

Lenne slides it in slowly until Yuna penetrates to the knuckle. Yuna clenches her eyes shut, completely unfamiliar to the feeling. It is painful against her virgin anus, to which Lenne can tell by her lover's tense form. The long-haired brunette attempts to reassure her lover by continuing to lick, suck and kiss every part of Yuna's vagina that is exposed.

"Relax. If you clench against it, it hurts more."

It is difficult to follow Lenne's words, but Yuna has no choice but to listen to the heed. She lets her body go lax, which does help – instead of hurting, it just feels like a dull, uncomfortable pressure inside of her.

"I'm going to move it, okay?"

Lenne pulls out her finger until the tip is only left inside, followed by a smooth glide into Yuna's passage once more. Lenne must know how uncomfortable this first time must be, so she works equally hard to keep Yuna's mind occupied by playing with her clitoris.

A few deep thrusts with her finger, and the weird feeling ceases to exist – now Yuna presses against the digit, panting and wondering how it started feeling good. The finger is sensitive to her walls, making her vagina wetter and her body uncontrollable.

This new form of pleasure is something Yuna is completely foreign to – so when Lenne thrusts faster, occupying both entrances, Yuna can't help her screams of desire, her body riding against the invading flesh and the quivers of her thighs.

"Lenne, Lenne, oh…I – ooh…!"

"That's it, love…"

"I can't even talk – it just feels so good…"

"Then don't; all you have to do is feel me."

"I love it, love it, love it…!"

It seems like everything ends too soon; Yuna's orgasm catches her off guard, making her buck her hips wildly and moan helplessly. She feels the liquid of her climax travel on her thigh, resulting in a groan of satisfaction.

Both women immediately collapse, their bodies melting to the softness of the bed. Lenne lazily falls by Yuna's side; it takes all of her energy to throw an arm around her lover and pull her tight against her chest. Yuna moans happily, throwing a leg over Lenne's hip.

"I never knew that could feel good…" Yuna says.

"Wait until I am able to use more than one finger," Lenne replies softly. "It was amazing to watch you with one. I look forward to sharing more of myself with you."

"I agree…" A silence passes between them, both enjoying the comfort of one another's arms. Yuna loves sharing this embrace, pressed tight against Lenne's pleasant scent. Her smell reminds Yuna of the first time they met, the time on the couch and all the other events leading up to their decision to date. Lenne's scent will hold warming memories that Yuna will never be able to forget easily.

"It feels like I've already reached a happy ending," Yuna murmurs, feeling the desire of sleep creep onto her. "But we've only just started…"

"Then I suppose we have a lot to look forward to, now don't we?"

Yuna smiles. It'll be soon when she will be able to tell Lenne those three words of utter devotion, but for now…

It's fine to take it slow. Time has healed her wounds – and now, it's allowed her to meet a gorgeous, caring and irreplaceable individual.

Tidus is right – his mistake has granted Yuna a life she has never dreamed of happening…

Gazing at her lover's closed eyes, Yuna thinks that maybe mistakes do create good things.