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Summary: The fight with Naraku ended a year ago and Kagome was pulled back into her own time. While she was on a 'forced' date with Hojo Kagome was yanked down a puddle into ancient Hittite by an evil Queen wishing to sacrifice her. And just when she thought her life couldn't get even worse she becomes the 'concubine' of one the princes that reminds her of a certain perverted monk.

Where the Sky and the Red River Meet

In the late fall in Feudal Japan, in the Castle of the Mirror. That is where I received my first kiss by the man I loved.

'Inuyasha, please come back to me. I love you as a hanyou.' was what I said to him before placing my lips on his snarling mouth. Slowly the sharp pain of his claws embedded into my arm faded as the jagged purple lines faded from his face and those beautiful amber eyes returned.

'Kagome.' he murmured, kissing me back.

I pulled away after a few seconds, asking if he was going to be alright. He simply held me tighter breathing a yes and to let him hold me for a few seconds longer.

The second kiss was even sweeter, but the saddest. That kiss was given on the day we defeated Naraku and the Shikon no tama. The Shikon was trying to tempt me to make a selfish wish, so that it could trap me with it, and take Midoriko's place. Inuyasha came and saved me and then he kissed me oh so tenderly, together we destroyed the Shikon. But the inevitable happened.

The well transported me back home and taking Inuyasha from me. Later I found out that the Shikon will never truly disappear, when I saw the pink marking of the jewel on my chest, right above my heart.

A sharp snap from underneath her nose brought Kagome from her thoughts of the past. Looking up she saw her friend Eri standing before her. "What is it Eri-chan?"

Eri huffed slightly before crossing her arms over her chest. "You weren't even paying attention to me, were you?"

Kagome looked at her sheepishly, scratching the back of her head. "Sorry Eri-chan, I was just thinking about someone."

"I knew it. You were thinking about your two-timing ex-boyfriend, Yasha."

Kagome's cobalt eyes clouded over with sadness at hearing her first love's name. Eri saw this and immediately started apologizing. "Oh, Kagome-chan, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to say his name out loud, but don't you think that it is time for you to move on. I mean he passed away a year ago."

That was the story she told her friends, that Inuyasha got in a terrible motorcycle accident and died before the paramedics could get to him.

"I guess that it is time." Kagome finally said after a silent pause. "I think that I will give Hojo-kun a call."

Eri smiled at her friend. "That is a great idea. Hojo-kun has been waiting for you to call him for quite some time now."

Kagome giggled slightly at that, knowing that is was most likely true. Pulling out her cell-phone she dialed Hojo's number.


"Ah, Hojo-kun?"


"Yes, it's me. I was wondering if you would like to go to the movies tomorrow. If it's not too much trouble?"

'No! I mean, yes I would like that Higurashi. Pick you up at 4?'

"Sounds great. See you then."

'Bye, Higurashi.'

"Goodbye, Hojo-kun."

As Kagome hung up, she briefly heard Hojo yell out a 'Yes!' Laughing, she turned to Eri, who had a bright smile on her face. "There. Happy now? I have a date with Hojo-kun tomorrow at 4."

Eri slug her arm over Kagome' shoulders. "Very."

They continued walking around town until the sun started to set. Announcing that she promised her mother that she would be home before dark, Kagome left Eri, in turn for her long way home.

"Welcome home, Kagome-chan." Nodoka greeted her daughter.

Kagome smiled and returned the greeting. "Hi Mama."

Nodoka offered her daughter to take a hot bath while she got dinner ready. "Sure, thanks Mama." Kagome headed for the bathroom. "Oh, before I forget, I have a date with Hojo-kun tomorrow at 4"

"Ok, dear." Nodoka called up from down the stairway.

Kagome went to her room first and gather her pajamas, then left for the bathroom. Knocking on the door, she heard her little brother's voice saying that it was occupied. Tapping her foot impatiently, she waited for Souta to get out of the bathroom. When the door opened she glared at him for taking so long.

"Geeze, Souta. What were you doing in there?"

"Shut up, sis."

"Kagome! Souta! Dinner is ready!" Nodoka called for her children.

Kagome threw her hands up in frustration. I didn't even get a chance to take a bath. Souta you are so dead after dinner.

"Wah! Mama you made oden!" Kagome squealed in glee.

