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Sekaiichi Hatsukoi; Trouble In The Written Word

"Onodera! Have you checked with your manga artists? Onodera?"

It seemed the younger twenty-five year old writer was currently day-dreaming at his own little section in the lovely pink room. He had been having long sleepless nights thanks to recently having moved in right next door to his old high school boyfriend, Takano. Now he spent the majority of his free time desperately searching for a new residents to live at but had little to no luck thanks to having only recently started this blasted job which therefore meant little funds to do so. And right now certainly was not the time for a cat-nap.

Takanao, the source of his torture, was standing there behind him with both arms crossed with that set of thick framed black glasses over his face showing that he meant business. He wasn't taking this slacking off either even if he still harbored feelings for this man. A low growl would admit from his throat somehow awakening Onodera from his sleeping slumber enough to force him to sling shot backwards and worked back the strands of his loose chestnut brown hair. He had completely caught the younger man off guard.

"Huh?" The words seemed to slip from his lips as he would turn seeing his boss standing there looming over his shoulder.

"O-Oh no! what time is it?" In what seemed like to be was a blink of an eye, he snatched the small pink bunny clock that was resting on his little desk and read over the time seeing that he was actually fifteen minutes behind schedule thanks to that little cat like nap he took. Perfect. He growled grabbing his jacket and bag in one swift movement. Attempting to slip the coat over at least one arm while the other juggled with a few pieces of scattered papers that were sprawled out along the surface of his desk not paying Takano any attention.

"I know I know! I gotta meet with one of my artists and I was suppose to be on the train fifteen minutes ago!"

What was he going to do with his cute little high school ex. Boyfriend? He certainly was trouble - but he knew that he was worth it as well. He knew the dedication that Ritsu had behind everything he did when it came to Literature. Takano knew he couldn't allow that small smirk to show from his lips, he had to keep a firm hold on his workers underneath him but he wasn't able to keep that strong deposition with Ritsu for some reason. Every time he attempted to keep that front of being a "boss" around him it seemed to dissolve quicker than an ice cube in Las Vegas Summer heat. He just wasn't able too and this time was proving to be no different.

Once he saw that Onodera was immediately zooming out the door and heading towards the elevator in the process of stuffing some meaningless papers into his bag he was carrying, he turned beginning to make his way back towards his own wooden desk when Yokozawa stood there in front of his way blocking his path completely. He was wearing his usual scowl across his face his arms crossed, the way Takano had them earlier, as he glared those eyes over towards him.

"Takano - You've got to get a handle on Onodera. You can't just take things easy on him because of your past Takano. Are you listening? Masamune?"

But it seemed like he wasn't even paying attention not even when Yokozawa used his first name. He dropped down onto his chair with a plop listening to it crack and click as it settled underneath his weight and adjusted the glasses that were on his face. The other editors were busy going over their own set of manga rough drafts even though Kisa was trying to pay attention to no avail. He seemed to be in an awe-like state as well. What was with everyone today? was it Slack off day and he not get the memo?

"Kisa! Get back to work." It appeared that "The Capable" had struck once again not letting Kisa get away with anything little alone a little zoning out. After hearing those strong words of advice Kisa spun around beginning to go back to work with lightening like speed making his fingertips tap loudly against the keys on his laptop covered in pink heart stickers as Takano reached up removing the set of glasses from his face and pinched the bridge of his nose with his middle and thumb tip.

"I get the point Yokozawa."

"You better start thinking with your other head or your going to wind up in that same position as you were before." The words slipped out from his lips with such ease as the strong Yokozawa turned to stagger away in a huff. He had other work he needed to finish and leaving Takano alone at this point was exactly what he wanted. Takano needed to really think about putting more force down on all his editors and not showing favoritism because of some jaded past history. This was not high school but rather a working, and running business.

Onodera was rushing through the city streets glancing down at the small wrist watch he had checking the time, he had instructed his first major artist, Dante, that he'd be there at around one in the afternoon to go over the rough draft of his board and make all the necessary corrections in person. This new artist he had been given the task of managing was no easy feet either. It seemed that every time he met with this Dante fellow he got this strange uneasy vibe. Like the guy was waiting to pounce on him or something - but he was certain it had to be his imagination. He had even pondered on the possibilities of asking for the artist to be transferred but he didn't want to give Takano the right to talk more mess to him about doing this job "half-assed" No way was he going to fall into that trap again. He's rather die than let Takano know that he couldn't do something.

