One year later

"So Kurt's flight gets in at eleven, and I have to leave around five, so you'll just have to swing by here and get him before you head over to the theater."

"Got it. I should be able to get out of the office by at least four thirty, as long as it's not crazy busy. It's kind of nice being the one in charge of my department—when I need to leave early, the only person I have to deal with is myself."

Rachel giggles, moving her hand to rest against his cheek. "Aw, you're so important now, baby."

Finn smiles, looking at her as he rests next to her on the bed. Her hair is loose around her shoulders and her face is scrubbed clean in preparation for bed. She's wearing an old t-shirt of his, and he loves how huge it looks on her, even when she's lying down.

"Kurt's so excited to finally come out here," Rachel continues, scooting a little closer to him. "I can't believe he still hasn't seen the new place."

"I know, I think he's busier than the two of us combined," Finn responds, taking her hand from his cheek and placing a kiss on her palm. "I guess that's what happens when you dress a cast of like, a million people.

Rachel giggles. "There aren't a million people in the cast. But it is very large. I wouldn't want to do it."

"Me neither."

"If you had his job, everyone would be wearing t-shirts and sweatpants!"

"Hey now," Finn growls playfully, grabbing her waist underneath the covers, tickling her until she's squirming wildly in his arms.

"Finn! Stop!" she cries, her attempts to get away futile as he rolls her onto her back, moving over her and pinning her down.

"Take it back," he murmurs, bringing his face down to hers, pressing his lips first to her cheek before moving down her neck.

"Finn," she sighs, letting her eyes fall closed.

"Take it back," he says again, nipping gently at her skin.

"I take it back." Her voice is barely audible.

"Good." He continues moving his lips against her, moving from her neck down to her collarbone. She allows him to continue for a moment before she moves her hands up to his chest, lightly pushing him.

"Finn, I'm tired."

"Mmm," is the muffled response she receives as he kisses across her chest, moving his own hands to the bottom of her shirt.


"Rach, this is the last night we have without Kurt sleeping only feet away from us for a week. An entire week. And I can almost guarantee that he'll make some sort of comment every single night before he goes to bed about having exceptional hearing and—"

"Oh god," Rachel mumbles, interrupting him with wide eyes. "You're right."

She rips off her t-shirt faster than he's ever seen before.

"So this is the living room, obviously. And the kitchen, over there," she says, pointing to her left. "Both much bigger than the ones in our last apartment. This one is an investment."

Kurt nods, following as Rachel walks further into the apartment.

"There's the bathroom," she says, motioning quickly to her left. "And here's our bedroom." Rachel pushes the door open all the way, scooting inside so that Kurt can see into the room. "We splurged and got a bigger bed—king sized, because Finn really wanted it. The mattress is beyond amazing, too. It cost more that I'd like to admit, but I have to say, it's proved to be well worth—"

"Please," Kurt interrupts, holding up a hand to stop Rachel from ending her sentence, "I really don't need to know how amazing the bed you share with my brother is."

Rachel laughs a little, blushing.

"But, I must say, " Kurt continues, "I have to give you props. This apartment is not as terribly decorated as I originally expected."

"Wow, thank you," Rachel replies, rolling her eyes. "It's nice to know how little faith you have in me."

"Please, it's you. You were still wearing unicorn sweaters and plaid skirts until you were practically twenty-two years old."

"I was not!"

"Sure," Kurt responds airily, chuckling as he makes his way back out of the room and into the hall. Taking a few steps, he pushes the door open to the second bedroom. "This must be the guest bedroom."

"Mhm," Rachel murmurs, joining him in the doorway. "I made sure to pick up sheets with the exact thread count that you requested. You owe me like 150 dollars, by the way."

"Oh shush. Every single person who sleeps in this room from now on will thank me." Kurt looks around, frowning just a bit at the empty walls. There was only a bed, a side table with a small lamp, and a tiny desk inside the room. "I see you went minimal in here. Were you too exhausted from decorating the rest of the apartment by the time you got in here?"

"Uh, no," Rachel starts, shaking her head as she looks down. "We just didn't want to spend more money than necessary decorating the room when we weren't certain how long it would stay a guestroom, exactly."

