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Sakura's brow was deeply, furrowed, as she frowned. She was on a team with Naruto, of all people! That idiotic buffoon, she quickly shook herself out of it however. Letting out a cheer she screamed, "Take that Ino-pig! I'm with Sasuke-kun!"

She could almost die there, happy. Almost being because Naruto of all people was there, he was a no good runt. And then he'd probably somehow manage to ruin the whole thing for her. She caught herself before she began talking nonsense what could this dead last-baka do to her relationship with Sasuke-kun? After all true love triumphs all!

Sakura turned her attention back towards Iruka, keen to hear the rest of the squads… Perhaps Iruka had read it wrong and it had said that Naruto hadn't passed? Maybe someone like Shikamaru would end up on her squad instead; he was a lazy butt-head, no doubt about it. But at least he was sort of cool, unlike the dog boy Kiba or that creepy kid Shino. Or even that fat try hard, Choji, however no one could or would, ever compare to her Sasuke-kun.

"Now the next team on my list is Team Eight. Once again these were all authenticated by Hokage-sama himself, and are unchangeable. If you do have any problems though feel free to talk it out with me. Team Number Eight, with Yuhi Kurenai as the Jounin instructor, consists of: Hyuga Hinata, Aburame Shino and Inuzuka Kiba."

Kiba was fist pumped; he had gotten a hot chick on his team. Okay, fine Hinata wasn't hot, but she was a chick after all… And a darn pretty one if he had to say anything about it. Besides he was quite sure, she had a thing for him anyway. That and the fact that he had bug boy as his other team mate only added to the Inuzuka's enthusiasm. There was no way that he'd go for Hinata… right? He'd probably just have more fun with his bugs. He patted Akamaru on the head, as he smiled at Hinata, the sleeping dog paying no mind to the class.

Hinata was slightly sadder, as she pulled her loose, Eskimo jacket over her shoulders. She wasn't on a team with Naruto-kun.

'I guess it's just fate… like Neji nii-chan always talks about.'

At least she was lucky enough to graduate, her father Hiashi said she wasn't fit to be a Kunoichi. Besides she had pretty good team mates, she had Kiba-kun and Shino-kun. They were two boys which she had come to know in the academy, not well, but moderately. Kiba was loyal and a great friend almost like Naruto, but extremely different at the same time. He was a part of a clan like her, but to her knowledge he'd never had anyone constantly telling him he should give up. Give up on everything he'd struggled to achieve, give up on being a ninja… and to give up on being ever socially accepted.

Shino was a nice friend of hers, who was always kind to her no matter what. Once when she was crying under a tree, he had come across her and given her an apple from within his pocket. Stating that, it would not do for her to remain hungry and sad, as hunger only ever lead to sadness. He was always there to state the facts and help her out a few times she had openly confessed to him the problems she had. He had still to this date never let her down with a solution. It was just that she couldn't execute every single solution, but she was still grateful to him.

Last but not least, she had Kurenai nee-chan as a sensei! How awesome was that? Kurenai was practically the older sister she'd never had, and had been ever since Hinata entered her second year of the academy. Iruka has organised for Kurenai to pick Hinata up from the Hyuga compound and travel to school, in which she got to talk with her soon-to-be big sister. Hinata found that she really liked Kurenai, as she didn't look down on her for not having much confidence. Hinata herself could admit, that she barely had confidence, every time she'd try to bring it out, it'd fall back.

That's why she admired Naruto so much; the boy had been hated on throughout his whole life, by everyone and anyone. And that was an understatement. Nobody liked him, not even Iruka-sensei. He had more patience than the others, but when it came back down to it, he was the same as everyone else. Yet he never let it get to him, he never cared. He never once faltered, if life had him down, he'd get back up and punch it in the face. He was immune to it all, he was invincible. That was why she admired Naruto.

Letting out a small giggle at Kiba's antics Hinata turned to look at Shino, as he adjusted his glasses.

