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Summary: The fight with Naraku ended a year ago and Kagome was pulled back into her own time. While she was on a 'forced' date with Hojo Kagome was yanked down a puddle into ancient Hittite by an evil Queen wishing to sacrifice her. And just when she thought her life couldn't get even worse she becomes the 'concubine' of one the princes that reminds her of a certain perverted monk.

The Queen's attempt of Prince Zannanza has failed! Kagome used the Shikon to save his life and sent him to Egypt, but her own wounds have caused her to collapse and she was found by a strange Egyptian with heterochromtic eyes! After much convincing, the Egyptian agrees to take her to Kail! Will they be reunited and stop the senseless fight or will the Emperor declare war on the Egyptians.

A guard bowed before the emperor. "Your Majesty! I've confirmed that Prince Zannanza and his party left the town of Hamah ten days ago!"

The emperor rose from his seat, the dark purple robe swaying with the movement. "Then Zannanza really is..." he couldn't even finish his sentence as grief and anger filled his body and soul.

"This town is only a day's journey from Hamah." Nakia gasped, covering her mouth with her fingers, "I came here with you because I was worried about Zannanza. It breaks my heart to think the Egyptians have killed him.

"I had hoped it was some mistake, but..." his dark oak brown eyes narrowed. "Alright! I will meet with the Egyptians. Then I will smite them from the earth!"

"Whatever the truth, it seems his majesty is hell bent on war." Ibani lowered his voice as he told Kail the next part. "Prince Zannanza and the others are dead.

The blond prince froze in his tracks, sweat rolling down his face from his hairline. 'I shouldn't have let him go! Even if it meant war with Egypt, I shouldn't have let either of them go!' He clenched his hands into tightly balled up fists as he fought the urge to punch the closest thing to him.

A tall Egyptian walked into the tent, a frown marring his face as he introduced himself. "I am Horemheb. Queen Ankhesenamen emissary plenipotentiary." he bowed slightly in respect, "Great Suppiluliuma, do you contend that we, Egyptians, murdered you son? Such an accusation is intolerable!"

The grey haired emperor lifted his staff and slammed it into the ground. "Do you deny it?! We have a witness!"

"Whatever your witness claims, we did not kill your son! Is this false accusation some pretext for war?"

"How dare you?!" Emperor Suppiluliuma jumped to his feet, his voice rising even higher in tone. "It is you who have provoked this war, not we!"

Kail glared at the Egyptians as they continued to argue and debate with his father, a dark and sinister aura shrouding his body and encasing his mind with thoughts of blood and war. 'I know I should calm my father. There are many things that need to be clarified.' a malicious glint entered his amber eyes. 'But I burn with rage and dark emotions. Right now, I yearn and crave for battle.'

"Those dirty Egyptians! They killed our prince!" a soldier yelled, brandishing his spear.

"Let us rescue Ishtar-sama!" another shouted.

The Egyptians did not take those insults lightly. "Hittite liars! You never sent your prince to us!"

'I'll look into my brother's clear hazel eyes, no more.' Kail's eyes misted over as an image of Kagome smiling gently, her bright blue eyes sparkling, over took his brother's face. 'And never again will I stroke your soft raven hair...'

"Egyptian dogs!" the emperor's hard voice rose above everything else. "We will crush you!"

The tall Egyptian from earlier yelled back, "Then let there be war!"

Kail buried his face in his hands to fight back the tears that stung at the corners of his eyes as he voiced, "Why?!" 'I'll never hold her in my arms again! Never get to tell her how much a truly...'


The blond third prince gasped at his father's voice, snapping out of his rage induced anger and stared at the elderly man with wide eyes. "Father! Wait!"

A pink ki infused arrow soared through the air, embedding itself in the ground before the two opposing warriors. The crowd turned to see a young woman with flowing midnight black hair that shone with blue highlights in the sunlight panting as she struggled to keep her balanced on the pitch black stallion she was riding upon. A tanned skin male rode up next to her and placed his hand on her shoulder before looking up at the soldiers.

