The Uzumaki Gaki: Chapter One

By: Kakarot Son

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I do not own the Naruto series in anyway shape or form. It belongs to its rightful owner, Kishimoto.

Summary: We all know that the scroll Naruto stole was written by the legendary Yondaime Hokage, right? Well what if it contained a little more? Naruto takes the world by maelstrom as the dead last rises through the ranks.

Authors Notes: Without further ado I present to you, my very first Naruto fic.

Please excuse me if there are any obvious mistakes as I am new to this; so Constructive Criticism, flamers and all the lot are welcome, seeing as I'd love to hear your opinion.

Warning: Please note that there may be a possible Harem later on in this story. Much later on, for the first 20-30 chapters, there'll barely be any romance, except for the odd date. There will be no Naruto x Two girls at once, till Shippuden, if at all.

The lead couple for this story, will most probably be Naruto and Hinata.

Chapter 1: A change in the Winds

It was a bright, clear day, as many people carried along with their normal business. Buying groceries, working, manning shops, scowling and glaring at the resident 'demon,' Uzumaki Naruto, was definitely on the agenda.

Yes for most people this was a normal day, except for young Naruto who claimed, 'This was his last day as a civilian!'

Normally this would be odd, to have a 12 year old boy claim that it was his last day as a civilian, but you see this was no normal village.

It was the Village Hidden in the Leaves, otherwise known as Konoha, where ninja's lived in harmony amongst civilians. This usually was only harmonic, until the 'demon brat' pulled one of his pranks on the poor innocent residents of Konoha!

Uzumaki Naruto was walking along allowing a large grin to grace his fox-like features. Shining blue orbs for eyes, slightly tanned skin, gravity-defying, spiky, blond hair and last but not least fox like whiskers, which seemed to give him an unmistakeable resemblance to a fox.

He was wearing the only thing he was ever seen in now days, his favourite orange jumpsuit. A white, neck-high collar, with two orange columns next to the zipper, sat firmly on his shoulders. On the connected orange jumpsuit, his shoulders were coloured a dark blue, the emblem of Konohagakure grasped the top left of his jumpsuit sleeve. His pants were simply orange the only design, was the white and blue band which was stuck on his lower right thigh.

Yes today was the day… The day when Konoha was holding their Genin exams, and every single member of the class was excited. The class was made up of numerous clan heirs and important figures in Konoha; A Haruno (mother's on the shinobi council), the last of the loyal Uchiha's, the Hyuga heiress, the Aburame heir, the Inuzuka heir, the Yamanaka heiress, the Nara heir, the Akimichi heir and of course the Jinchuuriki of Konoha. Not that he was important or anything, after all he was just the Kyuubi reincarnated, right?

So this was definitely going to be an interesting exam, after all it would show which clans were becoming greater and which were becoming weaker; each one held the value of their clan's and/or family's prestige.

Whistling along Naruto walked towards the academy, and walked into the exam room… The homeroom, which he had come to love so much, the first places, save for the Hokage's office and Old man Ichiraku's, that had ever shown him kindness.

He marched in with his head held high, he was going to pass this time, nothing could stop him as he entered the class room and tripped over his own shoelace. The pre-teen collided straight into a strange girl with pink hair, "Oh Sakura-chan, I didn't see you there, how about after class we go out on a date?" Her head instantaneously became bigger, as she used the big-headed Jutsu Iruka was so famous for.

"Naruto-baka! Watch where you're going, why would I go on a date with a loser with you, when Sasuke-kun is going to ask me out today, I just know he will!" exclaimed Sakura, first with disgust, but then starry eyes.

Naruto sat down, quite upset, 'Why does the Sakura care about the teme so much?' he asked himself.

Ten or so minutes later, Iruka Umino, Naruto's brown haired, sensei, with a scarred nose appeared, with Naruto's other sensei, Mizuki appeared.

"Okay class, I hope all of you are ready for you Genin exam!" exclaimed Iruka, it would be great to see how well he had taught each of them.

"Definitely! And I'm going to be the rookie of the year! Dattebayo!" yelled Naruto, pumping his fist into the air.

