I hope you enjoy this story about Teddy and Addison. It's a spin off from my other story, Code Blue, so it starts off where I left off in that story. Teddy and Addison met in chapter 9 if you feel like going back to read about the start of their relationship.

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"How about we go back to my place and you can cuddle with Nugget while we finish watching Black Swan."

"No, thanks." Addison said, causing Teddy to lose her big smile. "I'd much rather cuddle with you while we finish watching Black Swan."

Addison was lying with her head in Teddy's lap, enjoying it when Teddy would slowly run her fingers through her shoulder length red hair, occasionally massaging her scalp, causing Addison's eyelids to flutter.

After about 10 minutes of that, Addison let her long day take over, and she fell asleep on the couch and snuggled into Teddy as much as she could, causing Teddy to look down at the gorgeous redhead and smile.

"Addison?" Teddy asked the redhead as she rubbed her shoulder, trying to get her to wake up, but all she got out of her was a groan.

Eventually, Teddy got Addison to wake up enough to climb into Teddy's bed with her, since she knew Addison was kind of a diva, she decided to not let her sleep on the couch when she had a very comfortable bed in the next room.

When Addison woke up the next morning she rolled over in bed and saw Teddy sleeping next to her and a smile instantly lit up her face.

Instead of waking the blonde up, she decided to go make them breakfast and coffee. It was only 6am, which was exactly when Addison normally got up, so she still had plenty of time to get to work.

Half an hour later, she had made waffles and coffee, so she decided to go wake up Teddy, so they could start their day.

"Teddy? Honey, get up, I made breakfast."

"Coffee?" Teddy asked sleepily as Addison quietly chuckled at her question.

"Yes, I made coffee too."

"Okay, I just need 5 more minutes."

"Alright, I'll meet you out there." Addison said, knowing that she would have to come back in to wake Teddy up in a little bit.

But, sure enough, Teddy walked out to the kitchen about 7 minutes later, wearing her comfortable sweatpants as she was putting her hair in a ponytail.

"Oh, wow. I thought I was going to have to go back in and wake you up again."

"Nope. I am now ready to start our morning. This looks amazing by the way, I didn't know that you could cook."

"Yeah, it's a hidden talent." Addison said as she handed Teddy a mug full of coffee.

They ate breakfast together at Teddy's kitchen table, both occasionally stopping to watch the woman in front of them.

"So, can I still steal your dog for a run today?"

"Of course, he's all yours."

"How about his owner?"

"She's all yours, too." Teddy said with a smirk as Addison blushed and smiled brightly.

"Okay, are we done yet? Please?" Teddy begged as she tried to keep up with Addison, who was even starting to tire out Nugget.

"Sure, let's turn back."

"Do we have to run back too?" Teddy asked in an exasperated voice while Addison laughed.

"No, we can just walk."

"Good, because I'm exhausted, and I think Nugget is too."

"Well, thank you for coming with me, I haven't run this route in a while, it's nice to be back. I used to be able to make this run in 30 minutes, but I've gotten a little slower since then."

"How long is this route?"

"Oh, it's about 3 miles, maybe a little more."

"What? I don't think I've run three miles at once, like ever. I can't believe that I'm still alive right now."

"Well, I'm glad that you're still alive. Otherwise I couldn't ask you to go to dinner with me again tonight, like actually go out to dinner. If you want to, of course."

"I'd love to, Addison."

"Good. Now, I have to run back to Callie's house, since it's only a few blocks away, so I won't be late to work."

"Okay, oh, you're car is still at my house."

"Actually it's Callie's car, but I'll get it tonight. Did you still want to come to the hospital today? You can follow me around and we can have lunch together, then we can go out to dinner after my shift."

"Sounds perfect, I'll text you when I'm leaving my house."

"Alright, I'll see you in a few!" Addison said as she took off running in the other direction, to get back to Callie's house.

Addison stopped after she made it a few yards when she realized that she forgot something.

"Hey, Teddy! Hold on!" Addison yelled, causing Teddy to stop and turn around, waiting for Addison to get to her.

"Did you forget to tell me something?"

"I forgot to do this." Addison said as she leaned in to kiss the unsuspecting blonde who immediately started leaning into the kiss.

After they kissed for a minute, Nugget started barking since he wasn't getting any attention, so both of them pulled apart and looked down at the dog.

"Bye, Nugget. Be a good boy!" Addison said as she leaned down to pet the happy lab.

"Bye, Teddy. I'll see you soon."

Hey, leaving my house now. Should be there in like 10 minutes, where do u wanna meet?

Yay! Meet at the locker room, you're just in time to watch my first case.

Teddy showed up exactly 10 minutes later and saw that Addison was sitting there on the bench with a pair of scrubs for her. After she changed, she followed Addison into the O.R. so she could observe.

The patient was a 3 day old baby who needed surgery because he had holes in the ventricles of his heart, but they couldn't do the surgery when he was first born because he wasn't strong enough.

Teddy became more and more amazed with every move that Addison made, she loved watching her save a newborn's life, and it was definitely a sight to see.

When she was almost done, the machines started going crazy and the room was sent into a panic, but Addison remained completely calm.

Addison quickly fixed the problem, one of the stitches wasn't holding so she had to go back in and use a different suture, but it finally held up.

As Addison was about to close, her pager started vibrating on the nurse's table.

"Dr. Montgomery, you're being paged by Dr. Torres."

"Can you call her and let her know I'm in surgery, please?"

