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Chapter 12

Anita watched Jean-Claude move about the room, making sure everything was perfect. "So usually when meeting with a Master Vampire you make me dress like an extra from one of Raina's little films. Why so causal this time?"

"Samuel is not your usual Master." Jean-Claude answered. "I have only met him once and have he did not have a Human Servant back then. It was only a year or so before we met that he was here. Samuel is what you might call a…problem solver. When there is a problem that the Master of the City cannot deal with." He lounged on the couch and Anita leant against the table.

"What sorts of problems?"

"Rogue vampires and shifters, demons, black magic users." Jean-Claude gave one of those elegant shrugs and Anita's eyes widened a bit at the mention of demons. "He is the only Childe the Traveller has ever Sired on American soil although he told me he was actually born in England. He is powerful but has never even attempted to claim territory of his own."

"And now suddenly he wants to live here?" She asked sceptically.

"I would guess it is due to his Human Servant, we shall soon see." Jean-Claude straightened and Anita moved closer to present a united front. Jason slipped into the room, shooting her a grin and then two new males entered, both tall but one pale and one tanned. It was obvious that the taller, pale male was Samuel and he wasn't what she expected. The man next to him was shorter but still quite tall with short blonde hair and green eyes and…..and the feel of a new shifter. This was his Human Servant? More like his animal to call.

Samuel inclined his head to the other Master, able to feel Dean's nervousness as the leopard shifted in place. "Hello Jean-Claude, it's good to see you again."

"Samuel, it is good to see you well. Congratulations on taking a Human Servant."

"To you as well." Sam smiled at him and nodded at Anita. "Dean this is Jean-Claude and Anita Blake. This is Dean Winchester, my Human Servant." Sam introduced them and Dean gave an awkward smile and nod, not really sure what to do. Sure Sam had been telling him about his new world but it was a lot to take in and remember.

"You sure about the human bit?" Anita asked, seeing Dean flinch slightly and then blinked when Samuel gently took his hand, squeezing it gently. She'd never seen a vampire, let alone a Master, show that much affection with strangers. Meeting once did not make him and Jean-Claude friends after all.

Sam saw her surprise and tugged at Dean who willingly moved into his arms. He knew Jean-Claude and Jason could smell Dean's nervousness. He ignored them in favour of calming and comforting Dean. Despite not being a hunter Dean had been raised as one and he knew it made Dean's change even harder for him to deal with. Dean closed his eyes and relaxed into Sam's cool body as the vampire kissed his throat gently.

Jean-Claude kept his face blank only because of centuries of practice. This definitely explained Samuel looking for a city to settle in, although why he didn't just claim his own was still a mystery. He had seen even that one time that the other vampire was lonely. A Human Servant and one he obviously cared deeply for would do him a lot of good. He caught Anita almost gaping at them and nudged her gently through the Marks. A glance at Jason showed him watching them more covertly but with awe and….envy.

Feeling Dean relax Sam looked up at the others. "Dean was attacked in New York nearly two months ago. He shifted for the first time last full moon. I thought it would be best if we were somewhere stable until he adjusts." He admitted softly.

"How long have you been Samuel's Human Servant?" Anita asked and Dean opened his eyes to look at her.

"The same amount of time, we met in New York at a club." He answered with a small grin.

"There is a suite of rooms prepared for you here." Jean-Claude addressed Samuel who nodded in thanks. "Obviously you have feeding rights, many of the shifters who live here are quite happy to oblige if you do not wish to go out and search for a willing donor."

That statement had Dean stiffening slightly and Sam stroked his arm softly. He knew he couldn't always feed Sam but the thought of him hunting people for food was awkward and made some trained instincts rise up in alarm. "You know I don't kill Dean, even before we were legalised. And for the other….you're all I want or need." Sam murmured to him very softly. Dean relaxed again, feeling ashamed for his instinctive reaction.

Jean-Claude realised there was something about what he had said that was causing issues and nodded at Jason. "Jason will show you to your rooms. Dean you have free use of the kitchen whenever you wish. Feel free to enjoy the show upstairs as well."

"Thank you." Sam told him and then they followed Jason from the meeting room.

Sam curled around Dean on the massive bed they'd been given, quite happy to soak up the heat from Dean's body. Dean was half asleep, worn out from the stressful day, one hand tangled with Sam's. Sam kissed his cheek and Dean shifted, mumbling sleepily, one eye opening slightly. "Go to sleep Dean." Sam murmured and Dean closed his eyes again. Sam just smiled and ran his fingers through Dean's hair, happy to watch over Dean as he slept. This was a big change for both of them but he knew they needed the stability of living in one place, at least for a few years. Dean had a lot to learn after all. And Sam knew he could do with learning more about the Marks and what they meant for them.

Dean sat at the table, eating toast and looking around curiously. Thankfully he'd remembered the directions Jason had given him since Sam was asleep for the day. He was jumpy and he knew it but he'd never been around so many vampires and shifters before, even if most where asleep at the moment. He looked up as someone entered the room to see another man, well-tanned and with longish brown hair. Dean bit his lip as he felt something from him…like what he'd felt from Jason but more powerful. The man looked over, feeling his gaze, and stared back before snarling. Instinct had Dean moving luckily as the other shifter hit the chair he'd been sitting in seconds earlier. "What the hell?" Dean scrambled away, easily falling into a defensive stance. He'd defend himself but he didn't want to fight a complete stranger and possible piss off their host. Getting kicked out on their first day would not be good.

"Leopard." The man sneered and Dean blinked.

"Uh….yeah?" Dean stared at him in confusion and then heard running footsteps.

"Richard don't!" A familiar voice yelled. Jason skidded into the room, holding his hands up. He looked at Dean and winced. "I am so sorry, he doesn't know. Please don't tell your Master."

"Would someone please tell me what's going on?" Dean demanded, feeling his temper starting to snap. He took a deep calming breath, so far he hadn't shifted due to emotion and he'd like to keep it that way.

"Richard Zeeman meet Dean Winchester, Human Servant to the new Master Vampire in town, Samuel." He introduced the two more powerful were's cautiously.

"You're not part of the Pard?" Richard demanded and Dean shook his head.

"Just arrived last night. So it's not leopards in general you have a problem with, just the locals?" Dean snapped, still angry at being attacked.

"Considering what those bastards are used for we all hate them!" Richard snapped at him. Jason whined softly at the anger of the two alpha's. As young as he was it was obvious Dean was an alpha and would only get more powerful with time.

Dean winced at the whine and moved to Jason's side. "Easy, it's okay." He soothed and Jason relaxed, slumping against him much to Dean's surprise. Richard froze as he saw the other male sooth his pack mate, treating him like an equal or something. Jason relaxed into Dean, revelling in the feeling of safety the other man radiated. Why couldn't the Pack be made of alpha's like him? He whined softly, unable to help it and then sagged further as he felt a gentle hand in his hair. "You're okay Jason; no one's going to hurt you." Dean might not know a lot about weres yet but he couldn't just leave the other male in distress, even if it did break some inter-species rules. Jason was relieved that Dean wasn't shoving him away but doing what an alpha should. "You like scaring people half to death?" Dean asked Richard who looked slightly ashamed and joined him next to Jason.

"I'm sorry Jason." Richard whispered and the blonde wolf slowly looked up. Richard put a hand on his shoulder and Jason nodded. Dean pulled back and they all looked at each other before Dean's stomach growled. Richard glanced at what had been the other man's breakfast and winced slightly. "Sorry."

Dean just shrugged. "No harm done." He went to get more food.


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