"Why wouldn't—oh my god—Rachel Barbra Berry are you pregnant?" Kurt cries, his eyes wide and excited.

"No, no," Rachel laughs, waving her hands at Kurt to calm him down "I'm not pregnant. But," she looks down, biting her lip in attempts to hide her wide grin, "who knows what could happen soon? I mean, Finn and I are getting married in a month, and the timing is just…kind of perfect."

Kurt grins at her words. "Oh really?"

"Yes," Rachel nods, twisting her hands together. "My run in the show ends right before the wedding, and after that, I'm going to be doing that short run in West Side Story, but that's only for a few months as of right now. And Finn recently got that promotion at his company, and we've really been saving—"

"So you've talked about this, haven't you?" Kurt interrupts, looking at her knowingly. "This isn't just some thought you had randomly the other day, is it?"

"No," she answers, finally letting a full smile break out on her face, "it's not. We've really been talking about it."

"Oh," Kurt sighs, matching her smile. "I'm so happy for you two!" He grabs her then, pulling her into a hug.

"Kurt, Kurt!" Rachel laughs, hugging hi back for a moment. "Nothing's happened yet! We've just been talking!"

"I know, but it's just…you guys are growing up." Kurt mimics wiping a tear from his cheek jokingly, and Rachel rolls her eyes, grabbing his hand and leading him back out into the living room.

"Well, I always did tell Finn after I was twenty-five and had won a Tony. And you know, we decided on this apartment for its mantel," she jokes.

She motions over to the mantelpiece over their faux fireplace, her Tony award for Best Actress resting proudly in the center.

"I told Kurt," she whispers, pressed close to him in the dark. It's late and she has an afternoon show tomorrow, but she's still giddy from having both Finn and Kurt at her show this evening. Even though Finn tries to come as often as possible, having both of them there was like a bonus.

"You told him what?" He asks, running a hand up her side lightly.

"About how we've been talking about children lately. He kind of figured it out…well actually, first he thought I was pregnant."

"What? Why?" Finn asks, looking at her confused.

"Something about the lack of decoration in the guestroom. I just said that we didn't know how long it would stay a guestroom, exactly."

Finn grins, thinking about the implications of her words. They're going to be married in a month. A month. And they're already talking about babies and what color they'd like to paint a nursery and they've even talked about names. Names.

Their first child has yet to be conceived and he already knows that while she'd love to keep the sex of their children a surprise, she'd never, ever be able to wait. He knows that she'd really love their children to have first names of Hebrew origin, but she wants their daughter's middle name, if they have one, to be Carole, after his mom. For the past few months, he's seen her eyeing baby clothes every time they go into a store, and he's fairly certain she's made a mental list of every potential baby hazard in their apartment.

"What are you thinking?" she asks softly, her own hand coming to rest over his on her hip.

"I'm just—I'm so happy, Rach," he tells her, linking their fingers together and squeezing. "It's like, everything is so perfect and we're getting married and we're going to have a family and I'm just so happy. After everything, everything, it's all finally perfect."

"Finn," she murmurs, suddenly overwhelmed with emotion.

"I just—I love you so much. So much. And I can't wait to finally marry you and start our family. I feel like everything that happened did so that we could get it all out of the way and be so happy now."

"Finn," she murmurs again, tears welling in her eyes. She moves as close to him as possible, pressing her lips against his forcefully, putting every ounce of love and feeling into it. "You are perfect, and I love you more than I ever thought I could."

"Yeah?" he whispers.

"Yeah," she answers, nodding her head as much as she can while pressed against him completely. "Thank you."

"For what?"

She sighs, placing another kiss on his lips before moving to his cheek. "For loving me, no matter what." She moves her lips to his other cheek then. "For putting me up with my crazy, because as much as I say I'm not, I know I am." He chuckles at that, smiling as she moves to place a kiss on his forehead. "And for being my Finn. The only person I'll ever love unconditionally."

She breathes deeply then, closing her eyes as she leans her forehead against his, smiling contentedly. After everything they'd been through, all the years they'd been together, it feels like life is almost too good to be true. Perfect. And even if it took some time and a few bumps in the road to figure it out, they know that they can have it all.

They have it all.