Chapter 1: What a nice day.

It was a rainy day in the town of Elwood Elementary school. During class, Mr. Ratburn turned out papers to the class. Everyone was scared because they might think it was...A TEST! Buster wasn't not ready for it because he always fails at them, even surprise quizs. Brain was always ready for whatever Ratburn had with him; math. Western geology, and even the Dieary of Ann Frank. Binky was too busy playing on his gameboy too pay attention, until Ratburn took it away from him and put it in his "No Binkys Allowed" drawer. Arthur was nervous as well, but he can deal with it. Ratburn started writing on the chalkboard.

"Okay class, you may wonder what's on the paper/" Ratburn said, while writing a list on the board. "This is a permission slip for a field trip!" The class started chatting in a positive, yet questioning way. "A field trip? From Ratburn?" "Cool!" "I want my gameboy!" Ratburn finished the list on the chalkboard and started to calm the class down. "Now, now, class. Settle down. We will be going to the most exciting place in the town: Super Fun World!"


"Buster, please, calm down!" Ratburn said. "The reason why we're going Super Fun World is because we're attending a play since the actor who plays Atomic Bunny recently was in an acident and they can't find a replacement." Mr. Ratburn pointed at the list on the board. "These are a list of plays that we might do, and by the class vote, we will do that for the play." The class started to grown in sorrow because they didn't really love doing plays and all of the plays sucked. The plays Cats, Romeo and Juliet, and Aladdin. "Before the end of class, I will collect the first page of the papers of your vote for the play and and second paper is your permission slip for your parents to sign." Ratburn said, while sitting on desk and taking out Binky's gameboy, playing it for himself. "Until then, no more work for the rest of the day."

Everyone cheered. It was too bad that it was five minutes before the end of school so they had to pick one of them as fast as possible. When they turned the votes in, most of it was Cats while only two were just Aladdin. All the kids went outside to wait for the buses to come and pick them up to put them to their homes.

"Oh this is going to be so great!" Said Buster, jumping up and down in excitement. "I can't wait to play ALL OF THOSE games! Super Bunny Cousins, Carrotvania, Road Brawler Six! So many games to play!" Arthur just shock his head. "Execpt that we have to do some stupid play," Said Arthur "it's gonna be so stupid that no one will be there." Brain came in "Arthur, it'll be great! Cats was one the best plays to ever be shown on the stage and everyone will like it. Besides I got the part to be the garbage can that starts the final fight!" "No you didn't!' Francie bumped in "I got the part! You're just the furball!" Binky shows up "Guys, can we please get on the real matter? MY GAMEBOY! MR. RABURN TOOK MY GAMEBOY! THIS IS HORID!" Binky cried. Arthur, Buster and Francie looked awkward at Binky. After the kids got on the bus, dropped off the kids, Arthur went to the house.

"Mom I have something for you!" Arthur yelled. DW went downstairs from her room to find out what's the ruckus and Arthur's dad showed up. "Sorry Arthur" Dad said, cleaning off flour from his shirt "Mother isn't here, she's stuck at work for the day. What is it Arthur?" "Yeah, what is it AR-THURRR" D. W. said in a taunting tone, thinking that he got in trouble. D.W. Tried to get the paper from Arthur teasingly saying "LEMME SEE, LEMME SEE!" Dad got the paper from Arthur. "Oh so you're doing a play? That's great Arthur!" Dad said, getting a pen to sign the paper. D.W. Had a silly face on. "Haha, Arthur's in a play! What are you, a garbage can?" Arthur groaned in annoyance.

A week has passed and everyone was ready for the play. Arthur was the hairball, Buster was Cat 1, Francie was Cat 2, Muffy was Cat 3, Brain was the hair ball stunt double, Binky was the Garbage Can (who is still crying about his gameboy), Sue is the truck that kills the cats in the end, and Fern was feet. The rest of class were extras that nobody cares about. They got on the bus and the chef was driving it. And the Ratburn said "LET'S GO TO SUPER FUN WORLD KIDS!" and the chef nailed the pedal. After going through the highway, it started to rain hard. It was barley passable through it, but the chef was still driving. Everyone was a sleep since it was such a long drive, but not Binky because he was crying all of the time and Mr. Ratburn because he never sleeps. Then something happened...THE BUS HIT SOMEBODY! But the somebody hit the bus so hard, it was tipped over a cliff and crashed into the forest. During all of this, everyone was screaming and yelling from all of it but no body was hurt...EXECPT...the chef.

What happened? Find out in Chapter 2!