"Crap, I'm almost there." The words seemed to slip from his lips restlessly as he glanced down towards the wrist watch once again. He was standing inside the subway car patiently waiting for the metal structure to reach the drop off destination so he could meet up with this famous manga artist. Honestly, Onodera was surprised to have even come across him. It must have been pure luck that he was given a task with such a popular artist.


The office was stuffed with piles of papers, books that were being used for research materials and tons of all sorts of junk food and various accessible fast food containers in which some contained something that might possibly be living inside of it from how long it had been sitting out on their once bright pink colorful desks. Kisa had his forehead plastered to the smooth surface of the desk mumbling something incoherent over and over again while Hatori seemed to have disappeared completely from sight. Obviously, having to do something with his own artist and a missing deadline that wasn't suppose to happen. Takano was busy with his ear seemingly permanently glued to his cell phone trying with all his might to push back deadlines at the printers for certain artists the way he usually would and Onodera? For once in his whole career here he seemed to be on top of things. He had all his artists working quickly on their manuscripts getting things together for him to go over it with them - yup, things were perfect.

"ONODERA!" Scratch that - a little too perfect to be true apparently. Yokozawa's voice carried out over the top of the other departments heads straight towards the newest addition to the "Emerald" team. He had meant for his voice to capture his attention and sure enough, it had even if Onodera wished it hadn't. He really despised being around this guy but realized he came with the job.

The chestnut haired man jumped inches at the sound of the tone and instantly lifted his head upwards. He hated making eye-contact with this man. This guy that had an attraction towards his former beau. Someone that surely had no liking of him in return. The last thing he desired was to get into an actual conversation with this man once again. The one time in the bathroom stall was enough for his lifetime as far as he was concerned. A soft sigh escaped his lips before pushing his hands down against the desk using his strength to push himself around in the chair so he was able to look at the man demanding his attention.


"It seems a new famous writer is in need of a new editor and since the others seem to be handling their own personal crisis at the moment - your going to be put in charge of him."

WOAH - was he serious? Was he really going to put Onodera in charge of a well-known manga artist? One that constantly has been topping their charts recently? That only left one question lurking around in the depths of his mind - why? Why on earth would Yokozawa put him on such an important artist? Maybe things were changing - maybe Yokozawa was starting to actually like Onodera?

"Me? S-Shouldn't Takano be assigning who I edit? Shouldn't he be handling this artist period?"

Was he really asking this out loud? Oh this had to be some kind of weird crazy dream. Usually when you're given this great of a job you simply smile and wave but no he just HAD to ask questions. He watched as Yokozawas eyebrows would furrow showing off that familiar scowl once more he was all too familiar boy - now he had really done it. He could almost feel the heat radiating off the premature wrinkles that had begun to form at his brow.

"Don't question me. Your in charge of him and that's final. I don't give a damn if Takano doesn't approve or if he does. Here's the address."

The next thing he knew the piece of paper obviously ripped straight out of a spiral notebook, rather than cautiously put down on a postage stamp or something easier to hold onto, was tossed straight at Onoderas head bouncing off it and landing with a few small bounces against the desk. He had closed his eyes at the first sign of impact not really wanting to risk the wrath of Yokozawa instead, he had waited for the move to be complete before opening those eyes and seeing the ball there waiting on the desk. He spoke to soon about Yokozawa actually liking him now.

"A-All right. Thanks."

This was his big break, not that his other artists weren't any good, but he had yet to really work with someone that was this well known. He was excited - finally all those years of working in the literature department were paying off. Obviously, he was doing something right for them to give him this important of a job. His fingertips reached out grasping the paper ball and quickly unwrapped the sucker enough so that he was able to read across the name.

"Dante La Doria."


The only way that he was able to get driven out of his little flash back world was when he heard the ringing sound of the warning bell. The rustling sounds of the people getting prepared to exit the train - the mix of talking and even toss in the occasional cell phone device going off without warning. Onodera shook his head pushing himself out of the flash back right as the large metal double doors seemed to spread open the moment they arrived at the station. At least the train was running a little quicker than usual buying him some much needed time in order to get down there earlier.

