So sorry it has been so long! I've had this chapter written for awhile but just haven't had access to post it. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Bones awoke the next morning to an empty bed, but hearing the sound of the shower, she knew Booth wasn't far away. She got up, put on her housecoat and made some coffee. She had just gotten herself a cup when Caroline called from the hall and pounded loudly on the door. Cam and Agent Shaw accompanied her. About the time they walked through the door, Booth came out of the bathroom, towel around his waist and nothing else. "Bones, where'd you put the toothpaste? I can't find it in the…Whoa!" he shouted, sliding into the kitchen and freeze framing as he noticed the other women around the kitchen island.

Agent Shaw looked away quickly while Cam stole a glance at Bone's reaction. "Why, HELLO Cheree!" Caroline said, placing her hands on her hips. "So what have you two lovebirds been up to, mmhh?"

Booth and Bones were speechless as they exchanged a look. "Nevermind…I'll find it." Booth said, walking quickly back toward the bathroom, grasping his towel around him."

"What brings all of you here?" Bones asked, trying to divert attention. "I'm assuming news about Broadsky?"

A few minutes later, Booth joined the ladies, fully clothed with freshly brushed teeth.

"We can't keep the two of you locked up and guarded forever, so the FBI and the Jeffersonian have come to an agreement."

"Something tells me I won't like this," said Bones, looking at Booth.

"Dr. Brennan, we've decided to keep you in the lab for now…." Cam put her hands up to stop any complaints. "You can still do interrogations and location work. I just don't want you chasing bad guys…literally… for awhile."

Bones started to protest, but Booth interrupted. "I think that's a good idea."

"What?" Bones exclaimed, throwing him a death glare.

"I think we both need a break from the action. Especially with our current situation…" he hinted to Bones about the baby.

"Oh, you mean about the ba…"

Booth interrupted. "Broadsky! Of course. We need to be careful."

"I don't see how keeping me in the lab is helpful. Vincent was in the lab, and you see how that turned out."

"That's different, cheree. And besides, Booth will also be keeping it a little more close to home while we figure out what Broadsky is planning."

"What? Oh no, I'm not going to be the paperwork peddler! I worked too long for that!"

"We need you. You know how he thinks. You can predict his moves better than anyone," Agent Shaw said. "I don't think you could go back to paperwork even if you wanted to, Agent Booth."

Booth nodded. "Let's get this guy. And not get ourselves killed in the process."

Later that day, Bones was on her computer in her office when Angela walked in. "So, how was it?"

"How was what?" she asked, looking up from her computer.

"Your two nights…alone with Booth? Please tell me it was rinse and repeat the whole time."

"I don't know what that means, but we didn't have sex again." Angela's face fell. "But we did kiss." Bones moved to sit across from Angela.

"Did you tell him how you feel? Or do you even know how you feel?"

"Of course I do, Angela. I just don't know what to do about it."

"Oh I know what you can do about it!"

"Do about what?" Cam said, stepping into the office.

Angela and Brennan exchange a look. "I have romantic feelings for Booth," she confessed.

"Yeah, and?" Cam questioned.

"Cam, if I told you that Booth and I were sexually involved, what would you say?"

Cam's eyes widened in surprise and she clapped her hands together "About time! Wait…was that just hypothetical?"

"She's not a hypothetical person," said Angela.

"Angela is correct. Although I fear there may be repercussions for me telling you, as my supervisor."

Cam stepped closer. "Dr. Brennan, as your friend, and Booth's friend, I would be very happy if the two of you started a romantic relationship. And as your boss, I feel the same way." She smiled at both of them before turning her attention to Angela. "The reason I originally came in here was to tell you that Hodgins is having a diaper dilemma."

"Duty calls," Angela said, standing to leave. "Be sure he knows how you feel, Brennan."

Meanwhile, Booth was sitting at his desk at the FBI, going through some files of Broadsky. Dr. Sweets passed by and waved hello. "Sweets, hey Sweets!" Booth called out.

"Hey Booth, you looked busy so I didn't want to stop in. What's going on?"

"Can I ask your opinion, in a hypothetical professional way?"

"Wait, do you want a hypothetical opinion to a professional situation, or a professional opinion to a hypothetical situation?"

Booth looked confused. "What?"

"Nevermind. What's the issue?"

Booth got up and shut the door before returning to lean against his desk. "Ok. So… let's say…hypothetically…that Bones and I were to become an item of some sort…"

"WHAT? What's happened? Did you and Dr. Brennan finally…"

"OK, Sweets. I said hypothetically! What would the bureau do about it?"

"Ok, you're serious, right?" Sweets was obviously excited, but managed to hold it in.

Booth didn't make eye contact, but crossed his arms and stared at the ground, waiting for the answer.

"I wrote a book on this subject, Booth. And I think that you two being involved romantically will either have no impact at all on your statistics of solving crimes, or will only increase your abilities."

Booth looked up.

"However, romantic relationships between agents are frowned upon. But Dr. Brennan isn't an agent. She's one of the few forensic anthropologists in the nation. And honestly, we're at her mercy. It's not like we can pull another from the hat. So I would bet that between Hacker, Cam, and me…"

"So you're saying it could work…"

Sweets smiled at his hopefulness. "I can't guarantee that the FBI will allow the partnership to stay together. But if the two of you make it happen…I know that will be a very good thing no matter what happens with work."

Booth smiled and offered his hand. "Thanks Sweets."

After shaking hands, Sweets opened his mouth to ask more questions. "So, does this mean…"

"Ok, Thanks. See you later!" Booth said, ushering him through the door and shutting it.

Smiling to himself, he grabbed his bags and headed to the Jeffersonian.