"All right. Before you start this deadly game, this young girl will like to have a word with you."

Kail's eyes widened when the girl slid off the horse and stumbled towards the middle of the battlefield. "Please wait! Stop this useless war! The Egyptians...didn't do it!" her eyes slid shut as her body began to sway.

"Kagome!" the prince rushed over to the girl, catching her in his arms just as she tilted forward.

Her sapphire eyes glazed over as he breath came out in harsh pants. "K-Kail? Did I...make time?"

The blond took on a worried look as he saw the amount of blood covering her body and the arrow jutting from her shoulder. "K-kagome, you're..." he said nothing as he slid his hand into her hair and embraced her tightly. "Kagome, you're injured. We have to take you to a surgeon!"

"Matte...give me a second, Kail." weakly, the miko raised her finger and pointed, "That man attempted to kill me and Prince Zannanza! He poisoned us with wine and then proceeded to slaughter us with his comrades, but they too were slain by this man!"

The man turned scared and worried eyes towards the Queen. "No, I! Nakia-sama!'

Nakia rose from her throne. "Oh dear..." she lifted her hand to hide her lips and the smug smile she wore, "The sun has baked the poor girl's brain! She's been roaming the desert unprotected and with that horrific wound! She needs immediate attention and rest."

Kagome mustered up enough strength to glare at Nakia, even as her reiki was purifying the toxics in her body from the poison the arrow was dipped in. 'Nakia! You're the one who order Zannanza-sama's murder! Don't you dare pretend that you had absolutely nothing to with it, you witch!'

"Queen Nakia-sama," Kagome spat, "Prince Zannanza-sama's blood was almost on your hands. You will pay for this!"

Kail's eyes widened at her accusation. "Kagome!"

Nakia grinned slightly before her eyes hardened. "She needs bed rest! She's raving! The Egyptians murdered Prince Zannanza! This man saw it all!"

Kagome sat up in Kail's arms, glaring at the Queen. "That's not true! That man tried to kill us! The Egyptians didn't do it!"

"She's...she's mad! the man cried out. "Ishtar-sama is sick! She burns with fever!"

Nakia joined in. "Yes! Her ordeal in the desert had given her fever dreams! She should have ever gone there. You must go and rest now, my child."

That made the miko see red. First of all she was not and never will be anything to Nakia and secondly how dare she lie about Prince Zannanza! "You lying bitch! I saw him die with my own two eyes! Prince Zannanza died in my arms! This is his blood on my clothes!" her eyes slammed shut as she yelled, "He was killed by that man's spear!"

"We would very much like to hear the rest of Ishtar's story. As we've told you repeatedly, we have no part in Prince Zannanza's murder." the Egyptian spoke up.

The emperor didn't know who to believe. "Who is telling the truth? Ishtar or the soldier?"

The soldier bowed. "The Egyptians did it, my king! All I did was escape with my life and return to Hattusa to warn you!"

"Lying bastard! You and your cronies tried to kill us and you killed them!" Kagome's normally bright blue eyes were dark with anger as her reiki licked at her skin.

"What an awful girl, to call me such names and accuse a man of such a heinous crime without a shred of evidence."

The Egyptian that helped Kagome set his mouth in a tight line. "It's her word against his. Without more witnesses, we're at an impasse."

Ilbani frowned. "It is impossible to prove the truth. If there is no evidence of the crime."

Hadi and her sisters were more worried about Kagome's health more than anything. The miko needed to get that arrow out of her and rest.

Nakia waltzed over to Kail and Kagome, pointing her green feather fan at them. "If you insist that what you saw was real, then you must prove it." her hazy green eyes twinkled with delight, "If you continue to accuse people without evidence, I'll throw you in prison, even if you are Ishtar!"

Kail looked down at the panting woman in his arms. "Kagome, that's enough. let's tend to your wound."

"Matte, o-onegai Kail, matte..." she pushed herself off of him and stood with his help. "I have evidence."

