"Hey, honey. Are you ready to go?"

"Yeah. How was the rest of your day?" Teddy asked as Addison linked their arms together.

"It was good, my last case-" They continued to walk to the car, both of them completely happy for the first time in months.

"Teddy, where is your phone?" Callie asked as she walked up to her now best friend in a hallway at the hospital.

"It died earlier, why?" Teddy asked, not even looking up from her charts.

"Because Addison just called me wanting to know why you weren't answering your phone."

"Shit. Okay, thanks Cal. Did she say what she wanted to talk to me about?"

"No, but she didn't sound mad."

"Well hopefully she won't be mad. That would really turn my good mood upside down."

A few minutes later, Teddy walked into her office and sat down in front of her office phone and dialed a number that she now knew by heart.

"Hi honey." Addison's sweet voice came through the phone, instantly putting a smile on Teddy's face.

"Hi baby. I'm sorry that you had to send Callie to find me, my phone died and I can't find my charger."

"Probably because I'm looking at it right now."

"Well that would explain it, I guess. I thought I left it in my office, but I guess not. Anyways, I miss you."

"I miss you, too."

"So what did you want to talk about? I'm guessing there was a reason that you got Callie to get me?"

"Yes, there is. I just got off the phone with Arizona and she is going to watch the kids for us tonight. She said that they can sleepover at her and Callie's place, so we are all set for tonight. And I just wanted to hear your voice." Addison admitted as Teddy smiled sadly while sitting at her desk.

"That's perfect! I have an amazing night planned for us, it's a happy anniversary night and an I'm sorry for having to be such a workaholic for the past month night."

"Honey, it's okay. I get it, really. It's part of the job description. But I am definitely looking forward to tonight, I can't remember the last time we went out."

"I know, but after this week my schedule shouldn't be so busy, so hopefully we'll be able to see more of each other."

"I hope so, and the kids really want to see more of you too."

"I know, I hate not being able to see or talk to them that much, but I switched around my schedule a little bit and I now have a three day weekend, so I was thinking that the five of us could all go see a movie, or go to the zoo or do something fun."

"I would love that, and so would the kids!"

"Okay, it's a plan then. Addie, I have to run, I have another surgery. I'll see you in a few hours."

"Okay, have a good rest of the day. I love you."

"I love you, too. Bye!"

"Bye, Teds." Addison fit in quickly before Teddy hung up the phone and fast walked over to talk to her patient before scrubbing in.

"So what are everyone's plans for the weekend?" Teddy asked the other nurses and doctors in her Operating Room while she was deep in a man's chest.

Everyone had pretty much the same thing to say, catching up on sleep, relaxing and hanging out with family or friends.

"What about you, Dr. Altman-Montgomery?" Lexie Grey asked.

"Well, I owe my wife an anniversary dinner. After that, it will just be a nice, relaxing weekend with her and the kids." Teddy answered happily.

She and Addison were celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary, and her plan was to take her out to their favorite Italian restaurant for a nice dinner. After dinner, she planned to take Addison back to their house and spend a while in their Jacuzzi with a glass of wine and then eventually head up to the bedroom.

The past 12 years with Addison had been the best that she could have ever asked for, they were even more in love than they were when they got married and they now had three gorgeous and healthy children. Teddy had graduated from medical school and been offered a position at Seattle Grace, with her wife. She was recently promoted to the Head of the Cardiology department, making her work hours even longer, but she loved it.

At around 7 that night, Teddy pulled into their garage and walked inside to say hi to her family. When she walked in, she saw her gorgeous wife leaning against the kitchen counter, looking at her phone.

Teddy quietly walked up behind her and wrapped her arms around Addison's waist as she leaned in to kiss her neck.

"Hi baby, you look absolutely amazing." Teddy sighed contently as her wife turned around and wrapped her own arms around Teddy.

"Hi, I'm glad you're home." Addison gently pecked her on the lips.

"Me too." Teddy said as she relaxed into Addison's arms even more.

"How was your day?" Addison asked as she pulled Teddy over to a chair and sat her down on her lap.

"It was good, busy, but good. How was yours?"

"It was good too. It was really nice to have a day off. I got a lot of errands done that I needed to do."

"Oh good. So where are my little munchkins?"

