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Takato is not in the play with Rika because they go to different schools
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On The Line
Chapter 1/?

"Do you love him?" asked a boy with brown hair.

"Of course," Rika answered.

"I don't believe you," said the boy taking a step towards her.

"I don't care what you think," said Rika flippantly, "all I care about is how he
feels and I feel."

"Then why do you always look at me?" asked the boy, "Why are you always with me
instead of him?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," retorted Rika turning away from the boy.

"Don't lie," said the boy reaching out he turned Rika's face to face him.

"I'm not," said Rika quietly her eyes wide.

"You are, after three years do you think you can still lie to me?" asked the boy
leaning in.

Rika's eyes widened as she saw the boy leaning towards her, suddenly her body reacted
with instinct her hands flew like lightening.

CRACK! The brown hair boy stumbled back, "What the hell was that for?" demanded the
boy rubbing his cheek that now had a red imprint of Rika's hand.

"You were going to kiss me," said Rika angrily.

"It's part of the script!" shouted the boy shaking a booklet of paper at her.

Rika glanced down at a similar book in her hands.

"So it is, doesn't mean you get to kiss me," she said coldly.

"Miss Tamanchi I can't work like this," complained the boy, a middle age women rubbing
her temples in frustration.

"Okay Tomas you can go home now," said Miss Tamanchi tiredly.

Tomas nodded picking up his school bag, from the side of the stage he left.

"Rika," began Miss Tamanchi.

"I know, but I don't understand why I have to kiss him," said Rika crossing her arms.

"It's part of the play Rika," said Miss Tamanchi, "and believe me it's very much part
of you're marks."

"Stupid school marks," thought Rika angrily, her mother was the blame. Now in high
school, Rika had chosen her normal courses but her mother and interceded and Rika got
stuck with Drama apparently it was to make her more `lady like'.

"You can go too Rika," said Miss Tamanchi tiredly, "but think about what I said next
time we rehearse alright?"

"Alright," said Rika picking up her bag she stormed out of the room angrily.


It's been about three years since the tamers had their incredible adventures in
the digital world. Rika was now sixteen, she had grown from her thirteen year old
body, she was definitely taller and her more `womanly' parts of her body was more
pronounce her mother say. Frankly she could care less, she still didn't wear
dresses and she kept her hair in a tight ponytail. Her attitude changed though she
was a bit more understanding and she got along with her mother a bit more. That
only meant that she was willing to sit in a model shoot without hitting any of the
photographers. She was going to private school of course, trying to learn how to
become a `proper lady' as her Mom puts it. Not that it was doing any good all the
boys in the school are deathly afraid of her because of her reputation as the Digimon
Queen or Ice Queen as she was dubbed, well that and she beat up two boys that tried
to hold her hand while on dates. The only concession that Rika won from her mom was
to put her in a private co-ed school. Henry, Takato, Juri, and the rest of the tamers
were in another school that happened to be just a block away from Rika's school.
Of course that was Rika's plan for making her mother allow her to attend co-ed school.

"Rika!" shouted a familiar voice.

Turning around she saw Henry Wong leaning against the wall with a smile. Over the
years several things changed about Henry one thing was he was taller, more
athletic, more wiser if that was possible, more braver, more smarter, and more
understanding, but to Rika's surprise was Henry never really got rid of his orange vest.
Every time it got old he would just buy a new one to replace it, "Talk about fashion
statement," thought Rika, but that was one thing that she liked about Henry he never
cared about how people perceived him. Not that he needed anybody to notice, after a few
years Henry started getting noticed because how nice he was from other girls, he was the
kid that would visit someone sick in the hospital bringing their homework and a card
saying get well soon. He was the kid that would tutor a fellow student before an exam
even though he had projects due the next day. He was the kid that would wait to walk a
friend home even though he could be out playing with some friends or home enjoying his

"What do you want Henry?" asked Rika scowling.

"That bad huh?" asked Henry smiling as he walked beside Rika to her home.

"I don't know why I have to do this anyways, why couldn't I get the job I got before?"
asked Rika annoyed.

"Well apparently everybody has to act," said Henry still smiling, "besides you are in
Drama class you can't always be the prop designer or costume maker all the time."

Rika shook her head still angry, she had been able to stay from acting in every play so
far because she would volunteer for every other position, costume maker, prop designer,
director, script writer, and stage crew. However during this play one of her classmates
had pointed out to the teacher that Rika had not acted yet and so she got stuck with the
job. "Your just happy there's nothing you can do to help this time," said Rika bitterly,
for the past plays Henry had helped her in doing all the jobs that she had from Drama

"That might have to do with the smile on my face," said Henry, "but in another point of
view at least you're getting a full understanding of Drama class."

"Your enjoying this aren't you?" asked Rika annoyed.

"Yeah I am," admitted Henry, "but look on the bright side you don't have to worry about
that class for the entire weekend."

"Actually I have to memorize my lines," said Rika bitterly.

"It's not that difficult," said Henry, "you've memorized twenty different Physics equation
before a test remember?"

"Yeah," said Rika thoughtfully, a day before a physics test Rika had ask Henry to help
her so she could ace the physics test, so even though Henry was trying to complete his
own work he had spent the evening at her home helping her memorize twenty different
equations and it's uses for the test. "So how was your day?"

"Pretty good," said Henry slowly, "while I was waiting for you I spent the time tutoring
a girl in my math class. Only it didn't seem like she needed help."

Rika looked at Henry amused, "She didn't need help?"

"Well she got all the answers right," explained Henry, "she's also one of the top
students in the class."

"Henry, I don't think she wanted you to only tutor her," said Rika chuckling.


Rika smirked, this was normal for Henry he was completely oblivious to something's around
him, he was so concerned about helping people that he never noticed that some people
wanted him. "I think she likes you," said Rika laughing.

"How would you know you didn't even meet her," said Henry blushing.

"Oh lets just say I've seen this game before," said Rika, "besides I'm a girl."

"I hardly noticed," said Henry flashing her a smile, ducking from a punch from Rika, he
started to run with Rika chasing after him.

Soon they arrived at Rika's home, "I'll wait for you here," said Henry sitting down on her
front steps to her house.

"You sure?" asked Rika, "You can get a drink inside if you want."

"Nah I have to let Terriermon out for a second," said Henry smiling he unzipped his bag.

Rika gave him a small smile as she saw Terriermon jumping out from the bag.

"About time Henry," said Terriermon, "did you really have to run? Your books aren't
exactly soft you know."

"Sorry buddy," laughed Henry, "Rika was trying to kill me."

"Well why didn't you allow her to?" asked Terriermon smiling, "at least then I wouldn't
be bounced around in a bag full of heavy books."

Rika chuckled as she left Henry outside arguing with Terriermon about the idea of how
having books hitting you was not fun. Entering her room she quickly slipped out of her
school clothes pulling on her signature heart broken T-shirt and jeans she sighed
comfortably, "Renamon."

"Yes Rika?" asked Renamon appearing beside her tamer.

"Are you ready?"

"Of course Rika," said Renamon.

"I'll meet you at the meeting place then," said Rika opening the door to her room.

Nodding Renamon disappeared.