Heartbreaker27, sorry I didn't respond to your review I kept myself busy. So, here's answers to your questions!: Kellan reminds her of Riley, his attitude when he began to get more adjusted with the family. You'll see in the flashbacks.

So, just to be clear this is a flashback! I hope you like it!

I stared sleepily out the window, as the blue, cloudy sky seemed to grow deeper and darker. I sighed, and scratched my head; trying to figure out when in the hell I went to sleep.

"Lev, sweetheart are you up finally?" I smiled at my mother's high pitched voice, as her heart-shaped face peered into my room

"Sort of" I smiled, as she laughed and sat down on the bed. Her almond shaped eyes harboring brown orbs that sparkled with happiness. Her medium length hair tied back into a small bun.

"Well, you have to get up. It's late and we will have a guest for dinner, so get to moving!" I smiled at my mother's enthusiasm and flipped the blankets off and shuffled into the bathroom.

After my shower, I threw on an off the shoulder shirt, and shorts and scurried downstairs, to the third floor and into my parent's apartment. The door was usually open, but if it wasn't then it was always unlocked. I smiled at my parents, side by side.

"I woke up early" I mumbled as I sat down on the stool, leaning on the counter watching my father cut vegetables

"It's actually almost 5, just because you're all grown up and 18 now doesn't mean you can create your own nocturnal sleeping schedule" I laughed, as I rolled my eyes. I watched my father laugh, his strong set jaw line and proud smile he wore on his face. His short brown hair, cut into a layered style his short fringe lying curved inward, resting hovering over his temples.

"How's Riley?" Riley's 13, he's one of the kids my parents took in a few months ago; he's a good kid

"Still a little shy, but otherwise perfectly fine" We had a few complications when we first got him, but now he's healthy and more adorable!

"So, who's crashing our dinner?" I smiled, as he gave me the 'stop' look.

"Invited" He said, as I quickly washed my hands and helped him cut the rest of the food up

"So, who is it?" I asked him eagerly, he just gave me a sly smile

"Oh…God no" I muttered, I was hoping with every ounce of hope mustering inside me that it wasn't Lestat. I fucking hate him; and they know that!

"It's a surprise…and no. It's not him" I looked at my father. Damn, he was such a good liar!

"You said that last time" I muttered under my breath, I saw his chest puff out in a laugh.

I stood in my closet, trying to figure out what to wear. I mean, they could've gave me a hint; it's like walking into a vampire bar drenched in blood while blindfolded. Okay, maybe not the best metaphor but completely understandable.

"Darling, you better be dressed! We want to be here when our guest arrives!" She called, from what sounded like my front doorway

"They can wait" I mumbled, while still searching the closet

"What was that young lady?" I laughed as she came through the door and stood by me

"Nothing Mama" I said as I kissed her cheek. For some reason, whenever I said 'Mama' or 'Papa' I used an almost Italian influenced accent; most likely from my mother since she's Italian.

"I think what you have on is fine" I looked down, not that I didn't love wearing anything that showed off my tattoo, I wondered if it was appropriate for the surprise guest.

"Really? I don't need to wear something impressing?" I asked, she rolled her eyes and smiled as I gave her a cheesy grin

"I think you look wonderful as is. Now, hurry and bring your brother" I nodded as she kissed my forehead and started for the door. I did a few double checks, almost having the front door shut on my way out, when my phone rang; and I left it in the apartment. I groaned, opening the door and hurrying to answer.

"Yeah, kind of interrupting something here" I said into the phone, earning a scoff from the boy

"What the fuck ever. No hi T.J? Tough crowd" I laughed, at his funny antics.

"Hi T.J what's up?" I asked him, curious as to why he called me

"Me and Lena were going out! We were wondering if you wanted to come" He said, I could just tell he had on an evil smirk

"Yeah sure, after dinner. My parent's got some special guest coming over for dinner tonight" I said, he laughed

"Oooh, if it that hot piece of vampire ass?" I shook my head and sighed. T.J was gay, and also one of the best friends that I ever have.