The Queen grinned maniacally. "Enough of your insolence! If you continue to lie, I will have you gagged."

Kagome smirked at Nakia, an all knowing glint in her eyes. "I am not lying, Queen Nakia-sama. I have evidence that prove he's the one who attempted murder on Zannanza-sama." she turned and jutted her thumb at the arrow protruding from her back. "See this arrow? That man shot me with it! Pull it out and examine it, and you will see who it belongs to!"


She smiled gently down at Kail. "The Egyptian arrowheads and Hittite arrowheads are different. By removing this arrow will make it clear who shot me!"

The gold and sepia eyed man's mouth dropped open. 'That girl! So, that's why she suffered through all that pain and why she wouldn't let me remove the arrow from her back?!'

The raven haired girl dropped back into the prince's arms, the strength in her legs gone. "Prince Kail-sama, pull this arrow out right now. Let everyone see just who it belongs to!"

"But Kagome...your flesh has hardened around it. I'd have to cut it out. The pain would be..." he was cut off.

"I don't care! My miko ki will help numb the pain, just take the damned arrow out!" tears sprang from her eyes as she lowered her voice to a whisper, "Zannanza is alive. He is heading to Egypt as we speak." in a louder cry, she said, "Prince Zannanza-sama would have been a great king! The queen must pay for his murder!"

The blond third prince's eyes widened as relief filled him. "Kikkuri, get a dagger and hold the blade over a flame, then bring it to me."

"What?" the brown haired servant questioned.


Kikkuri rushed over and pulled a dagger out of the prince's sheath and held it over the bright orange fire before bringing it over to Kail.

"Is it true? Zannanza's really alive?"

Kagome nodded. "I asked the Shikon to save his life, but was a risky move and I don't know the consequences of the wish just yet."

The prince sighed in relief and took the hot dagger from his best friend and loyal servant. "I see." he pressed her closer to his body, eliciting a surprised gasp from the woman. "Bite my shoulder. This will hurt terribly, even with your spiritual powers numbing the pain. If you clench your teeth too hard, they will shatter." the blond sliced through the thin shirt and pressed the blade to her back. "Are you ready?'

The dark haired girl nodded as she bit his shoulder firmly.

Kail then proceeded to dig the sharp metal through the soft skin of the miko's back, blood pouring out of the wound and coating his hand and her back. Kagome shuddered in pain as she bit down harder to muffle her screams of agony, moving her hand to hold onto to Kail's back as the blade dug deeper into her flesh. The blond haired prince winced slightly when her teeth broke the skin of his shoulder and crimson blood dripped down his arm.

"I'm going to pull it out. Do not move." his hand came up and gripped the thin wood of the arrow and with a sharp jerk pulled it out of the woman's back,

Kagome let out a soul shattering scream as the thin weapon was forcibly pulled out her flesh, tears spilling from her eyes as she desperately clung onto the Kail.

"Your Majesty, look at this!" the prince held up the bloody arrow, revealing a thin arrowhead, "This is undoubtedly a Hittite arrow!" he held Kagome tighter to him when he felt her slide down his body. "Now to wash off the blood and see who made it."

The red haired traitor broke free from the other soldiers, running towards the Royal stadium. "No!"

Kail thrust his arm out, signalling for the soldiers to chase after the red head. "Catch him! Do not let him escape!"

"It wasn't my idea!" the traitor cried out as he ran. "I...I was ordered to do it!"

As he neared the Royal stadium, in hopes of having the queen protect him, a person wearing a black cloak ran towards him and before he could even blink, a blade was sliced across his chest and he was drowning in his own blood. Before his body shut down for the last and final time the beautiful face of Uruhi Sharuma staring coldly down at him.

The emperor rushed over to the dead body. "Uruhi, why did you do that? He murdered Prince Zannanza! But we might have interrogated him and learned who put him up to it!"

Uruhi bowed, covering his chest as if to stop his rapidly beating heart. "Forgive me! I acted rashly. He was running towards me and I acted on impulse, I fear."