Nodoka giggled at her daughter. "Kagome have you forgotten, today is your seventeenth birthday and also the day you are finally able to forget the past."

Kagome sighed. I really haven't forgotten the past. Sango-chan. Miroku-sama. Shippo-chan. Inuyasha. I miss you all so much!

Seeing her daughter hurt expression, Nodoka suggested that Kagome go and get the juice.

"Okay, Mama." Kagome looked back at her mother. "Is there anything else you want?" Water from one of the glasses shot past Kagome's face. Huh?

"No, just hurry up dear. Jii-chan is about to tell one of his stories." her mother called out.

"Oh, okay." she answered. I could have sworn that the water just flew out of the glass. Kagome stared at the glass of water intently until she heard her grandfather telling her to hurry up,

Dinner passed quickly as Kagome announced that she was going to the bath since she couldn't earlier, shooting Souta with a small glare, and left to the bathroom.

Sitting in the bath Kagome mulled over the incident that happened earlier. I know that I saw the water shooting up out of that glass. But if I tell someone about it they probably won't believe me.

Ah. My head hurts. I'm starting to get a little dizzy. It was most likely my mind playing tricks on me.

A hand reached up from the drain, making a splashing noise, and catching Kagome's attention.

"Huh? What the?"

The hand was joined by its other partner, reaching for Kagome, and pulling her under the water. "I've caught you." a voice whispered.

This is a dream right? This is not really happening to me again?

"I've finally caught you, my girl!" the voice whispered once more.

Me? Do you really mean me? No! I'm being pulled in. Mama! Inuyasha! Someone help me!

Kagome flailed her hands out of the water reaching for something to grab hold on. Her hands came in contact with the flower pots her mother placed on the tubs edge. She knocked it over in an attempt to pull herself up.

"Kagome-chan is something wrong. I heard a crash!" her mother's worried voice came from outside the door. When she didn't receive an answer she ordered for Souta to knock the door down. "Kagome-chan! What were you doing! Were you drowning in the bath?"

I wasn't imaging things. The water is actually out to get me. Kagome recalled the horrible voice and the words it whispered so close to how mistress centipede did. WHY? WHY DOES THE THING HAPPEN TO ME? Do I really have to avoid water now?

"Ah, Higurashi, you're already here. I thought that with all your illnesses that you would cancel on me." Hojo slowed his jog to a brisk walk as he approached her.

Kagome laughed nervously, a tiny drop of sweat rolling down her face. Come on Hojo-kun. Do I look sick to you? "Yeah, well you know me. So what are we going to go see?"

"Well, I got these tickets to see a comedy film and some other to go to a heated pool." Hojo dug around in his pockets for the tickets.

Kagome spine stiffed at the mentioning of a pool. Faking a small sneeze, she apologized to Hojo, saying that she won't be able to go to the pool with him, but will gladly go to the movie. I should be safe in the cinema. I won't have to worry about getting near any water. The snow is so beautiful this time of day.

"Thanks so much Hojo-kun. I had so much fun." Kagome chirped as they exited the theatre.

"I knew that you would like this film Higurashi." Hojo smiled.

"Yep, and look the sky cleared up!" she pointed towards the sky, where the golden sun was high in the sky. The sun is golden, just like Inuyasha's eyes.

Hojo noticed the downcast of Kagome's eyes. Summoning enough courage he grabbed her hand. "Kagome."

"Huh? What is it Hojo-kun?" looking up at him, her face red from the cold winds.

A blush appeared on Hojo's face, though Kagome couldn't tell if it was from embarrassment or the cold air. "If anything is bothering you. You can always call me. I want to protect you."

"Hojo-kun." Kagome gasped as Hojo pulled her into a tight embrace.

He hugged her tighter. "I really mean it, Kagome. Are you listening to me?"

Kagome pulled away from Hojo slightly, peering into his blue eyes and seeing the seriousness in them. Nodding her ascent, she allowed herself to be comforted by him.

That's right everywhere I go there will be water. "Ne, Hojo-kun? I'm getting kind of hungry." she announced.

"Really? Then I know of a quaint little burger shop near here." Hojo turned, intending to show her the way.