"Okay students, for your graduation exam you will each do the clone Jutsu, substitution Jutsu and of course the transformation Jutsu," instructed Iruka in a great loud voice.

"Choji Akimichi, you're up!" Mizuki said in a bored tone.

"Okay Mizuki-sensei!" exclaimed Choji, before adding, "Just let me finish my chips!" thus causing almost everyone in the room to sweat drop.

After Choji finished his chips, he walked up in front of the desk Iruka and Mizuki were sharing, "Okay so what do I do first again?"

Once again everyone sweat dropped, "Start off with the standard clone technique," Iruka replied.

Summoning Chakra with strong concentration, Choji replicated himself three times.

"Now the substitution Jutsu" yawned Mizuki, surely enough Choji managed to replace himself with a log, outside of the classroom before using the substitution technique to get back in.

"And now, this will really test your skills, but I want to see a transformation Jutsu!" exclaimed Iruka, Choji merely nodded while complying, turning into a not-to-shabby version of Iruka himself.

It went like this for a while, until Naruto was called.

"Hang on," said Mizuki, "I want you to do it the other way around."

"Wait, whaddya mean? Do I start off with the substitution Jutsu or something?" Naruto asked.

Mizuki nodded, while Naruto yelled with a strong voice, "Substitution Jutsu!" Surely enough he disappeared, but instead of Naruto; the third Hokage stood there in all his glory.

Sarutobi blinked a bit, "Hello class, you don't happen to know what brought me here, do you?"

Everyone was to stunned to answer, so all sat there quietly while Sarutobi waited for an answer.

Panting over came to room as a blur of orange appeared back in the class room, "Did I pass?" asked Naruto.

Iruka merely nodded, to substitute yourself with a person a few kilometres appeared required a lot of chakra, and here Naruto was with the energy to run back and only look slightly winded… 'Is this the work of the Kyuubi?' Iruka mentally asked himself.

"Hokage-sama, sorry for interrupting your busy routine, it seems Naruto managed to do a substitution with you." Mizuki said calmly after regaining his bearings.

"Oh, that's remarkable, I think I may stay for the rest of the exams to see how my future shinobi are doing," replied Sarutobi in his normal kind voice.

"Yeah Hokage-jiji, you've got to see how totally awesome I am! You might as well just give me the hat now old man!" Naruto exclaimed, while staring at the Hokage's red and white hat, with matching robes.

"Okay, Naruto next I want to see you do the transformation Jutsu," nodded Iruka, 'Ya know some day the kid might actually do it,' thought the seasoned Chunin, 'But then again, this is Naruto we're talking about,' Iruka smirked, as he looked at Naruto in his 'try-hard-cool-boy act,' both of his hands in his jacket pockets, his chest out to the world as if the young boy was boasting, and his eyes closed.

Uzumaki strolled into the middle of the room once more, before bringing his hands together in the Dog hand seal, before impulsively changing to the boar and then tiger. In a large puff of smoke, Uzumaki Naruto no longer stood. There stood, Teuchi of Ichiraku's Ramen Stand.

"Okay, I reckon that you deserve a half mark for that," shot off Mizuki.

"Wait! Whaddya mean? This is an awesome transformation!" Naruto almost made everyone in the room go deaf.

"Well for starters the amount of smoke you produced was far too large. Picture this; you're in the jungle about to infiltrate a base, so you start with a transformation Jutsu to deceive the enemy, right?" Naruto nodded, eager to show Sarutobi, how unfairly he was treated, "But you give off your whole team's position with the tell-tale smoke of a transformation Jutsu!"

"That's not fair! Even Sasuke-teme made the same amount of smoke that I did" Winged Naruto.

"Well life's not fair, that the number one golden rule of life!" barked Mizuki, smirking.

Iruka could only nod, wide eyed, this was all true. But many people made a lot of smoke, before they mastered the transformation Jutsu, was this discrimination of some sort? Maybe this was because he was the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi. 'That brat deserves it anyway.' A little voice at the back of his head whispered, 'Blasted fox… I never even got to say goodbye to them.'

Sarutobi, made a small grunting noise, "Well sorry kids, but that's all I have time for today. Maybe I'll see all of you when you've earned your headband" Hiruzen attempted to say in a kind and caring voice, as he walked away.

