Chapter 11: A lot of revelations for the day

Never.. Never.. Never..

'HUWAAAAT?!' Sarah's mind screamed as she replayed the things they have done. She gave her virginity to that Goblin King and not once did he kiss her! How could she let him get to the home run without going to the first base!

Seeing a myriad of emotions run through Sarah's face, Narahn coughed to get her attention.

Taken aback, she retorted "W-what do you mean? What's so important about a kiss anyway?"

"Listen child, you have very much to learn but I'll try to simplify it for you. Aboveground, when two people are in love and they decided to get married, isn't it that the last statement said in the ceremony is 'you may now kiss the bride'?"

"Well, yes. Traditionally that's it."

"I think it is derived from our old customs. When Fae couples would get married, they would bind their souls together for all eternity and the seal of the ceremony is the kiss they would share in that moment."

"But isn't kissing normal for couples?!" she exclaimed. "If Fae people are so sensual so as to engage in a lot of sexual acts with one another, it would be impossible that they haven't kissed their partners!"

"Have you seen those Fae engaging in those acts? Have you seen them kiss each other on the lips?"

At Sarah's silence, Narahn laughed and continued, "At the usual greeting, a Fae man would greet a Fae woman by taking her hand and kissing it. As their friendship evolves, he could kiss her in the cheek during their encounters. If it deepens into something more, like a lover, he would kiss her in the neck or any part of her body to bring sexual satisfaction. All of it except her mouth."

"So Fae people wouldn't steal kisses right?" she mused, thinking that it is really different from Aboveground.

"Kissing someone else, that entails binding your soul to them, is a very important and sacred act for the Fae. They wouldn't engage in it unless they know they could trust their partner wholeheartedly, especially with their life."

After a few moments of silence and seeing that their tea was already finished, Sarah got up to relieve herself in the bathroom when suddenly—


Grasping the foot of Narahn's chair, she screamed with all her might when she felt a weird sensation at her abdomen. It was a slight sting inside which seem to explode and seeping warmth could be felt there that stretches into her muscles. "W-what is this I'm feeling? Narahn!" she exclaimed.

Narahn knelt at her side and placed his hand on her abdomen. "It's not your sickness Sarah, it's different. What are you feeling?"

"Oh.. Oh God.. Oh my God.." Beads of sweat were forming on her forehead, as the warmth that started on her abdomen seemed to be focused on one spot. As it happened, a sudden gush of arousal escaped her body.

"T-this can't be.." Narahn said, astonished.

"W-why am I feeling this Narahn? I can't control it! I-I haven't thought of him in any perverted way! Why is my body acting like this?"

"I-I can't cure this Sarah. I think the best way to address this is to resolve it as soon as possible. I would explain this to you later since I need to find a certain book in the library." Narahn stated as he got up and left her bedroom.


Jareth was currently in his throne room discussing some politics with the dignitaries from the Elven kingdom when a burst of energy shot to his groin. It's suddenness made him stand up with a bewildered look on his face.

"Is there a problem Your Majesty?" the leader of the elves asked.

It was a good thing that Jareth wore a long shirt so as to hide his 'sudden' alertness or else the elves would be horrified. Slowly he sat back down on his throne trying to decipher and remember the sensations coursing through him. All he knew is that the moment when he sent Sarah back to her room after their activity, he paced back and forth in his room and mentally chained himself to his bedpost. It took all of his control and mind power not to go back to her room and ravage her again and again. After a fitful sleep, he tried to eat as much as possible and scrub all of her remnants and traces on his body. He proceeded to his throne room and busied himself with the pending tasks for the day. It was going well until this weird feeling came up. "No. Please continue." he muttered.

He tried so hard to concentrate on the ongoing discussion but the 'immediate' attention of his body seemed to demand more. Images of Sarah's skin, lips, legs and breasts suddenly flashed into his vision that he gripped his throne hard, knuckles turning white against his pale flesh. The longer he tried to control it and deny his 'need', the more it insists in his senses. Sensations of making love to her or being inside her seemed to replay in his body, letting him remember and savor the pleasurable friction between them. It almost seems that he could smell her own arousal wafting to his nose or tasting her sweet juices on his lips.


His attention broke when he saw Narahn looking disheveled and running to him to give his customary bow. Sensing the urgency, he stood and excused himself from the elves to drag Narahn outside the throne room. "What is it?" he asked the healer.

"I-its Sarah, Your Majesty. Something is happening to her and I am sure that something is going on with you too right now!"

"Nothing is going on with me Narahn, now could you please tell me what happened?" he replied, trying very hard to maintain a neutral face.

