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Chapter 6

Naruto glared from under his hood as Sasuke walked proudly into the contestant's box. He wanted nothing more than to bash his head in right there but he knew he would get his chance. Neji was still worn out from his fight with his teammate and probably stood little chance of beating Sasuke. That didn't mean he couldn't hurt him, though.

Hinata glared at him as well as she had been one of the few who saw what happened. "Those ANBU beat Kuro, not him." She whispered to her small family unit. "They snuck in underground during the mist and beat him senseless. Sasuke just stood there."

Naruto nodded as Temari grasped her fan tightly. "He will need to be taken down." She growled out. "Maybe fix things so that he is completely useless to Konoha."

Hinata gave a small giggle at that. "Apparently, you don't have to worry about that." Naruto and Temari both looked at her. "Remember during the prelims when Ino came in? Well, she told Tenten the reason she was so happy and giggly and I just happened to overhear as well."

She quickly looked around before leaning in. "Sasuke can't get his equipment to work." She said in a whisper.

Temari raised an eyebrow at that while Naruto began to silently laugh. "He's impotent?"

Hinata shrugged. "Apparently Sakura had tried her hardest to make it work when they were camped out in the forest those few nights and I guess it never responded except for once. That time was when Sakura got him hard but he blew his lid before they could go the distance."

Naruto was visibly shaking now while trying to contain his laughter. Temari, however, couldn't breathe she was laughing so hard. "So…he's useless?"

Hinata shrugged. "I couldn't tell you. I know he's smaller then some." She went red in the face at that.

Temari stopped laughing and gave her a sly grin. "Why, Hinata, I didn't think you had it in you to be perverted."

"I didn't mean to. I wanted to see…" She meeped at that as she realized all of the sudden who was standing between her and the blonde princess from Suna.

Temari just smiled at her. "You wanted to see Naruto?" Hinata nodded. "And Sasuke just happened to get in the way?" Again, she nodded. "Fine then, but how does he and, since were on the subject, Naruto stand up, well Sasuke's case is lay I guess, against the others in your class?"

Hinata blushed again so her face resembled a cherry. "Well, Sasuke was the smallest of the class by about an inch. Naruto…he's one of the largest."

Temari raised an eyebrow again. "How big is he?"

Naruto just shook his head before cutting off their conversation with a wave of his hand. He leaned in to Temari's ear. "You'll find out. Now, stop embarrassing Hinata."

Hinata smiled over Naruto's shoulder at Temari and raised her hands about a foot apart from each other. Temari caught the reference and winked as Naruto straightened up.

Naruto noticed that Neji didn't look too good. "Hina-hime, give one of these chakra pills to your cousin." He told her as he handed her a brilliant orange food pill.

She looked at it confused while Temari just smiled at Naruto. "Risky, letting one of those out of your possession in a semi-hostile location. Aren't you afraid that someone might get their hands on those things and try to copy them?" The wind mistress asked.

Naruto shook his hooded head. "No, because they can't copy the pill without me or another jinchuriki."

"What is it?" Hinata asked.

Naruto smiled at her. "Go give it to Neji. I'll tell you when you get back because he will ask you what it is. Tell him it's a modified food pill. It's true enough."

Hinata nodded and quickly filled her roll. Neji gave her a raised eyebrow when she told him to take it. He refused until she told him it was from Dachi. He smiled at the hooded form of Dachi before swallowing the pill quickly and thanking Hinata. She returned to her new small family and nodded to Naruto.

Together, the three watched as Neji walked out of the competitor's box followed shortly after by Sasuke. "This should be interesting. The two famed dojutsus against each other, sharingan vs. byakugan." Temari said as they watched the so called 'geniuses' enter the arena for their match.

"Now can you tell me what that pill was?" Hinata asked.

Naruto nodded and whispered to her. Her eyes went wide at the realization at what she had just given the man she thought of as a brother. A wicked smile played across all three of their mouths as they watched the bruises and marks on Neji fade as he walked calmly to the center of the arena.

"The sharingan vs. the byakugan. Finally we get to see who is stronger." Tsunade said to her companions. "I'm personally rooting for Neji but I think that might have to do with the fact that I'm a Senju."

Gaara nodded next to her. "I am, as well, rooting for the Hyuga due to personal reasons as the Uchiha is the reason I haven't been able to see my friend in over a year now."

Mei smiled at both of them. "Well, he'll get no love from me. I have a distinct feeling that he cheated in his win over Kuro but I can't prove it due to the Hidden Mist."

