The bathroom door slammed behind Dave, causing him to cringe. He was trying to get some time away from Balthazar, not signal where he was. For the last week, Balthazar had been barging into his tiny apartment and randomly appearing in his lab, badgering Dave about the importance of training. Each time Balthazar would give Dave the same little speech, "You're my apprentice, and therefor you represent my good name. I won't have you embarrassing me with your lack of training." and them wear him ragged. He was getting more and more physical with Dave each session, and it was starting to give Dave certain... urges. Urges he couldn't take care of in fear of Balthazar's interruptions. Each time they trained, it became harder and harder to keep his mind on magic, making it impossible to improve and making Balthazar increase the amount of training. The seemingly endless cycle had taken its toll on Dave's self-control, bringing him to the bathroom in his lab. He looked at the spell's description once more, and then turned to the mirror. "Okay, okay." Dave chanted to himself. He tenced up and cast the spell. The mirror rippled, and Dave crawled in. He inched in and fell off the counter. "Did I make it?" He looked at the spare toothpaste he kept in the lab bathroom in case of emergency, it read 'tserC'. Yep, he made it. He walked out of the bathroom and in to the lab. Even though he knew he was completely alone in this reverse world, he felt nervous about doing this in such an open place. It also exited him. He walked over to the old wood table Balthazar sat at whenever he came over. He cleared off the table and laid down on it, the wood slowly warming as his body heat rolled of him and on to the table. He let his hands travel up and down his body. He moaned a little and stopped, before he remembered he was alone. He let his mind travel, slowly getting closer to what he really came here to think about. Guilt washed over him as he began to picture the 350 year old coat, the- he laughed a little- the old man shoes, and then his face. "No, no, nononono. I can't just, I mean..." He pictured Becky, his loving girlfriend. He pictured his parent, his up-bringing, his religion, Veronica, everything that went against what he has about to do. All telling him that Balthazar was about a thousand years older than him, that they both had girlfriends, that they were both men, and that Balthazar spent almost all his life thinking and longing for Veronica. He had all he wanted and Dave has NOT going to take that away from him. Tears started to fill his eyes as longing filled his heart. He wouldn't take away what Balthazar finally had, but he would give himself this one pleasure. He took of his jacket, then his t-shirt, flinging them near the table. The untied his shoes, then kicked them off along with his socks. He wiggled out of his loose blue jeans before he slowly inched off his bleach-white boxers. He was completely naked, completely guilty and completely hard. He lay back down on the table. He breathed deeply and remembered his last spare with Balthazar.

He had gotten Balthazar with plasma bolts a few times, then raised a shield for the wall of fire he was sure was coming his way. Balthazar, however, was not going with his normal tactics. He started with his usual wall of fire, but at the last second he sliced Dave's shield in two. Dave, shocked, began to gather up energy for another plasma bolt when Balthazar tackled him. Dave flailed under Balthazar, his hips occasionally meeting the older mans. Balthazar had him pinned down and suddenly stopped all movement after a particularly strong meeting of the hips. After a moment he slowly moved his head down, and nearly pressed his lips to Dave's ear. "You're learning." He whispered to Dave, before suddenly jumping off Dave and rushing off.

Dave imagined Balthazar taking a more aggressive route. He pictured Balthazar's body pressed completely against his, his master's hips slowly rubbing against his, his master's mouth on his ear. Balthazar tapped a finger against Dave's jacket, shirt, pants, and underwear, all turning to dust. His own cloths turned to smoke. He let his hand go lower, passing over small yet defend muscles on Dave's stomach, then onto the side of Dave's hips. He rubbed it, enjoying how Dave trashed mildly under him. His hand moves an inch away from Dave's package.

"Beg." Imaginary Balthazar told him.

"Please..." Dave said.

"Try to be a little more convincing."

"B-Balthazar! Please! I-!" Dave began to beg, but never finished due to Balthazar's hand wrapping around his manhood.