Chapter 3:

Bella's POV

After standing in the rain and soaking myself all the way to my undies I walked towards my car.

I noticed Angela wasn't in it so I assumed she had ran back home… then I realized I had the car keys so she had a good reason.

I could tell by the lingering scent of her on the side door that she had waited for fifteen minutes before leaving. I think she realized I needed some time on my own. And I realized that I couldn't shift in my house.

I knew a secluded area near the mountains that would be perfect for my shift. And it would give me some time to hunt. As a wolf, the forest was a place to get food and feed. I had been shifting in my house for the last few months and I knew that my wolf was starving.

Our bodies where completely different personas. I could still eat regular food but my wolf hated it since it preferred fresh meat.

Not feeding also made me extremely irritating to be around and suddenly I wondered if that's why Angela had left. Had I been snapping at her for the last few weeks? I couldn't remember if I had.

But I definitely knew that I had been snappy around and at Edward.

Before getting into the car I checked around the parking lot and the forest. My wolf had made me paranoid. Animals are more sensitive to their instincts and intuition making them safer against predators, but in my wolf's case it made it sensitive to humans and other harmful creatures.

I hadn't realized but now as I got closer to night I sensed that my wolf knew that Edward was dangerous.

Unconsciously I had been trying to stay away from him for his own safety but now I knew that it had been because my wolf sensed another predatorily creature that could harm me in my human form. It was the only thing that made me weak, being in my human form, but at night I became unstoppable.

Suddenly I worried that my bond with my imprint could be enough for my wolf to track Edward and get rid of the threat. Wild animals never think twice about acting, but humans did. I was frightened and anxious that my wolf wouldn't think twice about slaughtering my imprint and therefore crushing my soul.

Thank God I would be fifty miles away. Even though my wolf was a great tracker it would take too long to track down a vampire after hunting.

Plus considering all the game here in the Olympic Peninsula my wolf would be too busy munching down some dear and occasionally, and rarely a mountain lion and a few bears here and there.

I hoped it would be enough to distract my wolf at least for one night and tomorrow I could talk to Angela about disabling my wolf's nose when I changed.

I spotted nothing in the parking lot out of the ordinary besides Lauren making out with Tyler in her car. EW, at least she wasn't making out with the school drunk Taylor like last time.

I slid into the leather seat and drove. My destination, Olympic National Forest.

I wove around trees and highways until I came to the National Forest.

My wolf could already sense the prey in this park. There was a bear a little north from here, and then there was a mountain lion to the West.

I stepped out of the car when I reached the snow tipped mountains. There was no one here for fifty miles that could get hurt.

It was my time to hunt.

Edward's POV

I had to go far away. I had to leave.

It was something I had been contemplating for some time. I mean when you live a life of solitude you aren't accustomed to pretending to smile every time a loved one spent some time with their mate and trying to be supportive when you had no idea what you were looking for in life.

I was always the odd one out. The only one who had not found his mate. Living in a household of vampires who could not only feel your emotions and see your future brooding but could also overhear and put their noses where they're not supposed to, was an environment I was dying to escape from.

Esme's constant worrying, Carlisle's silent observations, Jasper's constant mood surveillance and reporting to Alice, Rosalie's silent musings, and Emmett's constant teasing of me 'not getting some' for the past hundred years where about to spill me over the edge. I was tired of living with a family who pushed me and tried to help me find a mate or a friend.

I loved them I just didn't love their nosy habits.

I wanted to leave and maybe go to South America for a while… Translation: Leave and stay away for a few centuries.

I guess Isabella Swan presented opportunity to do so.

I couldn't kill someone. I haven't killed anyone in the last eighty years. And those where guilty criminals. This was an innocent life I would be taking, and I knew that Carlisle would eventually figure it out. I didn't want to become a murderer like I was for twenty years in my early life. And I most definitely didn't want to kill the innocent Swan.

I'd met her father once. And I knew that if I took her away from him it would destroy him.

I saw the red eyed monster in me rejoice at my pain. Masochistic bastard.

I didn't want to hurt like this, I didn't want to feel. I was meant to die. I didn't want to live. But Carlisle had acted like God and turned me into this. A monster. Something that couldn't even die.

I had lost everything and gained nothing.

I wanted to hunt. I needed to hunt. Isabella Swan caused my throat to scorch like never in a hundred years. She had the most mouthwatering scent I had ever encountered. Jasper could barely control himself when she passed twenty feet in front of him. Even Rosalie was feeling thirsty, like our hunting trip just yesterday was nothing.

Why did I come to this devilish place? Maybe God was finally punishing me for all my sins. I was paying the price of being a monster, and I was enjoying it.

I needed to breathe fresh air before seeing her, and smelling her, tomorrow. If I didn't hunt now her scent would unleash the monster I was so desperately trying to keep inside.

I could leave and hunt near Olympia Mountain Range. It was cold up there and snowing but I wanted to be far away from my family and their questioning thoughts.

And maybe I was also avoiding Alice and her interrogation.

I would leave, at least for a few days. I needed to clear my head. I needed to think without hearing the thoughts of everyone else in my head.

Sunset was fast.

There was a snow storm in the forest near the mountains. It was like being in a hurricane but instead of water it poured snow.

It was hard finding prey but there was a herd of dear that got caught in the storm. The smell of blood drew me towards them. There were already three dead bucks from what looked like a wolf kill.

I took down two bucks and almost one doe but I saw that she was pregnant and left her alone.

A mile further there was my favorite animal to hunt. A dead mountain lion which also looked like a wolf kill.

Strange, wolves don't hunt mountain lions… It wasn't in their nature. And from the scent from both sites it had been one wolf who had taken down the bucks and mountain lion. Must be a strong wolf.

A nagging suspicion made me think of werewolves but if there were any they kept to their own lands.

And the scent of this wolf seemed different. It was sweet almost like human blood. Almost like… No, it wasn't possible. Her scent was not the one of the wolf.

A few seconds later I heard something that sent chills through my cold, dead bones.

A growl from behind me.

I slowly turned to find the most beautiful wolf I had ever laid eyes on.

She was snow white and was lean and built for speed. Her coat was almost glowing as if magic ran through it somehow. Strong legs, and a lean shape framed with soft looking hair… Then slowly I met her eyes. They were chocolate brown.

She bared her fangs and a growl escaped her lips.

Strange, animals always feared us. They always stayed away. But this wolf was different. She wasn't scared at all. She wanted a fight. Before I could react and run away she did something I would have never thought a wolf would do. I mean, it just wasn't possible.

In a split second her fangs pierced my stone skin sliding through it as if it was made of butter. Instinctually I bit back locking her neck in my teeth.

Then her blood hit my tongue and I saw stars.

It was the most delicious blood I had ever tasted in my entire existence. It was like melted chocolate with strawberries at night.

I was not only seeing stars, I was drinking it dry.

Then the wolf made the most shocking sound. She let out a high and desperate cry… almost like a child crying in the middle of the night. That small sound shocked me out of my frenzy and I let the poor wolf go.

Small noises came from its limp body. Like a child begging for mercy.

It made my chest clench in guilt and my eyes sting in tears that would never be shed.

She laid there limp for an immeasurable amount of time before she stood up on all fours. Then she disappeared into the white forest leaving a kneeling and confused vampire in the middle of the cold dead night.

Shocking I know! Who else thinks Edward is being a brat about his family but he may have a point about them being nosy. And the wolf! Was is Bella and if it was her and he bit her what effect will his venom have on her? Going to update soon so stay tuned! –Kat.