Chapter 16


It had been 6 years since Harry had graduated and taken his NEWTS. Harry was glad to know that his friends thought of him as nothing more than a Grey Wizard, not even dark. After many long talks with Severus and Hermione, he came to realize that he was indeed, not evil.

Harry was sitting in the great hall at the High Table. Many of the professors that had taught him were still there, and the 'curse' had been lifted from the DADA position, for the time being anyways. For once, Harry was surprised that none other than their own Luna Lovegood had been the DADA Professor for 2 years running and was coming back for more. This thought made him smile.

Severus noticed the smile, and nudged him. When Harry finally looked towards him, Snape raised an inquisitive eyebrow. Harry just sighed and smiled. "I can't believe that Luna is our first DADA Professor who has managed to stay for 2 years, and come back for a third." The older wizard let a smirk play across his face and nodded in silent agreement.

Neville had taken over Madame Sprout's position when she had been the victim of an ill-received jinx that disallowed her earmuffs to work properly when dealing with the mandrake roots. Thankfully, the newly planted roots were still young when this happened, and only resulted in an annoying loss of consciousness. It seemed that the woman was tired of, 'little brats who didn't realize how important rules were'.

Hermione had went on to take several courses in both the muggle and wizarding worlds, and had no less than infiltrated the ministry, setting right the many horrendous wrongs they had committed. Magical Creatures such as werewolves were still not getting a lot of support from many of the pure-blood families, but all in all, they no longer felt threatened or shunned by the general population.

Lucius had died in the final battle, and thanks to Harry informing the Minestry of the information he had with both his and Severus' memories of that fateful encounter with young Crabbe, Goyle had been sought out and obliviated.

Harry noticed that the hall was slowly beginning to fill with the second through seventh years on this, their first day of term, and he anxiously awaited the arrival of the boats brining in the first years. Suddenly, the great hall's doors burst open, and a toddler came rushing in calling, 'Daddy, daddy!'. Madame Pomfrey came in right behind the toddler trying to catch him. He was too fast though, and ran straight to Harry.

"I thought I told you to wait with Poppy." Harry said with a slight scolding tone. "Whatever the problem is, it will have to wait, this is not the time."

"Okay Daddy." The child said, putting on a crestfallen appearance. He leaned in to kiss Harry and Severus on the cheek before reluctantly walking back with the Medi-Witch, and Harry couldn't help but let a chuckle escape. Severus looked at him sternly, raising an eyebrow again, asking the silent questions of who would be the one to lecture the little brat this time, and Harry pointed lightly with his finger to his husband, which caused the dark wizard to roll his eyes.

Finally, all of the students, save the first years, had filled the hall, and it was becoming incredibly noisy. Harry rubbed his temples and shook his head. After what seemed like another hour, but in reality was only 20 minutes, Minerva led in the first years to be sorted. There were more students than normal this year. In fact, every year since the Dark Lord's final downfall, more and more children had been accepted to Hogwarts.

That one's going to be trouble. Chastity informed Harry as a young man named Johan Shrevit had just sat on the stool. He spoke to another child as young Malfoy spoke to you all through first year. Keep your eye on him.

Harry voiced his thanks to the castle for informing him through his mind's tongue. It had only taken the young man two weeks after his induction to figure out how to communicate with the castle via thought instead of spoken word on his part.

Finally, the first years were sorted, and the Headmaster stood. Casting a wandless and wordless sonorus, he called the attention of the young students. "I would like to remind the older years, and inform the new arrivals that the Forbidden Forest is strictly out of bounds unless accompanied by Mr. Filch, Mr. Hagrid, or myself. Also, you will all find a list of the areas within the castle that are off-limits in your common-rooms, I advise you look over them once you have finished eating. To avoid confusion, I ask that you do not call be Headmaster or Professor Snape, but instead, Headmaster or Professor Potter. It is simply easier to deal with that way. And now, in remembrance of a very wise man, I leave you with a few words. Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!"

Harry sat down as the banquet was revealed, smiling mischievously as several of the professor's chuckled, and the first years began questioning his sanity, just as he had done when he was 11 and heard his headmaster say those four seemingly insane words.


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