The fruit of time was caught in the whitest of snow.

She was bound from the cold rock belonging to the shrine, almost frozen- pinned by the searing pain all over and the gaping hole in her world.


She was there one moment, and disappearing in the frosted wind soon after.

"Do you know what an immortal and an angel is known as? God. It's got a nice ring to it."

Those were the last words Mimi heard Apos say, before he savagely ripped Rin's time fruit out of her body, causing her form to completely fall, no, crumble into dust and ashes, with him disappearing in the golden array of wings from whence he came.

She shut her eyes, refreshing her memories of Rin Asogi, and wishing that in the moments that had passed would remain forever, tears flowing freely from her eyes, marking her sadness that was unbreakable.