"Bout time." The words had slowly escaped his lips in a low hush tone. He wanted to get this meeting over with. Ritsu wanted to just get through this process so that he'd be able to successfully complete this assignment and he would be able to check it off the list and move onto the next author. There was now so much pressure on him to succeed with this specific manga artist.


The doors mechanically opened up the announcer shouting through the speaker system what the stop was and that allowed Onodera to step off the train and onto the station where tons and tons of people were busy going about their own individual lives trying to get everything they needed done with. He managed to squeeze through the rows of people standing around finally getting through the doorway and onto the floor. Now all he had to do was find the guy - that was like looking for a needle in a hay stack in this part of the city.

"Okay, he should be righhhht." Those orbs of his had fallen down looking towards the small pale orange sticky note. He was busy reading over the directions he had scribbled down previously after being demanded to take this author on. There was no way he was going to take that crumbled piece of note book paper with him when a small note was so much easier and cleaner - Yokozawa didn't have the cleanliest of hand-writing and actually had to get Takanos help on decoding a few words. It was actually an honor but the vibe he got from him - the vibe wasn't making him comfortable but he had to push the thought past him. He had to push past this crap just so that he'd be able to get this book out and watch the reaction on not only Yokozawas face but Takano to see the successful book.


The sound of his name came from a very masculine sounding voice which obviously shocked the hell out of Ritsu. He certainly wasn't expecting the author to have such a harsh tone of voice with him today. His appearance certainly did match the voice though. Ritsu was surprised to find the devilishly handsome man standing there. He wore a black long sleeve shirt with a red scarf wrapped around his neck and a pair of casual blue jeans and boots. His blonde hair was cut short but still hung across his dangerous crimson eyes that were peaking out from behind a set of black and red framed glasses.

"Its about time - I thought I was going to fall asleep waiting for you to get here." Once again that voice bounced off the inside of his ear drums. This had been his third time meeting the guy face to face and he still wasn't used to his appearance. He knew that he was from a foreign land, hence the color of his hair and eyes,but truthfully he was an amazing artist and very popular with the teenage female crowd. They seemed to be swiping up his books left and right before Onodera took him on as his new editor.

"Well, why don't we -"

the sentence was cut short as out of no where his wrist seemed to be snatched up by the Manga Artists hand and his body was almost instantly tugged towards his. Ritsu could feel every nook and cranny that his body had. He could feel the muscles of his chest against his own, the rough build of his strong thighs along with his hot breath against his ear. Seconds after realizing what he had done a blush had settled across his face. What the hell was this man thinking? How the hell did he managed to get into another one of these situations? He was so stunned he couldn't find the strength to move his body even an inch as he was being held in Dante's arms.

"E-Excuse me." Ritsu moved his hands pushing them down against his chest with enough force to hopefully put some distance in between them. Naturally he was still flushed a bright cherry shade across his face as he tried to hide his embarrassment over being handled the way he was. He rose his hand upwards pushing back the strands of his hair. Dante on the other hand was standing there with that cocky smug smirk shinning along his features. He knew very well what he was doing and what he wanted to accomplish here.

"Im sorry Onodera I couldn't resist when I saw the look on your face when you finally saw me standing here. It looked like something straight out of one of my books."

Another smooth line - Onodera was used to these suckers but he wasn't able to say or do much. The company needed Dante, he was one of their rising star authors so right now he'd have to simply grin and bare it until he was able to get rid of Dante. Ritsu took a small break composing himself enough by running his hands down against his shirt anything to keep the focus off of that little remark that was made.

"Lets just get to work." He tried to sound stern, he tried to take a page straight out of Yokozawa or possibly Takano's book including the serious glimmer in the eyes as he turned looking up towards the much larger framed male. Dante, naturally, wasn't buying this side of Ritsu but oh well, he'd get what he wanted one way or another.

"Very well if you insist. Lead the way Mr. Editor." A rather loud gulp could be heard coming from Ritsu. He took a brief pause gathering all that inner strength he knew he was going to need for this and than shifted on the bottom of his feet beginning to lead the two towards the outside so that they would be able to catch a yellow taxi and head over to Dante's place to go over the material.