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Chapter 13

Sam smiled as he woke, feeling Dean curled against him. He moved his hand to gently run his fingers through short hair and Dean opened his eyes, smiling at him. "Good afternoon." Sam murmured.

"Missed you." Dean answered, kissing Sam gently.

"You okay?" Sam asked and Dean shrugged.

"This place is…"

"We'll only be here until we find a place of our own Dean." He promised and Dean nodded, relaxing. Sam could smell the scent of two wolves lingering around Dean and was curious but he wouldn't push Dean to talk. He nuzzled at Dean's neck and Dean chuckled but bared his throat so Sam licked at the warm skin, pulling Dean closer. Dean ran his hands over Sam's currently cold skin, enjoying the contact. He hissed softly as sharp fangs punctured his skin and then Sam was sucking at his blood hungrily. Dean could feel Sam's body come alive as he fed, his skin becoming warmer even as his heart began to beat and his body react to their closeness.

Dean looked around the house and smiled, it was perfect. It was small but they didn't need anything big. It backed onto the woods which was good for both of them, especially him on the full moon. Dean looked at the real estate agent and nodded, she smiled and they left the house to go fill out paperwork. Dean didn't like having to rely on Sam's money for this but since he didn't have a job there wasn't any option.

Anita looked over at the couch where Samuel lounged, Dean resting against him in contentment. Considering how long they'd been together it was amazing how comfortable they were with each other. Dean looked over and caught her staring but she refused to look away and he grinned before frowning in thought.

"Can I ask you something?"

"Go ahead." Anita answered, curious what he wanted to know.

"Why do the wolves have issues with the local leopards?" He asked and Anita winced even as Sam sat up.

"Dean?" He asked in alarm and Dean shrugged.

"Its fine Sam, Jason got him calmed down and explained who I was besides I'm pretty good at dodging. Just didn't want to start a fight first day here." Dean shrugged it off and Sam nodded, accepting his explanation.

"It's a complicated situation. Raina, the wolves Lupa and Gabrielle the leader of the Pard are in business together."

"What sort of business?" Sam asked suspiciously and Anita sighed.

"Porn." She admitted. "The pair of them are sick. Marcus does nothing to rein her in. in fact he…gives them wolves he believes need punishing."

Dean blanched at that but it did explain why Richard had attacked him that day. "And no one has stopped them?" He demanded.

"Few people would get involved in Pard or Pack politics." Sam answered for her.

"There aren't many wolves strong enough to challenge Marcus. Richard is moving into position but it's not easy. As for the leopards…none of them are real alphas. Most would never even dream of challenging Gabriel." Anita explained and Dean shook his head.

"It's not right." He snarled and Anita shifted, feeling lycanthropic power rising. Sam gently pulled him close, stroking his arm to calm him and the power settled, leaving Dean blinking in shock.

"And Gabriel will expect Dean to join the Pard and submit to him."

"No way will that happen." Dean glared and Sam nodded.

"How powerful is Gabriel?" Sam asked Anita who shrugged.

"I'm honestly not sure. I've never seen or even heard of him fighting. His relationship with Raina protects him to a certain extent. I can ask around though." Could Dean take the other leopard? "Can you fight?"

"Been trained to since I was a kid. My dad was a marine and….he's been a hunter most of my life. He insisted on training me even though I never wanted in on that life." He admitted and Anita winced slightly. With a father for a hunter she was betting the man didn't know of his son's new life. Hopefully that wouldn't come back to bite him at some point.

"That would make you the new leader though Dean."

"I may be new to this leopard thing but there is no way I could do worse than that bastard seems to be."

Anita laughed at that. "I think I might get to like you Dean." She admitted and he grinned. Sam just smiled, glad Dean seemed to be making some sort of friends.

Sam watched as Dean moved, going through motions he obviously knew by heart. He'd never seen Dean do this before but then again his taking on another shifter hadn't been brought up until a few days ago. Now Dean was making sure he was in fighting shape. Sam didn't relish the idea of Dean fighting but he knew Dean better than to think he'd back in when so many people were being treated badly. Anita had come through with word from the Rodere about Gabriel, the man fought dirty if he had to fight but wasn't very powerful. He wasn't a trained fighter like Dean and Dean had the Marks to fall back on in a pinch. Jean-Claude and Anita had begun working with them on learning to use the Marks and it was rather interesting.

Dean finished and moved to the kitchen to grab some water before looking over at Sam. "Do you think I can beat him?"

"As long as you can keep control of your animal instincts yes. But Dean, this won't be a simple fight. A challenge like this won't end until one of you is dead."

"And I've never killed before." Dean admitted. Sam pulled him into a hug and then a soft kiss.

"That isn't a bad thing Dean. I wish I had never had to kill. But killing to defend yourself or others is nothing to be ashamed off." Sam smiled at him and Dean managed a small smile in return. "Now let's see what you can do." Sam grinned and backed off and Dean laughed but moved closer to attack.