Darkest PowersandMortal InstrumentsCrossover

Chapter 3: Lyle

Author's Note:

If you haven't read The Summoning, The Awakening, and The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong, as well as City of Bones, City of Ashes and City of Glass by Cassandra Clare, I advice you not to read this. Be spoilt at your own risk.

I am never proud of this chapter. Hopefully it can help shape the characters, though.

London Institute, 1879

"I had talked to Charlotte about that man named Markus Wells," Tessa can feel the heat radiating from Jem, it seems that he is sick. On the other hand, she didn't want to make him feel like he was a fragile bird ready to fall off his nest, "have you gotten any knowledge about him?"

She squinted to see his light features in the evening darkness, "Apparently, the man had a son who fled from his household and changed his name."

Jem shook his head, "warlocks are—barren," he did his best not to look at her, "it's never all that possible for him to have a son."

"A human boy perhaps," there came a sensible answer. I wasn't Tessa and neither was it Jem.

"Will," Tessa whispered slightly to herself.

Jem grimaced, "he looks drunk."

But Tessa knew very well that all was a facade of his pretense. Will never smelled like alcohol even if he successfully tried to convince everybody that he is not sober.

"I am fine," his steps were smooth against the stone floor, "I have sat around six-fingered-Nigel long enough to hear a couple of faeries gossip," He leaned against the door to the Great Library and sighed. "Not that I like doing those, of course."

"There is someone who came from New York a week ago," He spoke, "Apparently Wells recognized him and made such a sight at the train station."

"Something scandalous, I guess," Jem sighed, "You like those, don't you?"

"Close enough," He says, "he came asking for his son's apology."

This had startled Tessa who was yearning to sleep in her bed. It seems like she lost all the interest to sleep right then. "What was the newcomer's name?"

"Alexander Saunders," Will states in a tired tone. "No warlock marks," he sat across Tessa by the fire, "at least none that he has been showing."

"I must talk to him," Tessa says.

"Hardly," Will placed his feet on the sides of the armchair, "he can never best me in terms of looks, though. Forget about it."

Tessa ignored him, "He has been corrupted by his own family," she sighed, "He can do some sort of divinations that are not very common to warlocks."

"It could be Black Magic," Jem suggested.

"That too," Tessa agreed, "Raising the dead and talking to souls, that is not possible even with the help of the Silent Brothers."

"It's never Alexander's fault, though," Jem added.

"The ifrits called him as the son of an insane woman," Will was facing them this time, "She was living in York when the young Alexander was born, threw herself at the edge of the cliff asking an unseen element to leave her alone."

"There was a doctor, you said?" Tessa asked Jem.

"Here's what I knew, she's Lady Agatha, a mother of two boys. Other than that I think she is very harmless."

"What was her husband's name?" Will inquired.

"Samson Lyle, from Wales."


"Do you like cookies?" Clary asked the distraught blonde girl sitting at the balcony.

Chloe stared at the jar for a moment.

"Don't worry, Izzy didn't make them."

This made Chloe laugh.

"She's not too bad of a cook, though," Chloe took a cookie from the jar. She did not realize that they eat cookies in such crazy chain on fantasy. Well, what used to be a fantasy.

"Oh, don't need to be all that nice," Clary smiled back. "You looked worried so I thought I'd help."

"Nothing much," she fidgeted.

The other girl looked less convinced than ever. Chloe didn't have the time of the day to be worrying about other things. Idris was a gorgeous place to stay in, but not a very good distraction from her thoughts.

It seems like there won't be a distraction to such problems, though.

"You have somewhere to go?" Clary asked, "or someone to go with."

This pricked Chloe's chest for a moment, then she let it go. "Not really," she replied.

"I am visiting a warlock today," The red-haired girl says, "you might have questions he can answer."

When Chloe didn't reply right away, Clary added, "You can come."

This made the other girl look up and a certain light in her system changed her emotions. Clary wasn't sure if it were a good or bad thing.

Chloe swung her legs out of the terrace and stood. Realizing that Clary and her are of the same exact height, "Who are we seeing?"

Derek had never left the bridge since the hour Chloe just walked away. I was like that, just as his heart was exploding with the love he had meant to give her, she just walked away.

Walked away. It echoed in his head. Like he was some sort of dangerous creature she had realized she had to stay away from. She didn't just walked away, she ran for her life.

Perhaps Chloe had become smart about choosing the one that she should love. Now all that Derek wishes is for her to be dumb enough to want him.

"Hey bro," Simon clapped his back. He looked like he was really happy. Simon had been training with warlocks on how to improve his abilities. Somehow, Derek was really happy seeing his brother being satisfied with what he can do.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

"Nothing," Derek replied.

"That's definitely something,"

Derek had always been like that. Would do anything for people he loved, without loving his own self.

"I think Chloe has been making better decisions lately," Derek croaked, the least.

"That's good, isn't it?" Simon tried for a smile.

"Yeah," Derek muttered under his breath. "Smart enough not to choose me."

"Wait," Simon was startled, "what do you mean not choosing you?"

Then Simon realized that he can't get anything else from his brother anymore. With that scowl back on and the silence filling the space between them, Derek wasn't talking to anybody anytime soon.

Hopefully I have made up the decent amount of words needed to accomplish this. There's bits of the Infernal Devices in here but not giving out any spoilers at all. I am inspired to put it here because I am currently reading Clockwork Prince by the ever-amazing Cassandra Clare.