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Chapter 19: Edsexual

-Emily's POV-

I walked into the kitchen to find one of the smalls tables set with two plates. We own multiple tables for all of the boys to sit and eat at once. We'd probably have invested in one big table to begin with, but in the beginning our original table was enough for the pack. However, people kept phasing one by one. Instead of constantly up-sizing our table each time a new member joined the pack, we resolved to get another small table for every couple of new members that joined. The new shifters showed no sign of stopping, so it was what worked. We had actually discussed knocking out the wall to the living room if we ended up needing more tables than we could fit in the kitchen.

I smiled at Sam as he pulled out my chair for me. He could be such a romantic if he wanted to be. I took my seat and watched as he sat across that table from me. He looked into my eyes seductively and then...

I began laughing as the atmosphere shifted suddenly. He tucked in, nearly inhaling the food on the plate in front of him.

He swallowed before talking. "What's so funny?" he asked with a smirk before shoving another meatball into his mouth. A noodle awkwardly trailed behind it as he sucked it in.

I was about to answer him when the screen door swung open. I looked to see Leah run into the house, her hair clinging to her face. It wasn't until now that I realized how hard it was raining outside. Her look was one of terror.

"Leah," I scooted my chair out and stood up. Sam mimicked me. "What's wrong?"

She paused for a second before she answered. "He's gone!"

-Jacob's POV-

I really had no idea how I ended up here. I mean I get that the whole anti-vampire grudge that we've had has been stupid and pointless, but still. I spent so long trying to win Bella over, but I end up with her boyfriend? How does that work? I never really though of myself as gay, but... no. That's not it. I don't really think about other guys. So does that make me... Edsexual?

"So I guess that makes me Jakosexual," came a smooth, velvety voice from behind me.

"Dammit, Edward!" I exclaimed in surprise, "More warning next time?"

He chuckled at me as he sat on his bed behind me. His knees were propped up on either side of me as we sat in the center on his rather large bed. How they managed to get the damn thing through the door was beyond me.

"We took the window out and Emmett threw it up from the lawn. Jasper and Alice caught it and set it up," he explained as he folded his arms around my chest, pulling my back into him.

"You serious?" I replied as I turned my head so that he could see the look on my face.

"As a heart attack."

I Rolled my eyes at his corny joke. "You're such a freak."

He laughed. "It was probably about time that the window got replaced anyways. I was beginning to grow tired of seeing the same pane of glass everyday."

I laughed at him. "What's the difference? This one's just as clear as the other one was."

"But when you're a vampire, you can see all of the runs and little bubbles. Also, light passes through each pane differently. It's just not noticeable from a human's stand point."

"Oh," I said as I began to relax in his arms. I tried to see what he was talking about, but failed. "You're still a freak though."

He chuckled as he laid a few kisses on my neck. "But am I yourfreak?"

I turned and gave him a quick kiss. "Of course," I responded before turning back to the window.

I opened my mouth to say something, but was forced to remain silent when the phone rang. He was downstairs answering it in just moments, leaving me alone. I sighed deeply and stood up, making my way down the stairs to ask who it was. By the time I made it to the bottom of the stairs, Edward threw me my shorts strap, which I use to time my shorts to my ankle so that I have clothes to change into when I phase back.

I raised an eyebrow at him with a 'what's this for?' look.

"That was Emily," his brow drew together, "Sam and Leah are already searching."

If I wasn't confused before, which I was, then I definitely was now. "Searching?"

"For Seth," he finished, "He's missing."

-Bree's POV-

I noted the sweet smell of the ocean air that filled this hole that I had scratched out of the side of a cliff. I remember when I was alive and starving, I would do chores on the docks in exchange for fish to eat. Back then, I couldn't stand that pungent stench of fish that hung over the ocean. Now, I enjoyed it. It smelled almost sweet. Maybe it was the scent of the blood that run through the creatures of the sea.

I almost thought that he would never find me. I told him exactly where to meet me, but I went to a great distance to never be discovered by anyone else. I made a mental note to dig a tunnel for him to get to from the surface. Maybe I'd even concrete it and reinforce it so that it doesn't collapse on him. That would suck.

I was about to give up when I heard a large splash. I looked out into the water to see a young boy emerge from the ocean and look around for the cliff. I lit a flare for him to see. He eventually made his way to the steps.

"You carved out steps?" he laughed, "A little over the top for a hole in a cliff, isn't it?"

"I was bored," I replied, shrugging.

Truth is, digging out little hideouts reminded me of the time I spent with Diego. I remembered spending time with him in an underwater tunnel that he had carved out to escape the sunlight. Ironically, that was the time that we had discovered that sunlight wasn't really dangerous. Since then, I had been carving out places such as this to pass the seemingly endless amount of time that I now had on my hands. I had grown quite good at it in my opinion. These little spaces had evolved from craters in the wall to geometrical, level room-like spaces.

"It looks really nice considering that you dug it out from the side of a cliff," she smiled, "There's a little hallway and everything."

"Maybe I'll even put a big door there so that I can keep furniture in here," I said motioning around the small room. "It'd look nice if I did it right."

"It's fine just the way it is," he complimented. "Bree?"


"Can I ask you something?"

"You just did," I replied, sticking my tongue out at him.

He rolled his eyes and chuckled. "I'm serious though. Please?"

I sighed, caving in. "Sure. What is it?"

"The Cullens said that the Volturi took you..." his fingers began to toy with each other idly, "If it's true that you went with them, then why are you here?"

"What? Do you not want me here?"

His eyes widened and shot up to meet mine. "No, no! It's not like that. I j-just w-"

'I cut him off. "I can leave if you want me too. I can swim to Europe from here."

"No!" he protested. He seemed so sweet. I almost felt guilty for manipulating him. "Please stay here."

"It's not like anybody but you even wants me here," I huffed, "And sometimes I even doubt that you really want me here."

He looked crushed. Now the guilt was really bugging me. I pushed the thoughts to the side as he began to speak. "How could you say that?" he croaked.

"Well you-"

"I love you, Bree!" he cried.

I froze. He caught me way off guard. I had figured that he was crushing, but love? Damn. "Seth, I..." What else was I supposed to say? "I don't think that I feel the same way."

I expected him to look disappointed, but he threw me off by grabbing my hands. To be honest, I had completely forgotten what I had come there for.

"I'm sorry, Seth," This couldn't happen. I could feel something, but what I felt was unacceptable, "I think you should go."

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