Disclaimer: The characters of Naruto belong to Masashi Kishimoto, but the universe is all mine.

You are mine.

Slick fingers drop a twitching carcass to the wet grass. Shining lines and flaring candles cast light and shadow into hard jade eyes.

I am yours.

Stars drown in inky blackness as the moon is swallowed by a crimson shade. The wind that had lashed pink locks into her pale face and across chanting lips stills upon the cooling diagram.

My brands.

A nervous tongue slips out to moisten chapped lips. Her breathing sounds harsh in the sudden silence.

I accept.

Coated in lifeblood, her eyelids close out the gore, the altar, the cold, and the light. A deep breath expands her aching ribcage and a hand flutters towards her hip.


Lips part, air expels. Her voice is commanding, imploring, pleading.