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Takano certainly wasn't used to this. He turned his eyes glancing down towards Ritsu's face as much as possible. He really wasn't used to Ritsu being this affectionate but Ritsu had really been through a lot. His arms moved wrapping tightly around his guy and just held onto him. He allowed Onodera to cry openly and freely into his chest.

"It's okay Ritsu. I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere I promise."

He was just trying to do whatever he possibly could within his powers to make Ritsu feel even a small fraction better then what he was currently at. Takano wanted him to smile and or to be his usual bashful self when he'd talk about kissing, or hugging in front of the co-workers or public. He wanted to see that old Ritsu but because of some selfish actions of a certain manga author he was no longer going to see that Ritsu.

"I'm going to make it right. I swear it."

Takano could only watch and listen as Ritsu sobs grew harder and harder against the warmth of his chest. His arms stayed wrapped tightly around his trembling figure. The editor had never seen his co-worker in such a state before. Oh he knew that Dante was going to get what was coming to him one way or another. He leaned down sealing the promise with a kiss against the top of Ritsu's head and then continued to hold onto Ritsu as he would continue to sob.

"Ritsu Onodera?"

The editor had spent the last seventy-two hours in the hospital basically getting treated for any sudden disease that might pop up because of the "incident" that had taken place. Onodera wasn't even the right mind frame to actually say what had happened to him. He squeezed his eyes closed as he sat up in the uncomfortable hospital bed staring aimlessly out the window towards the scenery. Life seemed to be going on without him much like he expected it would. The last couple days had been really rough on the young editor. He had countless nightmares and flash backs each bringing a new degree of pain from him and causing the auburn young man to cry out even attempting to rip the iv lines out of his arms so he could run away in attempt to get away from the pain but he failed.

"Ritsu-chan? You all right?"

He was pushed out of his own thoughts as a nurse had walked into the room and placed a sudden hand against his shoulder driving him back down into reality. Unfortunately, He wished that he never had to come back to this realm but he wasn't that lucky. The last couple days Onodera was doing his best to show this fake improvement. All he wanted was to get out of this small white room and away from being hooked to all these machines and constantly looked and watched like if he was some animal on parade at a local zoo.

He turned those eyes instantly up towards the female nurse and put on this smile, not really wanting to smile but Onodera knew that if he didn't he was never going to get discharged. He had authors that needed him, his work had to be building up by now in stacks. There was no way he was going to allow his fellow co workers do his work for him. They all didn't have the experience with these authors he did, Ritsu knew exactly what needed to be done and taking that first step required getting out of this hell hole first.

"S-Sorry. I was just watching a bird outside the window."

The nurse had this slight smirk, she was happy that Ritsu was getting better each day. She couldn't stand to see the pain this young man was going through. She was taking all his vitals making sure he was perfectly healthy enough to go home. Of course surrounding his bed happened to be tons of gifts from his fellow workers. Flowers and Balloons from Hatori, a card with some inspirational words from Mino, and a couple of stuffed bears and other various animals from the eldest member of the team Kisa happened to be sprawled all around the tiny room. But what seemed to catch his eyes more was this one this cute little stuffed white bunny with a red bow tied around its neck. Ritsu instantly knew who bought what but that damn bunny was hard to determine who gave it to him.

"Don't look so gloomy. Your going home today after all."

"Home? Am I really?"

"Yup." The nurse spoke as she wrapped this plastic piece around Onoderas right forearm and got a blood pressure reading. Her eyes studied the machine watching the numbers, as she then would push a thermometer under his tongue all while she spoke to Ritsu,the paitent.

"That handsome dark headed editor-in-chief is coming to get you I do believe. He looked really concerned the last time he was here. I don't think he'd let just anyone take you home."

A shocked look easily crossed over Onoderas face. That's right; he had seen Onodera during the worst times in his life the last few days. Takano had been there for everything. He was there the first time he had woken up from that living nightmare and allowed Onodera to cry directly into his chest without pushing him away or telling him off. Tears began to develop at the tear ducks of his eyes forcing his hands to rise upwards rubbing them instantly away. He was still ashamed of his emotions especially in front of others.

