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Chapter 8

Sirius Black was getting antsy. And when Sirius Black was antsy, you did not want to get
in his way. The last person who did ended up staring down the business end of a wand.

He needed to do something. Anything. He wanted to go curse the Dursleys into oblivion,
even though the tiny voice in the back of his head said it wasn't their fault. He wanted to go and
find Voldemort and rip him apart bare handed. He wanted to find Pettigrew and introduce him to
his fist. What he did not want to be doing was sitting in a hospital wing that reeked of potions,
and watch his godson get weaker and weaker, and grow increasingly unaware of what was going
on around him. And that was all he could do.

Kern was taking an eternity. If Sirius didn't know any better, he would say that the aging
doctor must have fallen asleep. But he knew potions took time, especially ones intended for
healing. Wasn't that just the way it would work out? Potions that were needed immediately took
forever to brew, yet in mere minutes one could have a potion to grow their hair twenty-seven feel

He had begun pacing days ago. At least that's what his legs told him. He was running on
pure adrenaline, and his body was beginning to protest. He had already been told that he was
wearing a hole in the floor by someone. He couldn't be bothered to figure out who. Someone
tried to push a sleeping potion in his face, and he just scowled. Then a pepper-upper was waved
under his nose, and he drank it down without a second's thought. So then he was a nervous,
pacing man with steam pouring out of his ears. A rather bored Remus started making train noises.

Sirius glowered at him, but even he knew it was hard to look intimidating when you
resembled a muggle cartoon. Remus replied with "All aboard the Black Express. Next stop, St.
Mungos insanity ward!" Sirius just pulled a menacing face while Arabella snorted into her hand.

Endless pacing...nothing to do...Harry's passed out again...where is Kern? The same
thoughts flew through Sirius's stressed mind until he couldn't take it anymore.

"That's it! I'm going to the Dursleys! I'm going to ask them some questions!"

"And what would you ask them, Sirius? 'Seen any wizards casting spells on you lately?'
Just sit down."

"No! I'm going! I'll ask them it they ran into anyone suspicious looking. I'll... I'll tell them
I'm a please man, and I'm looking for a criminal..."

"You're going to be a POLICE man who just happens to have no uniform, no badge and
is wearing robes that look exactly like the ones they hate so much? I don't think so."

"I think of something! I just need to go do something! I need to go look for someone, or
ask questions. I just bloody need to do SOMETHING!"

"Sirius, you can't. You know you can't. If you take one step out of Hogwarts, you're
going right back to Azkaban, and you know it."

Sirius fell in a heap into a chair next to Remus. "I know. I know. I just... I can't... I can't
be here. I can't be here while there is someone out there who can make him better. All we need to
do is find him. That's all and he'll be better."

"Padfoot, it's not that easy. We don't have the slightest idea who could have done it. We
don't even know where to start looking. We can't bring in every person with a wand and ask
them to take the curse off."

"Why not?"


"Ok, ok I know, I know."

"Let's just wait for Dumbledore to come back, and then we can get to business."

"When is he coming back?"

"I don't know."

"This is all bull, and you know it! Why can't we go to the Dursleys? Why do we have to
wait for Dumbledore? He would send us anyway! We could charm some muggle cloths for us,
and Arabella could stay here and watch Harry!"

"Sirius, we can't."

"Why not? Give me one good reason, and I'll drop the subject right now!"

"I...it's just...we can't."

"Ok, then. It's settled. We're going."

* * *

The two walked down Privit Drive. In the daylight it looked just as peaceful as any other
house. They both had strong flashbacks of the last time they were here, and both were hoping that
this visit would be much better than the last.

After some strong arguments and even stronger words, Sirius finally talked Remus into
going. They charmed muggle cloths for themselves, with the help of Arabella, who knew better
that Sirius and decided he defiantly should not wear a baby blue tuxedo. (He had rather liked the
ruffles, though.)

They thought out exactly what they were going to say before they flooed to Arabella's,
and wore nice, but casual cloths that they both found more than a little constricting.

Remus rang the Dursley's doorbell, and they stood, nervously waiting for the door to
open. When it finally did, they saw a thin, horse-faced blonde woman, who they knew to be
Harry's aunt. They had trouble believing that she was in any way related to Lily. She gave them a
questioning look, but did not look at all like the type to hurt anybody.


"Hello, ma'am. We are doing a survey for the city. We are putting together a brochure to
promote tourism, and hopefully encourage people to move to our lovely town." Remus said in a
slick, professional voice. "We were just wondering if we could ask you a few questions?"

"What king of questions?" She asked, obviously interested.

"Well, we would like to know any places you have been within the last two weeks. We are
looking for the most popular locations in Little Whinging."

"Well, I went to Nicols, a darling store, to get a present for my son. I do my grocery
shopping at The Market. Hmm...My husband and I went out for dinner at a nice little resturant
called Rose Run. We took our son to the doctor. He's a nice fellow. It's the first time we went to
that doctor, ours was out of town....I went to a friend of mine's house, but I don't think that's a
very popular place..."

"Is that all?"
"Yes. It's been a very slow couple of weeks. Not much to do in the summer."

"Ok. Do you and your husband work? If so where?"

"I'm a housewife. My husband is a very important employee at Grunnings. It's a drill
company. He's almost president!"

"Ok, and one last question. Have you seen or met any strange people around? Anyone
who maybe scared or alarmed you? If so where?"

"What? Why do you need to know that?"

"Well, we would like to be very thorough, and we don't want to recommend anywhere

"Oh, ok. Not really, no. No more than your average teenager who just likes to cause
trouble. It's really very peaceful around here. Oh, except for one time a few years ago. There was
something about an escaped criminal going around on the news. They didn't tell us where,
though, so it mightn't have even been anywhere near here."

"Alright, ma'am. Thank you for your time. We really do appreciate it."

"No problem, gentlemen. Have a nice day."

She closed the door as they walked away. They didn't talk until they were a safe distance
from the house.

"Merlin, Remus. Did you look at her eyes. It's just creepy."

"I know. I had a hard time not looking at them. It's weird how little red circles can give
you shivers."

"It's not the circles. It's what put them there."

They made their way back to Hogwarts in silence.

* * *

They walked back to the hospital wing from Dumbledore's office, itching to get out of the
muggle cloths and back into the comfort of robes. When they entered the room, they got a shock.

Dumbledore was sitting in the chair Sirius had vacated not half an hour ago.

They didn't know what to say. They were afraid he would be mad, but he gave them a
kind, knowing smile and beckoned them to sit down next to him.

"Arabella informed me what you did. I understand how you needed to do something.
Apparently I missed you by only a few minutes. I just thank you for not doing anything rash."

"That's only because I had Moony with me." Said Sirius. "If he wasn't there, believe me, I
would have done something rash."

"Ah, then. Thank you, Remus." Remus gave him a smile. "Now I'm sure you have some
things to tell me, but first, there's something I need to tell you. Actually, it's you in particular,


"Yes, you. You know I met with Minister Fudge today, and we had quite a discussion,
and some rather unexpected, but very welcome events."

"What do you mean?"

"Sirius, you're free."

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