"Aww man, Hokage-jiji left!" Naruto said, letting his voice and spirit drop for only a moment.

A particular Hinata Hyuga, noticed this. 'Hime' styled hair, graced her pale head, stopping short of her eyebrows, which sat carefully on top of a pair of deep white eyes. Unlike the rest of her clan, her eyes held a strange tint of lavender, which gave them an even more intriguing look. She wore a pale-coloured jacket, with the emblem of Konoha, which covered any figure she could possibly have. To cover her thin and slender legs, she wore dark navy blue pants. Not that you could tell how thin or slender he legs were with those lose fitting pants.

The Hyuga heiress gasped, 'Naruto-kun, don't give up! You can pass the test this time! You never give up!'

"Right anyway, Clone Jutsu!" exclaimed Naruto.

Hinata allowed herself to smile gently, Naruto never gave in, and today was no exception.

In a large puff of smoke, two other Naruto's appeared. One was purple in the face, sprawled out on the floor, with an arm which seemed to have been blown off. While the other, was having what seemed to be a seizure, it was almost normal. Except for the fact that, it had no eyes, only white eyeballs were in the place of where the eye would normally be. Strange gagging sounds were heard as it, rolled around on the floor drooling a thick blue liquid.

"What on earth is wrong with you? Fail!" Screeched Iruka, as he used his infamous big-headed Jutsu, 'Perhaps I'm being a bit too harsh, but I can't let someone with skills like this become a shinobi!'

Naruto's face instantly fell, as he clenched his fists. He'd been so close, he gave it his all, and he tried to draw out as much Chakra as he could, focus as much as he could… But it just didn't work! Why didn't it ever work?

Uzumaki's lip stiffened, it just wasn't fair. It never was.

"Oh come on, Iruka" Mizuki intervened, smirking all the while, careful to keep it hidden from the rest of the class, "I mean he did technically create two clones."

Naruto almost jumped, it was true. He did make two clones. Sure, they didn't work, but, hey they were two clones. He blinked, maybe he'd pass!

"No… I can't let, you pass this test." Iruka, shook his head. "Everyone else created at least three clones, working ones at that. While you created two half dead ones."

A lone tear trickled across Naruto's face, hydrating his mouth as the dry skin absorbed the teardrop. He nodded grimly, without uttering a single word as he took his place at the back of the class.

'Yeah… It never is fair...'

20 minutes later had Uzumaki sniffing into the sleeve of his shirt once more. Every single member of his class… At least all the ones that counted passed, even Sasuke-teme!

Now everyone was getting congratulated by their parents, even the teme was getting congratulated by almost every parent. But no one ever cared about him. Why wasn't Mrs. Inuzuka congratulating him, calling him a fine pup? Why wasn't Mrs. Haruno calling him the best possible groom one could have? Where were his parents when it counted?

Unknown to him, within his very body, or more specifically his stomach, two people were gently whispering in union. "Right here Naru-chan," said the woman, while with a clenched fist a blond man whispered. "Right here Naruto-kun…"

Naruto smiled, as he opened the scroll. He was going to pass the secret back-up test for sure! Once he mastered the Jutsu in the scroll Mizuki-sensei would pass him, and he'd be a ninja! A real ninja!

He opened the valuable Japanese scroll, looking from right to left, up to down. "Kage… Bunshin… No Jutsu?" He resisted the urge to fall over, "That means Shadow Clone Jutsu! That's my worst Jutsu of all."

"Oh well… Time to get started," and so the young Uzumaki, went to work, determined to graduate.

Iruka panted heavily, having tree-hopped through the forest. Somehow he knew Naruto was here. It was inexplicable, he felt a special connection with the boy. He had to be here…

If Iruka thought he had been panting heavily, he sure was wrong. Naruto was there sprawled out on the floor, panting extra heavily, the forbidden scroll strapped tightly to his back.

"I did it sensei! I mastered the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu… So I guess I pass, huh?" The Academy Student smiled, a smile worth his name.

"Kage Bunshin… How? Anyway, what makes you think that you pass? And give the scroll back to me. There's a bunch of Anbu, along with most of the village Jounin's on lookout for you." Iruka told his student, his hoarse voice managing to tear through the windy air.

