Second chances

Summary: Steve left before Gabrielle could tell him she was keeping their child, 3 years later she's managed to track him down but what will happen when he finds out he has a 2 and a half year old daughter

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"Come on Lucy" Gabrielle said picking her daughter out of bed

"Tired Mummy" Lucy mumbled sleepy resting her head on Gabrielle's shoulder and sucking her thumb

"I know bubba, but we've got to go" Gabrielle replied brushing a strand of hair behind Lucy's ear and kissing her forehead

"Come on let's get you dressed" Gabrielle said walking over to her daughters wardrobe and picking out a pink t-shirt and shorts

"Grab your teddy" Gabrielle called to her daughter who was playing on the floor before they left for Gabrielle's shift...

... "You're late" Frank said when he saw Gabrielle walk in, Lucy on her hip holding onto a small brown teddy bear

"I know, I woke up late" Gabrielle replied putting her bag down on the counter

"Yeah, yeah and how's my goddaughter?" Frank said cheerily to Lucy

"Fanky" Lucy said pointing a finger at Frank "Teddy" she said cheerily thrusting her hand forward with the teddy bear in it

"Ooohhh" Frank said in a surprised voice

"She's fine, and since when did I say she was your God daughter?" Gabrielle asked curiously

"Since I am your boss, and she's the cutest thing in the world" Frank replied patting the little girl's blonde hair

Gabrielle just rolled her eyes and set Lucy on the counter; so she could fill in some paper work. "Mummy, Mummy, Mummy" Lucy said poking Gabrielle in the arm trying to get her attention

"Yes sweetheart" Gabrielle replied tiredly

"Hi!" Lucy replied waving her teddy bear around

"Hello sweetheart" Gabrielle said rubbing her hand down her face

"Gabrielle?" Frank asked trying to get her attention

"Yes Frank" she replied looking at him wearily

"Some guy has showed up looking for you" He replied

"And where would he be Frank?" asked Gabrielle turning to face him

"He's standing over there" Frank said pointing to the man standing patiently in the corner

"Look after Lucy would you" she said to Frank

"No problem, come on princess" he replied picking the small girl up and off the counter as Gabrielle walked over to the man

"Hi, can I help you?" Gabrielle asked

"Um, yeah hi, are you Gabrielle?" the man asked

"Yes why?" she replied curiously

"Andrew Hawes" he said putting forward his hand

"Gabrielle Jaeger" she replied shaking his hand confused "Not to be rude or anything but who are you?" she asked

"Donald sent me, we've located Steve" Andrew told Gabrielle

"You have" Gabrielle said her face lighting up "So...where is he?" she asked

"Darwin" Andrew replied bluntly

"Really?" Gabrielle asked "You serious"

"Yeah I am serious" Andrew replied laughing at her expression of disbelief

"Why the hell would he go to Darwin?" she asked completely confused

"I don't ma'am I am just relaying information" Andrew replied

"Okay then, I guess I am going to Darwin then" Gabrielle said "Thankyou"

"No need for thankyou's I am just doing my job" Andrew replied

"Frank!" she called out "I am going to need a week off" she told him

"What for?" he asked coming out of their office with Lucy on his hip

"They have found out where Steve is" she replied cheerily "Did you hear the sweetheart, they have found where your Daddy is working, and you get to see him" Gabrielle said to her daughter getting her of Frank

"Dabby?" Lucy asked confused

"Yes your Daddy, the reason you're alive" Gabrielle replied excitedly

"Don't you think this is a bit extreme Gabrielle?" Frank asked "The man has been gone for 2 and a half years, he would have forged his own life now, you never know he might have a family now, do you really think it's worth the heart break"

Frank's words such Gabrielle up for a minute, she stood there opening and closing her mouth, not sure what to say "I have got to do it Frank, even if he does have a family now, or doesn't want to speak to me, I have to at least give Lucy the chance to meet her father" Gabrielle replied determinedly

"Ok, but if you get hurt; don't come crying to me" Frank answered back

"I won't, I'll go to Charlotte instead" Gabrielle said cheekily

"Come on bubba" Gabrielle said to Lucy hoisting her up on to her hip "Time to go, we've got to get out things packed"

"Do really think this is the right decision?" Charlotte asked Gabrielle when Gabrielle was trying to pack her things into an overnight bag. Frank had gotten Charlotte to go over to Gabrielle's house and to try and talk some sense into her