"Shut your mouth! I'm hoping not!" I said, which only got a laugh, screw him an all his dark colored clothing

"You know you like him! Anyway, you need to call me so I can come pick you up 'kay?" I nodded, even though he couldn't see me

"Yeah, and I need to change. Where we going?" I asked him

"Veil, where else. I need to find me a hot vamp like yours!" I shook my head at him, he was one of the most masculine gay guys I've ever seen. Did I mention he's kind of gothic? No? Well, now you know.

"You can have him! I definitely need to change now" I told him, I could imagine him going crazy over what I'm wearing

"Yeah, wear those heels, you know the black ones?" I laughed, most of my shoes are black

"Which ones?" I laughed, that one was always funny with people who don't uh…recognize my type of gothic-ness

"The ones with the little thingy that goes around your ankle; you know what I'm talking about!" I did, I just liked to see him ramble

"Okey Doke Dad!" I said sarcastically, he scoffed

"Whatever! Tell your parents I said hey! I hope you finally get some ass" That didn't even make my jaw drop, but more of a 'So dead' face.

"Screw you! And don't be late asshole!" He laughed, he's always late for everything

"Yeah, whatever. Hurry up and get changed before you miss out on your surprise guest" I scoffed, as we said our goodbyes and I trudged into my closet.

"Perfect!" I never got the chance to wear this dress, which was good because now's the perfect time. It was in a V cut, that was laced, with a sash right around the midriff, and then the frilly well…dress. It was black lace, at the bottom, below the small frilly pattern.

I put on the dress, loving the way it fit me, stopping about my mid thigh. I then, put on my black eyeliner and eye-shadow; God, I can't wait to get there.

I slipped on my shoes last, the black platform pumps, with the ankle strap just as T.J had described. I was, officially ready. I began, for the second time heading out the door, with success. I walked downstairs, and Riley's room was a few doors down so, when you come down the steps, you reach his room first. I knocked, hearing him shuffling to open the door.

"Hey kiddo, time for dinner" I said, and ruffled his hair which he was still getting used to

"Hey, you look nice" He mumbled, I smiled at the small teen

"Thanks, don't look to bad yourself" He was wearing a black button down, and dark jeans; he's so adorable

"Thanks" I side hugged him into my side as he laughed and we walked to the door, opening it as my mother was coming downstairs with the twins.

"Your dressed up" My mother said, surprised

"I'm going out with T.J and Lena after dinner" I said, she smiled as I went over to hug the twins. Roxi and Slater, and they're 10. And it's kind of crazy cute how they look exactly alike, and they both have this big white streak in their hair. They say that that how they were born, I think it's cute for them. They've been here for about what? Three weeks, almost a month and Slater always holds her hand.

"Hey guys" I said, as I hugged them both, who gave me a hug, them still connected at the hands.

"You look pretty" Roxi mumbled, she was beginning to open up a little more than Slater; which was completely understandable

"Thanks, maybe tomorrow we can play dress up" I said, her eyes flickered with excitement; then she looked back at Slater

"Maybe" She mumbled, I smiled to her, as they sat down; across from Riley. They talk, here and there but my parents really want them to establish a connection; like a family.

"Well, everybody here becau- Wow that…outfit" My father paused as he was coming down the stairs.

"Like it?" I asked, he sighed

"You look beautiful. Going out?" I nodded as he came and quickly kissed my forehead

"So…where's out guest?" I asked, just as someone had knocked on the door. Both my parents looked to me.

"I'm guessing I'll get the door" I got up from my place at the table, straightening out my dress with my hands as I got up and walked to the door. I opened the door to a sly smirk. You have no idea how bad I wanted to smack that smirk off his face.

"Levitica" His pin straight brown hair parted on the side, hanging down the sides of his oblong shaped face.