Shino Aburame was quite pleased with his team. They would be a great reconnaissance team. Hinata with the invaluable dojutsu of the Hyuga clan; the Byakugan, the all-seeing eye, she'd be able to see for large distances and spot any traps that were laid. It would be especially valuable while they were travelling in the case of an ambush from behind. Kiba with the invaluable nose of an Inuzuka, he'd be able to track most things down without breaking a sweat. This would be great for locating individuals, and not to mention Akamaru. From what Shino had seen the two made quite the formidable force, he'd be able to take the brute force role of the team. While Shino had the Aburame bugs, which would be able to trace their targets as well as zap them of their Chakra, leaving them weaker for any kind of ambush. It would also be very helpful during reconnaissance as he'd be able to leave a bug on the target, and come back to the target later.

All of that was without Kurenai Yuhi, his supposed Jounin sensei. She was Konohagakure's Ice Queen, and Gen-Jutsu Mistress. If anything went wrong during the missions she would be able to apply a Gen-Jutsu, it was as simple as that. From situations like, applying a numbing Gen-Jutsu to a dying person to fool the pain receptors in the body, and get rid of all the pain, or to forcing and enemy to commit seppaku.

They would be a great team, of that Shino was sure. If all went well, logic dictated that they'd find themselves quite high up, within Konoha's ranks.

Shino adjusted his glasses, as he noticed Hinata glance at him. He met her gaze, before she let of a quick squeal and rapidly turned her head towards the Uzumaki, her face red with embarrassment.

Naruto almost wanted to die of happiness… and sadness, both at the same time. He was on a team with Sakura-chan! Now she'd finally go out on a date with him, since they were teammates and everyone would start looking up to him because he was dating Sakura, who was very popular. Then the old man would just hand over the hat to him, because he was already awesome enough to be Hokage, people just needed to know his name.

But at the same time, he was stuck on a team with Sasuke-teme. He was a stuck up bastard to put it lightly, and now Naruto was going to have to accept him as a squad mate? Ha, fat chance of that happening. Naruto didn't care, even if he was supposed to be friends with Sasuke now, he was still a bastard. Until that happened Naruto wasn't even going to go near him.

He spared the Uchiha survivor a glance, as he noticed him let out a sigh.

Sasuke let out a sigh; it was going to be a long experience. He was going to be stuck on a team with a failure; the dobe, and the most annoying fan girl in the world… Sakura. Hell that fan girl wouldn't even be able to throw a Kunai straight to save her life; it was still puzzling him as to how she became a Genin.

While the Dobe hadn't even become a Genin! He hadn't passed the three tests like the rest of them; he had failed the Clone Jutsu. The E-rank Bunshin no Jutsu, which the copy of the scroll they were given on the first day of the academy, was listed.

He was probably worse than Sakura! He'd somehow managed to trick Iruka and the Hokage into letting him pass. It wasn't fair! How had that fool been given special treatment when he had failed the exam three times, while he the last Uchiha, practically royalty, wasn't allowed to take the Genin exam until this year! Why had he? What did Naruto have that he didn't? Was it because he was an unstoppable juggernaut during most of the academy spars? All he could do was take a beating! Otherwise he wasn't fit for being a Genin. Besides all he was ever going to do was piss all of them off.

He glared intently at Iruka, as he watched the man announce the next squad.

"Now for, the final team on my list. Team 9, is still an active Genin squad so the next team is called Team Ten. Now once again, Hokage-sama was the one who authenticated these squads, after I created them, they were all made to suit different types of missions however. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact me, and we can talk them out. Team Number Ten, with Sarutobi Asuma as the Jounin leader, consists of: Yamanaka Ino, Akimichi Choji and Nara Shikamaru."

