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Story time!

Alice POV
"Swinging on the half price banners is next!" I told them, smiling wide.
Bella recoiled in horror when she realized I was looking at her. "Hell no,
Alice." Said edward, glaring at me with a Don't-even-think-about-it gleam in
his eyes. "Fine. Only this once though! But your punishment for getting Bella
out of this is," I paused for that awesome dramatic effect, "that you have to
get Jasper back into his normal clothes and wake him up." Insert Evil laugh
here, Oh yeah. I said it. "OH HELL YEAH! IM SO FILMING THAT!" Screamed Emmett
before pulling out his camera. "Alice there is no way in hell tha-" Edward
started, but I cut him off with a threat. "Oh Bella! Ready to go swinging?" I
screamed. If silly little Edward didn't comply then this was his punishment. I
grabbed Bella's arm and pulled her towards the nearest banner. Half off on
PIXIE! HEEEEELLLPPP!" Bella screamed. She was so loud, I heard someone in the
next isle over say, "I want what she's on!". "Fine I'll do it! Just drop the
human!" Said Edward before grabbing Jazzy's arm and pulling him towards the
men's restroom. "Ok, I guess I'm doing this one." I told them preparing for my
swing. "Where's Emmett...And what are you doing?" Asked Bella. "I think he is
just filming your husband strip and dress mine." I said before realizing how
wrong that sounded. Bella giggled. "Ok. Wish me luck!" I yelled before
lauching my self into the air, grabbing on to the banner, and
swinging. "WOOHOOO! THIS IS AWESOME!" I screamed. Everyone in the store was
staring and I wondered how we weren't kicked out yet. Stupid Humans! I swung
one way, accidently kicking Rose in the head. Meh, I didn't like her hair today
anyway. "Sorry!" I yelled to her. That is when I saw something. Something that
scarred me for the rest of my immortal life... It was Edward. Wrestling with a
naked Jasper. With Emmet filming it. I dropped immedeatly, grabbed Bella
and Rose and ran towards the guys. "What happend?" I yelled before falling
toward the floor, giggling, And noticed the others were doing the same. "We- I-
No- I just- Oh hell. Jasper freaked out." Said Edward. "Believe me this isn't
what it looks like!" "Riiiiight. Sure." I said laughing, "Anyway, Onto
the next one. OK, next on the list is..."

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