"Mizuki-sensei told me that if I managed to learn a Jutsu from the scroll, by infiltrating the Hokage tower and taking it, I'd graduate. It's like a secret back-up test. And I passed with an S plus." Naruto let of another great smile.

"Naruto, I'm sorry to tell you this buy Mizuki obviously lied. That scroll contains deadly Jutsu, forbidden ones. They're forbidden because lots of ninja have died using the various techniques. Mizuki must have stolen it too try and master the techniques." Iruka frowned, something was wrong with this whole scene. 'You can't even blame the kid. He trusted his own sensei, how would a little snot-nosed brat be able to tell that his own sensei was a traitor when none of us could? That's not fair either, Mizuki intentionally pulled that stunt earlier today. He gave Naruto half a mark where he deserved at least a whole, and insured Naruto would fail, since he can't do the Clone Technique well. Then when he was assured that I'd fail him, after the pathetic clones were produced he acted like the good guy.

After that he made Naruto, trust him while 'villainizing,' me! Then he approached Naruto and convinced him of this amazing 'secret back-up test,' and told him to steal the scroll.'

The horrible truth then dawned on Iruka, 'And then he planned to murder the kid, right here in the middle of nowhere, and get away scot-free. No one would ever suspect him, and if they did he'd be hailed as a hero, the one who killed the 'Kyuubi-brat.' Worst of all, I'd probably be congratulating him.'

The sound of leaves rustling approached Iruka's well-trained ears, "Naruto!" The Chunin shouted, instantly gaining the young boys attention, "Run!"

"W…What?" asked the almost Genin, what was going on?

"Take the scroll and run, go back to Hokage-sama!"

"Well… Well what's this?" asked a new, familiar voice. Its high pitch pierced, through the night air, wavering slightly. "It seems you deserve a bit more credit than I initially thought Iruka." The voice almost instantaneously deepened

"Mi…Mizuki you traitor!" Iruka yelled, 'This just confirms it. Mizuki… Of all people, my best childhood friend, was willing to murder a young child. All because he's the Kyuubi-brat!' Iruka almost snarled at the horrible motive.

"What are you talking about, dear Iruka?" asked Mizuki, a sneer running along his face. All he had to do was murder the Kyuubi-brat and now Iruka, and he'd be set. But first he had to confuse the kid, and retrieve the scroll.

Naruto cringed… He just wanted to cry. Why was life so cruel to him? The only sensei's that had ever treated him kindly were fighting. Iruka was calling Mizuki a traitor and a liar, while Mizuki was acting confused about the whole idea.

Which one was lying, which one was telling the truth?

"Die!" The hoarse command, snapped Naruto back to attention, as he saw a large Shuriken, heading his way. It seemed to be gliding through the air slowly, as the world seemed to stop for the child.

He saw it coming, and closed his eyes, as tightly as possible. Maybe this would be the end to a cruel life? 'I promise… If I ever get out of this, I'll stop pulling pranks on everyone, I'll stop making fun of the teme, and I'll eat my vegetables… I promise.'

The blow never came. In its place was Iruka, crouching as blood spurted from his back.

He didn't know why he did it, but it was wrong. No matter how many people he'd seen die, he never wanted to prevent a death more than this one. How could he stand by as a young child, a civilian, a caring one at that, not one of those ones which shunned him when his parents died, was brutally murdered? And all because of his old friend! It was just wrong.

The child wanted to become a ninja, and was so close to, yet he would be stopped by someone as heartless a Mizuki. No… Iruka would rather lay down his own life, than watch as someone as determined as Naruto, died trying to become a ninja. He wasn't the Kyuubi… There was no way; Iruka recalled all the good times the two had shared together, when he felt pity for the so called brat. He had denied the kid, the Konoha forehead protector, twice. Both within 24 hours, once at the Ramen bar yesterday, and next, at the exam earlier today. He sure as hell wasn't going to let the kid die without achieving his dream. He'd stand by the kid, as he advanced to become Hokage… He believed in the kid. He wouldn't let Mizuki stop him either.