Tsunade nodded as well as she watched the two fighters get into their respective family's taijutsu stances; Neji into the advanced stance of the Gentle Fist and Sasuke into his family's Intercepting Fist style. "This will be good. The Gentle Fist is a focused attack style while the Intercepting Fist counters the attacks of an opponent."

Shikamaru called for the fight to begin and the two fighters began their strategies. Sasuke started by backing away and launching large gout of flame at Neji. As expected, Neji countered with his Kaiten. "Good strategy on his part. Wear out Neji until he can finish him off. Sasuke is most assuredly in better condition after their respective fights…well, Neji fought." Gaara explained as Neji countered a wave of kunai with another Kaiten, this one slower and smaller than the others.

Mei nodded. "It looks as if this fight will be short lived."

Sure enough, it lasted one more fire attack from Sasuke…but Gaara felt a pulse of chakra from Kyubi. The problem was that it wasn't from Naruto. It was from Neji. "Oh, don't count him out yet. It seems that he received a little gift during the break."

Tsunade gave him a look before her vision moved to the arena. In the center of the arena, there was a flash of light before Neji stood calm and collected, not looking anywhere near exhausted from his bout with Lee. "What was that?"

"A new restore pill we developed in Suna. My team must have given him one to even out the playing field since Sasuke was relatively fresh. I can't tell you how we developed it but it slowly heals all wounds on the user before rapidly filling the user's chakra reserves. We developed it to catch our enemies off guard since they wouldn't expect a beaten and worn out ninja to suddenly be in perfect condition…for a short period of time." Gaara explained.

"How short?" Mei asked.

Gaara shrugged. "Our longest test study was three hours…but he was a rare case. Average on a normal ninja would be around three to five minutes. After that, it's a case of chakra exhaustion."

Tsunade raised a brow. "How severe a case, are we talking a normal case or Kakashi and Naruto severe?"

Gaara gave her a soft smile. "About a medium level, out for two days and limited for one more."

Tsunade was shocked. These pills could be used in case of emergency to get their forces off the front lines and back to a support staff in worse case scenarios. "Can you give us this recipie?"

Gaara shook his head. "Unfortunately, you got rid of the one way you could create these." He told her.

Tsunade instantly realized how they worked the way they do. "You didn't?" Gaara nodded. "You finally made it? You used her notes and finished the pill!"

Mei raised a brow at that. "Whose notes?"

"Kushina Uzumaki."

Neji felt amazing. That pill that Naruto gave Hinata to give to him made him feel like his fight with Lee didn't exist. "I must thank him." He told himself before rushing in to close range against Sasuke. The two fighters exchanged blows with neither really gaining a foothold against the other. Neji was gaining an upper hand due to the fact that his attacks cut off chakra points in Sasuke's arms but the Uchiha was giving it as well as he took. Both separated after a short fullry of attacks and were breathing heavy.

Sasuke couldn't feel his right hand and his left leg felt a little sluggish. Neji was supporting a bruise on the left side of his face and held his right hand to his chest due to a heavy blow. "It seems we are at an impass, Uchiha." Neji said softly.

"I was going easy on you. I hadn't even activated my sharingan." Sasuke said with a snide smile before activating his dojutsu and attacking again.

The fight continued for another three minutes before Neji faltered. "It's over." Gaara told the Kage's in the box. As soon as he said it, Neji collapsed in a heap but didn't look like he was too badly injured. Sasuke rushed in to finish him off but Shikamaru stopped his shadow while the medics took Neji away. "It was a great match, but, unfortunately, there was a time limit on how long he could go for."

Mei nodded in amazement as she whispered to one of her bodyguards. Tsunade took that time to lean over to Gaara. "Should we tell her?"

Gaara shook his head. "She never met him that I know of at least. Either way, do you want to tell the public before hand or just surprise them?"

"Let's surprise them." She stood. "There will be a short five minute rest period for Sasuke before we start the final match. Will Dachi of Suna please make his way to the arena floor?"

Naruto grinned from under his hood and scarf. "This is it. Is Kankuro in position?" He asked Temari.

She nodded. "He's on the roof with three of his puppets playing the role of members of the Suna council. They are seated right next to his puppets."

Naruto smiled and gave her a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Take care of yourselves. I don't know how bad this is going to turn out when I reveal who I am." He told her before moving to Hinata and repeating what he did and told Temari. "Don't worry about me. I have a few tricks up my sleeve for him."

He quickly made his way to the arena floor by appearing in a rush of wind and electricity. "Ready." He growled out.

Sasuke scowled at his opponent. He knew the basic shunshin and the leaf shushin but he had never seen someone combine two elements. Before I kill him, I will have him tell me how he learned to do that. He smirked at his hooded opponent.

