She doesn't know why she runs to the tomb site in the middle of the night. It was karma, she guessed, for tampering with the balance of nature. It's disconcerting that she is willing to just go with whatever is happening to her; how she can just adapt to fit to the mold of the moment. At least she's conscious before the force takes over her body. This time she's fortunate enough to have a jacket and shoes. Out of breath, and body tired, she leans her head against the wall adjacent to the entrance.

Bonnie cannot will herself to go any further. The muscles in her body feel wasted, and as her throat catches, hot tears are held back tight. When would she ever be done? When would the spirits let her rest? Letting in a gust of the cold night air, her legs lead her one by one down the cement staircase where she knows she'll find what awaits her. It's dark, but she doesn't have the energy to muster even the small amount of power to create light.- She's also to worn to fear. Bonnie would trench through the darkness with no illumination; nothing to protect her. Using the decrepit stone walls as a guide, Bonnie felt for the 'warm spots' that would placate her to whatever it was THEY wanted her to see. She could gauge the difference in the heat of the air that fell over her lower lip as she inhaled. She wouldn't forget anytime soon being dragged away from a not so peaceful sleep, at such a wicked hour of the night. There was none other to blame but herself, unfortunately. They weren't done making her pay the piper.

Saving Jeremy's life had consecutively caused one horrible outcome after the other, but she was sure it had been worth it. Elena or Alaric having to lose another loved one so soon after Jenna...that wasn't an option. She wouldn't fail at protecting the only people she'd ever had in life. No. While Bonnie was around, defeat would just have to acquaint itself with some other unassuming impertinent person.

The gravel underneath her Doc Martens stopping making the crunching noise she'd quickly grown accustomed to, and her knees collided into hard wood. She bit the inside of her lip to keep from groaning. Right now, she could pretend as though she were dreaming. If the slightest sound were to escape her; that logic couldn't apply any longer. She bounced back, arms wide, at the sight of all the candlesticks on the wall simultaneously being set ablaze. Wonder crossed her face as she took in the red glow of this cavernous abode. Her heart raced at what her eyes fell upon next... A coffin. Deep fear rushed through her veins all at once. She'd been to this tomb plenty of times to know that this was a newly added centerpiece to the decor. Thoughts of who might lay inside cripple her rational train of thought. Squeezing her eyes shut tight, and rubbing her eyelids, she struggled to gain control of the fear. What if it all had been a dream? What if she had never saved Jeremy? Could she have imagined that? Or her father! It had been weeks since she heard from him. Maybe her involvement with this world helped to take the one life she hadn't felt was in any danger. She tentatively reached her hand to the glossy wood. The candles flickered then. The casing of the coffin was heavy, but she managed to lift it. It opened with a loud creak and bang.

Never would Bonnie have imagined seeing again who lay inside. Her once ally, and betrayer... Elijah. A silver colored dagger protruded from his chest, and his skin looked mummified. So much for trusting Klaus. She extended her arms to enclose him into his eternal place of rest, but was stopped by their chanting. 'Awaken, awaken, awaken.' The whispers drifted around and through her. Why would anyone want to bring back to life a centuries old vampire? Especially them. And using her as the vessel for the means to do it? Bonnie knew she wasn't as powerful as she once was. If he tried something-anything, she couldn't be sure she'd be strong enough to take him. There was no telling why Elijah lay in that coffin. Who put him here or why- Obviously something had gone wrong with his brother Klaus. The thought crossed that maybe they were both dead. That was highly unlikely though, considering that Stefan was nowhere to be found. She wasn't even able to do a locater spell.

The idea that the consequence to saving Jeremy was to be rid of her power was bittersweet. On one hand she would be relieved to not have them. There would be no more, 'Just this one time, Bonnie.', or 'Don't you want to protect so and so.' She would matter again. Her life would have the same value as anyone else. Nothing would set her apart. She wad tired of being special. She'd be free. On the other hand, she would lose a large part of herself. The stronger one with the backbone, and whimsy. Her legacy and all its essence. Looking down at Elijah's face, she remembered her first meeting with him. He was different than any vampire Bonnie had met thus far. Dare she say he bestowed a kind of respect towards her that she never experienced. He seemed concerned for her well being, or as much as he could be for someone who would be fighting on the battle lines with him.

She stepped on the footing of the coffin and reached in. What was the worst that could happen at this point? And for them to call to have him back, something big must be happening. Shutting her eyes, she enclosed her hand over the dagger and pulled it free of his chest...