"Really, show the way." Kagome said, taking a step forward. Unfortunately there was a puddle of water in front of her and when she stepped into it, hands shot up from it and wrapped around her body, dragging her down.

Hojo turned back to Kagome, pointing at a shop not too far off. "Higurashi we're almost…Higurashi? Higurashi? Where are you, Kagome!"

Kagome was gone.

What? I'm being dragged in? This can't be happening to me again?

Kagome began to struggle, trying to get away from the hands. Unknown to her, Kagome's skin was faintly glowing light purple with her miko ki. Thrusting her leg out, she managed to kick the arms from around her, burning them with her ki.

No. Air. I need to get out of here. Kagome fought against the waters, swimming her way back to the surface. Breaking through and taking in several gulps of air, she found herself in the well of a strange ancient city.

The people of the town looked at her in panic, talking frantically in an unknown language.

I don't understand what they are saying. I don't know this language. Where am I? Kagome looked around her, watching as the people talked in the foreign language in a panic.

"It seems that she has gotten away. This is truly a disappointment. Just a little bit longer and she would have been here." a woman with blonde hair sighed.

"Surely within this kingdom, she has arrived at one of the other six springs." a cloaked man told her. "Let's call for some soldiers, the girl will be presented to you, your Highness."

"Naturally." she spoke, " I summoned her for a reason, that girl's blood. Her blood is essential."

Kagome was wondering around the city, hoping that something familiar will show up or for her to wake up. Do the fates despise me or something? First they drag me to feudal Japan, then rip me away from my first love, and now they dropped me here. Where the hell am I?

She ran up a flight of stairs; upon reaching the top her jaw fell open. "You have got to be kidding me!" she shouted at the top of lungs.

Kagome was in Hattusa, capital of the Hittite empire in the 14th century B.C., now known as modern day Turkey.

"No, no, no. This is just a dream. Just a really bad dream and when I open my eyes, I will be back home in my…bed?" Kagome opened and closed her eyes multiple times, but the results were still the same.

A distant horizon, a carpet of greenery, a red-brown city surrounded by ramparts…! "Ow my head." Kagome sunk to her knees. "What happened? I was on a date with Hojo-kun; we just finished watching a movie and were heading towards a burger shop. How the hell did this happen?"

Someone began shouting in the foreign language close behind her. Turning her head, she spotted men carrying spears. "Soldiers?" Kagome glanced briefly at the daggers tied to the soldier's sides before running away. I have no idea what is happening, but I'm not about to let anybody capture me again without fight this time.

Kagome shivered as she remembered the icy tone the voice used when it whisper those words so close to her ear. 'I've finally caught you, my girl.' "Snap out of it Kagome. This is no time for you to me frolicking down memory lane. You've got to run away from these soldiers." she scolded herself.

Though these brick-red clay walls are like a freaking maze, I have no idea where I am going.' Kagome pumped her legs hard, running around a corner, greeted with more soldiers in that corridor, so she turned to the empty one.

Continuing to run, she rounded another corner, facing someone wearing a cloak over their face. Damn! There people here too.

The cloak fell away as the person spoke to her in that unknown language, revealing a handsome young man with shoulder-length blonde hair. Kagome gasped as she saw the color of his eyes. His eyes are amber. Almost like Inuyasha's. Wait, is he a soldier also?

The voices of the soldiers came from around the corner, startling Kagome. Crap the soldiers. What do I do?

The blonde haired male looked on, puzzled until he saw the frightened expression on the girl's face. Stepping forward he grasped her arm.

"Huh? What are you…?" Kagome gasped out.

As the blonde haired man threw his cloak over them, he pressed his mouth onto hers.

What the hell? was the only thought that came to her mind as the man above her thrust his tongue in her open mouth. No. I haven't kissed anybody since Inuyasha. Inuyasha's kiss is being removed by this…this Miroku like man!

"Hey! A girl came running by this way. Have you seen her." one of the soldiers interrogated.

"Which way did she go." another demanded.

The man pulled away, a smooth, deep voice echoing through Kagome's ears. "A girl?"

He covered her mouth with his large hand. "Well, I must have not have seen her. When I am with a woman, no other woman can catch my eye."

Kagome muffled scream came from beneath his hand, stopping when she realized that she could understand them.

"It...it's Kail-sama!" a soldier exclaimed with a light blush decorating his face.