Choji smiled brightly as he heard that. He was going to be on a team with his best friend, Shikamaru. They had a long history running together, all the way from back to year one of the academy. It had been a cruel day, as Choji was repeatedly insulted by older student of the academy. Both physically and verbally, until Shikamaru had stepped in, he had very clearly told the bullies to leave 'the kid' alone, or he'd call the teacher. He had muttered something about anything else being far too troublesome, and almost instantaneously the bullies had vanished.

From that day, their friendship had grown as they talked with each other and often just relaxed. It was sure great to have someone he knew on his team, unlike that Ino-person.

They had been in the same class in the academy, but Choji barely knew her. She was popular; he was not. It was as simple as that, in fact the only real connection was that their fathers knew each other.

He glanced at the girl in question, only to notice her trying to pull her hair out. How bizarre was that? Choji however decided to pay no mind to it, for he had a bag of potato chips to attend to.

Ino Yamanaka was a proud young woman, at the age of twelve she already had looks that most Kunoichi would die for. Beautiful blonde hair trailing down her back, in a lone pony tail, and joyful blue eyes did nothing to harm her delicate features.

Regardless of all that however, the Kunoichi, wasn't happy at all. She was on a squad with the fat kid and the lazy butt! And worst of all, she wasn't on Sasuke-kun's team! Forehead was! There must have been some kind of mistake, as her mother once told her when she was little; 'True love conquers all.' She had said that to Sakura as well, but it was aimed at her. How could she not be on a team with her one true love?

Besides from that, she didn't even get a good team. She got the unpopular guys; Shikamaru and Choji. Choji was really, really fat so he wouldn't want to do a single thing except eat, while Shikamaru was really, really lazy. In fact he'd only passed the written exams by an inch.

That meant that she would have to be the one to pick up their slack, and do all the work. What a terrible, terrible day. It had started off just fine, until forehead came and ruined it before they got to the academy. But to make matters worse, she wasn't on a squad with Sasuke-kun, she then found out that she didn't get Kiba either. He was second in line on her hot guys list, but no she didn't get him either. Instead she got the fat-ass and the slacker… How horrible.

Shikamaru gave out a small sigh, along with a miniscule sigh.

'So they actually made teams based on abilities… Not just stick the lowest scoring member, with the highest scoring member and highest scoring Kunoichi for every team… Interesting.'

They would pack one hell of a punch, Shikamaru was certain of that, once they honed their abilities a little more. Shikamaru was just… lazy. But that didn't mean he wasn't smart. Nor was he stupid either, he had heard of the tales of the fabled Ino-Shika-Cho team. It was obvious to him that they were going to be the next one, whether they liked it or not, in which case it was the latter.

Choji would be the main distraction; he could use his various clan techniques which would increase his strength and size to engage enemies. While this was going on Shikamaru and Ino could hide within the bushes and Shikamaru could use his Shadow binding technique to hold them in place, for Ino to launch a Mind technique to a defensive opponent.

It was obvious… They were going to be the next trio. They were going to get a lot of missions every single day. They had the son of the Hokage as their Sensei. There was no avoiding it now.

Shikamaru frowned slightly, letting his right arm which he had been using to support his head, slack across his leg. He could only bring himself to say a single word in such a situation…


"So I take it you're all fine with your teams then?" Iruka asked, only waiting for a little while for a response. They'd have to grow up and deal with it, it was another tradition of squad making. The first would be the specialist teams, like the Ino-Shika-Cho team, the reconnaissance team and the Heavy assault team. Sometime they would get an uneven mix of teams. Some years the graduates were mainly only Heavy Assault, sometimes they were only reconnaissance. Heck this one time they had an assassination year in terms of Genin, the economy suffered greatly that year. Assassination teams usually had little to no teamwork; especially when they were a bunch of fresh Genin.

Next would be the method which most people often referred to as the only method. The commonly known stick the dead last with the Kunoichi and Rookie of the year method. Now this wasn't used to only craft a single team, it would repeatedly get the best female, the best male and the worst; of those left in the selection pool.