"They went over to Callie and Arizona's house about an hour ago. I didn't know when you were getting home, so they went over there for dinner and I got ready here. We can swing by so you can say hi though."

"Maybe. I feel like I haven't seen them in forever. I just want to have a really fast shower and get changed, then we can go."

"Why don't you just get ready and we can do the shower part later?" Addison said innocently as Teddy started to smirk.

"That sounds even better." Teddy whispered into Addison's ear right before she started sucking on her earlobe, sending shivers up Addison's spine.

"Okay, if we don't stop now, there's no stopping me." Addison said as she tried to stand up, but was unable to since Teddy was now straddling her on the chair.

"Who said we have to stop? We have an hour before our reservation." She said mischievously as her eyes connected with her wife's.

"Oh, you are so bad. I love it." Addison said before Teddy started kissing behind her ear and working her way down her neck. After a few seconds of that, she pulled Teddy's head back up and connected their lips roughly.

They ended up using 45 minutes of their time making love and reconnecting with each other for what seemed like the first time in a while.

After getting ready again, Addison and Teddy were on the way to their favorite restaurant to have a great dinner together. They both had a fantastic time getting to talk to each other without the kids or pagers interrupting them.

"Thank you for taking me out to dinner, it's really nice to be able to just be with you without any interruptions."

"I know, I wouldn't change anything about my life though. I have a gorgeous wife, fantastic kids and an amazing job; my life could not get any better. But I do think we need to have a date night once a week or something." Teddy said as she grabbed Addison's hand that was on the table.

"I should say the exact same thing to you. My life is exactly how I want it to be, because of you. Happy Anniversary."

"Happy Anniversary, Addie. Now are you ready to get out of here?" Teddy asked as she stood up from the table, having already paid the check.

"Definitely." Addison grabbed Teddy's outstretched hand and followed her to their car. "So what else do you have planned for tonight?"

"I was thinking that we could go back to the house and hop in the Jacuzzi with a bottle of wine, naked." She whispered in Addison's ear after she opened the car door for her. "Then we do whatever we want. And I think you know what I want. You." Teddy continued to say in a sultry voice in Addison's ear.

Teddy placed a lingering kiss on Addison's cheek and then waited for her to hop into the passenger seat before she closed the door and then walked to the driver's side of the car.

When Teddy sat down in the driver's seat, she looked over at her wife who was looking incredibly flushed in the seat next to her.

"You okay, Ads?" She asked, even though she knew what was going on.

"I will be once we get home and I get you naked and wet in the Jacuzzi. It's times like this when I'm glad that Jacuzzi is loud and nowhere near our neighbors. Because I plan on making you scream." Addison said matter of factly as she licked her lips and then looked straight ahead, waiting for Teddy to start driving.

After a fantastic night together, Addison and Teddy fell asleep in their bed in each other's arms and both slept better than they had in weeks.

The next morning, Teddy woke up to an empty bed, which wasn't unusual for them, but it was disappointing, especially after the night they had.

However, her morning turned around when she heard the garage door open and close and then the sound of their running kids echo through the house.

Addie must have gone out early to get our kids so I could see them. That woman is amazing. Teddy thought as she waited to be bombarded by kids.

"Mama!" Their three kids screamed as they all hopped up on Addison and Teddy's bed and crawled over to give Teddy a big hug.

Teddy was smiling brightly as she got a hug from each one of her babies.

"Hi you guys, I missed you! Did mommy go pick you up from Auntie Zona's?" Teddy asked as the kids surrounded her on their bed.

She smiled happily as Parker sat down between her legs and leaned against her chest, Alexis settled on one side, and her twin sister, Kaylee settled on the other. She loved that all of their kids were little cuddle bugs and loved to be close with their moms.

"Yes, so we could see you, because we haven't seen you in forever!" Their youngest child, Parker, exclaimed. She sat there nodding her head, going along with it since he was only four years old; in reality it had been a day and a half since she had last seen them.

"I know, buddy! It has been a while, but this is a very nice surprise!" She said sincerely. "So where is your mommy?"

"She is downstairs, getting breakfast ready!" Kaylee, her mini Addison said.

"Oh, really? Is she making something?" Teddy asked her kids, knowing what the answer would be.

"No, silly!" The twins said obviously "We stopped and got pancakes and French toast and she's putting them on the table and getting drinks." Alexis stated.

