WARNING: MAN LOVE. That is all.

Dave jumped and turned to the man beside him. He was looking into the sky, but not at anything in particular. Dave just new Balthazar was going to rub his rejection into his face, and it scared him.

"Balthazar, just- just leave me alone, okay?" Dave said, and then looked away, "Go back to Veronica."

Balthazar shook his head.

"She'll be fine. She's a grown women, she can take care of herself."

Dave thought over what he wanted to say carefully before replying.

"We might have had a fling but I don't like guys, Balthazar. What happened was a fluke. Just try to forget about it and maybe things can go back to normal.

"Dave, we-" Dave cut Balthazar off.

"Okay, maybe we needed to get it out of the way and, if... urges build up we might do it again, but we need to maintain our relationship as Master and Apprentice. I like things the way they are." Dave said.

"Things change, Dave. We obviously have a deeper connection then we thought we had."

Dave had one last trick up his selve.

"I need you to do something for me, Balthazar."


"Think about Veronica." Dave said.

"..." Balthazar stood there.

"Just do it, okay?" Dave sighed. Balthazar closed his eyes and pictured Veronica, her wise eyes, her wavy long brown hair, her fancy dress that clung just right...

Dave smirked, his plan was working.

"Remember all you went through? You could feel her by your side, couldn't you? Trapped in the doll, waiting, just waiting to be with you again. You finally freed her Remember her face?"

Balthazar pictured her face from when he woke up, she was beautiful.

"She waited for you too, Balthazar. She finally has you back. Are you really going to throw away the love of your long, long life so you can have a little fling with someone your master told you to train?"

Balthazar's breath left him. The image of Victoria was fading. His eyes opened and turned to Dave just as Victoria disappeared. The boy was right. He had to talk to Victoria about this...

Dave managed to get through to Balthazar. Good for him.

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