"Dr. Montgomery, Dr. Torres says that it's a 911 page, there was a big car accident and a pregnant lady was involved, she's hemorrhaging. She wants you in the ER now." The nurse said as she got off the phone with Callie.

"Alright, page Karev and have him close up for me. I'm scrubbing out." She said as she gestured to Teddy to follow her.

After she scrubbed out, she ran to find Callie, but a nurse told her that she was already headed to the OR, so Addison ran back to check the board.

They were prepping her in OR 2, so she made her way there, with Teddy right behind her.

"Can you go in the gallery for this one? There's going to be a lot of stuff going on in here?" She asked Teddy quietly.

"Of course. Great job on your last case! I'll see you afterwards!"

Addison took care of the baby as Callie took care of the mom's broken bones, they both had their work cut out for them, but they were always a good team.

They worked really well together and they both had to switch off patients a few times. Callie went to check the newborn for any broken bones as Addison went to close the mom up after her C-section.

Teddy watched up in the gallery and was joined by Cristina at one point during the surgery.

"Hey Teddy. What's up?"

"Hey, Cristina. Nothing much, just watching them kick ass on this surgery."

"That's typical, they're always kicking ass on something. So how are things going with the she-devil?"

"The she-devil?"

"Yeah, the she-devil, Satan, Red, the she-shepherd, Addison?"

"Wow, that's quite a few nicknames. Things are going really well, she's really cool! I'm watching her work all day today, it's amazing."

"Yup, that is why she's a world renowned surgeon, she's the best. I wish she would come back to Seattle Grace, I could do with a few neonatal heart surgeries."

"Is surgery all you ever think about?"

"Yes." Cristina answered as she looked at Teddy strangely since she even asked her that question.

"Alrighty then."

"So, how are things really going with her?"

"What are you talking about?"

"You so like her, I can see it by how you keep looking at her. Just don't get too attached, she's leaving in two days."

"I know, it's a huge problem. I really like her but she lives hundreds of miles away."

"Hundreds? 1200 miles away, that's really far."

"Yes, but its like 2 hours by plane."

"That's true, but how happy are you going to be if you only get to see her twice a month?"

"That's a really good point, I'll be bummed."

"Exactly. Just something to think about." Cristina said as she got paged and quickly left the gallery, leaving Teddy alone.

Addison was finally done after a long day at work, Teddy had to watch from the gallery for the last few cases because they were so hectic, but she was just happy to be able to watch Addison at work.

"Hey, you ready to go?"

"Yeah, are you?"

"Definitely. I made reservations for some Italian Restaurant; Callie told me it was good. Can we stop by the apartment first though? I want to change."

"Yeah, of course."

"Addie, are you almost done?"

Aww, she just called me Addie. "Yeah, just give me a minute!"

"I've already given you 30 minutes! It doesn't take that long!"

"Yes it does! Plus our reservation isn't for another 20 minutes, so we're fine."

"Alright, just hurry up, please."

I feel like we've known each other for a long time, I love it. "Yeah, sure thing."

"Okay, I'm ready." Addison said as she walked out of her bathroom 5 minutes later to find Teddy lying down on her bed.

As they got into the car, Addison immediately took over the radio, trying to find a good song.

"Oh, I'm obsessed with this song!" She said as she finally found a good station and started singing along.

"What is this?" Teddy asked her after she listened to the lyrics for a few seconds.

"It's Eminem, obviously."

"Wow, did not take you for someone who loves rap."

"Yes, I am full of many surprises."

"Well good, I love surprises."

"So where did you go to school?"

"I went to Columbia for my Undergrad and Graduate degrees. It was amazing, such a good experience."

"That's really cool. So, uh, why did Yang call you the She-Shepherd?" Teddy asked Addison, which caused her to slightly flinch at the question.

"I was married to Derek Shepherd, Head of Neuro at Seattle Grace."

"Oh, I didn't know that."

"Yeah, but I cheated on him. With Mark Sloan. So we got divorced, but I just want to say that I would never cheat again, ever. That was the worst thing that I've ever done in my life. We probably would've gotten divorced eventually, but it shouldn't have been because I cheated. Stupidest thing I've ever done, believe me. I'm really glad he found Meredith though; they're great for each other. I would never cheat on you, I just want you to know that."

"I know that, you don't strike me as a cheater. But, we should probably talk about this."

"About what?"

"Us. If you want to start a relationship, we need to talk about it."

"I do, I really do. I really like you Teddy and I want you to be my girlfriend, if you want to be."

"I do, I really like you too, Addison. But, we live in different cities, which just happen to be 1200 miles away from each other. That makes a lot of 'missing Addison' time."

"Well, we can email, text, skype, talk on the phone, whatever. Plus, I can fly up here every weekend, or you can fly down there when you want to, we can make it work."

"Flying up here every weekend is a lot of money, though."

"Teddy, honey, I am Addison Forbes Montgomery, I can afford it, plus I have a private jet at my disposal. So do you, as a matter of fact. I'll give you my pilot's number and I'll give him your name."

"Oh, wow. Alright, I'm up for it if you are. Plus we can go on vacations together every so often."

"I am more that up for it." Addison said with a huge smile as she put her open hand on the table and watched Teddy put her hand in hers and squeeze it. "We can definitely go on vacations together, I'm thinking Hawaii, you in a bikini sounds like my kind of vacation."

"I could say the exact same thing, Addie. I might just bring my very, very small red bikini with me when I come to LA. I'll probably just lay by the pool all day, I wouldn't want tan lines though, so I'll have to figure something out. Did I forget to mention that red is my favorite color?" She said as Addison visibly gulped and her cheeks flushed.

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