"O-Oh yeah, I forgot. Thank you nurse for reminding me of that."

The nurse completed all the tests that she had too and then put the items back on the rolling cart she had pushed into the room. Those bright eyes turned towards Onodera as he was faintly shifting against the bed. She could note that a very distinct red flush had come across his face and she knew that he had to mean something to the young patient. She didn't even need to ask any questions about it, she already had her answers.

"I can tell that you're someone very important to him. He never left your side for longer than ten minutes at a time." It seemed the more the nurse spoke about those feelings the brighter Onoderas face got. Even for the smallest amount of time Ritsu seemed to have forgotten what happened and just was focusing on Takano.

"I-I don't have any idea what you're talking about ma'am." He tried to change the subject which only brought out a faint grin from the corner of the hospital workers lips. She knew better. She had been working long enough and been around for some time to know true love when she saw it but she decided against voicing her opinion again not wishing to upset the young patient there any further.

"If you say so. Someone shall be in shortly to remove your I.V and explain your take home medication to you."

The entire time he didn't bother to raise his attention. Onodera kept those green eyes glued straight down on the pure white sheets they had given you when you stayed in the hospital. His small hand clutching the material as Ritsu was trying to clear the blush from his face. The last thing he wanted was for Takano to come waltzing in and see the look on his face. It would make too many questions pop up.


With that being said the nurse turned around sporting that same grin and pushed the cart out of the room and into the hallway. Onodera watched her every movement until he made absolutely sure that she was gone. Once that door came to a close the small editor dropped back onto the bed draping his left forearm across his eyes. So much was happening all at once. At least he was finally permitted to go back home. Maybe now he'd be able to get back into the swing of his everyday life. Maybe now he'd be able to push what happened behind him and really dive back into the work load.

"Home. Can I really even call it that?"

Before Onodera had a chance to really question about his home, he found himself passing out. The medicine they had put in the I.V had dribbled into his blood stream and instantly made him relaxed enough to bring on a peaceful slumber. Onodera couldn't help that recently his dreams had been plagued with memories and flashes of what happened. This was the only medicine that made everything going away even for a few short hours. It was like heaven to him.

"Onodera-kun. Onodera-kun – Ritsu."

The groggy editor was barely coherent when he felt a strong hand shaking at his right shoulder. The temperature in the room seemed to have dropped making it much easier for the editor to sleep peacefully. He was slowly being forced out of that peaceful slumber. In his dream, he was happy surprisingly he was staying with Takano with no memories of that incident ever happening. Everything just kept going on peacefully with not a single sight of Dante. It was playing out in front of his eyes as if it was some scene from a movie in which Onodera got his happy ending and Dante didn't. Just being forced out of the dream once again brought tears to his eyes.

"O-Onodera-kun. Wake up."

Suddenly those eyes seemed to snap open and for a second Onodera swore that it was Dante standing over him. Those piercing eyes of his staring down at Rtisu's face with a truly wicked grin on Dantes face. Fears begin to instantly consume the small man. He couldn't get away. At that moment he had twisted and turned trying his hardest to get away from Dantes hand that had a vice-like grip on him.

"S-Stop it! GET AWAY FROM ME!"


The voice wasn't reaching the editor. He was barely able to understand who it was speaking to him. It sounded like Takano but with Dante's face full of rage staring down at him he was unsure of who was really standing there besides him. Takano knew he had no choice right now, Ritsu was tossing and turning and had actually managed to rip the iv from his arm which was dangerous. The blood was beginning to squirt around the white sheets and staining the doctor's coats who all were gathered around the patient trying to retrain him. That was when he did the only thing that came crashing into his mind. Takano leaned down pressing a kiss right against Onoderas lips not caring who was watching. What was even more shocking then the kiss was the fact immediately Ritsu seemed to calm down. All the hospital staff was truly in awe that something that bold actually worked with Ritsu.