Kagome swayed in Kail's arms, feeling her ki slowly healing the wound on her shoulder. The process was much slower because the arrow had struck her in the exact same place where Kaguya shot her with her own Hama no Ya. 'No...Now there's no way to prove that Nakia was behind this whole massacre. Zannanza-sama, I'm sorry, but you will need to remain in Egypt. You cannot return home. Not just yet...'

Kail almost panicked when Kagome went slack in his arms and her blue eyes slid shut. "Kagome!" he cradled her small body close to his chest and rushed over to Kikkuri. "Take her to the surgeon!"

The brown haired servant carefully wrapped his arms around Kagome's shoulders and under her knees. "Yes, your Highness!"

The heterochromatic eyed man watched as Kagome was carried away. 'Never in my life have I been so bewitched by a woman.'

"It's typical of you Ramses, to wander off at an important time like this."

The man, Ramses, turned, "Horemheb."

Kail walked over to the Egyptians. "General Horemheb. We apologize for wrongly accusing Egypt, but may we conclude our talks at another time?"

"That suits us, your Highness. We await your word."

The blond turned to the other kneeling soldier. "You brought Kagome here. For that you have my gratitude." He then proceeded to introduce himself. "I am Prince Kail Mursili. May I ask your name."

Ramses smirked as he tugged off his head cloak, revealing his brilliant golden hair. "Ramses. I am User Ramses, your Highness. I was chief commander of the Egyptian army responsible for guarding the Nile Delta before I came here...but who knows where I'll be exiled to after this." a low mirth filled chuckle let his lips as his gold and sepia eyes twinkled mischievously.

Kail nodded. "Ramses...I shall not forget you."

Ramses stood when the Hittite prince turned and walked away. "Kail Mursili. His reputation for having a good eye for women turns out to be true."


The younger man ignored his superior in favor of thinking about Kagome. 'That girl is worthy of a King! A woman like that is no mere plaything for the thinks like a King.' a sneaky glimmer enter his different colored eyes. 'Any ruler would be fortunate to have such a woman by his side!'

Kail sat on the bed beside Kagome's unmoving body, listening to her deep intakes of breath. Small strands of her long hair fell over her pale face and his hand automatically brushed them away softly before sliding his hand down her bandaged back. "Kagome..." her name left his lips in a quiet whisper as his mouth followed the path his fingers took. "Welcome home, Ai."

Over the next few day that they were in Emesa, Kagome was moved to Hattusa. Though she couldn't remember it very well because of the medicine the surgeon gave her in hopes of alleviating the immense pain the surgery put her through. By the time she could finally sit up without Kail's help, the blond prince informed her that he had received a message from Zannanza saying that he has made it to Egypt , became their King, and has ordered them to have no type of contact with the Hittites until further notice. The incidents in the desert had been all but dismissed by the Queen.

"What a shameless woman the Queen is!" Hadi's enraged voice shouted. "She insists she knows nothing about the murder. We are fortunate that Kagome-sama managed to save Prince Zannanza and sent him to Egypt."

Ryui nodded. "Yes, the Egyptians were very upset that we accused them of the murders. I heard that Even Prince Zannanza, I mean King Hattusili, had a hard time placating his people and ordering them to not say anything about his arrival."

"Hadi-san..." Kagome's weak sounding voice called out.

The Hatti sisters gasped and turned to see the raven haired miko it up on her own, watching them with curious blue eyes.

"Oh, Kagome-sama, you're awake?"

Kagome looked around the elaborately decorated room and rubbed her hand on the soft, silk sheets. "This is...Kail's bedroom?"

Hadi grinned. "Yes, it is. Prince Kail said that you could rest here."

The miko blushed faintly as she glared at the cheerful expressions on the older women's faces. "What are you..."

"Is Kagome awake?" Kail's voice flowed as he turned into the room.

"Your Highness." the three sisters bowed, pleasant smiles spreading across their faces. "Excuse us."