"K-Kail-sama, what are you doing in a place like this?" another asked.

"Uh…um…We seek a girl." one of them began.

"We're sure that a girl wearing strange clothing ran this way…"

Kail cut him off. "Like I said, I did not see her. I finally reached a high note with the woman whose heart I've won…so don't intrude."

Wha? His words…how can I…understand them!

"Get out of my sight!" Kail ordered the guards.

The guard stiffened at the harsh order, but immediately left. "Y…Yes sir!"

Once the guards were out of sight, Kail turned his sights back to the small woman on the ground. "You certainly do look strange. What country are you from? What did you do to get the Queen's own army chasing after you?"

Kagome only looked him, more importantly his amber colored eyes, but hearing him firing off question after question she snapped out of her daze.

Queen's Army…! Then this perverted guy saved me. And also…Why are his words suddenly…! She covered her mouth with a blush tinting her cheeks. The kiss!

A smirk appeared on the man's handsome face, Holding his hand out towards her he spoke, "Perhaps my earlier actions angered you? If you are unhappy that I cut it short, I don't mind finishing it. I never leave business unfinished with a woman."

Kagome's blush spread from her cheeks down to her chest. Why this…this…hentai! She slapped his hand away and began running again.

"Hey, wait!" he called out.

I can't believe that guy. Am I almost trusted him. He's just as bad as Miroku-sama! Kagome continued to run, rubbing her mouth trying to erase the tingling on her lips.

This is all too confusing. Why was I brought here and did his kiss really allow me to suddenly understand their language? Kagome ran until she was back in town.

"EEK! It's the girl that came out of the spring!' a woman screamed.

"She came out of the spring!" a man exclaimed.

"It's her! Over there!" the guard rushed over to where Kagome was.

Damn it. I can't trust anyone!

"No…" Save me, Mama! Jii-chan!

"Alright. Let's take her to her Majesty." the guards grabbed her roughly by the arms.

Sango-chan! Miroku-sama! Save me! "No…Stop!"

Inuyasha, save me!


Damn it, once again, I'm tied up in an unknown place. Why do the fates allow me to suffer like this?

"It was a mistake to let her be seen by the common folk. I had to put an end to it before the uproar spread too much." a sinister, yet sweet voice echoed through the room.

That voice! It's the one that pulled me in! Kagome perked up, raising her head to look at the owner of the voice.

A beautiful, blonde hair woman entered the room, flanked by a person wearing a cloak.

The woman smiled. "Welcome to Hattusa."

Kagome blanched. "You…you're the one who called me! Why…! What do you want with me?"

The woman stepped closer to Kagome. "Just stay still. I need you blood." She made a cutting motion across Kagome throat with her finger. "I'll cut like this…right here. Your freshly flowing red blood is essential."

"What the?" Why is it every time I get dragged to a different era, someone is always trying to kill me?'

"His Majesty, the emperor is already an old man. I want my son, a prince, to inherit the throne. But, you see, my son is the youngest of the princes. In order to become the crown prince, the older princes will have to die. And in order to make death-curse Katashiro, I need sacrificial blood. I prayed to the gods to grant me a sacrifice. I didn't care what country the person was from. I asked for the most worthy sacrifice, and you were the one who was shown to me."

Kagome's eyes widened as tears began to roll down her cheek.

"Wait, but I'm from the 21st century. This is not allowed. I have to get back home!" Kagome tried to negotiate with the woman.

"21st century? Is that where you are from? Well, my dear, this is the Hittite empire. I am Queen of Suppiluliumas, The king of water. There is nothing I cannot do." the queen sneered.

"The king of water…?" That is how she brought me here.

"Your Highness! A message! His Majesty, the emperor is on his way here now!" a guard called out.

"Why is his Majesty coming here!" she hissed.

The guard bowed low. "Perhaps, news of the uproar in the city reached his ears."

The queen cursed. "I can't let the emperor know about me placing death curses on his other princes."

"The emperor." Kagome whispered. Maybe the emperor can stop the queen for me!

"It is necessary that this girl's blood must flow." she tied a piece of cloth around Kagome's mouth. "I've got an idea!"

The emperor entered the room, regally walking through the doorway. "Queen. I heard something about a girl emerging from a spring. "Why is that girl here, in the palace?"