When Takano finally pulled back, Ritsu was completely calm besides the tears rolling down his face. Takano sighed as he shifted sitting down on the edge of the bed and reached the back of his index finger out brushing away the tears from his face. Every time he saw that painful look on his face Takano knew that Dante was haunting his dreams turning those sweet moments at night into something straight out of a horror movie. Takano had taken small breaks to desperately search for Dante's whereabouts. It would seem that the author had just upped and disappeared from the area. The police were even having a difficult time trying to locate him.

"Its all right Ritsu-san. I'm here."

Takano rose his free hand upwards ruffling the front of Onoderas hair hoping to give him some sort of comfort amongst those crazy night scares he was having. He only wished that he could do more for his love. He wished he could take back everything that ever happened to him. Takano wished that Onodera had never been sent to see Dante alone. Damn it, his temper was beginning to rise once again. He could feel the anger beginning to rise like on a cartoon thermometer.

"So your taking Mr. Onodera home right?"

Ritsu was slowly beginning to stir awake. Those eyes were fuzzy was he listened to the conversation that just so happened to be starting to happen around him. It was actually beginning to urk the younger man. Why where they acting like he wasn't even here. HELLO! He was only sleeping but he decided instead of waking up and being all hot headed about it, instead he would listen in on their conversation.

"You're going to be staying right him correct?"

Ritsu thought his cover was going to be blown right there. A blush slowly creped onto his face waiting with a silent anticipation to hear what Takano's response was going to be. His hands slightly tightened their grip on the sheet that was there waiting with his ears perked up for the response from Takano.

"Of course, I couldn't leave him alone like this. He's actually going to be staying with me at my new place. Here's the address."

Hearing that statement from Takano made those eyes shoot open wide. He was going to be staying where? What happened to his old place? What happened to even leaving across the hall with Takano in that apartment building? There were so many questions roaming around endlessly inside his head now. Takano was going to have some serious explaining to do once he decided to make it known he was actually awake. Ritsu could hear the sound of a pen scribbling down on a paper along with the sounds of the paper being handed over to the doctor.

"Good. You must mentally be prepared Mr. Takano-san. Onodera-kun, he's not going to be himself for some time. He's going to be depressed, lonely, stand-offish and possibly might try something serious to end his life. It is very important that you watch his every movement for the next couple days. Onodera is not going to be the usual guy you know. Are you absolutely sure your mentally ready to handle that Mr. Takano-san?"

Now Ritsu was really ear pimping sort of speak, he was listening waiting to hear what Takano's response was going to be. Out of the corner of Takanos dark eyes he spotted Ritsu moving and he guessed that the young editor had woken up during some portion of their conversation and was simply laying there listening to what they were discussing. He chuckled shortly and then turned his attention towards the physician once more.

"Of course, I wouldn't have anyone else take care of Ritsu-chan. I know I can bring back the Ritsu I love. He's still deep down in there somewhere. Right Ritsu-chan?"

Unexpectedly, Takano had figured out that Onodera was actually awake. His hand had came up and lightly gripped at Ritsu's shoulder using just enough force to turn the smaller man over so he was flat against the bed. It was clear when Takano had turned the smaller male over his hands were rose upwards covering his cherry red face from others views. That brought a small grin to Takanos lips. That was the Ritsu he had grown up loving. That shy, spiteful man that could say anything without thinking, it was just like if they were back inside the work office and not a hospital.

"B-Baka! I wasn't listening. I-I was sleeping."

The doctor studied the interaction between the two and knew deep down in his heart that Onoderas best bet for returning to any sort of normal life rested completely on Takano. He seemed to be mentally strong enough to hopefully, help heal Onoderas soul and heart back together. He scribbled something down on a medicine sheet and then turned to face Ritsu, whom after a brief period was able to lower his hands and show only a small bit of the red on his face.

