Okay, so other than Star Wars (which is what I mostly write fanfiction for) I am in LOVE with Johnny Tremain, both the book and the Disney movie. These fanfic one-shots are mainly about the movie and thereafter, or my own AU version of what happens. This first chapter is what happens directly after the closing scene of the movie. I love the movie btw. It's great, if you liked the book, you'll LOVE the movie! Okay, so without further adieu, here is one-shot number one!

Johnny watched as the flames grew higher on the bonfire. He felt proud, and happy. He and his best friend Rab had just survived the first battles of the new war. He didn't think War was in the cards, but with the tyranny occurring in the colonies, and the excessive control of the British officers, War seemed to be the only possible way to solve the conflict. James Otis had told him and Cilla that the fight was not over, it was only beginning, but Johnny knew he had a reason to fight. So a man could stand…..

Cilla wrapped her arms around Johnny's waist and stared at the flames with him. Rab sat nearby, smiling to himself as he shined his new gun. Johnny had a gun too now, and he'd used it to fight against the Redcoats. Cilla laid her head on Johnny's shoulder, relieved that he was back and alive. Several men were killed on the Lexington Green, and even more during the battle of the Old North Bridge.

But Cilla reminded herself that if anyone could survive those battles, it was Johnny Tremain and Rab Silsbee. Johnny leaned in toward Cilla and kissed her in the light of the flames, stroking her golden curls.

"Cil," he said quietly, "I've got to stay."

Cilla felt her eyes fill with tears and she said, "But Johnny, you can't leave me! Don't go Johnny, don't be a fool!"

Johnny laughed and said, "Cil, I'm no fool. I need to fight for our rights. For our children's rights and for the rights of all Americans."

Cilla smiled at the "our children's rights" and then said, "Then I'm going with you."

Johnny looked at Cilla for a moment and said, "Cil, you know as well as I do that you can't join the army."

Cilla nodded and replied, "Of course Johnny, I know that! I'm not going to join the army. I'm going to go with you. I'll cook, I'll sew, and I'll do whatever it takes. I can't just let you go out there, knowing you could die!"

She looked at Rab and said, "Right Rab, I'm allowed to come, aren't I?"

Rab looked up from polishing his rifle and said, "Why sure Cil! You'd be great. I love your cooking anyways. I'll talk to Mr. Adams for ya later." He went back to polishing his weapon.

"See," Cilla said to Johnny.

Johnny smiled and kissed her cheek. "Okay Cil, it'll be fine." He smiled at her and they went back to watching the flames, the Sons of Liberty tune playing in the background.

Okay, so it was short and sweet, but don't worry! Chapter 2 will come as soon as I get at least ONE review! Don't be shy! I'm not sure how often people look at the Johnny Tremain section of , but I liked it, so here's my addition. BTW, I can't STAND that anyone would even THINK of writing any Johnny/Rab slash, so NOTHING that I write will EVER be that way. Only Johnny/Cilla here! The next chapter is a farther-in-the-future fic, and it's got a Rab/OC pairing in it. But the OC has a very minor role. XD Thanks everyone!