The queen groveled. "Have you forgotten my liege? I am not only a queen, but I also serve as priestess of the great temple. The spring is in the jurisdiction of Teshub's blessed temple. It is no coincidence that this girl has come to me."

What a load of bull. Her, a priestess? Yeah, right and black monkeys with take the western lands from Sesshoumaru-sama. Kagome's muffled screams when unnoticed.

"Hmm. So what do you plan to do with the girl?" the emperor asked.

The queen smiled. "Well, if indeed she came from Teshub…then perhaps returning her will bring prosperity to the empire."

Return me? She's going to let me back home?

"You mean to sacrifice her to Teshub?" he quipped.

"If that is your wish." the queen replied.

"If that is your decision, my queen, then let it be done." the emperor announced.

"As you wish." the queen turned to the guard. "Take the girl to the great temple, then send the announcement to the city that we will perform the ritual tomorrow."

What the? No! Nobody is going to save me this time? What the hell kind of joke is this!

"Ne, ne, there's a festival at the great temple." someone said

"That's rare for this time of the year, isn't it?" another questioned, excitedly.

"BRING OUT THE GIRL!" a loud voice boomed.

Someone opened the door, revealing a crying Kagome. This is...

"Tabarna, please be seated." the announcer spoke. "His highness, crown prince Arnuwanda and…"

Kagome tuned them out, trying to come up with way to get out of there. Crap! What do I do? At this rate, they'll really kill me!

"…The third prince, his Highness Kail Mursili, please be seated.

"Kail-sama!" a female from the crowd shouted.

Kagome rolled her eyes. Fan girls are everywhere. Wait Kail-sama, where have I heard that name before?

"Older Brother, how is your health?" a smooth deep voice rang.

Kagome looked up and saw the man she met yesterday. That hentai! The third prince is him? He is probably friends with that vile evil woman, the queen!

"O great Teshub, god of gods!" the queen priestess said loudly. "I pray to you for the blessing of the rain and fertility of our land. I send you this untainted Virgin."

The two masked guard held Kagome down and pulled her robe down to bare her throat.

"Receive this tribute! Grant my wish!" the queen priestess smiled evilly as the masked guard holding the axe raised it high above his head.

Prince Kail watched on in boredom, contemplating on something as he saw the girls to frighten expression. He made up his mind.

Please, no! I don't want to die! Inuyasha, help me!

A goblet of wine was thrown at the guard's hand; the force of it knocked the axe from his hand.

"Who…Who was that? How dare you insult Teshub by interfering with the rituals?" the queen demanded.

"It wasn't an insult at all." Prince Kail rose from his seat. "In fact it was quite the opposite, Mother dearest."

It's him! The perverted prince!

The queen was furious. "Prince Kail! Were you the one who threw the goblet? What do you mean, "opposite"?" she snapped. "It doesn't matter that you are one of the emperor's sons! Under these circumstances your actions are inexcusable!"

Prince Kail ignored his step-mother's rants as he caressed Kagome's face, removing the gag. "Hold on, Mother dearest. I do not wish to deceive our god, so I intervened."

"Huh?" Kagome gasped as the prince's face came too close hers.

"Ah. So it IS that girl." Prince Kail said, smoothly. "Dear Father, isn't purity a requirement for our offering to Teshub?"

The emperor immediately spoke up. "Of course."

Prince Kail placed his hand over his face. "Then knowing that the tribute is impure, and keeping quiet…That also is inexcusable, is it not? It seems I have no choice…I must confess."

I hope he isn't going to say what I think he is? Kagome flushed lightly.

Prince Kail wrapped his arms around Kagome. "I already made this girl mine once. Unaware that she was a tribute, I stole her chastity."

"EXCUSE ME!" Kagome squeaked as she flushed heavily.

"That's…That's a lie." the queen argued. I just summoned that girl to this country yesterday!

"And how is it that you can be so sure about that Mother dearest?" he turned to the woman in his arms. "Surely, even you have not forgotten what we did yesterday, in the cool shade of the trees, hmmm…?"

Kagome's blush deepened. "Th…That was…You forced me to…" she trailed off as Kail whispered in her ear.

"If you want to keep your neck and body, wouldn't it be better if you play along?"

