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Chapter 1: Making things better

It has been six years.

Six years since she saw the ever-dashing Goblin King, saved her young brother Toby and talked to her Underground friends. After her adventure, or was it her ordeal? she gathered all her toys and costumes into boxes and forgot them all together in their attic.

Life passed on quickly, she diligently finished her studies and has never thrown a tantrum on babysitting Toby on Friday nights when her parents went out. After that, her mom Linda passed away suddenly leaving her a small amount of fortune for her perusal. Grieving briefly, she moved out and maintained a small apartment. She got a job in the local newspaper by writing stories for children, her experience in the Underground fueled her creativity and she would always remember what it was like in the Labyrinth. Dreams of Hoggle, Ludo, Sir Didymus and even the Goblin King would always result to having her fingers have free reign on her keyboard, typing away the story like she knew it by heart.

Once her stories are finished, she would spend her free time sketching. She would doodle some waterfalls, landscapes with faeries, castles with gardens and particularly one with a series of mazes surrounding it. Rough sketches of her friends also stood in frames in her living room but only one painting was placed inside her bedroom, one with a man with mismatched eyes. It was a pencil and charcoal sketch of his face, gazing far away and accompanied with his trademark smirk.

Locking all her doors and windows, she went to the kitchen to grab a glass of water. She came from her doctor's clinic about the tests she took last week at the hospital. Plopping in her kitchen chair, she recalled the earlier events that happened.

"Good morning Ms. Williams, Doctor Cruz is waiting for you at Room 9" the nurse at the reception said to her as she showed her appointment form.

Opening the door, she was greeted with a middle-aged woman with a kind smile, gesturing for her to sit on a chair.

"Okay Sarah. How are you feeling today?"

Clearing her throat despite her nerves, she told her doctor the truth. "Well, aside from feeling weak, I was attacked with a sudden wave of nausea this morning. That's why I am kinda nervous about my test results.."

Doctor Cruz approached her and sat opposite her while taking her hand. "Sarah, I don't know how to tell you this nicely but.."

"But what? Is there something wrong with me?" she inquired, tears already forming behind her eyes.

"My dear.. You have an advanced stage of leukemia. I think you would only have two years to live."

Upon hearing her words, Sarah broke down and cried harder than she ever had in her life.


One blasted word for a sickness that she have right now. Doctor Cruz told her that her attacks of weakness and bouts of nausea were caused by it. It all started when her periods became weird, she would experience heavy flows that would last for almost two weeks leaving her white skin look so pale and she would look sickly and ill. Oftentimes she would never have her period at all but there was no cause for alarm since she haven't been intimate with a guy ever since.

Doctor Cruz told her that she has some options, she could undergo chemotherapy but it's not a guarantee that it would cure her completely because of the advanced stage her illness has become. She was only prescribed some pills and medications to slow the spread of cancer and for the pain that she would likely endure in the coming months.

After crying a bucket full of tears, she realized that after knowing that she's sick and dying there were no drastic changes in her life. After that night, she became withdrawn and lonely. Just waking up in the morning and doing her job, making her way back home to sleep and then the routine would start all over again. She is alive but not living her life to the fullest. She felt that her heart was left in the Underground when she rejected him.

Calling back her friends to talk to them and learn any news about him were futile since she knew that she couldn't come back. Not after what she did. So learning that she's going to die would be like knowing that it's her salvation to save her from her boring and empty life.

After her drinking her medicines, she came up with a plan. The last plan that she would do in her boring life.

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