She swept Alexis' adorable red hair out of her eyes as she looked down at the tired children that were all lying down with her.

Alexis and Kaylee were their beautiful twins that were going to turn 8 in a few months. For the first year of their marriage, they enjoyed each other's company and traveled a lot before they decided to start a family.

For the second year of their marriage, they did in-vitro with Addison and went through two really tough miscarriages. But instead of putting a strain on their marriage, it brought them closer together.

After their second miscarriage, they looked into surrogacy and within three months they got the news that the surrogate was pregnant. At their first appointment, they found out that the surrogate was pregnant with twins and it was the best news that they had gotten in a while.

And before they knew it, they were holding their twin daughters in their arms. Their daughters are identical, with Kaylee looking and acting exactly like Addison. On the other hand, Alexis was Teddy's little mini me. She looked exactly like Addison, but she acted exactly like Teddy and Addison absolutely loved it.

Three years after that, they decided that they wanted one more baby, and almost a year later Parker was born. They used the same surrogate and the same sperm donor, as well as Addison's eggs again. That way all of their kids were full siblings.

They were both ecstatic when they found out that it was a boy. It was what they were both secretly hoping for, but as long as the baby was healthy, they were happy.

Minutes later, Teddy was still lying in her bed, with their three kids practically lying on top of her. She was busy looking down at her three amazing kids, but once she looked up her eyes connected with Addison's. Addison was standing in the doorway, watching her wife interact with their kids.

Teddy leaned down and whispered something into each of her children's ears and then looked back up at her wife and winked at her before she started talking to the kids.

"Okay, I think it's breakfast time. Come on!" Teddy said excitedly as all of the kids sat up and slid off of their bed and then walked over to Addison.

Teddy sat up and hung her legs off the bed, but gave Addison an inviting look and started to smile when she began to walk over to her.

Addison leaned down and kissed Teddy on the lips, and was happy when Teddy kissed her back, but she was completely oblivious to the three kids running up behind her. Once Teddy gave them thumbs up, they all started tickling Addison, including Teddy who had since stopped kissing her.

Teddy pulled Addison down onto the bed, where she started to laugh hysterically as her wife and kids continued to tickle her.

"You guys are so mean!" She squealed as everyone started laughing.

"Awww, no we aren't!" Teddy said back, "Come on kids, give mommy a hug and then head down to the table."

The three munchkins each gave Addison a hug and then started walking downstairs, to the table.

"Thank you for getting them, I really needed that." Teddy said sincerely as she pulled Addison off of their bed and into her arms.

"I was happy to do it." Addison laid a kiss on Teddy's neck and was about to kiss her on the lips when they both heard a crash coming from downstairs.

"Sorry, mom." The twin girls' voices wafted upstairs, causing Teddy to laugh as Addison just shook her head.

"Let's go see the damage. Man, I love those kids. And I love you." Teddy exclaimed as she quickly kissed her wife on the lips and then started to walk out of their room, pulling Addison behind her.

"I know. I love them, too. And I am so madly in love with you." She whispered into Teddy's ear as she caught up to her wife.

"Mama, Mommy, hurry up! We want to eat!" Parker whined from his chair at the table.

"We'll be right there, buddy. Well we sure know who inherited your impatience, Red." Teddy joked as she squeezed her wife's hand and winked at her as she walked over to their kids and started getting their food for them.

Addison stayed back for a few seconds, watching her beautiful family before she went over to help get breakfast ready for their kids. She was so grateful for days like this, she loved relaxing with her family and having no interruptions for the whole day. She and Teddy were both off of work, so they could do whatever they wanted to for the whole day.

"What do you say we go to the zoo today? Would you four like that?" Teddy asked the kids and Addison nonchalantly as she started to cut up her French toast.

"Yes! I wanna go see the lions mama!" Alexis screamed from her seat as Teddy sat there with a big smile on her face.

Addison sat down next to Teddy after giving everyone napkins and started to rub her back lovingly. She definitely needed to thank Callie and Arizona again for

introducing her to the love of her life. Because without them, she wouldn't have met Teddy and they wouldn't have their amazing life or kids.

Thank you SO much to everyone who has read/reviewed and set up a story alert/favorite story for this story! It really means SO much to me! I have decided to end this story because I felt it was time. I hope you have all liked the story because I had a lot of fun writing it! Thank you so much!