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The ocean was endless, terrifyingly so. It stretched from horizon to horizon, always breathing and heaving its white spit up towards us passengers of this miniscule vessel, which paled in comparison to this vicious beast that all referred to as the sea. I wanted to be finished with this trip, to be away from this vast, beautiful monster as soon and as quickly as possible, but alas! I had another entire day and night until we would reach our destination. This 24-hour time span was, in my mind, hellish, headache-inducing, and so gut-wrenching that I was sure I would be physically sick at any given moment.

Upon further inspection, I found that most of the ship's occupants were keen towards passing the time through the aid of liquor, gambling, and partying. As for the light-hearted passengers, they discovered consolation to boredom by star-gazing, dreaming, and talking of intimacies, love, and all things that fell under such categories. I found my own consolation by speaking with others, but not through the liquor and the gambling, nor did I even step foot near the party.

How I was even roped into this trip... Well, it's my fault to begin with, for letting my mother talk to me into entering my name into the drawing. The drawing was to determine which lucky trainers would get to travel to separate regions to train under the Elite Four, as a special teacher-student type of thing. Five trainers would go to each of the five regions, one for each Elite Four member and one for the Champion. My mother had encouraged me to enter my name for kicks, assuming it would be a fun adventure if my name just so happened to be drawn.

So, at that point in time, I was on the boat that was to carry myself and four others to Hoenn. Of course, there were many other people on this particular boat, as they were headed to Hoenn themselves, and as of yet, I hadn't met any of the other winners. I had heard rumors about them, seen glimpses here and there, and had my own judgments (although not particularly fair, considering I didn't know a lick about any of them besides what I learned from rumors) about them. From what I knew for sure, there were two other girls and two other boys, and the boys were brothers. As the rumor concerning the boys went, it was passed along that the older of the boys hadn't initially been chosen to go, but since he knew a kid who had won, he and his brother browbeat the kid into giving up his spot. Wonderful.

But that was only rumor, although I wondered if it really was true. If we were basing things on the countenance of these boys, rather than personality, I would say that this rumor was no rumor at all, but instead the truth. The few glimpses I had caught of the brothers ingrained in my mind that they were rough around the edges, and troublemakers, not so much in the sense as petty vandals but as something a little smarter than that.

Anyway, on this last leg of the journey, I was standing on the top deck, listening to the sounds of the monstrous waves crashing against the side of the boat, mixed with the sounds of the romping party going on inside of the ship. I wasn't fond of traveling by boat; in fact, I had argued to try and get a flight, but the organizers of the drawing wouldn't have it, nor would the committee that pulled the strings.

The night had reached its peak - it was officially 12:00 a.m. - yet the party was still going strong, as it had been for the past few hours. On the other end of the deck there stood a group of girls and a few boys, all chatting amiably, some yawning and some practically bouncing up and down with vigor. I dug my hands into my pockets and shuffled nonchalantly across the deck, heading for the group, my curiosity dragging me forth by the nose.

Easily enough, the group parted slightly to allow me to step into a small slot, and the conversation didn't cease to flow. It went on just as it had before I had appeared on the scene. A short, blonde girl flipped her wavy hair over her shoulder, looking around at the others with serious green eyes. She started, "Well, I heard that the oldest winner on this ship is one of those two brothers. You know, the ones who stole that spot from the poor little boy? How awful, how mean can you get?" Some of the group agreed, while others merely stifled their yawns. I didn't assert an opinion or a gesture, instead opting to listen to the conversation.

A red headed boy spoke up next. "I heard the same thing. I saw them together, and boy do those guys look mean." Point in case. I wasn't the only one judging based on looks here, no matter how slimy that might sound. "Seriously. The tall one? He looks like he'll bite your head off if you ask him to point you in the direction of the forks in the buffet line, ya know?"

"Yeah!" a few voices chorused. The blonde girl's voice was heard above the rest, so she continued by saying, "And he only talks to his brother and the officials on the ship. He won't even talk to the other winners. Speaking of... Who are they? Anybody know...?" There were murmurs passing throughout the circle now, and someone's hot breath tickled my ear.

"Dude," the person began, "I heard that one of the chicks is somehow related to Cynthia! To Cynthia, the Champion of Sinnoh!" I quirked an eyebrow, turning to look at him. He was a head shorter than I was, with alert, sparkly black eyes. "Isn't that cool? I so wanna meet her..." He went off into a tirade about how awesome it would be for him to meet her, and if they got along well enough that maybe she would take him to Sinnoh to meet Cynthia, her blood relative.

"I think one's name is Cherry... Sherri maybe?" the red head commented thoughtfully, breaking up the murmurs.

"Sherri, it's gotta be. I'm like, one hundred percent sure it's Sherri," someone else offered.

"What does Sherri look like?" the blonde girl asked, chewing her lower lip.

"Bright red hair, blue eyes... I think," red head, or Carrot Top as I thought of him, responded.

"You think?" the blonde, or Blondie, snorted. "Does anyone know?"

The boy next to me cut into the conversation. "No, no, it's Cherry, and her hair is a soft brown color. She's really pretty, and related to Cynthia!" Blondie looked hurt.