All in all these brats were stuck with it. They were on these teams whether they liked it or not. Container of the Kyuubi or not, last Uchiha or not. Yamanaka, Inuzuka, Akimichi, Hyuga, Nara, Aburame or not, they had not a choice in the matter.

"Team 8?" A woman with dark flowing black eyes walked into the room, her eyes looking straight ahead the whole while. The woman was wearing an odd thorn covered material, with a red blouse of sorts underneath, and a fishnet top underneath. Bandages adorned her upper thighs and her hands, while she was missing a sleeve. It looked like it had been purposely cut, by an expert tailor as –like the rest of her outfit- it did not reveal a single thing. Except for a pale and hardened left arm.

Three of the students immediately stood to attention. Hinata smiled warmly, Kurenai was her sensei after all! She tried to mutter a hello, but let her voice settle for a slight tremble.

Kiba had a large grin on his face. He was the first of the students to get their sensei, which meant that he'd get a head star! He gave a quiet chuckle which went unnoticed… It certainly didn't hurt that she was smoking hot either.

Shino simply gave a small nod to now teacher. His eyes protected by his sunglasses met her own, piercing red demonic eyes. He merely looked to the ground, and walked forward slightly, adjusting his white trench-coat the whole while. She seemed to know what she was doing, and as long as that was the case; she was an adequate teacher.

"Follow me." She lead them out of the class room.

Naruto gritted his teeth anxiously, when was their sensei going to come? Nakarshi something, if Naruto recalled correctly. Who was he? Would he be cool like Team 10's sensei?

The guy which Team 10 was to call sensei was a kick-ass looking guy, who smoked. Smoked, regardless of the fact that the academy had a variety of No Smoking Signs, planted almost anywhere one could look. He had to be pretty cool and laid-back to do that. He also seemed pretty nice.

Would Nakarshi even care about them? Would he hate him for being the Kyuubi? Would he kiss Sasuke's ass like every odd teacher?

Besides that, what was life going to be like from now on? It was now a major turning point. Starting from today he was going to be a Genin! Naruto wasn't the smartest fish in the pond, but even he knew that from now on his journey would begin. He would become a Chunin without breaking a sweat, then the same for Jounin. He would be too cool to join ANCHU or whatever they called it, and would finally be the Hokage!

Everyone would finally stop disrespecting him and look up to the name Naruto Uzumaki! He'd beat their faces in again and again if he didn't.

He smiled as he picked up a blackboard duster from Iruka-sensei's bench. Naruto carefully placed it on top of the door, but gave it enough falling space. Even the tiniest of moments would set it off and drop it on the head of the next person who came through the door!

There were many ways to the path of Hokage, Naruto reasoned. So why not start by surprising their Jounin-sensei and proving how much better he was then the teme?

Sakura watched Naruto with mild interest. No she wasn't watching Naruto; she was watching what he was doing.

She couldn't help but feel bored; it had been an hour since they all left and Kakashi-sensei still hadn't shown up. Somehow she knew that there wasn't anything wrong, it was her gut feeling.

So here she was resorting to watching the idiot baka, play around. Her Sasuke-kun was sitting in the corner occasionally grouching.

She had nothing to do.

She watched on, her interest peaking as Naruto suddenly leapt away. All the while footsteps could be heard.

"Finally…" Sasuke-kun grumbled.

What awaited them was a large surprise.

Sasuke grimaced as a large figure walked through the door. Was this their supposed Kakashi-sensei?

He had long dark brown hair, tied in a warrior tail. He also had a cheeky smirk on his face, along with a very large nose.

He was wearing the standard Chunin uniform. The Chunin flak jacket was the official proof of rank.

Wait… Something was very wrong here.

Wasn't Kakashi-sensei supposed to be a Jounin?

Sakura watched on in mute horror as the blackboard duster swooped down and fell on the man's head. He let out a gigantic growl as a face fitting of the very word, terror took the place of his smirk.