"Ritsu, it's good to see you up and so lively. Now, these are medications. One is a anti-depressant. It should help keep the negative thoughts down and make it more peaceful during the day and of course this one is a sleep aid. I could tell from your records you were and still are suffering from lack of sleep so I want you to take these and see how they work for you. Finally, you have a medication for pain. We can tell physically, your still very broken and sore so this medication will help take care of the pain. Now, just watch how many you take these are dangerous bills to over douse on."

Ritsu felt like a child sitting there listening to the doctor explain the different medications and how to take them. At the same time the nurse was in there dressing the small new wound on his arm from the iv he had completely pulled out on his own accord. Now he was beginning to slowly move and put on a fresh set of clothing that Takano had brought with him from his latest visit to what was Ritsu's apartment. Each and every small movement brought tears to his eyes. There wasn't one part of his body that didn't seem to hurt. His hands were busy working on buttoning each button as he listened to the strict instructions growing more and more upset about them. Did it really seem like he was the type that could hurt himself? Ritsu could never be so stupid and actually take his own life. He rolled his eyes instead choosing not to get all mouthy with the doctor.

"Yes sir. I don't think you have anything to worry about."

Once Onodera was done dressing slipping into the set of shorts that Takano had chosen for him, he basically snatched the medications from the head physician there. All he wanted to do was get out of this prison here and back to some sort of normalness. Ritsu turned glancing towards Takano who could see right through him.

"Ritsu, the doctor is only concerned. It's not normal to be so calm after – you know."

"Okay. Can we just – go?"

Rather than argue with Onodera, Takano simply sighed and nodded his head once. He turned towards the doctor shaking the man's hand in gratitude since he was one that had originally taken care of Onodera from the start. The nurse brought over a wheelchair making Ritsu sit down but instead of the nurse wheeling him out Takano took that job. His hands gripped the handles of the chair and pushed forward mumbling some stuff to Ritsu as they proceeded to make their way down the hallway towards the elevator but Takano could not bring himself to say anything. This was the first time in the last few days that Ritsu was awake enough to actually hold a conversation. What could he tell the smaller male? How sorry he was that he didn't get there in time? How upset he was for allowing Yokozawa to send his lover to that death trap? Takano blamed himself and he knew that somewhere deep down Onodera had too as well.

An eerie silence had seemed to befallen over the pair as they stirred down one hallway and stopped right outside the elevator door that would take them straight up to the parking lot. Takano reached out pressing the light up arrow that was now a bright green color and waited for the double steel doors to open.

"You got rid of my apartment?"

So he was listening. Takano knew it all along. He shook his head and turned his eyes to focus on the door instead as he spoke. Takano knew he was going to have to explain this little bit of information to Onodera sooner or later. Sure, he would have preferred their ride home to be more peaceful but then again; if things were easy then this wouldn't be life.

"I moved you out."

"Oh I see – you..wait WHAT?!"

Onodera moved his hands grasping the wheels of the wheelchair stopping the object from rolling any further despite Takano's persistent pushes once the doors had came sliding open. Onodera wanted to know exactly what had happened to his apartment and why he wasn't able to go back to his own safe heaven rather than some new place. Takano sighed heavily before turning his focus onto Ritsu.

"Look, I wasn't sure if Dante knew your address or not so obviously going back to your place after all this wouldn't be good."

"B-But there's no guarantee that Dante knows thats where I live. Why can't I just go back home? I feel more comfortable there anyways."

Of course that would be more comfortable. It was the one place Onodera could burry himself in and not have to return to the real world. It was his own special place and because of what happened there was no way in hell Takano was going to take the risk and allow Onodera to move back into that building.

"No. Absolutely not. I'm not willing to take the risk, Dante might want more than just your body this time Ritsu."

Ritsu heard Takano arguing with him and knew he had to get him to change his mind. There was no way he was just going to take what he said and go along with it. Ritsu had to fight for his home and he planned to do just that when he opened his mouth to reply,"But – it's my home!"