The Hittite prince merely nodded at the women as he made his way over to the girl laying on his bed, his name on her lips as she crawled over to the edge of the bed to greet him. He smiled sadly when she pulled the cover up to her chest. "Don't worry. I won't take advantage of a wounded woman, I haven't been able to sleep of late. Not since Zannanza's almost death. But with you by my side and knowing that my brother is alive in Egypt, I think I can rest." His hand cupped her chin, lifting it as he peered into her deep blue eyes.

"You are mine. No man will ever take you from me again. Not Inuyasha or even Nergal, God of the Underworld, can take you from me."

Kagome lost herself in the slow, passionate kiss he bestowed upon her lips, her eyes sliding shut as the blond climbed on the bed and straddled her waist. Her arms came up and encircled his neck as she kissed him back with just as much passion. She felt Kail shift off of her so that he could wrap his arms around her waist, holding her close to him as he licked her bottom lip. The miko sighed as she parted her lips, granting the access the prince had been asking for and his tongue slipped inside and she moaned softly.

Unbeknown to the couple their loyal servants were spying on them.

Hadi lifted her hand to her lips and giggles silently. "Things are finally working out for Prince Kail and Kagome-sama."

Shalla grinned at her sisters. "Let's pray that nothing else gets in the way of their love."

Unfortunately, the path of love is seldom without downfalls. As to one day when the emperor was lounging in his chambers, sipping wine, and having a mild chat with his guards, he fell sick and collapsed to the floor. A deadly plague spread throughout the Hittite Empire as several others came down with the same illness as the emperor.

"What? My father is ill?" Kail questioned. "Bring me a horse! I must go to him!"

Kagome gasped at the urgency in his voice and her hands came up to cover her lips. 'The king is sick?'

"How is my father?" Kail asked in urgency. "I want to see him!"

A royal guard bowed deeply. "You may not, your Highness. The physicians say his Majesty suffers from the Seven Day Fever." he confessed. "For fear of infection, none of the princes may enter the palace."

Kail gasped, a shocked and worried look crossing his handsome face. "The Seven Day Fever?!"

Nakia covered her face with the red floral cloak she was wearing over her shoulders and brought her son closer to her as she took a few steps back. "The Seven Day Fever?! Juda, let us return to our palace!"

"But, Mother, I want to see Father." The sixth price argued, struggling against Nakia's hold.

"Impossible! We can't stay here another moment!"

Kagome raised an eyebrow as she turned to Hadi for information. "What is the Seven Day Fever?"

Hadi placed her hand over her chest. "Anyone who contracts it dies within seven days. It is said that when this scourge struck in the past, entire cities perishes."

The miko gasped, lifted her hand to cover her mouth as her dark blue eyes widened.

Kail stepped forward, his hand outstretched. "I want to see my father, even if only for a moment."

"You mustn't, your Highness!" the guard blocked his path. "His Majesty is still unconscious anyway. The plague is already spreading quickly. We have asked the crown prince to not leave his palace." he bowed, pleading with Kail. "Please return to your palace too, Prince Kail."

A dark haired guard stood, placing his hand over his chest. "Prince Kail, with the King's palace closed up, I fear the empire will fall into chaos."

Sweat dripped down the third prince's face. "Yes. Then I will act on the King's behalf for now. Bring all crucial matters of state to me."

The two guards bowed deeply. "We are most grateful your highness."

Kail nodded before turning and taking his leave. "Father..."

Kagome clasped her hands together, bringing them to her chest. 'Kail...'

"Seal off the offices and living areas!" Ilbani shouted. "Don't allow anyone in without my approval! The plague must not get in here!"

"We must protect the water supply." Hadi informed her younger siblings. "And the food stores."

The miko watched as Kail opened a small hand-sized chest, pulling out a small ring. She moved closer to the prince to get a better look at it. "Is that...a seal?"

Kail jumped slightly at the sound of the girl's voice, but quickly regained his composure and turned to look at her. "Yes it. My father's to be exact." his eyes slid back to the ring shaped seal. "I was just thinking how worn it looks. He's used it since the day he became King."