Narahn observed the King and he noticed that Jareth seems to be hiding something underneath his cool façade. Suddenly, he grabbed the hem of his shirt and lifted it up to see something of Jareth that needs 'immediate' attention. "I have known you since you were a baby Jareth so I know you couldn't lie to me."

Looking down like a little boy caught in a cookie jar, Jareth gently swapped the hand away and said "What is it then? I mean, I'm a guy and its normal to feel aroused! This could easily be-"

His statement was cut off when an overwhelming sensation seemed to burst from his groin. The need was immediate! The urge to transport to where Sarah is suddenly appeared on his mind that he couldn't think anything else for a second. Heat so intense seemed to travel through his veins that a low feral growl escaped his lips; the urge to touch her, feel her and be inside her seems to be the utmost importance as of the moment. Intense lust runs through his whole being that suddenly he disappeared from the hall and materialized inside Sarah's room.

He saw her, lying down on the plush rug and she seemed to be cradling her abdomen as if in pain; except beads of sweat were visible on her forehead and soft moans were emitted from her delicious mouth. The air within the room was heavy with the scent of her arousal. Sniffing the scent, he closed his eyes to savor the unique flavor and breathed out her name, "Sarah…"

Sensing his presence in the room, Sarah couldn't look up to his form fearing of the danger of losing her control. Once he said her name like a caress, her own caution was thrown in the wind and she looked up to his mismatched eyes that seem to be glowing with desire. It took less than ten seconds when he strode over to where she is and ripped her nightdress. At the same time, she also clawed over his shirt and breeches hastily removing them also. She didn't know what came over her, but the desire for her to be filled by him seems to be overriding her normal brain functions. In one swift thrust he was inside her and both of them moaned as though their insides were on fire and their partner was the cool refreshing water they needed.

Jareth latched on to one of Sarah's nipples, biting them, all the while continuing the relentless thrusts he releases inside her. He could feel her muscles clenching around him and it only took several more when a loud cry of his name reverberated throughout the castle.

After going down from the climax they both shared, Jareth slowly withdrew and stood taking note of his shirt and breeches seemingly tattered by Sarah's hands. He looked at her, lying down on the rug with her nightdress (much more tattered compared to his garments), hair splayed on floor and with eyes of a woman whose lust was satiated. She was still breathing heavily when he chuckled and said, "Looks like you're going to have to pay for this slave, these were my favorite pair.." and with that he once again vanished from the room.

It took Sarah almost thirty minutes to stand up from the floor, take a shower and rummage through her closet for a nice simple lavender dress. Thoughts of the previous events seems to continuously play on her mind such as revelations about Jareth's childhood and the Fae's culture on love and sex. It looks like she needs to see Narahn again due to some purple bruises that appeared on her inner thighs. She was also a little weak, draining some of the little strength she had on having sex with him again.

She had to ask Narahn of the powerful need she felt for Jareth, it made her scared that a powerful healer like him couldn't know what was going on with her. It was primal, tugging her very core to the Goblin King with no care to the world. After brushing up her hair and taking one sample each from her pills, she made her way out of her room to see the healer for questions.

After seeking directions from several goblins, since some of them kept on pointing to this direction or that, she found her way to a lone door at the end of a dark corridor in the basement. Knocking softly, she heard the voice of her target stating his permission to enter his quarters.

Narahn was situated in a long table, full of books, charts and several glasses of colorful liquids. He was poring over a large old book that its paper looks like it would crumble from the faintest touch. He motioned her over and directed a chair across from him.

Letting out an exasperated sigh, he removed his glasses and finally addressed her, "Look Sarah, I know you have a lot of questions on your mind but I admit, I myself do not know all of the answers you are seeking.."

"Look Narahn, about what happened earlier, is that what you are researching now? Is that the book you said before you left?"

Narahn glanced to the book and grabbed a small vial of orange liquid, "Drink this, this will treat some of those bruises.."

She gulped the mixture and tried her best not to gag. "Here's a sample of my medicines from Above, I hoped that this could help you.."

He took the pills and placed them in a leather pouch. "Thank you. I could try to slow its progression but as I've said earlier I could not fully heal you. I'm sorry."

"This book is an ancient book that was written by the very first healer in the Underground. It chronicles all of the diseases encountered by the Fae and humans alike since the beginning of time. From the moment that I was chosen to be a healer, I needed to study its contents and also I undertook the responsibility of adding some new content on my own when something new came up."

"So what happened earlier is a new sort of disease? Is it also affecting Jareth?"

"Alas, it is not in the book my child. But it seems that it was mentioned before.." Narahn said.