Shikamaru nodded as he looked up at the Kage's booth. Receiving a nod from Tsunade he cleared his throat. "We will now begin the finals of these Chunin Exams, Sasuke Uchiha, representing Konoha versus Dachi of the Flowing Sands representing Suna. Both fighters are ready so…BEGIN!"

Sasuke started the fight with a blast of dust as he moved at high speeds to close in on Naruto. As he did, Sasuke threw a punch at his face. Naruto bent backwards at the waist and watched as Sasuke flew over the top. He quickly straightened up and caught another punch before forcing Sasuke to break off as he swung a heavy roundhouse kick at his legs.

Sasuke ran through a quick series of hand signs before launching multiple fire balls at him. Naruto countered by placing a wall of water between him and the incoming fire. A few shirkens followed and he just caught them before returning fire.

Sasuke ducked his return fire before stopping the attacks and falling into his family's taijutsu style again. "Impressive, not many can keep up with me. However, I was going easy."

Naruto just shook his head as he stood back up with his hands in his sleeves. He quickly formed the hand seals for an illusion gnejutsu he had learned from Kyubi but Sasuke intercepted him by throwing several kunai and forcing a retreat. Naruto quickly fell into a relaxed taijutsu stance that was reliant on a strong defense.

"DACHI!" He heard cried out from the Kage box. Turning his head he saw Gaara standing up. "It's time." was all he said before sitting back down in his seat.

Naruto nodded as he turned to look at his opponent. Shikamaru looked at Dachi and let his mind race through situations. "Time? Are you invading again?" He asked seriously.

Naruto just grinned as he reached under his hood and removed the black scarf with his former Konoha forehead protector stitched into it. "Really, Shika, you think I would lead an invasion force into my former home?" He said in his normal voice as he threw the scarf between himself and Sasuke. Both looked at it in wonder as Shikamaru quickly started running through situations at seeing a konoha forehead protector on the scarf.

One thought over took everything else. Former home? Naruto?

Tsunade stood up in the box and addressed the crowd. "Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to say a few words before letting this contest continue. You see, Dachi is not this young man's true name. In fact, many of you know him. I would like to introduce the true man under the hood."

Shikamaru and Sasuke stared in disbelief as Naruto removed his hood. "NARUTO!" They both gasped.

"Naruto?" Ino questioned from her seat next to her team and the other teams. "What is going on?"

Asuma took a drag from his cigarette as he watched. "Looks like after he was banished from here, he went ahead and moved himself to Suna and was instated as a genin over there. This could end bad."

Kurenai nodded in wonder. "Naruto has a kill on sight order for him. We might need to step in."

In the elder box, the Konoha elders were fuming. "How dare that demon show his face here again after we banished him?" Homura sneered.

One of the Suna elders gave a sly smile. "Why not? He's one of our best ninja." The elder said from behind his mask.

"How could you let that demon exist? We should break off all relations with you since you allowed an enemy of our village into your own!" The male elder demanded.

Another one of the Suna elders shook his head. "You have no authority over who we allow into our village and, as for the Kyubi, our own Kazekage is a jinchuriki as well. Now we have the force of two of the demons while your own village has no counter in case Kumo or Iwa attack you with their own."

At this the Konoha elders seethed quietly while all three of the Suna elders just remained quiet.

At that moment, a cloud if purple haze filled the box. Kankuro, sitting on the roof just above them, smiled as he watched the two elders scramble away before fainting from the poison cloud. "Mission complete." He whispered as he recalled his puppets to his side and hurried along the roof to Gaara.

Naruto smirked as he removed the brown robes to show his new look. "Good to see you again, Shika." He laughed softly.

Shikamaru just shook his head. "Naruto, always making my life troublesome."

Sasuke, in the mean time was silently fuming. Here he was, the source of his anger and rage, after his own brother, and it made him just slightly afraid since Naruto had won their last match. "Dobe, I'm going to kill you this time."

Naruto just shook his head. "Just wait, teme, Tsunade-baa-chan has something else to say." He made a motion with his hand and the Hokage nodded.

"Now that Suna's member has been revealed, I have to tell you his name. You see, his name might make many of you regret his banishment. I present to you, Konoha and distinguished guests, Naruto Uzumaki NAMIKAZE!"

Sasuke and everyone else were caught in total surprise. The bane of Konoha, the Demon in Human Flesh, was really the missing son of the Yondaime Hokage. "It's a lie." Sasuke hissed.

Naruto shrugged before flipping a kunai at Sasuke. "Catch." was all he said.

Tsunade smiled down at the arena. "Continue the match!" She called out.