"You" I grimaced at him

"Did you get all dressed up for me?" I gave him a sarcastic smirk as my mother came up behind me

"You wish your sweet-"

"Lestat! So nice to see you" My mother sidestepped me, and hugged Lestat; who happily hugged her back

"Likewise Aunt" Yes, he just called my mother 'Aunt' and he also calls my father 'Uncle' even though he's older than they are! "How are the little ones?" He looked at me, before smirking, and I kept reminding myself that stabbing him in the throat would ruin dinner.

"Wonderful, how are you?" I walked back to the table as we waited for Mama and him to sit.

"Who's he?" Roxi asked in a quiet voice

"An asshole" I said as I stared at my mother and him, while my father gave me a disappointed look

"Don't listen to your sister. She's just being a sour puss" They always used the term, and referred to the children as siblings to me; like they are "Lestat is a very nice young man" He was turned at the age of 22, which makes him incredibly young, but really crustily old.

"Is he…a vampire?" Riley asked as he squinted at him

"Why, yes Riley he is. Is it the first time you've interacted with a vampire?" My father asked, and Riley just shook his head no.

"How old is he?" I was surprised that Slater asked, usually he stayed quiet, he didn't talk much

"Really old. Like older than Papa" I told him, he smiled at me as my mother and Lestat sat down. He was seated next to my mother, which was right across from me, with Riley on his other side, and the twins were next to me. My father, at the head of the table.

"Are you really a vampire?" Roxi asked shyly, he smiled at her

"Yes, I am" He said to her, I rolled my eyes; here we go

"C-can I maybe, well" She cleared her throat as Slater looked at her

"Go on" Lestat murmured encouragingly

"See your…fangs?" This was just another ego booster for him. He opened his mouth, and extracted his fangs, smiling so that Roxi could see

"Do they ever hurt? When you do that…thing you just did?" He chuckled

"No, it doesn't bother me at all" He looked over at me, and smiled. He's very arrogant tonight, I swear if we weren't here I would've slapped him now.

"Levitica, you look beautiful tonight" I rolled my eyes, as my mother gave me that 'Be Nice' glare.

"Thank you" I could tell if my mother could, she would've kicked me with her foot under the table "You look….nice too" It felt as if the words were burning my tongue as I spoke, I must have made a face because my mother was staring at me and Lestat chuckled. Just get through dinner, and you'll be fine; and you'll be dancing with your friends.

"So, how's school work?" I looked over at Riley, who looked a little like a deer caught in the headlights.

"…good" He answered after slight hesitation. The twins weren't really up for opening themselves up but I mean, it takes time. My mother used to be a school teacher, so she tutors them.

"Levitica, you think about college?" I hated him

"You think about college?" I mean, I had to. You guys just don't understand how much those brown orbs irritate me.

"Already graduated, but I'll be happy to accompany you" He smiled, I swear he's lucky that I don't gauge his eyes out

"No…thank you" I gritted my teeth, mumbling out the phrase or else my mother would've given me that 'Play Nice' look.

"How's the business going?" My father broke the tension, he stared at me as he answered my father

"Wonderful" He looked over at my father "A lot of tourist are coming in so, always good for business" He added, with the string of 'pleasant' comments from my parents. He own the nightclub, Veil where a bunch of humans and vampires inhabit. The children were just silently eating, trying not to involve themselves into the conversation

"T.J says hi" I answered, my mother and father both looking at me

"Tell him we said hello. Is he still over the cleaver incident?" I laughed, shaking my head. See, when T.J first met my dad; he was coming through the door and my dad was in a very intimidating pose, with a meat cleaver in his hand.

"No" I snickered "Kidding, he's good. Still, a hell of a story" I said, as I poked at my half eaten plate of Linguini.

