Chapter 5

Now that they have left the restaurant, they had to hasten their work; one of the toughest jobs is to convince that old king to move out of the palace, others will come by easily…

It was around 8 pm when they had left the restaurant; they planned to have a good sleep before brainstorming to settle one of the mammoth tasks that they had to do tomorrow. Getting the old king and his family into a luxurious exile and also convincing them.

The next day was surprising, blue sky hung above the atmosphere, autumn maples leaves began to fall on the palace ground, butterflies and birds started to move around the vast sky filled with cool autumn winds. Virtually all the trees were yellowish orange. Making it a beautiful sight for taking pictures.

(As we know now that only Dr. Sing and Mr. Long were the only ones that bother to take over the shredded government, they are the ones that makes decisions, call the shots, and plan everything, just to make sure that the final remnants of the monarchy's history will pass peacefully and quietly into the phases of history, they now had to devise a plan on how to accomplish these properly with as little bottleneck as possible.)

At around 9 am, Sing called for a urgent meeting with the last remaining ministers and civil servants that have bothered to clear the mess with them. There were only 3 other ministers that came, not surprisingly….

Let us recall….

Mr. Tong – Minister of Propaganda and public enlightenment

Mr. Kim – Minister of Finance and national funding

Mr. Leng - Minster of the Judiciary

Also, the religious sector also helped to contribute to this generous discussion.

Chief national abbot Shan - the nation's chief Buddhist leader

Reverend Thomas - The nation's head of Christian churches

They all settled comfortably into their chairs and placed their hands crossed together on the table, lowering their hands in anxiety and anticipation. Then, Long and Sing came out fully dressed in suits and bowties. The exchanged greetings harmoniously and sat down as soon as it was done.

" Thanks for coming, we have to discuss the final fate of his majesty, the republicans have offered him a luxurious resort by the mountainside, with the cool air and the lush greenery, I am sure he would be happy."

" Oh yeah, he can do whatever he wants, receive guests, move and tour around the country…. Anything… but NO POLITICS. That is what the republicans wanted, he and the family will be treated as VIP's all the time.. don't worry."

Sing stressed cautiously, placing his thumb on the table, to get his point over

" Also, Long can't talk to him, as he was seriously injured for establishing peace, he didn't like it, so we have to cover him. I am afraid that he will be attacked again, it was not easy to get him away from his violence." Sing remarked with relief

Kim and Leng said,

" Yeah… we understand, we salute your courage Long, we should learn from you, it just that that old man cannot receive any negative results, old conservative one."

Tong then snorted

" Quite a hero eh Long?"

" Even I can't do that"

" But yeah… we are still one united family, I will try to add in some words"

Long cannot trust his compliment, he seems to talk with half-hearted sincerity and hypocrisy. Long nodded softly in the end.

Shan and Thomas then spoke religiously and softly

" Long, we understand that you have sacrificed so much for our land and our people, without your help and undying passion for the country, we would have starved to death and suffered like the people before."

" It is heroic that you have done so, history comes and goes, everything is made, everything will go. We believe that it is the time for the monarchy to go. We as head of the religious sector of this land, support you fervently with our best endeavors!"

They said with a hand salute.

Sing said

" Alright, then let us go in and handle him and their family, remember, even though we lost the war, we must never lose our respect for his majesty, after all, he did raise us up well. Talk to him smoothly, convince him with sincerity, understand him with patience, question him respectfully, if needed challenge him gentlemanly"

Sing said all these carefully, looking at Tong especially, who had a reputation of frequent quarrels with the King before, due to his foul and aggressive mouth.

Tong remarked with fury

" Alright… lets go.. lets move… don't waste time here talking to some senseless man."

Everybody stood up, and walked slowly to the chamber, Long was seated there, Sing told him to stay there and wait for the good news. Long replied a positive answer with hesitancy.

After 5 hours, Long was still alone in the meeting room. He started to have wild thoughts, what if his majesty had them killed out of fury? What if they had back out at the last moment? Long then rushed to the outskirts of the chamber.

From there he waited with agony and impatience, as all these thoughts made him frantic and desperate, he paced around the green grass patches. Then after waiting for an additional 20 minutes, they came out, with smiles and relief on their faces.

Sing remarked

" We have done it! He agrees after long hours of painful discussion and persuasion, he is happy, along with the rest of his family members…"

The rest of them all smiled too, especially Kim and Teng, who argued the most with the king.

Long smiled and sighed with relief.

But Tong gave him an expected shock

" Don't be too happy yet, he wishes to see you again, don't get bashed up by him again." He said with sarcastic eyes.

Long then gave a gentle push on Tong, an affectionate one, and went into the chamber with nervousness.