"Wh…Why?" Naruto choked out the words, Mizuki was lying to him, and Iruka took the Shuriken meant for him, now he was going to lose Iruka. Iruka was probably the only person, except for Old Man Teuchi, and Hokage-jiji to ever show him kindness and now he was going to lose him?

"Because… You and me…" Iruka cringed, an eye closed as an indication of his pain, "We're the same…"

Images, once again filled Iruka's mind as he reflected, "When the Kyuubi killed my parents, everyone forgot about me. I moped around depressed for a while, but then I turned to pranks as a means to get their attention back.

But still nobody cared… I know what it's like Naruto, to be shunned from society with nobody caring about you. The only reason I ever pushed you so hard was so you'd be able to take care of yourself and so you wouldn't make the same mistakes, which I did."

Naruto's eyes started to fill with a liquid familiar to his skin, they were so used to the liquid by now. But for some reason this time the liquid was different. 'Iruka-sensei really does care…'

"What a load of crap you're feeding the boy, Iruka. Naruto, listen to me not Iruka. He just wants the scroll. He hates you like the rest of the world; he's just trying to trick you!"

Somehow Iruka fell silent, as he gasped, succumbing to his injuries, he carefully pulled out his medical cream. He needed to be careful, if Mizuki saw him moving, he'd end his life quickly.

"N…No! That's not true! Sensei's different!" Naruto stubbornly protested, it couldn't be true, Iruka wasn't like that!

"Do you want to know the real reason why Iruka hates you so much? Why everyone hates you so much? Why you'll never be welcomed by Konoha?" Mizuki asked.

Iruka stopped dead in his tracks. 'No! This is the worst possible thing that could happen right now!'

"No stop! Mizuki, it's forbidden!" Iruka yelled but his voice fell on deaf ears, as Naruto nodded.

"Shut up, Iruka. Though I suppose what he says is true, it is forbidden."

Iruka let out a breath of relief. 'It's safe… At least for now.'

"I'll tell you the truth… Consider this your last act of kindness Naruto."

Naruto vigorously nodded, he needed to know. It was important, he'd fix it and then everyone would stop disrespecting him and start looking up to him.

"You see… Twelve years ago the Kyuubi no Yoko attacked the village of Konohagakure. Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage confronted it and defeated it at the cost of his own life. All that can be found in text books, but what the text books don't tell you is, he didn't slay the beast. He sealed it within a mere child, because a newborn's chakra network wasn't developed and would be able to adapt to the Kyuubi whereas an adult would probably explode from its chakra. What I'm saying is… That child is you. You, are the Kyuubi no Yoko reincarnated."

Tears once again flowed from the child's eyes, so that's why… That's why everyone hated him… That's why he'd never have a friend his age. He didn't deserve any though. He was the Kyuubi he was evil. He killed Iruka's parents… He killed a fourth of Konoha's populace.

"Naruto Run! You can't let Mizuki get the scroll even if you die!" Iruka yelled as he swiftly reached for his medical cream.

The young boy took off, confused and fearing for his life, tearing through the silent woods. Mizuki, of course was soon to follow.

As he applied the Hyuga branded medical cream, which nullified pain, he folded his hands into the ram seal. 'Ram…Boar… Ox… Dog… Snake…' That's all that'd be to it and he'd be in front of both Naruto and Mizuki. The seals were rapidly performed as a log appeared in place of Iruka

A Dog, Boar and a Ram seal later, found two Naruto's back to back behind the same tree. As if by an unspoken agreement, the taller one of the two, jumped forward, and turned the right causing Mizuki, who was hot in pursuit to halt and follow him.

A few second later Iruka passed the Naruto, "Give me the scroll! Quick, Mizuki's coming!"

This was ignored by the Naruto, as he simply jumped on his sensei, tackling him head-first into the ground.

"H…How did you know? That it was me?" Asked Mizuki, as the henge which illustrated him as Iruka dispersed.

"Because, I'm Iruka," replied the Chunin as he let the henge disperse.

Sarutobi paced back and forth… This was not good, Naruto had stolen the forbidden scroll, and Mizuki had tricked him into doing so.

He stared intently, at the crystal ball displaying, the whole confrontation. 'Come on Naruto-kun, you need to come out of this alive! Do Minato and Kushina proud.'