Kagome opened her mouth to say a few encouraging words, but a servant with shaggy pale brown hair stepped inside the room and bowed. "Your Highness, there's an Egyptian here requesting an audience..."

"I'll be right there." the blond placed the ring back inside its chest and walked out of the room and down the long hallway. Soon he reached the temple room where two kneeling Egyptians were waiting.

"On behalf of Pharaoh Hattusili, please accept my words of sympathy for his Majesty's illness."

Kail amber eyes widened as he recognized the voice of the man who spoke. "You're Ramses!"

The gold and sepia eyed man lifted his head. "Yes, your Highness. I am the Egyptian Military Envoy to Hattusa. Pharaoh asked me to come and present myself to your Highness, since he can no longer return here because of the rumor of his death by the queen."

The Hittite Prince smiled sadly. "That is right. Zannanza and I agreed to exchange officers in at our recent peace talks." he remember that day exactly. He had to restrain himself from rushing over, ripping the headdress from his younger brother's head, wipe the bronze paint of his pale skin and hug him tightly. "So, you're Egypt's envoy. Welcome to Hattusa, Ramses."

Kagome smiled when she saw that it was the same Egyptian soldier that helped and she rushed over to Kail's side and bowed. "Thank you for saving me, Ejiputo heishi."

Ramses's brow twitched at the name she continued to call him since all those days ago when he first encountered her, but beat the feelings down. "Hello Princess Kagome. Please forgive my rude behavior at that time. My name is Ramses."

"Ramses?" the miko tapped her forehead. 'Where have I heard that name.' She knocked herself on the head over and over again in frustration. 'Argh! I can't remember! I must have been in the Sengoku Jidai during Egyptian History!'

The Egyptian gave a friendly smile. "Your Highness, with your permission, I'd like to present some gifts to your concubine."

Kail returned Ramses's kind smile with one of his own. "Of course. I must excuse myself now, Ramses, but I'm sure Kagome will be happy to accept your gifts."

Kagome followed the Egyptian out of the temple room with Hadi and her siblings directly behind her. They entered a room that led to an opening outside where a large bronzed chest full of many Egyptian treasures was placed in the center of the room.

"Oh!" Ryui gasped. "They're beautiful!"

Shalla's dark brown eyes sparkled. "Egyptian craftsmanship is exquisite!"

"But...why would you give a treasure like this to me?" Kagome inquired Ramses as she pointed a slender finger at the large chest. "I'm just Prince Kail-sama's concubine."

The gold and sepia eyed man chuckled. "But you have influence with the man who is going to rule this land and over the Pharaoh of my land."

Confusion marred Kagome pretty pale face as she stared at Ramses. "Rule? But Prince Arnuwanda-sama is to be the next King."

Ramses crossed his arms over his torso, closing his different colored eyes. "The current King and crown prince interest me little. Prince Kail will soon be the most powerful man in the Hittite Empire. Even a fool can see that." his entire demeanor changed when he turned a charming smile at the Hatti sisters. "Dear girls, I brought gifts for you, as well. Over there."

Tito moved closer to Kagome when his sisters rushed over to the small chest of treasures and bristled slightly when the Egyptian's heterochromatic eyes closed in on him. He relaxed when the man gave him a small smile.

"I almost forgot about you, young man." he pointed to a small sword resting against the wall on the opposite side of the room. "Pharaoh Hattusili wanted me to give you that."

The Hatti boy grinned and rushed over to the sheathed blade, grabbing it and running over to show his sisters, who were gushing over the many different trinkets in the chest.

"Apart from that..." he trailed off as he watched the siblings play with the treasures he gave them.

Kagome looked up at the Egyptian, her dark blue eyes locked with his gold and sepia orbs. "Apart from what?"