"Who did this?" He growled with a deep burly voice, his eyes widening.

Sakura let out a tiny squeak before pointing in the direction of Naruto. Why did he have to do that? Now he was going to get in trouble because of it, and their sensei was in a bad mood!

Naruto's bored eyes suddenly turned to ones of horror, a look of betrayal among his face as he stared unbelievably at her.

'Well it's not like I was going to let us get hurt because of something you did, Naruto!'

She couldn't help but wince at the amount of sadness the eyes held.

'For what it's worth… I'm sorry Naruto.'

He didn't seem to quite manage reading her thoughts, as the look never left his face.

The brown haired man smirked even wider than before, in fact you could almost say smiling in a twisted way. He pulled out a Kunai, stashed conveniently in hidden pocked and jumped at the blond.

He quickly let of a succession of stabs, at Naruto; while to boy was still obliviously staring a staring at Sakura. The Kunai was left, implanted in the demon container's head.

The boy suddenly collapsed before her very eyes, his piercing blue eyes still starring into hers. The man quickly jumped away; laughing chaotically.

However she could still hear a very faint, albeit deep muttering.

"That's what you deserve for getting too strong, Demon brat! Heard you graduated from the academy… Now we can't let you actually become powerful again, can we? If you ever touch my family again though…"

With that the man left and all that remained were two startled Academy graduates and a half dead one.

Sasuke jumped up to attention as the man suddenly stabbed Naruto and ran.

'What the fuck is going on right now? Why on Earth would Kakashi do that to the dobe? Heck, was that even Kakashi?'

The last loyal Uchiha swiftly ran towards his future team mate, gripping the Kunai tightly. It took a lot of hard work and certainly wasn't easy; this man certainly knew how to stab someone real hard with a Kunai.

A might huff, and a might puff later the Kunai was still imbedded within the Uzumaki's head. It just wouldn't budge, it was stuck inside.

"Sasuke-kun!" A startled Sakura yelped. "I'm not sure how to get that out, but we need to so it can be bandaged right?"

Sasuke nodded, waiting for her to continue.

"Well then you'd need to pull it out, and I think the easiest way would be to shake it. If you shake it, then it'll become a bit looser and easier to pull out."

"Sakura, I want you to go get help right now. I may be an Uchiha; but there's only so much that I can do."

The pink haired girl nimbly nodded, and turned to leave.

She hesitated.

"Sasuke-kun… If you move it too much you might damage his brain, or severely damage is Skull. If you don't get it out soon though, it's going to be very hard to get out.

Nodding, Sasuke yelled. "I said go get help… Now!"

Without another word between the two, sans the small squeak Sakura let off, they set apart to do their separate tasks.

'This is not going to easy not in the slightest… Why did this happen? And why did that man stab the dobe of all people? Why am I even helping the dobe? I'm the last of the Uchiha Clan, the most powerful one in all of Konohagakure. Why would I help the dobe? I should care should I... It won't help me beat Itachi, at least this way there'd be one less student for our teacher to worry about.'

With a crazed look on his face Sasuke ran his hands through a few seals.

'Fuck this. I should just kill the dobe here and blame it on that Chunin. This way I'll be one step closer to following Itachi.'

He would do as his brother commanded, to go down a path of hatred.

'Wait commanded? Why would I listen to himof all people? Who says I need to use hatred to become strong?'

Sasuke thought of every strong person he knew. And to be honest he no longer knew any, except for Itachi and one other. His family had been gone too long for him to remember exactly what they were like. The strongest person in the village was fuelled by the polar opposite of hatred.

The Hokage certainly wasn't full of hatred. He was a senile old man; that much Sasuke knew. But he also knew that the man was a being of power. He could be thought of as the very word itself. Everyone respected him… More than they respected the last Uchiha for goodness sake, and the Uchiha clan was the most powerful in the whole village!