Sarutobi could only help but wonder, how had Naruto failed the Genin exams, he'd been doing so well and managed to do a Replacement technique with him. It was one thing for a Chunin to replace himself with another person, but a completely other thing for one to replace himself with someone half-a-town away!

"Iruka, come on let's go. We can share the scroll, no one will ever know!" Mizuki negotiated with the slightly more experienced Chunin, "We can just blame the whole thing on the demon fox."

"He killed your parents after all, what's to say he won't kill you next. Or betray the village?" Mizuki asked once more, for added effect.

Iruka chuckled, "You're right, that's what the demon fox would do." He could feel the effects of the special cream weakening.

Naruto's heart stopped for the second time that day, as he listened to the conversation. Iruka-sensei wasn't different, he was the same as Mizuki-sensei. He was just lying to get the scroll. What's to say Jiji hadn't been lying to try and get himself a good ninja?

It still wasn't fair… Things were finally starting to look up, but then they were ruined by Mizuki. And now just when they'd seemingly escaped Mizuki's clutches, it turned out Iruka-sensei had been lying too.

"But that boy's not no Demon Fox… His name's Naruto Uzumaki and he's going to become Hokage… Dattebayo!"

Mizuki chuckled this time, lifting a Kunai, "I see, so that's how it is."

He prepared to slit Iruka's throat, reaching closer for his former friend. That was until he found himself knocked down onto the ground, looking at the brown Shinobi sandals of a child.

"If you ever lay a hand on my sensei…" Snarled the Child,as his piercing blue eyes were enveloped by a dark, demonic red colour, "I'll kill you!"

"I'd like to see you try, demon fox!" Mizuki screamed in anguish, how dare this brat knock him to the ground?

"Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu!" was the only response he got, as a large multitude of clones filled the forest. Standing on every solid surface.

"So you perfected the little clone technique… That's not going to help you!" Mizuki threatened, as he saw each clone prepare for a wind up punch.

"They're solid, teme" whispered Naruto, in a cruel voice. He almost felt sorry for the ass-hole.

"Close your eyes, Naruto." Iruka asked of the boy. The young child had just, taken care of what would be classified as a mid B-rank missing-nin by using his worst technique. That was commendable, even Iruka himself would've had trouble dealing with Mizuki, but this child, the so called 'Demon Brat,' dealt with him, without breaking a sweat. "I've got a gift."

Naruto turned around, and closed his eyes. Completely trusting Iruka, he thought nothing of it as the goggles he never actually used as goggles were lifted from his forehead.

But his eyes darted open, the moment he felt a tight cloth, holding a metal plate, tighten around his forehead. Spinning around, he embraced his sensei, "I'm a ninja! A real ninja!" the young Genin paraded around, dancing as he realised this was a new milestone which he achieved, in his path to become Hokage.

'Sorry to break it to you Naruto. But the path to becoming a true ninja isn't all fun and games… It's only going to get harder from now on. Though I suppose I shouldn't ruin the moment.' Iruka thought, as a triumphant smirk managed to cross his face.

When Naruto went to bed that night, he was ecstatic. He couldn't stop thinking of the scroll that, he had taken. If that was just one of the techniques within there, a B-rank one at that, what off the other techniques that were in there?

The last one in there particularly caught his mind. He had looked at the Kage Bunshin which was apparently invented by someone by the name of Mito something, while the last one, 'the Rasengan,' was created by the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze, it was an A-rank Jutsu. No details or instructions on how to perform it were within the scroll. In its place was the name of a book, 'On the Origins of Jutsu,' which described how the Yondaime's original technique was based on the simple Jutsu creation ideas within the book.

Maybe… Just maybe, he'd create his own Jutsu. According to the history books, the Yondaime's original technique, known by 'Namikaze-sama' only, had almost no weaknesses. And if the technique did, have any, the person who discovered it never lived to tell the tale.

Yes, that's what he needed… His own Jutsu

Authors Notes:

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Also, Oiroke no Jutsu, Sexy no Jutsu, Sexy Jutsu, etc. or whatever you want to call it, has not been founded by Naruto yet. The chapter end leaves a slight hint as to what I may or may not do with it.

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