Sasuke caught the Kunai at that moment and noticed that it was three pronged with some sort of writing on the hilt. He looked at Naruto and caught a bright flash of light before he felt the impact of a super powered punch on his face.

The arena went dead silent at seeing the former dead last use the move that made his father famous. "I'll take that back now." Naruto smirked as he threw another punch into Sasuke's gut and then side kicked him in the stomach.

Sasuke fell to the ground as Naruto retreated slowly he smiled at his two girls at their location before watching as Sasuke stood again. "What's wrong, teme, can't take a punch anymore?"

Sasuke spat out a bit of blood before flashing through hand signs for his signature maneuver. "Chidori!" He cried out as he charged at Naruto.

The blonde just shrugged and held his hand out as Sasuke charged him. He made no attempt to defend himself and smiled as Sasuke aimed for his heart. His hand never made contact.

There was another flash of light and Sasuke found himself flying trough Naruto's location. Naruto stood near where Sasuke had started from and was grinning. "Enough, dobe, stand still so I can kill you and take Hinata from your dead corpse. Maybe I'll save your life and force you to serve me for all time while your love is my slave? Does that sound…"

Sasuke was cut off as he felt something he hadn't felt in some time. A large amount of killing intent, so strong and solely focused on him that he nearly wet himself, swept over him. He turned and looked at Naruto. The blonde…

Was no longer solely blonde. His hair had gained red-orange streaks growing from root to tip. His hair also grew substantially longer then his short spikes and made him look even more like his father. Their eyes met and Sasuke flinched at the contact. They were no longer the blue orbs filled with kindness and sadness at seeing his former friend again. Now they were red, angry, and filled with rage at the thought of another man touching the woman who held part of his heart. "Teme, you have no idea what you just did, do you? You see, I couldn't do this the last time we fought." Naruto told the Uchiha.

Sasuke stared in wonder as the red chakra flowed around Naruto's body. It's that damn cloak of his again. I can't resort to taijutsu anymore or I'll end up burning myself on the Kyubi's chakra. However, that wasn't the end. Naruto's body changed as well.

Rather than the deep red cloak forming a tail of chakra, Naruto himself developed a tail of golden yellow with a red-orange tip. His ears also formed into those of a fox that matched his hair and tail. A second tail formed not long after the first. "You see, Kyubi and I have an understanding now. He helps me and I help him. I get stronger and, in return, I am tasked by him to rid the world of three people."

Sasuke backed up, unconsciously, as he felt the power radiate off of his former rival. "Three people?" He asked without thinking.

Naruto nodded as he slowly walked towards Sasuke. "Yes, three. One of them is the man who forced him to attack Konoha in the first place. He placed Kyubi under a genjutsu that made him think that members of Konoha attacked and murdered his small family. That was the reasoning behind the Kyubi attack that cursed my existence during my time in this village. Perhaps you would like to know his name?"

Sasuke felt his superior attitude returning. "Why would I care about it?"

Naruto's smirk made the whole arena flinch. "The man was Madera Uchiha, the man who formed your clan."

"But he's dead. He's been dead. You are liying!" Sasuke screeched.

Naruto just shook his head. "Whatever you want to believe, teme. The second person is you. He wants to rid the world of your clan since he was the one who gave you your eyes and you lacked the understanding of how to use them. They were not meant to steal the jutsu of your fellow villagers. They were meant for you to gain an upper hand against enemies. You, and your former clan, lacked the complete desire that was to defend your home. During the Kyubi's attack on Konoha, how many of your clan assisted in the defense? None. During the Third Shinobi War, how many sacrificed their lives? Very few since they were part of the Konoha Police Force and thus stayed in the village. Like it or not, the clan line will end with you."

Naruto smirked as he removed a scroll from his belt. "As for the third person, well, that has already been taken care of." He threw the scroll to Sasuke. "Go ahead, open it."

Sasuke quickly opened it to find that it was a human sealing scroll. He forced his chakra into it before throwing it to the ground. It was instantly covered in a puff of white smoke before a body was seen laying face up.

The body was a man with long black hair, he had pale skin and his clothes were torn and bloody. A hush fell across the stadium as they took in the former man. His black cloak was ripped but there were red clouds on it and everyone there knew who it was that was now laying dead before them. "Itcahi!" Sasuke screamed out as he fell to his knees.

"It's not Itachi." Hinata whispered to Temari with her byakugan activated.

The blonde just nodded. "I know. He is trying to get into Sasuke's head and it appears to have worked."

"I know the Hyugas know but do you think everyone else buys it?"