Itachi probably wouldn't even hold a candle to the Hokage. Why did he have to even follow his brother? He didn't have to aim to have the same amount of power as his brother… He needed to aim to have more than that.

And who had more than Hokage; the strongest Shinobi in all of Konoha, the strongest village in all of the Earth?

'Why am I even thinking of this now?'

He shook his head at himself as he managed to get side tracked… As a person was dying no less.

Once again he focused; only this time, his intentions pure.

'If you move it too much you might damage his brain, or severely damage is Skull. If you don't get it out soon though, it's going to be very hard to get out.'

Sasuke gently shook the Kunai, moving it around inside Naruto's head. He pulled as hard as he possibly could, yet it still didn't come out.

He shook the Kunai around once more and pulled even harder; but still to no avail.

Sasuke tried one final time, letting of a feral yell as he pulled on the Kunai with every ounce of strength he had. Suddenly he managed to rip the Kunai free.

Then the blood started pouring out. In mass quantities, the dark red liquid came gushing out like a torrent. It kept on pouring out, never ceasing.

The Uchiha couldn't help his mind spinning back to that day… five years ago. The blood spilling out was too similar.

'No… I can't be useless as I was then. I am the last Uchiha!'

He managed to stop himself from repercussion but Sasuke couldn't believe his eyes. Here he had just killed Naruto. By accident at that! By proxy he had killed Naruto, but technically he had tried to save him, only accidentally killing the boy.

He frowned as a single tear dropped onto the ground. He couldn't cry now. He needed to make sure that the boy was dead first.

There was always a possibility that he was still alive, somehow hanging on by a thread. As much as Sasuke thought that was a load of rubbish in the academy, he now found himself hoping for it to be true.

The Uchiha found himself crossing his fingers, praying for the boy to be alive.

Iruka Umino was a man who cared very deeply for those he knew, his students included. That's why when a student burst into his office and told him another had been attacked, the Chunin ran as fast as his legs would carry him.

He still didn't know who the student was, but by the gods he prayed it wasn't Naruto. The boy had only just graduated!

He knew it had to be a member of Team 7, or at least that's what he thought. The chances of it being anyone else were quite small. He had presumed it would be a member of Team 7, though because they had the legendary Hatake Kakashi as their sensei. So, one could tell that they'd be the only team still there after an hour.

Sakura though, was right before his eyes. So she couldn't have been the one who had been attacked… so that left either Sasuke or Naruto. Iruka couldn't tell which one, without asking Sakura and he didn't have the time to do that.

If it was Naruto he doubted she'd have been as caring as she was, and as startled as she was. But then again miracles did happen.

If it was Sasuke Iruka had no doubts that she would be squealing, crying and yelling at him to hurry up now. But once again miracles did happen.

He tensed before he turned the nob of their homeroom; he muttered one last prayer hoping that it wasn't any of his students.

While he didn't kiss the Uchiha's ass, he didn't blatantly hate him either. He was a Shinobi and so far all his power, all his abilities; all his Jutsu had been earned. He hadn't started copying every little thing yet.

There wasn't much wrong with copying one's Jutsu. This was the world of the Shinobi; there was never any playing fair. The magical eyes that all Uchiha could achieve were tools, tools to be used. The ability to take an opponents' Jutsu and turn it against them was an invaluable asset to a Shinobi. Iruka had to admit, he'd do quite a lot to get those eyes.

What awaited the scar-faced instructor was to be never forgotten by the Chunin.

"Naruto!" Iruka screamed as he noticed the boy in the Uchiha's grasp, blood pouring out and a decent sized hole in his head.

'What's going on? Why does Naruto have a massive hole in his head?' The academy teacher furiously questioned himself.

Then it all suddenly clicked in the Umino's mind.

'Sasuke must have attacked Naruto, who had previously annoyed him. Sakura then ran to go get me, because this wasn't the Sasuke-kun that she knew. Meanwhile Sasuke here decided to finish of the job. That would explain all the blood.'