"Language" My mother reminded, I smiled

"Sorry; so…" I said and turned to Lestat "Hire anymore fang sluts?" My father choked on his water as my mother froze looking at me

"LANGUAGE!" She said loudly

"What's a fang slut?" Roxi whispered, almost barely inaudible; and my mother glared at me

"Don't repeat that word sweetie. It's a promiscuous girl who, who" My mother trailed off, trying to find the right words "who does adult things with vampires, just because they're vampires" My mother finished, as Roxi said a small 'oh' and nodded; still seated close with her brother

"No, Levitica I didn't; mind you they come to the bar, completely up to the vampire to willingly accept the behavior" He said, trying to be careful of his words

"You got any super powers?" Slater mumbled, I smiled

"Excuse me?" He asked,

"He said do you got any super powers" Riley said louder, slightly nodding towards Slater

"I wouldn't call them super powers exactly but super strength and speed" I'm glad he didn't include all of them

"Oh, okay" Slater mumbled, to which Lestat politely smiled.

"Papa, have you made anything recently?" I asked, he smiled

"Yes, a grandfather clock. It's not finished yet though" He answered, I smiled. My father loved making things, he was a carpenter

"I'm sure it's beautiful" I smiled at him. Random questions were asked from then on, trying to find some sort of topic to discuss. After we all finished dinner, it was time for me to call T.J. so he could come pick me up. After we hung up, I kissed Mama and Papa on the cheek, and the kids on their forehead, and said a stiff goodbye to Lestat; I went downstairs to wait for T.J. in the lobby.

"Oh my God! You look sexy!" Lena commented a little loudly

"I thought that was the point" I laughed, she scoffed

"You do look cute, okay let's go" We usually just went to Veil to dance and just talk; get away for a few and just have a good time. T.J. parked down the street, and we all departed and started up the street. I imagine that Lestat was held up in talk with my father. We reached the door, showing ID' and entering the darkened club.

"Makes me feel so dangerous!" T.J. leaned forward and yelled in my ear, which I laughed; he would say something like that.

"Come on, let's go dance" Lena grabbed my hand, as she dragged me through the crowds of people. Music blaring through the huge speakers, I've never seen Veil so filled before; it's crazy. Lena let go of my hand, and we began dancing. Colored lights flashing, limbs flailing, strands of hair whipping quickly through the air. This had to be one of my favorite songs, easily-

"You look gorgeous!" Was whispered/shouted into my ear, which made me jump. I turned around to a head of wavy, messy reddish orange hair. I could feel a late blush creeping on my cheeks. I leaned over,

"You don't look too bad yourself" I could hear his chuckle

"Shaun" I smiled as he held out his hand

"Levi" I shook his head as I noticed Lena dancing farther away from me, smiling; which made me smile. She couldn't be more obvious

"Wanna dan-"

"Dude, you sister just threw up on the bartender!" A tall looking dirty blonde boy yelled to Shaun who groaned, closing his eyes and leaning his head back.

"I gotta go" He yelled, pointing to his friend, he stepped forward "I really hope to see you again" I smiled

"I do too, meet me here next Friday" He smiled, and kissed my cheek as he turned to walk away, holding on to his stumbling friend. I resumed dancing, alone; by myself; until I felt a hand on my waist.

"Glad that asshole's done" I whirled around to see Lestat, just happily smirking at me; I glared at him. I yanked his wrist and dragged him into a corner, to which he just smirked.

"What in the HELL did you do?" I yelled at him in the quieter corner, he just smirked

"Nothing" He smiled cheerfully. I hate the fact that he's always involving himself in my life! I could feel my temperature boiling, as I kept clenching, and unclenching my fist. I looked at him, and punched him in the jaw.

"YOU ASSHOLE!" I began pounding his chest with my shoulders until he grapped my wrist and slammed me into the wall

"You'll thank me later" He growled, could feel my shoulder stinging

"Let me go" I spewed, I could feel the anger rolling off of him, and I'm sure he could feel mines. He let go of my wrist as I yanked away from his gasp. I was done, I fucking hated him. He, h always ruins everything for me, I wish he'd just get deported already or go back to wherever the hell he came from. I quickly moved through the crowd, spotting T.J. and Lena at a table, they both looked at me worriedly.

"What happened?" T.J. questioned

"Lestat" I growled, they both said nothing else as I sighed, trying to regain some of my composure. He's such a fucking asshole!