"Charlotte, I have to do this, I don't care if this may not be the right decision to make, but I have let him know he has a daughter, a daughter that he moved away from Sydney because he thought she was going to be terminated" Gabrielle said taking a large breath

"He left because he thought you were going to terminate Lucy?" Charlotte asked confused

"Yes" Gabrielle replied bluntly

"Wow, I don't blame him, if someone told me they were going to kill my child I..." Charlotte said not thinking before speaking

"Charlotte!" Gabrielle said admonishing her

"Sorry, it all just sort of came out" Charlotte explained

"Yeah, I can see that, look I know your just trying to help, but my minds made up" Gabrielle told Charlotte determinedly

"Okay, well in that case, good luck" Charlotte replied smiling

"Would you be able to go get Lucy for me?" Gabrielle asked kindly

"Yeah sure, be back in a sec" Charlotte replied walking off

As soon as Charlotte was gone Gabrielle fell back onto her bed letting out a big sigh, although she told everyone she was determined to do this she was still not sure, she was worried about all the things that could go wrong, he could get really angry at her for coming, he could decide he doesn't want anything to do with Lucy

At least Lucy was too young to remember any of this if something bad came out of it, but Gabrielle would still hate it if her daughter never knew her father

"You okay?" Charlotte asked seeing Gabrielle lying on her bed

"Fine" Gabrielle said sitting up quickly at the sound of a voice that was not her daughters

"You don't look it" Charlotte responded truthfully

"I, I am just thinking about things" Gabrielle told Charlotte

"Like?" Charlotte asked curious

"Like that fact that I have not seen Steve in 3 years and he could have moved on, I know I said I was doing this for Lucy and I am but there's a part of me that is doing for me because I could never stop loving him"

"Well you never know until you try, so I am all for you going" Charlotte said sympathetically

"Thank you Charlotte" Gabrielle said hugging her "Where's Lucy?"

"She's just outside your room playing with her teddy" Charlotte told Gabrielle

Gabrielle smiled at the thought of her daughter, she was the light in her life at the moment "I better get going then" Gabrielle said getting up and zipping up her overnight bag

"Come one sweetheart" Gabrielle said opening the door to her bedroom and seeing her daughter waiting there expectantly

Gabrielle picked up her overnight bag in one hand and picked up Lucy in her arm. She and Charlotte walked out the door and Gabrielle packed their things into the boot of the car. "Wish me luck" Gabrielle said as she finished buckling Lucy in

"Have fun" Charlotte said as she waved Gabrielle and Lucy off

"Bla la da" Lucy babbled as they were on the aeroplane watching everything that was going on around her excitedly

Gabrielle smiled and kissed her daughter's head, she wouldn't give her daughter up for anything in the world, she was the most important thing to her

Gabrielle couldn't believe she had been graced with such a wonderful daughter, she got comfortable on the plane for the 5 hour trip to Darwin and looked out the window...

... Lucy wasn't happy when they got off the plane, the pressure change had hurt her ears and she had started crying

Darwin looked so different to Sydney, it was so small and hot, but it felt like home to her. She missed being on the farm and only got to go back once a month maxim

She grabbed her bags and headed towards the car she had rented. She felt nervous but knew she would regret not going to see him if she didn't

"You ready Lucy?" Gabrielle asked her daughter

"Yeh, Mummy where we goin?" Lucy asked Gabrielle when she was seated in the car

"We are going to meet your father; honey" Gabrielle told Lucy

"Who?" Lucy asked confused, Gabrielle had never really explained to her that she didn't have a father, at least one that was in Sydney

"Your Dad, you wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him" Gabrielle said and laughed at Lucy's confused face "Don't worry I will explain later"

"Come on let's get going" Gabrielle said putting the key in the engine and driving off

Gabrielle drove into a car park space and looked up at the big building in front of her St Georges hospital, this was it, she looked back at her daughter sleeping in the car and smiled, she looked so peaceful.

She suddenly felt so nervous, it had been 3 years since she had seen Steve, and now she was going to turn up with his daughter. She got out of the car and opened the car door next to her daughter and picked her up

"We dere yet" Lucy mumbled into Gabrielle's shoulder still half asleep

"Yeah sweetheart we are" Gabrielle said locking the car and walking towards the hospital

As soon as she was inside she started looking for him "Steve!" Gabrielle called when she spotted him at the main desk of the hospital

As soon as Steve heard her voice he turned around and saw her standing there holding a little girl

"Hi" Gabrielle said looking at his shocked face

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