Ramses slid closer to the miko, lowering his head down to her, his voice dropping to a low whisper. "I wanted to see you again, Wild cat." his lips descended upon her own and his arm slid around her lithe waist as he drew her closer to him. His tongue snaked out and traced her lips before slipping inside to battle with hers briefly before he pulled away. "Next time I come here to steal...I'll take more than just a kiss."

The miko stood there, fuming and a cherry red blush spreading over the bridge of her nose and down to her chest. 'What the hell is that supposed to mean?'

"I'll call on you again." Ramses said as he walked passed the siblings.

"Oh, you're leaving." Hadi smiled.

Ryui frowned as she clasped her hands together. "But we didn't serve you anything."

"Please come again soon!" Shalla smiled flirtatiously at the Egyptian.

Tito ran over and showed Kagome the sword Ramses gave to him. "Look Kagome-sama! It fits my hand perfectly!"

Hadi grinned, looking up from the small chest of goods with a blush spread across her cheeks. "Did you hear, Kagome sama! Ramses is one of the greatest soldiers in Egypt!" she sighed dreamily, "Some of the girls have told me that he is an Aristocrat from Memphis."

Kagome smiled down at the child, patting his head, before walking over to the Hatti sisters. "Never let that man in here again!" the miko ran out of the room, rubbing her lips vigorously as if it would remove the feeling of Ramses's hot lips pressing against her own. She grabbed a cup of red wine and downed it in one gulp, to try and rid her of the taste of the Egyptian's tongue. 'How dare he kiss a Hittite Princess like that! Does he have no manners? Zannanza-sama you sent a terrible soldier to us!'

"Prince Kail...will be our next ruler?" Ilbani questioned, his emerald green eyes found their way back to the tablet he was holding. "Ramses told you that?"

Kagome nodded. "Yes, he did. He seems rather perceptive." a faint red blush spread over her cheeks as she remember the kiss he stole from her. 'I really don't like that guy.'

"Yes, I hope it does work that way." the imperial clerk admitted.

The miko snapped her blue eyes over to the tall man. "Do you foresee problems, Ilbani-san? Will Prince Kail-sama become the new crown prince?"

Ilbani looked Kagome in the eyes before returning them to his tablet. "If the crown prince becomes King, he could name Prince Kail as his successor." he sighed, closing his eyes and shaking his head. "But Prince Arnuwanda is not a man of strong will. Queen Nakia will certainly try to influence him."

Kagome sighed, blowing at her bangs. "Of course, Queen Nakia will interfere." she hissed, but soon another thought came to her mind as she turned her bright blue eyes back onto to the Imperial Clerk, "But won't she lose her power when his Majesty die?"

The tall blond lifted his emerald green eyes from his tablet and let out a soft breath. "I'm afraid that easy. Tawanna is an independent position. Nakia will be tawanna to the end of her life. She will continue to wield great authority even after King Suppiluliuma dies." he closed his eyes and pressed his hand over his heart. "If Prince Juda becomes the crown prince, Queen Nakia will undoubtedly have Prince Kail murdered."

"But..." Kagome said softly, "what will happen to the empire then?"

Ilbani went silent, his mouth set into a firm line as he thought over his words carefully. "We won't be around to find out. We will all share Prince Kail's fate, whatever it may be."

The miko's eyes widened in shock as a shudder traveled down her spine. She felt faint as she took a few steps back to lean against the wall and sweat rolled down her cheek from her hairline. 'This is how a political intrigue works? If Kail loses, he dies.'

"Kagome." a deep tenor voice called out, "You don't have to be afraid."

The blue eyed young woman turned and a smile found its way up to her lips as she breathed, "Kail..."

Kail turned his amber eyes on his foster brother. "Ilbani. Don't worry Kagome unnecessarily." he scolded.

Ilbani bowed his head. "Yes, your Highness." he strolled over to the door and made a subtle gesture with his hands and the Hatti sisters nodded and began to move.

"Goodnight Kagome-sama." they chimed together, bowing respectfully to the miko before leaving the room with the Imperial Clerk.