Now Takano was beginning to get annoyed. He wasn't about to lose Onodera physically as well as mentally. Unable to control that temper he slammed his hands down onto the handles of the chair with his head tilted downwards. Before he knew it the words just seemed to ease from his lips. It honestly just slipped. He had wanted to sound more loving and caring but his emotions had gotten the better of him this time.

"Ritsu! Damn it! No!"

Ritsu was surprised by the sudden reaction from Takano and couldn't help but shake from fear. His body just naturally responded without any thinking coming from his brain. The petite male glanced down straight towards the floor gripping tightly onto the handle bars of the wheel chair knowing that he wasn't going to go home was devastating to him. The last little bit of peace and serenity was crashed. Tears began to subconsciously fall from his eyes which was enough to catch Masamunes attention. Maybe he was a little harsher then he wanted too. Takano walked over instantly kneeling down in front of Onodera who flinched at the simple touch of Takano's body brushing even slightly against his.

"Ritsu, I'm so sorry Ritsu. The last thing I want is for you to become scared of me."

Takano knew that he shouldn't touch Ritsu because Ritsu wasn't used to feeling actual human contact after what happened to him. But he wanted Onodera to know that he didn't mean to make Ritsu cry or make him feel any more pain then he was already feeling. So against his better judgment he reached his hand out and placed his palm against the back of Onoderas own making the male jump. But even though he could feel Ritsu's jerky movements through their hands brushing against one another he kept Ritsu there.

"Ritsu, I'm truly sorry. I just – refuse to lose you again. I already wasn't able to save you once. You were nearly killed because of something stupid. You never should have been put in that position – and its all because of me."

That statement alone made Ritsu lift his eyes giving Takano his full attention. Did he really think that everything that happened to him was his fault? Ritsu could never blame him for what happened. Onodera knew that he cared too deeply for the editor-in-chief to let him shoulder that burden.

"Takano-san, you're wrong."

Takano was still taken back by the smallest of voice that happened to come out of Ritsu. He certainly wasn't expecting him to say that. Takano expected the younger male to scream and wail at him. He deserved it. Takano allowed Ritsu to go to that demons house and look what happened to him. He's suffering now. Takano clenched his eyes tightly closed out of frustration.

"But it is my fault. You were sent there out of jealousy. Because Yokozawa-san has some feelings towards me and he wanted to try and "protect" me from you. If he didn't have feelings for me, you never would have been put into that position. All of it is because of me. I deserve to be in that wheel chair."


Takano looked up and spotted a very determined looking Ritsu staring back at him. Takano had never seen that face on him before. Ritsu knew that he could never wish this situation on anyone not even Yokozawa-kun. He could never see anyone he ever knew going through this stuff. The nightmares, the day scares, the pain and suffering.

"You are NOT to blame. There is only one man to blame for this and that's Dante."

Takano could feel a cold chill come over Ritsu since his hand was still pressing down against Onoderas. It was the first time that Ritsu had brought himself to say the man's name out loud. Maybe this was one, small, step into reclaiming his life back. Onodera made sure he kept his eye sight straight with Takano's wanting to make sure he completely understood that Ritsu did not now, nor ever would blame him for the misfortune he had.

"You aren't at fault Takano-san and I don't want to hear anything else. Take me home."

Takano could see in his eyes that Ritsu really was telling the truth. Or at least the truth that he believed. Takano faintly nodded his head pulling away from Ritsu and standing up. He knew right now he didn't need to dwell on his feelings, instead he needed to get Ritsu home so that way he could properly rest.

"Yeah, guess your right on that one Ritsu-chan. Let's get you home."

"Speaking of home – where would that be – exactly?"

Takano smirked pressing his hands to the handle bars once more and used his upper body strength to push the wheel chair into the elevator before the big metal structure began to zoom upwards heading towards the right number of floor so the pair could get into Takano's car. All the while the raven haired editor stood there with a small smirk on his lips.

"You'll see. I got a feeling your going to really like it."

Onodera could already tell this was bad especially when Takano wasn't telling him where his new found "home" was. All he could do was go along for the ride and hope that he didn't live in a cardboard box or something. It was completely out of his control.

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