A/N: Okay, this is my first Portal fic evar. Don't judge. D: I used some things, like the spark thing, from my good buddy Caz (koriandmetrion) who helped me a lot with coming up with ideas for this. The kiss on the cheek thing was based on a beautiful pic I found that I'll link you guys to. 3. Read and Review, I apologize if they seem OOC in any way, as I haven't played all of Portal and don't own Portal 2 yet.

"Stupid Curiosity.. asking stupid questions.. I hate them all." Bright red eyes darted around the room, settled on the orange haired humanoid that he spoke of, then turned to the purple eyed girl next to him who was staring at him worriedly. Morality frowned to herself as she watched Anger mutter.. well… angrily to himself. He seemed to be on the verge of an explosion as Curi and Space made their way over towards him, oblivious of the way he was shaking in fury.

"Hiya Anger!" Anger glanced up at Curi, a scowl set on his face. "How are you? Are you okay? You look kinda upset. Did Rick do something wrong?" The stream of unending questions made Anger's eye twitch, and Space started tugging on her hand in nervousness.

"Come on, Curi. I wanna show you stuff about Space. Come on."

"Space? Ooh, let's go! I wanna know even more about space!" Morality made her way over to Anger as the curious, space-obsessed couple left to wherever they went at night. He glared up at her, almost daring her to piss him off further.

"You okay?" was all she said, and quietly at that, as she sat next to him and reached for his hand, linking their fingers when she found it. The warm feeling he got from that simple gesture overrode whatever had been irritating him no less than five minutes later and made him unable to speak for a moment. "Anger?"

"Uhm… yeah. M'fine." He looked down at his current companion, the only one who could make him not mad, which was what he had been designed to be, and mad at the same time. She calmed him down, which infuriated him, because no one was supposed to be able to do that. It was just him to be furious, just as it was her to be the quiet voice of reason, the always heard, often ignored conscience of the group.

"You sure?" Two simple words, and he was hooked. He began to tell her about everything that annoyed him and pissed him off: Curi and Space, Fact Core and his lies, Rick the coward… And she just sat, occasionally giving a sympathetic 'oh' or nodding in agreement, giving him a chance to just rant and let everything out.

Surprisingly, when he ran out of words to explain why he was mad all the time, he found that he wasn't mad at all. Morality smiled and squeezed his hand, stretching slightly and planting a light kiss on his cheek, setting off a spark that shocked the both of them, their faces tingeing a light shade of pink and their hearts beating a million miles a minute.

"What was that…?" He sounded like Curiosity now, and that irritated him slightly, but the wonder of what had happened blocked that out.

"…I… I don't know…" The purple-haired girl reached up to touch her lips, trying to refeel the jolt, the spark of emotion and feelings that had happened. The angry core she'd felt it with was doing the same thing, only touching his cheek.

"Well, whatever it was… it was lots better than being mad."