"Prettier than me, Johnny?"

Johnny beside me turned bright red, before shaking his head fervently. "No! Of course not! Cherry pales in comparison to you! You're like a ray of sunshine, with eyes like deep pools of beautiful crystals, able to see straight into the most jaded person's soul..." So Johnny was a little poet, eh? She was delighted nonetheless. She skipped over to Johnny, tossed her arms around his neck, and kissed him full on the lips. Many of the other group members began to disperse; I stuck around for a moment to see that the couple was headed off to the lower levels of the ship, most likely to the party below deck.

With this finished, I turned on my heels and walked back to my original spot on the deck. A tall, lanky brunette girl followed me, coming to stand beside me. Amazing, how many people I was seeing for the first time just in the course of ten minutes. She pushed up her large-framed, round glasses, rubbed her nose, and looked down at her feet. I had never seen this girl before, so again my eyebrow rose in inquiry. "Hello there..."

"H-hi," she replied, clearing her throat. "Uh, my name is Sherri..."

It took a moment, but then it clicked. "Oh, oh! So they were talking about you then? They were...way off... Not that you're not pretty or anything, but... You know, they didn't mention that you had glasses." Sherri nodded, running her hand over her long brown ponytail. She wouldn't look at me, aside from staring at my feet, but I could tell that her eyes were green.

"Yeah... I get it."

"Are you okay, man? Er... Are you okay?" I would have to kick that 'man' habit eventually, especially when speaking to other girls. Sherri finally gave me the once over, starting at my feet and moving her eyes up to my face. I probably looked more like a guy than a girl, but that was okay with me. "My hair used to be shorter... But it grew out." Currently, it was only just touching my collar, and that was at the back. My bangs were shaggy enough to fall in my eyes, but generally I kept those parted down the middle and off to both sides of my forehead. My grandmother's words rang clear in the back of my head: Brush your hair! You look like a slob. Of course she meant well, but it still got on my nerves.

"I'm fine... Why are you dressed like that? Pardon me for being so blunt."

"Like what?"

"Well, you're wearing... Are those men's pants?"


"And... A button-down shirt..."

"Yes. Your point?"

"It seems to me that you're dressed like a man. Are you a cross dresser?" This girl certainly asked a lot of questions. Straight-to-the-point questions, at that.

"Well, women can't really be cross dressers, can they?"

"That's an arguable point."

"Touché. Regardless, no, I am not a cross dresser. At least, I don't consider myself to be one," I answered, looking up at her. "I just find men's clothes to be more comfortable, although I do have a suitcase jam-packed with women's clothes." Sherri nodded and shuffled her feet awkwardly, the silence surrounding us for a moment. The silence between us, I should say, as the party below the deck had gotten louder, and the waves were crashing just as steadily as before.

"Okay. That makes sense." She paused, before asking, "Have you met the others?"

"The other winners? No."

"Would you like to?"

"Yes." I wanted to see for myself if these rumors were really true or not. Sherri turned and motioned for me to follow, before guiding me to the steps that led to the lower levels of the deck. She pushed up her glasses as she led me past the level where the party music was booming, past the level that held the occupied and unoccupied rooms of the passengers, and down to a level which was also dotted with room doors. People were scattered here and there, but they talked amongst themselves, paying Sherri and myself no mind. We rounded a few corners, before coming to the end of a hallway, marked with a special plate that read, 'Reserved' in big bold letters.

Sherri pushed open the door, revealing a room about three times the size of one of the fancier suites, with a pool table in the back, a flat screen television, and numerous couches and recliners placed here and there. Lamps were on, along with ceiling fans, which whirred softly above our heads as the door clicked closed behind us. Three other sets of eyes turned to us; the first was of a girl with short blonde hair cut in a bob. Her eyes were brown like the milkiest chocolate bar you would ever find in your life. The second set belonged to a tall boy with long, dark brown hair, pulled back into a messy ponytail. He looked at me for a split second, before turning his eyes back to the flat screen.

The last set was under the ownership of a stout boy, his hair messy and unkempt. One ankle was crossed over his knee, and his arms were stretched out across the back of the couch he was sitting on. Beside him was the tall boy, while sitting at a desk, now writing away again, was the blonde. Sherri gestured to the girl first. "That's Trudy. She remembers everything she's ever heard and read. She's a brainiac."

I nodded, subtly gesturing to the two boys. Not subtly enough, though, I'm sure, because they seemed to notice. At least the stout one did. Sherri explained that the tall one hadn't told anyone his name yet, while the short one was Kat. Apparently, these were the brothers I had heard so much about. Kat turned to his brother, mumbled something, and stood, moving past us and to the door. He was gone in an instant, and the brother crossed his right leg over his left, his hand coming to his chin. He spared no one and nothing a glance or a look, apart from the television.

The atmosphere was hostile, especially surrounding the boy on the couch. I decided to follow Kat, and after thanking Sherri, I turned to leave the room. Sherri joined Trudy on the other side of the room at her desk, a conversation being struck up about the paper Trudy was writing. I let the door slam shut behind me, taking a moment to glance around the halls. When the moment was up, I was running back up the way Sherri had guided me.

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