"Sasuke…" Iruka muttered his voice cracking demonically, as if the demon that was within Naruto had possessed him. "Why did you attack Naruto here?"

The Chunin finished of his sentence by cracking his knuckles, a menacing glare starring Sasuke in the face.

Sasuke couldn't help but let relief wash through him. "Iruka-sensei… There's no time for that. Naruto has been wounded by a Chunin."

"Ha- What?" Iruka asked, now extremely confused.

"That's right sensei a person wearing a Chunin vest attacked Naruto." Sakura backed up her beloved's story.

"And then I tried to pull out the Kunai stuck in his head. I had to move it around though to get it out because it was too tight." Sasuke continued, from where Sakura had left of.

Iruka couldn't believe his eyes. Here was Sasuke Uchiha, the lone Uchiha survivor, the Rookie of the Year, and one of the most arrogant people he knew. Well the Uchiha was a long way down the list… And yet here he was helping Naruto Uzumaki, the unknown human sacrifice, the Dead-Last and the most happy-go-luck person in the entirety of the Earth itself. It was no secret that they two hated each other's guts. That's why it was so shocking.

Still the man couldn't help himself from groaning. "Sasuke, Sakura you never pull a Kunai out of someone's head. Never… Unless you have a medic-nin with you.

"Okay, we'll talk about this later. First we need to check if Naruto's alright. He may still be alive, hanging on by a thread. We could still save him." Iruka said in a mellow and slightly defeated voice. He knew there was no way he could have survived that.

Within a few milliseconds of talking, Iruka quickly shook his head at his current train of thoughts.

'No I'm going down the wrong part. Soon Sasuke will be in the same position Naruto was in, if I keep going on like this. And nobody deserves what that kid went through.'

Muttering a quick prayer to the Kami above, he looked at the duo. They seemed to get the message.

Iruka, Sasuke and Sakura turned their heads towards the said blonde. All of them expected this to be one of the last times that they'd ever see the Uzumaki; however what awaited them shocked each one of them.

Tiny white wires were crossing around the small hole in the young boy's skull. They kept on growing in number, until the whole was completely covered with said wires. Next the wires smoothed out and blended into the rest of his skull.

Shocked the trio looked on. Now blood was pumping out of Naruto's wound quite rapidly, as the wound itself shrunk. It just shrunk. No fancy wire trick like before. The hole simply didn't exist anymore.

"I didn't know the Kyuubi had healing abilities too." An awestruck Iruka exclaimed.

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This begins at the beginning of the series. The reason being, I didn't want to start earlier, because I've done that before, and it's easy to get stuck. I don't know enough about the middle parts too, to start the story in there. I have next to no knowledge of the three tailed arch. All I know is they meet Sasuke, Orochimaru and Kabuto with Tenzo/Yamato. I also think it wouldn't be as effective as possible, too write it from a random point. Another reason is because I wanted to adjust it, however small the adjustment was to suit this story.

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Good question. But think of it like this, he lives in a society where there are two official languages, Japanese and English. Slowly, Japanese started to fade, as less people used it, whereas English thrived. So almost everyone speaks English there. While they also know the basics of Japanese. And I also said the Japanese names would be used for Jutsu, in things like a formal scroll and all, most probably with an English translation in brackets, as I don't believe in having to make a reader learn how to speak fluent Japanse to read a fic. Luckily, I took Japanese, earlier when I was a little kid, and know some of the basics.

Author Annotations: Previously I had Sasuke and Sakura trying to melt the Kunai out of his head. I realised that would be too unrealistic though.

Also I apologise, but I couldn't think of a better place to end it. Hopefully this was entertaining, better than the usual team assignments arch. Don't expect the entire story to be the same. If I wanted it to be exactly the same till a certain point, I'd have simply started it there.

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