Once Kikkuri bid his farewell to his best friend, Kail moved over to Kagome and lifted his hand to touch her cheek. "You needn't worry about what Ilbani just told you." his hand dropped and the blond prince quickly enveloped the miko in a tight embrace. "I'll protect you no matter what come to pass. Don't worry about anything."

Kagome sighed, closing her eyes as she snuggled deeper into Kail's warm embrace. She opened her eyelids and gasped as she caught sight of the golden ring on her prince's finger. Slowly, so that Kagome would not disrupt their comforting hug, the miko reached out and touched the ring. A small sad smile spread over her lips and she wrapped her arms back around Kail and held him tighter to her.

"Kail, I'm sure the King will get better." she whispered in his ear.

The third prince pulled away and looked deeply into her clear blue eyes. "You think so?" he lifted her up on the ledge, his hand moving up to her midnight hair as he leaned in closer.

Kagome tilted her head back and smiled warmly. "Yes, I think so." her eyes slid shut in anticipation. 'Kail is a good son. He really and truly loves his father.'

Kail moved closer to Kagome's face, wanting nothing more than to believe her soothing words. That his father was going to heal and be well again. He wanted to believe it so much. And just as he was about to kiss the miko as thanks for her comfort, the door rattled and Kikkuri's voice sounded.

"Prince Kail!" the brunette servant voiced in urgency. "A messenger just arrived from the King's palace." he knocked his fist against the brass door. "He said your father has passed. I'm sorry, your Highness!"

The Shikon no Miko's eyes widened with shock and tears began to sting at the corners. "Kail, I'm..."

Kail tightened his arms around her, hugging her closer. "Kagome...let me stay with you...a little while longer."

Kagome shifted so that she was no longer sitting on the ledge, but kneeling as she held the saddened prince close to her chest. "Of course." Her fingers stroked through his blond hair soothingly as she felt his shoulders shake slightly. She tried to hold in her own tears, but the soft sounds of Kail's weeping caused them to spill forth over her cheeks. The miko whispered soothing words to the prince as she continued to run her fingers through his soft hair. "It's going to be okay. Your father's in a much better place now. He's no longer in pain."

The third prince lifted his face from Kagome's bosom, his eyes red and puffy, and took her face in his hands. He rubbed his thumbs over her soft cheeks. "Thank you, Kagome." he kissed her softly and slowly before he pulled away and reached for his cloak.

"Kail?" Kagome questioned as she hopped off the ledge. "Where are you going?"

He looked over his shoulder at the miko before opening the door. "I'm going to my father's palace."

The land was thrown into a world of sadness as the news of King Suppiluliuma's death spread around as quickly as the deathly plague. A grand funeral was prepared for the great conqueror was held and each and every one of his sons came and bid their farewells to their late father (though Zannanza could not reveal his true identity just yet. Not while Nakia was still tawanna). All six of Suppiluliuma's sons were heartbroken about his death, but the crown prince was the most worried.

Right after the funeral concluded, Arnuwanda was immediately dragged off so that the elders could prepare him for his coronation as King of the Hittites. The Seven Day Fever threw the entire empire into an disarray and all of the elders agreed that the throne must not remain vacant for too long. It was not until Kail demanded that he spoke to his eldest brother in private did the elders leave Crown Prince Arnuwanda alone.

"Oh Kail..." he whined softly. "I haven't the strength for this. I don't think I can be king."

Kail kneeled before his brother and placed his hand on Arnuwanda's shoulder. "Of course you can, my brother!" he smiled. "You will make an excellent king!"

Aruwanda lifted his face from his hands, his dark brown eyes pleading. "Kail. Stay with me. Promise me you'll stay with me and help me."

"I'll aid you in all that you can do." the younger prince replied. "Have no fear Arnuwanda."

With the aid of his younger brother Arnuwanda II was crowned King of the two names were put forward as candidates for the Crown Prince. Third Prince Kail Mursili, the Gal Meshedi and the son of the Tawanna, Sixth Prince Juda Hasupasulupi.

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