I felt the moons beams slowly hit the surface of my skin. The burning sensation seemed to smolder and spread to the rest of my body. Slowly I was seeing the world through a beam of light. I remembered the first time I had changed. I remembered the pain. It had felt as if I was being burnt alive.

I remembered the fear. I remembered thinking that I was dying, and that I would never come back and watch the sun rise. Then I remembered the pain slowly numbing away until there was nothing but light.

Closing my eyes, suddenly I could hear everything. I could hear a herd of dear pass by three miles near a river. I could hear a bear to the west of the herd with her two cubs.

Then the slow thump of all their heart. I could almost feel the blood pumping through their veins, as their hearts sped up as they ran through the dark woods. These woods full of secrets and lies. These woods full of monsters and unaware prey. Poor and defenseless against the horrors of the dark world that surrounded them.

Then my throat lite on fire as if I had suddenly come back from running a marathon in the Sahara Desert. I was thirsty. And the sudden scent from the animals that hit me mad my throat clench in thirst. I was hungry. I was hungry for their flesh and blood. Never in my life had I wanted anything more than to have their necks in my mouth as I slowly waited until they stilled.

Then I remember opening my eyes and feeling short yet powerful. My limbs felt as if I could run a hundred miles and not tire. I could see as if I was a thermal camera. The red dots in my vision where my prey and I was the hunter. I had been so alone that night and so scared when I woke up bare with blood smeared all over my body.

But I knew that tonight I was not alone. I knew he was in the cabin, waiting for the change to pass through. My body went to him like a primal instinct to be near my mate. Even in my animal form I seeked him. And since he didn't appeal to me as food I could be around him in my night state.

I knew even though I was cursed, that as long as my love stayed by my side, I could finally live my happily ever after with my vampire love.