That hentai! But I don't want to die, but I will not let this pervert think he will get anything more than a kiss. "Don't touch me!" she whispered fiercely. I only kissed Inuyasha twice and he wiped that memory away.

The emperor spoke to Kagome gentle, uncomfortable with the subject. "Girl, does the prince speak truly?"

"Ah." she looked up at the prince's regal face, subconsciously, licking her lip and looked back at the emperor. Blushing heavily, Kagome barely inclined her head forward.

The queen was taken aback.

Prince Kail hefted Kagome onto his shoulder. "Therefore, I'll take responsibility for rendering her useless as a tribute. I'll take her into my custody."

"Prince Kail! I won't allow this selfishness!" the queen bit out.

Prince Kail only smiled. "I will make amends to the temple. I will send a hundred virgin cows and goat…that should comply with the usual custom right, Father?"

"Yes…" the emperor spoke after a moment's hesitation.

"Your Majesty!" the queen exclaimed.

As Kail walked passed his father, the emperor spoke up. "Kail. I don't care that you're a womanizer, but please try and shape up and settle down with a down with a proper princess."

Kail paused, before turning a brilliant smile to his father. "I agree with you, Father. There are more beauties in this world than there are stars…how can I decide on just one?"

"…Well then." The emperor comment as Kail dismissed himself.

I'm saved? But what have I gotten myself into this time? I just want to go back home. I want to see Inuyasha!

"Prince Kail's quick hands are widely known. Perhaps even with that girl…" the cloaked person trailed off.

"I don't care about that. For my true purpose, the Katashirio, it doesn't matter whether the girl is pure of not. I need that girl's blood flowing from her neck!" the queen snarled.


"That's it! I'll get to Prince Kail's palace using the 'Dark Water'!"

"Kikkuri! The ceremony is over let's go back to the palace." Kail announced.

"Kail-sama! What's this? Who's that girl?" a man with chestnut hair called out.

"It was queen Nakia again, plotting and scheming and up to no good as usual. I spirited this girl away." Kail told him.

That queen is up to no good. "Thank you for saving me, but aren't you in good terms with the queen?" Kagome enquired warily.

"Good terms? The queen probably thinks that I'm the most bothersome person in the world." Kail laughed.

"Oh, really. Then…Can you take me back to my home? The queen brought me here!" Kagome explained.

"She brought you here? Where from?" Kail inquired.

"Japan!" Kagome said immediately.

Kail was puzzled. "Japan?"

Kagome was beginning to get frustrated. "This is Hattusa, right? Where in the world is that? I've haven't heard of it. How far is it from Japan?"

Kikkuri was quick to comment on that. "You must be quite the country bumpkin if you've never heard of the capital of the Hittite empire."

"Yes. Nor do you seem to be from the Kaska tribe or from the Kizzuwanda either." Kail agreed. "Do you know of the Mitanni Kingdom?"


"Then…what about Egypt?" he tried again.

That clicked into her mind "Egypt! I know Egypt! Is that near here?" But isn't Egypt in the Middle East. Is that where I am?

"No. It's not nearby. Even with this chariot it's 15to 16 days away." Kail enlightened. "But is Japan a city in Egypt?"

"No, it a coun…" she was cut off.

"But…Kail-sama, ever since the last pharaoh took over, the country's been in a state of disorder, hasn't it? There are probably new towns cropping up." Kikkuri stated.

"That's true. All thanks to the current pharaoh, Tutankhamen." Kail commented.

Kagome was shocked. "Tutank…hamen?"

"You know of him? He's a boy king even younger than I am." Kail smiled down at her.

Oh I know of him alright. I read about him in a history book. Tutankhamen! He was a pharaoh in ancient Egypt. So I am now in the Middle East of the past! Great just great!

"Hey, are you alright? You…Pardon me, but what is your name?" Kail requested.

"Oh, um, it's Kagome. Higurashi Kagome."

"I see. Then, Kagome. You said that the queen brought you here, right? For what purpose would she do something like that?" he quipped.

"Uh…she said that she wanted her son to take the throne. So, she said that she was going to place a death curse on the other princes…and that she needed me for a Katashiro." Kagome revealed everything the queen said to her.

Kail and Kikkuri were shocked at the information given.

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