"Johnny!" Cilla called, "JOHNNY! WHERE have you been?" she yelled.

Johnny Tremain looked up from his silver mold and said, "Cil! What's the matter?"

Cilla tapped her foot angrily. "Jonathan Lyte Tremain, you better get you're lazy rear inside that house and start getting ready for dinner. You KNOW we're going to Rab and Mary's place tonight, and I don't want to be late!"

Cilla turned around, her golden curls bouncing as she walked into the kitchen. Johnny placed the silver mold down and smiled. His Cilla sure was a lively one.

Johnny glanced down at his hand. After an awful burn accident when he was much younger, Johnny became crippled in his right hand. Now though, almost 10 years after Doctor Warren fixed it for him, Johnny's hand was as good as new, with only a few scars as proof of the incident.

Johnny dusted off his hands and after putting his Silversmith's apron on the hook behind the door, he went into the house.

Johnny kissed Cilla's cheek and then gently took the baby from her arms.

"Baby Johnny," he said to the little boy, "Has your momma been feeding you right? You look too small," he teased the six month old.

Cilla broke from her anger and grinned at Johnny. "Are you ready to go dear?" he asked Cilla who after grabbing a few more things nodded and together the Tremains took off from Johnny's Silversmith shop down the road to Rab's print shop.

"Rab!" Johnny called, smiling at his best friend.

"Johnny! Why you and Cil are looking as good as ever! And little Johnny too!" Rab kissed Cilla's hand and then shook Johnny's.

Mary, Rab's wife, came outside to greet their guests. Mary was followed by Abigail and Samuel, Rab and Mary's two children.

Abigail was four years old, and Samuel was only two. He toddled behind his big sister as they went out to greet Auntie Cilla and Uncle Johnny.

The two families went inside and Cilla gave Mary a gift of beets from the Tremain's garden. Mary and Cilla immediately went into the Kitchen to talk and gossip and complain about everything in Boston. Cilla brought Johnny Jr. with her while Mary took Samuel in her arms and Abigail's hand in hers, pulling her behind her.

Dinner was spent talking and laughing, the two families spending time together as they did almost every weekend. Sometimes the weekly dinner would be held at the Silsbee house, sometimes at the Tremain's. Johnny and Rab laughed and joked about their times in the American Army, and their times as minute men. Cilla and Mary joined in heartily as they both were part of the undercover part of the Sons of Liberty, filtering information to the Sons from the British.

Mary and Rab met that way, and during the war fell in love. Johnny had known Cilla Lapham his whole life, since he was first apprenticed to Mr. Lapham that is. She was there for him when he burned his hand, and when he was out of work. She even saved him in a court case against Johnny's vile cousin, Merchant Lyte.

Cilla smiled at her family, and kissed Johnny as she bounced their baby on her lap. Rab cracked another joke, and Johnny laughed and smiled along. Cilla contemplated how far the two best friends had come.

It had been a long time since that day when Rab took Johnny in when no one else would. Cilla knew though that Rab had no pity for Johnny at the time, when his hand was so terribly injured, he just knew that Johnny needed a job and a friend.

Cilla grinned as she remembered Rab picking her up to go to court that day….so long ago. She had been nervous, but Rab had soothed her fears and reminded Cilla why she was going to the court, for Johnny. Johnny would be forever grateful to Cilla and Rab for that day, he could've been dead had it not been for them.

The happy night went on for hours, everyone still laughing, talking and being a family.

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