Temari just shrugged. "All that matters right now is that Sasuke thinks that it's true. Now, come on. We need to be in place in case ROOT decides to use the diversion as an opportunity to attack Naruto-kun."

Kakashi just shook his head from his seat next to Asuma and Gai. "It's a shadow clone henged into looking like Itachi." He stated emotionlessly.

Asuma nodded while all of the genin looked at him confused. "What do you mean?" Ino asked as she returned her gaze to the battlefield to watch what happens.

"Naruto is playing mind games at the moment. He henged a shadow clone of his to imitate Itachi's dead body to make Sasuke think of nothing else but to kill Naruto. That way, Naruto can formulate strategies that he needs to defeat him while Sasuke won't be thinking of anything but revenge on Naruto for ruining his own. It's quite the bold strategy since, doing that, he will most likely make Sasuke use his curse seal. However, with the control he is demonstrating with the Kyubi's chakra, one that Naruto won't have a problem with." Asuma told her.

"Look, Temari and Hinata are moving!" Lee called out from his seat on the far end of the bench.

Kurenai nodded. "They are most likely getting set up in case someone, or several someone, decides to try and attack Naruto. The question becomes, what do we do if that does happen? Technically, he's an enemy of Konoha and should be killed on sight."

Everyone remained quiet as they thought about it as well. Go against their friend or fight against their village. "To quote someone we all know…troublesome." Tenten muttered as she crossed her arms and waited for the fight to resume.

Naruto watched as Sasuke's emotions went from destroyed to non-existant in the flash of an eye. "Do it, teme, let this be our last rematch." He said as he fell into a new taijutsu stance. He held his arms close to his chest and with his fists poited directly at Sasuke. His legs were spread so he had balance in case of whichever angle Sasuke would come at him.

Sasuke roared with anger as he unleashed the power of the cursed seal against Naruto. He immediately transformed into his stage two form and attacked Naruto relentlessly. Naruto just batted the attacks aside as he backed up from the force. "I will kill you, Uzumaki!"

Naruto just grinned as he flashed halfway across the arena to his original starting location. "The name is Naruto Namizkaze now. Do it, Uchiha, let us use the attacks we are now known for." He told him as he charged up a Rasengan. Unlike before, this rasengan glowed a bright white and was laced with currents of lighting.

Sasuke flashed through the hand seals needed for his Chidori and both opponents attacked each other at the same time. There was an explosion of dust and debris that hit the barrier surrounding the arena from any wayward attacks. As the dust settled everyone saw Sasuke lying on the ground panting while Naruto stood confident and untouched. "Get up." Was all he said.

At that moment, the arena was filled with shinobi in ANBU gear. Each had a mask and the word Ne on the forehead. "Naruto Uzumaki, you are a missing-nin with a kill on sight order. Prepare to die."

Naruto just laughed lightly as he grew another tail. "I'm not scared of Danzo's pawns. But I think you should be of me." He growled out as he hunched over to all fours as he grew his fourth tail. "Pray that I don't reach nine." He snickered.

At that moment, Temari and Hinata appeared at their fiancée's side. "You will not harm Naruto-kun." Hinata told them as she fell into her Flowing Fist stance. Temari nodded as she opened her fan up and revealed all three stars.

The ROOT ninja all appeared ready to attack before a rush of sand appeared to form Gaara and Kankuro. "I will not sit by and watch one of my ninja be attacked. You fight all of us." Gaara sneered as he removed his Kazekage's robes. Kankuro unleashed Crow and took a stance next to his sister.

"Dynamic Entry!" Two voices shouted as Gai and Lee both made their presence known by kicking a ROOT nin each in the face. "We shall show you that Naruto's powers of youth rival all of your own. We fight with our friend." Lee told them.

"As do we." Ino told them as Team Asuma flanked the Suna team.

"As do we all." Kurenai told the ROOT operatives as her team and Tenten joined the now opposing force of the Konoha and Suna teams.

There was a brief moment of time where the ROOT nin were caught off guard but that lasted one more moment before they were completely caught by surprise. "Yo." Kakashi told them as he appeared by his former student's side.

Naruto's face let off a foxy grin. "Your late, Kakashi-sensei."

"Well, there was this old lady…"

"Whatever. You with us?" Naruto asked his former sensei.

Kakashi's answer was cut off as three more joined them. "What do you think we are all here for, gaki?" Tsunade told him as she, Jiraiya and Shizune joined them all.

"You are all so troublesome. I guess we call this match over?" Shikamaru asked as he joined his team.

"You guessed right. Now, the war on ROOT begins." Jiraiya told him as he rolled his head, loosening his neck muscles.

The battle lines were drawn and the fight was just beginning.

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